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  1. @adamstan watching the OP be like
  2. The titles I've read have seemed fine to me, but I can't really say anything about the actual accuracy of the translations since I haven't compared them to the Japanese originals. The only thing that annoys me somewhat is that they remove honorifics, opting instead for the use of "brother", "Mr." and such.
  3. Couldn't agree more! Harem Kingdom quickly became my favorite Smee title (well, actually, one of my favorite nukige altogether, to put things in a grander perspective) and this is one of the prime reasons. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that all of the girls are or become pretty assertive, and that's always a big plus in my book. Lastly, I also have to praise HIkari's vulgarity, which I find equal parts funny and refreshing, since it's something we rarely see in VNs, at least to this degree.
  4. I think the main issue is that it's usually just straight up porn in most cases. If it's done right, sex scenes can add depth to characters and their relationships, but titles that manage to pull that off are pretty rare.
  5. Yeah, I get what you mean. Back when I started reading VNs, I read h-scenes in their entirety because I wouldn't want to risk missing out on anything story related, but there's usually nothing even remotely noteworthy in them so I just skip past most of them nowadays. I can imagine there being a few scenes that are worthwhile in White Album 2 though, so I might pay more attention there.
  6. Damn, it hit you hard, huh? Glad to hear you're back on track! I haven't started any new VNs since my last post here. I'm basically just waiting for the White Album 2 translation to finish, which should be any day now according to the project updates. I really hope there won't be any delays, since I have time off from work until the second week of January, making this the perfect time to take on a longer read.
  7. Dear God, that's one massive wall of text! You really need to format it, or else people's minds are going to implode before they get a chance to comment on the contents of your post
  8. Just get the Restoration Patch. Giga won't let them officially release any 18+ content for the English version of the game, and I doubt that'll change anytime soon.
  9. I've finished a few VNs now in November, so here are some of my thoughts. 1. This wasn't anything to write home about, to put it mildly. The protagonist is a total creep that sexually assaults people in their sleep, the game is almost devoid of any humor, and the writing is pretty awful, both in terms of plot and wording. One thing that's seriously awkward is the fact that the characters, for whatever reason, mostly refer to each other and themselves as "roommate", "landlady", "neighbor" and so on instead of their actual names. They even call each other "big roommate" and "little roo
  10. I'd say it's worse when it's a case of conflicting answers that end up with the same result, either by your answer being completely ignored or another event forcing you back on the developer's intended course later on. *cough* Walking Dead: Season 3 *cough*
  11. Same here. It's by far the Key VN that had the biggest impact on me.
  12. As an avid horror fan, I figured I'd give the recently released Abaddon a go, so that's what I did today. I love the retro look and music, and the ambience is surprisingly great in spite of the simple graphics, but man does the combat suck ass from a straw, to quote AVGN. It's completely ruining the experience for me, to the point where I've run out of patience to even continue playing. I wish there was some way to simply turn battles off, but since that isn't an option, I guess I'll have to keep my fingers crossed for someone to eventually release a trainer that'll make it possible to breez
  13. The only thing I can think of right now that might break a VN in Windows 11 is if the application uses non-ASCII registry keys, because there have been reports of such apps causing crashes. Microsoft are looking into it, though.
  14. Currently reading Harem Kingdom, where I was met with this: I couldn't help but be reminded of a certain scene from this old gem: Anyway, I rarely read harem or isekai titles, but I have to say that Harem Kingdom is one of the more entertaining reads for me lately. It can be pretty hilarious how each of the girls try to one-up each other in order to get the protagonist's attention!
  15. Yeah, at the very least, I could play Moon, One and a bunch of other "problematic" VNs without any issues on Windows 10. The only thing I couldn't get to run properly on that OS was School Days and Shiny Days, which kept crashing every few minutes despite patching the games and trying out various other solutions. I'm pretty sure Windows 11 will run a vast majority of VNs completely hassle-free.
  16. I've been using the Insider version of Windows 11 for a while already, and everything I've tried to run on it so far, VNs and regular games alike, have all worked flawlessly. There are some things about Windows 11 that some people might not like, but when it comes to gaming, I can't make a single complaint based on my experience so far. That said, I have yet to try any old titles that are known to have issues on modern systems, so I can't really give any input on what those are like.
  17. Don't worry, most of it is written in a more normal manner! From what I've heard, the Japanese original could feel quite pretentious at times, so I assume that they just wanted to stay true to that with the localization.
  18. Oh, right, to those of you who'd like to know what you can expect from the translation, here's an example:
  19. I just finished Muramasa, and, well, it was a worthwhile experience, but not much more than that. It's definitely on the good end of the spectrum; it simply fell short of my, admittedly high, expectations. To say it in clearer terms, I wouldn't place it among my top 10 VNs, as suggested on VNDb; maybe not even my top 30. To name a few things I disliked about it: - The protagonist. Yeah, he's pretty much the definition of an antihero and he's expected to grow on you over time, but I still think you'd need to be able to symphathize with him somewhat from the getgo to truly immerse your
  20. The common route dragged on for way too long, but I thought the heroine routes were great. That said, Grisaia was one of my first VNs, so I have no idea what I'd think about it today. At the very least, my tolerance for various VN/anime tropes is significantly lower than it used to be, after being fed them over and over more times than I can count.
  21. I'm currently swamped with other stuff (one of them being Muramasa) so I've had to put this off for the moment, but I'm definitely giving it a read later on. I love Yuzusoft, and the fact that this is their (afaik) first all ages title only makes me more interested.
  22. From what I've heard, they're in the process of a server migration and old accounts won't be available until they've been transferred. For me personally, I could neither log in or recover my password, so I made a new account and then talked to a guy on their Discord and got him to add my games to the new account. There's no rush though, because as soon as the server migration is finished, the old account and the new one will automatically merge as long as your e-mail address is the same.
  23. Reading Making Lovers, and... People who have read Bokuten be like: People who haven't read Bokuten be like:
  24. I looked into it a bit as well and it seems like there are some added scenes and CGs in this version, so that should definitely make up for any censored content, to the point where I'm deliberating rereading the VN myself. It's one of my personal favorites, but the h-scenes were awful and way too long (and this was back in the days when I used to sit through the entire scenes to make sure I didn't miss anything plot-related). We're talking a huge time investment though, so I dunno when I'd find the time, considering my current backlog and all the other stuff that's being released.
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