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  1. Sorry for the wait, took 6 hours to upload on my horrible internet connection. Also... anyone else think only of Tay and his trolls when they saw Sekai Projects "Maiden Voyage".... Videos for Sekai project and MangaGamer have been added to the main post as well as a picture of their booths and discount codes. I'll be at the con again today and they close at 4pm. If anyone has questions they want me to ask let me know and I'll see what I can do. Please no mean questions and make them easy to see. I'll be in a sea of 30,000 people.
  2. Based on what they have been saying it sounds like the biggest issues they have are costs related to physical copies. Thus, the kickstarters. I'll have Sekai Project panel up tonight so people can interpret it themsleves.
  3. Hey all, as usual here's my once a year post before I go back to lurking again. Today at ACEN was the Denpasoft panel. Below are the videos from today. I recommend sticking around for the Q&A, it gets funny and weird. I'll post pictures later when I'm not drunk/tired. Tomorrow is Sekai Project and Mangagamer. I'll add them when I can. Denpasoft Sekai Project ManagaGamer Pictures!
  4. Sorry for the wait folks: VisualArts/Key: Working on getting that audio fixed up and uploaded. Anyone have suggestions on where to put just pure audio? They had a ton of security to prevent people from recording so i got the best I could. Sekai project: First video youtube decided to flip for whatever crazy reason. Should flip to normal soon™.... MangaGamer
  5. Sorry, had to get food before manga gamer. I'll post everything tonight
  6. Sorry folks they aren't allowing cameras in for key. I'll do my next for audio recording
  7. I didn't see a panel on frontwing. Pretty drunk and tired right now. If you guys can get me the info, I'll see if I can get to it.
  8. Well, if all goes well I'll post videos of the panels like I did last year. Hope you can handle my shaky camera skills.
  9. If you're on your second game, there is an easy trick to making money fast. Buy all the savles you can afford from Hannah. Then sell them in your shop. You actually make a profit on each one. Depending on how much price you have in the shop, you can make sometimes 3X what you buy them for.
  10. With regards to the backup situation, whats tools are being used for this? Would be possible to implement an automated backup solution? At work I use Backup Exec for physical servers and Veeam for virtual. (Veeam now offers a physical version too which is stripped down but still excellent). Might be able to get free or NFR versions.
  11. hhhmmm I voted for Koichoco but it wont let me vote in the tie breaker... i would have picked Noble Works.
  12. Was worried nobody was going to say heterochromia. Also... yandere is another great one.
  13. Been a crazy month but finally got around to reading this. Having no computer set me back quite a bit. Narcissu is a game that pretty much anyone who knows VNs has at least heard about. While it had been on my list to read, it has been ignored due to other commitments but mostly because it is a kinetic novel. For me, I had always avoided kinetic because I figured I would have more attachment if I got to make my own choices. Narcissu proved me wrong as it was an excellent choice. The only negative I can really give this VN is the visuals. I didn't like that ultra thin widescreen style. I know the minimalistic thing is what they were going for and it did partially suit the VN but I felt like they could have done better. The quality of translation that was used was decent. Earlier people had mentioned that the writing style was a bit unique, which may have led to why I felt the translation didn't feel smooth. There were no glaring errors (that I noticed) but wasn't the smoothest. The story was pretty good. The story really set you up for what you were going to get, and they delivered on it. The story had an excellent emotional impact despite it again being very minimalistic. On to major positives. The music was amazing. For such a short VN they had a nice collection of music and all were very well written. The music never felt like it was out of place or that it was used too much. Another nice perk was that you can maximize the game. Despite being a 2005 game, it had nice features like that. The length of the game was perfect. It was a short story and they made it as such. There really wasn't a single point where I felt bored. They kept the pacing going nicely. The ending gave me the feels which I was not expecting. It hit me suddenly like a wave. I thought I had done a good job detaching myself but with all the right elements that this game had, it got to me. It is an excellent game, and anyone who is looking for a short game and likes getting the feels will love this.
  14. I'm sure this will start a long debate but... which translation "Agilis" or "gp32". My 日本語 skills arent good enough yet.
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