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  1. Well, at least they are alive, so thats good. Sucks that official 18+ versions won't be available through... especially when Restoration Patch has been dead silent for a while now...
  2. This is a bit unrelated to the translations, but anyone knows what is happening with Harukaze(the company that released these games)? They announced the official translations for Monkeys! and comfirmed the noratoto 3 in 2020 i think, but afterwards they were kinda silent. Are they alright?
  3. Well, at least this game got some sort of a restoration patch(not sure if its gonna be continued or not(hopefully it will)), but it sucks that the second game didn't get any sort of restoration patches, not even an image restoration, like this game got at first.
  4. Sucks that the second game won't get a restorastion patch as well... would've loved at least a quick one, like the first game got(the uncensored CGs).
  5. Is this project still being worked on? There hasn't been an update for a long time... I really want both games to be fully restored, especially the 2nd one...
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