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  1. Yeah thats the problem I have right now, I cant find the location for the save thing.
  2. There is no savefolder for the game. I have tried looking for it in the folder that the game is in, but sadly I have no "Program FIles" which means that I can only find that in Windows. If there is a way to use a savedata for linux that can probably be the solution.
  3. Would I have to finish the game to do that thing? Where I pick santoeril?
  4. Anyone know ways of hacking the game? Since it is in linux you cant really use Cheat Engine or SpoilerAL. So does anyone here know a way to hack the game's currency? Would appreciate it if someone would share a method. Thanks.
  5. Where's the link to getting Ubuntu that most people use so I can download it and run it in my VM.
  6. Wait you have XP too? I have a problem with mine, when I try install "east asian languages" its asking me for a cd, so in my XP i cant really play Kamidori either, games like sengoku rance and stuff I can still play, do you know how to install east asian languages without a CD?
  7. I already have it downloaded, how did you exactly install your xubuntu since I might need to change mine, or do you know how I can change to Ubuntu instead since there are more tutorials for Ubuntu.
  8. How do I get a virtual machine? maybe that can work for me.
  9. How did you get your xubuntu, weren't you originally not on xubuntu?
  10. So how do I do it, sorry my uncle was the one that put linux in my computer in the first place.
  11. Yes I have tried How did you download your xubuntu? I might need to download a new one since Ive had this for like 3 years.
  12. I still have the same problem for some reason. http://prnt.sc/ajm0gn
  13. I guess I might not have hope at all .. "http://prnt.sc/ajll8h"
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