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  1. OK so I am reading my first untranslated VN (Unred Night) and its going well but I'm not sure if i was reading it incorrectly as the scene goes from grocery food talk to the heroine jumping your bones so i had a thought what is the most random H scene you've read so far and how did it happen. (This is my first post i checked for any similar posts and couldn't find any. If this is breaking any rules please delete.)
  2. Muv-Luv(trilogy) blew my expectations out of the water even with all the hype behind it, it managed to exceed.
  3. Started my first serious VN reading with Unred Night, progress is pretty slow 大変だよ
  4. Nishijou Takumi- the one vn character that's made me flip out above all others
  5. I would say to read them just for the epicness that was Alternative. As long as you can handle one of the most disappointing resolutions to a character that I've ever read (in my opinion of course), then the overall experience is definitely worth it. Be ready for some tears thou.
  6. Well i'm trying to read Dracu-Riot untranslated, but it is a challenge. Like I haven't even gotten off the first scenes
  7. I think Muv Luv Alternative as i feel the ending completely wipes Takeru's development over the past 3 games.He finally grew up and realized the importance of what he had, now hes back to his naive dense self which i don't really agree with. at least
  8. OK il just read up until the ending scene and skip the crash thank you for the quick reply
  9. Hello im hoping that someone will be able to help me. i was playin Extra and did the windows 8 fix from the muv luv faq and got sumika's ending, however when i did the same process to pass meiya's route it kept crashing no matter what i tried such as the windows 8 fix, turning of BGM, voices, and the settings. and nothing worked. so i downloaded a sav e file 4 unlimited and up to the ending after the spaceship scene it crashes. If anyone has any input i'd greatly appreciate it.
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