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  1. Chinese patched visual novels

    Wow now I get why I couldn't register on the site before lmao. The VNDB name is right, but the one on VNDB is the Japanese name so that's why the first character is different. You apparently have to use the Chinese name otherwise it won't work.
  2. Chinese patched visual novels

    I managed to create an account on Sumisora in the end by typing 冈崎朋也 from https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/CLANNAD for the question that asked who the male lead of CLANNAD was. I'm not sure why it suddenly decided to work yesterday as it kept saying I put the wrong answer when I tried registering a few weeks ago. Problem is, I don't know if there are even Chinese VN patches since I don't know enough Chinese to navigate the website lol. I did manage to find a working Chinese patch for White Album 2 on some obscure forum though not on Sumisora.
  3. Chinese patched visual novels

    Hi, I'm trying to learn Chinese and have been trying to find Chinese patches for visual novels, but all of the links I've tried on VNDB don't seem to work (web address is usually bbs.sumisora or something). Anyone know of any sites where I could find working links? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, pretty new to VNs but anyway, I've downloaded the PSP version of Mashiro-iro Symphony for PPSSPP but when I try to hook the text using ITHVNR there aren't any lines to select from for some reason... https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcp0mhcnk0b7zp1/Untitled.jpg?dl=0