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  1. I noticed this question came up way back in 2013 as well, but I didn't get/understand the answer there, so here goes. I have completed all quests except 26 and 28 and gotten all friends except #100 (NOT quest 30, "100 Friends"). So yes, all routes + Moon and Terra completed. I have followed the walkthrough for Quest 26 4 or 5 times now and gotten all the different seeds. Here is the dialogue with Kotori on November 1st: Kotarou: Anyway, I wanted to report on my see-planting progress Kotori: Okay, how many did you plant? Kotarou: Something like this. I send K
  2. I tried to find some info on White Album 2, and saw to my surprise that you had dropped following the translation progress (01/02/2016).

    Seriously? You think the translation is that bad? What is it that's bad? The grammar? Sure, it isn't 100%, but I have yet to find a fan translation with grammar that's really good. Is it the translation of the words, the meaning etc.? It isn't really that bad, is it? Do you have a couple of examples? I'd love to check them out myself.

    So, I'm wondering, what IS the reason you chose to drop the updates on it? No matter how bad, as long as the project is ongoing I think it should be reported. Or don't you really bother abut those who really want to play White Album 2, and thinks that it's better with bad translations than no translations at all?

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    2. Decay


      I'm currently helping with another translation (Dracu Riot) and don't even have enough time for that as it is.

      The version of IC that was first released was extremely bad, much worse than it currently is. The current version was edited and "translation checked" by someone who didn't know Japanese just like you're doing with Coda, so most of the accuracy issues remain. The whole project just leaves a bad taste in our mouths for these kinds of reasons. I'm sorry that we aren't covering the project you're involved in but we feel justified in our actions and aren't going to reverse them for the time being. Maybe we will reevaluate it further down the line.

    3. Sverre


      Since you write that you would like to play WA2, but that there is no translation for it that you would use, I'm guessing you don't read Japanese? Those who "judge" the worth of these translations, are they good? Are they Japanese with fluent English, or English with fluent Japanese? Or are they from Ukraine (just an example) with a passable English and a not so passable Japanese? Why don't you make a new category "These projects are so bad I want to puke, and we suggest you stay far away from them" where you can put these sub par translations? What you are doing now is to take the place of a god and decide what's best for the rest of us. You know, like a dictator.

    4. Decay


      Yes, they are good. I'm in contact with quite a few translators and every single one of them has had nothing but bad things to say about the WA2 translation. And from my perspective, it doesn't look great, either. I'm sorry, but that's just how it is. We're not the only source for translation status news. Reddit, 4chan, and erogegames have all removed it from their lists for similar reasons. 

  3. Hi. I found your walkthrough guide for Rewrite after having some problems finishing the 5 heroin routes. But even after following all of them to the point (trying to take all the questions in between in all possible ways) I still don't get quest 31. Any suggestions?

    1. Sverre


      Forget this, I finally understood that you meant that Moon and Terra was part of the routes, I considered them extras.  :)

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