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  1. Is it the same guy who said たまたまだろ? My TL would make sense if the guy who's advocating that girls who don't do club activities are better. I was thinking it went something along the lines of "Because there's some qualities you can't cultivate with club activities!" 養う here I think means develop or cultivate, rather than it's more commonly used version of provide for or foster, and the なにか would naturally mean something(qualities) to compliment 養う。 Hope this helps
  2. Come again? Original line was something along the lines of: "People will hate you if you're stingy." I feel like I'm in Ghost Stories dub...
  3. Not a simple translation, but maybe instead of using it as a noun you could say "We interlocked fingers." or "We interlocked our fingers while holding hands." Something along those lines. I don't think there's a nice translation that you could just replace the term with. Context would help too.
  4. Cool to see an osu! thread here. Just started playing again recently because of summer time. I got this on a 5.42* map which surprised me a lot, since I'd only been playing around 5* and below before. https://imgur.com/i567FWa
  5. Sounds like maybe damedame? Like no, no in a cutesy way. Really need more context
  6. Wow, they barely use last names so I totally forgot and blanked out. RIP wall.
  7. Need help with this line: 「莉々子さんって、3年の羽多野莉々子先輩?あのちっちゃいけどカッコいい“騎士”の」 [Ririko-san? You mean that 3rd-year Ririko-san? That petite but cool "knight?"] So I've pretty much got the whole sentence down, but I have no idea what 羽多 means. Going by kanji, it would be many wings, and pronounced "hane" and "oo/ta" but that doesn't really make sense here, as she has no wings(as far as I know) and it's pronounced "hatano."
  8. I watch Japanese lets players of untranslated VNs. It makes it a lot easier because you can just sit back and relax and not have to think too much about how the sentence flows and stuff. And obviously they're not going to throw memes at your face about how weird Japan is.
  9. Haha that's so true. I've found a lot of short VNs through steam. Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay here. I'm pretty new myself, though.
  10. Nice to meet you, AaronTooNerdy! If I may ask, what got you into VNs?
  11. Gonna scrub out and say: Attack on Titan OPM Clannad (AS) FMA:B Higurashi Natsume Yuujinchou Although having your MAL or something else would help as I have no idea what you've already watched.
  12. Looks like I'll be playing Tokyo Babel. Thanks to all that helped me decide this.
  13. I have some free time now so I'd like to start a VN. I just picked some VN's that looked interesting enough, but I don't know which one to play.
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