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  1. I noticed in the few months ive seriously started reading vns that there are some in the community that take a extremely long time to complete even if your a fast reader or a slow reader whenever because of the length, long winded dialouge, info-dumping (i have a full page in Word for just FSN terms and world building) or many routes among other things so what vns do you think takes forever to finish and for what reasons?
  2. Reading VNS with Reading Disability

    thanks i will
  3. Reading VNS with Reading Disability

    thank you for all your advice, i been reading FSN and been taking little notes here and there on my Notepad and its deftianly helping with refreshing my brain as well as looking up walkthoughs if needed (I dont have really good/fast wifi) it usually taking me two days to finish one day in game (when i have time between college and work) since i can usually only read for 45-65 minutes before my comphension gets null
  4. Reading VNS with Reading Disability

    Hello, I really enjoy visual novels and read my first one DRAMAtical Murder about a year ago, it took me about two and half months to complete it because I have a reading disability where I have to read something five or six times to comprehended it and its easy for me to forget things. I wanna read other visual novels like Fruits Of Grisaia and FSN but I'm worried that they would be hard due to the length and that they would take me forever to read and hard to remember events I read before, any tips to help?