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  1. Unless I'm mistaken, I think this is the first life sign from EXTRA2 since Sprite's revival last year.
  2. I'm excited about R;N, but the localization is apparently a bit questionable, resulting in inaccurate character portrayals and faulty terminology among other things, so I'm gonna wait for the CoZ patch that'll drop in roughly a month.
  3. There are some parts that might be awkward from a girl's point of view, but you're likely to be impacted by the story to a decent extent no matter what your gender is.
  4. I feel like there are way too many loose ends to just wrap everything up in Side: Below without making it seem rushed. I'm pretty sure there will be at least one more sequel, which we'll probably have to wait a long time for (though hopefully not as long, since the delays in this case mainly seem to have been caused by engine issues).
  5. I don't think I dare click on that spoiler box, since I really want to avoid anything that can either confirm or deny any of my theories ahead of time. I'm basically not looking for any sort of discussion at this point, but rather just jotting down thoughts as they come to me. I've been jumping back and forth between a lot of different theories and have a hard time deciding exactly what to believe. Some stuff seem to hold up pretty well, but then something shows up contradicting it or leading me onto a different track every so often. It was the same with Higurashi, but Umineko's mystery feel
  6. Okay, I'm done with episode 5 of Umineko. Things are starting to clear up somewhat and I've revised some theories as well as made up some new ones. I might just be pulling things out of my ass here, but that's part of the fun. Oh well, time to move on to episode 6!
  7. I have. While the reply makes it seem like my theories are off, which could be considered a spoiler-ish statement in itself due to process of elimination, I still don't know if I'm wrong on all accounts or just some, so I guess it's not too bad.
  8. Finally done with the Umineko question arcs. It ended up taking a lot longer than I expected (almost two months), mostly because the first two episodes were less exciting than I hoped for, which led to me putting them on hold several times in favor of other games and VNs. Things started getting more interesting in episode 3, and then even more so in the fourth and final episode. I've probably forgotten to mention some things, but this'll have to do for now. I know there's a recent Umineko discussion post here on the forums that I'd love to read, but I haven't dared venture into i
  9. From what I can tell, giving hearts to girls that you don't choose doesn't make any difference whatsoever; the only thing that matters is the amount of hearts given to the girl you choose in the end. As I understand it, for Hajime himself to confess to the girl, you need to have given that girl a majority of heart points. If you pick a girl with either 0 heart points or one that has less heart points than any other girl, that girl will do a second confession instead and you get to choose whether or not to accept it. To be honest, I have no idea why they even implemented this system, as it's
  10. If I've understood correctly by now, this is the way it is: If you choose a girl you've given a majority of heart points to, Hajime confesses to her. If you haven't given the chosen girl any heart points, she confesses to you again and you get the choice of either accepting or rejecting her. The latter is an assumption of mine based on the fact that there are Steam achievements for rejecting each girl. If anyone here has experienced if for themselves, feel free to either confirm or deny it.
  11. I don't think it has any effect on this. I mean, even if you go on all dates and give all heart points to one of the girls, you can still choose any of the others at the end of the common route if you so prefer.
  12. I was wondering about that myself, since I've now played through the game two times and didn't get a single new piece of dialogue during the common route when I gave all the heart points to another girl. It honestly seems kinda pointless that they make you spend 10 heart points on the girls if it only affects one girl in the end. I also don't understand why the points have to reset after every date.
  13. Agreed, but some people apparently find it more readable that way for some reason. Results vary depending on your monitor, I guess. Personally, I have opacity set to 100% and find it annoying that it doesn't make the text box opaque. 100% looks more like 70% at most.
  14. I assume you're referring to the text box? If so, then no. Your only option is to make it completely transparent by lowering the opacity to 0% in the game settings. They've released a patch that supposedly improves readability of the text in the game, but the changes are so minor that I honestly can't even tell the difference from what it looked like before.
  15. Since they usually don't take up much space, I tend to install my VNs the moment I buy them, even if I won't be reading them anytime soon. What this means in reality is that I currently have over a hundred titles installed on my computer just from Steam, and if you count the stuff not available there, it's even more. I do make some exceptions, though. I don't install VNs that eat up an unusual amount of space unless I plan to read them soon, and if it's a series consisting of several separate chapters, I only install the first one.
  16. I'm more annoyed by her voice than her personality, to be honest. In any case, I'm glad there's no (to my knowledge) incestuous route involving her.
  17. I really wish there was some way to change the color of the text or at least make the text box completely opaque. I find it somewhat difficult to read as it is. This is what it looks like with transparency set to minimum: (And no, the black borders on the top and bottom aren't always there.)
  18. It's out now! Currently 10% off on Steam, or 19% if you pick the NekoNyan bundle and already own the other titles. I went with the latter, for a total of 20,24€. If you prefer, you can get it for a slightly discounted $27.99 from NekoNyan's store, here.
  19. It's a small dream of mine to work with translation to some extent at some point, but my Japanese isn't nearly good enough to even consider it right now. If I had the means for it, I'd probably go for something like the Kazoku Keikaku remake, Konosora Snow Presents or one of the other Asta VNs currently unavailable in English. I'd like to see English translations for Muramasa, White Album 2 and a whole bunch of other VNs too, but there's a bit of a difference between wanting something translated and actually wanting to translate them myself.
  20. I'm not expecting too much plotwise, but I can say that I like that all the heroines seem to be somewhat assertive. That in itself makes it pretty interesting, as long as they aren't too hyper.
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