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  1. Thank u so much I thought it couldn't be solved and i put it aside and continued to study japanese to get the JLPT level N2.
  2. I tried with fxckBGI_v2.4 and it seems to have extracted everything completely, but when I archive them give the same problem.
  3. I'll wait for an answer from neko nyan. In the meantime we will work on another visual. really, thanx^^
  4. I tried to run it with Microsoft Visual Studio but nothing
  5. How i can run the bse file? (sorry :C ) Screen
  6. They have patched the game in englisch. I asked him how they did it, but I'm still waiting for the answer.
  7. I wondered what program it was, not being able to find it on the web
  8. I do not think I can bypass the password, it's impossible, :C,just have to rely on you and wait for a positive response and keep asking around. I will keep all the files and the whole project and in the meantime I will try some other vn, but it is really a pity: C Thanks for everything, really
  9. Thanks a lot, i have tried many combinations with varios programs, without any results.
  10. You know how to solve? It took us some time. My luck is so bad :C
  11. - AE VN Tools - All Tools (is the old folder of the project, but the tools are the same) (with v.1 the program gives me any error)
  12. Thnx for answer , with AE tools, I extracted all of them with "extract all the files", but when I archive them, at the scene of the girl's choice, become completely black and I do not know why. (only with the "data1810" gives me this problem) When i use the v2 give me an error. Error with v.2 Extracted Files Black Screen Game Version
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