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  1. There's very little chance of Hillary winning. The polls may show them to be about even, but that's after all the shit Trump has said. At this point, about the only thing he could possibly do to lower his ratings is dragging a baby onto the stage during the debates and raping it in front of the cameras. Meanwhile, Hillarys ratings are built on her maintaining her image despite all the skeletons in her closet. Any little slip-up is gonna cost her. As for question #2, I don't think they should, no. Would be different if we had proportional representation, but with our system, you can't exactly tell someone "if you don't like it just found your own party".
  2. The whole semantics about what is/isn't censorship aside, basically exactly this.
  3. It's certainly not limited to millenials. http://ncac.org/resource/what-is-censorship The big point here is that depending on the size of the one refusing to distribute certain information, that equals suppression. Take the road example I gave and apply it to the Internet instead. Suppose every single company offering hosting refused to deal with anyone wanting to distribute certain (legal) information. That would effectively remove that information from the Internet - which is quite clearly suppression. And if you're talking about refusal to distribute vs. refusal to make ad revenue available the same way it is for other kinds of information, well, people need money live, so being unable to make money this way certainly limits the time they have available to create the stuff in question (because they need that time to do something else that does make money). Which results in... suppression of that information, relative to if that restriction was not there and also relative to those not under that restriction.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censorship disagrees, as do the dictionary definitions. What this doesn't do is impinge on is anyone's right to free speech. To illustrate the problem: Say all roads were owned by one private company. That company one day decides that you may no longer use their roads to transport VNs. Whoops. But ok, let's say they don't own all roads, just most of them - sure, you can go to the guys who own the remaining roads, but you'll be at a severe disadvantage compared to those who can use all roads. Which is to say, at some point (or rather size), the question is whether something is still like a shop or more like a road in that respect. And sure, not being able to make money with something doesn't mean you're not allowed to do it. But imagine for a moment "you're allowed to distribute VNs, but you're not allowed to charge money for them". See the problem? Only difference there is between speech you like and speech you don't like. Of course the flip-side is that the right to free speech does not only mean "you can say what you want", but also "you can refrain from saying what you don't want to say", so you can't exactly force a company to distribute any speech they don't want to.
  5. Just wait until Maggot Baits is released and we'll be able to reassure you that euphoria is really tame (by comparison). Seriously though, just give the trial a go. If you can stomach that, I think you'll be able to enjoy the rest just fine.
  6. Just plan your drinking schedule such that you pass out around the time you want to go to sleep.
  7. Pretty sure they hand out special edition Salt Tengas to all new employees.
  8. If Secret Game does get localized, I wonder whether they'll go for Killer Queen so they can use the existing translation. I'm kinda guessing no, but I sure hope I'm wrong. That would be amazing.
  9. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3100358/windows/you-cant-turn-off-cortana-in-the-windows-10-anniversary-update.html And as far as "Win7 eventually won't be getting any new fixes anymore" goes, yeah, but for security updates that's 2020. Perhaps there'll be more support for Linux by then to make that switch less painful.
  10. Shinsekai yori Shigurui Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Maybe: Black Bullet, Noir, Saraiya Goyou, Shiki, Texhnolyze Current season: 91 Days, Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
  11. It's just a DRM. Never used Windows 10 so I couldn't say for sure, but my best guess would be the old SoftDenchi version you previously had doesn't run on Windows 10 so you need to install a new one.
  12. Seems a bit early to say. Does look like they didn't have enough support to do a clean coup, but it's looking pretty likely things are going to get violent.
  13. https://www.reddit.com/live/x9gf3donjlkq
  14. And now Konami-chan has suddenly started burning (or exploded into gore, it's a bit hard to say) and the world has three quite different images to look at instead of one. That's why tracing is good in a nutshell. Conversely, if neither of those derivative drawings existed, I would be very sad indeed because I happen to like them (well, not really). The argument kinda cuts both ways. Pretty much boils down to the same as the issue of copyright (and even more so patents) in general. iamnoob: I'm aware of the differences, but the basic point stands. But let's make it even simpler. Let's say I spend hours coming up with a brilliant argument in favor/against [insert political/whatever topic]. Minutes later, someone picks it up and uses it to argue in favor of something I really dislike. Now what?
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