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  1. Finished Sakura no Mori Dreamers yesterday! My only real complaints are that the motives of the main antagonist were pretty uninteresting, and there were some major inconcistencies between routes (just like in Princess Evangile, which I also read recently). The one that annoys me most is the fact that Other than these things, I think this was a nice read. The art and the general ambience of the game was great, and the pacing felt well optimized. I liked all of the main characters, and I'm also very happy that there weren't any tsunderes or other overly tropey/stereotypical characters in
  2. Do they mention anywhere in the game that there's a patch to restore the cut content? Because there's nothing on the Steam page and no official posts about it in the forums. I can imagine how disappointed someone would be if they bought this for 22,49€ and played through those 12% of the story without realizing there's a restoration patch.
  3. This is a major issue for me in Sakuranomori Dreamers. There's this strange, extremely drawn-out laugh that you hear occasionally, and it's obviously meant to sound malicious/creepy but actually comes off as too unnatural to be believeable and thus loses its intended effect.
  4. There are a couple of guides on Steam and one on Seiya-Saiga, but the route order differs and none of them have any suggestions as to which order would be preferable. Honestly, I doubt this is a VN with any noteworthy spoilers, so I think you're fine no matter which way you go.
  5. I can't help but feel that this grandpa might dispatch some weird robots at any minute, forcing a certain blue-clad dude to come clean them up with his Mega Busterâ„¢.
  6. Well, I'm glad it's getting localized, but I can't understand why Sekai would pick this over Akeiro, which is Silky's highest rated VN. Furthermore, Kimagure Temptation apparently contains both character appearances and other references from Akeiro that will be lost on anyone who hasn't read it.
  7. The only one I've read is the one on Steam, meaning the all ages release.
  8. Some interesting options in this game. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img924/6078/WZ1Cb5.png EDIT: No idea why, but images haven't been properly embedded for me these last few weeks.
  9. It's not bad per se, but... [omitted for spoiler reasons]
  10. I imagine it's because most players aren't very interested in looking at a dude in those situations. For the same reason, they often make the protagonist silent in h-scenes, even if he's voiced in the rest of the game.
  11. I like Tomoyo as a character, but Tomoyo After ruined it all for me and made it so I'm unlikely to find any enjoyment from her route in Clannad ever again.
  12. I've also been eagerly awaiting this, but it has still managed to fly under my radar somehow. It was only a few days ago that I realized that "Oh, Sakura no Mori Dreamers will be released on thursday", which was a pleasant surprise. Looking forward to start reading it this weekend!
  13. Then there are a few protagonists that I actually would prefer unvoiced. The first one that comes to mind is Makoto in School Days. His pathetic moaning during h-scenes still haunts my mind to this day. I didn't realize until after I was done with that VN that I could've probably turned his voice off in the sound options.
  14. As long as it's just some run-of-the-mill self-insert protagonist, I don't really mind if he's unvoiced, but I think it becomes a problem when it's one with a strong, established personality, like Yuuji in Grisaia. I much prefer if a protagonist like that is voiced, and I think the only counter-argument I'd (reluctantly) accept is if it has to be cut for budget reasons.
  15. Note that if you want to read SeaBed, you should go for the recently released Switch version, if possible. It has new scenes and illustrations that are currently not present in the PC version.
  16. You can turn off shields for specific sites by clicking the Brave logo to the right of the address bar while you're browsing them.
  17. To those of you already playing, are there a lot of puns? I saw someone post this on Reddit and thought it was pretty brilliant! If there's more where that came from, I'm looking forward to this more than ever!
  18. Hah, yeah, I guess that's true!
  19. http://imageshack.com/a/img923/28/ys2vPY.png Good thing they're being specific, or else I might have thought it was miso soup or something.
  20. To get back on topic, I just picked Making Lovers up from Steam for 19% off! (10% launch discount and an extra 9% for owning other NekoNyan titles) I'd say this is one of the things that intrigue me the most: This type of VN tends to feel pretty repetitive due to a lack of variation between routes, but it sounds like that shouldn't be much of an issue in this case!
  21. Haha, I guess mixing other games into the discussion might have made it a bit confusing! Making Lovers is a complete experience, so no worries there!
  22. Yeah, and from what I've heard, the first episode only covers what happens in Midgar, which is roughly 20% of the original game. Considering the fact that it's been five years since the initial announcement of the remake and we're only now seeing the release of the first episode, I'd say we're in for quite a wait. I kinda get the feeling this isn't the right thread to discuss this stuff in, though.
  23. I'm kinda put off by the fact that this is just the first of several episodes, though. We'll most likely have to wait at least 5 years for the entire experience, so I might postpone playing it. (I'd also be able to play it in 60 fps if I wait for the PC release, which I assume will come at some point.) I'll probably just go for Princess Evangile with some Resident Evil mixed in, and then check out Making Lovers once I'm done with those.
  24. It's a wonderful day to make lovers, kill zombies or take a stroll in Midgar; the only real problem is deciding which one to actually choose. I'm not quite done with Princess Evangile yet either, so I guess I should try to finish that first.
  25. Aye, that's probably the case. Judging by everything that happens in the main game, it feels like they were originally intending to include her route there but then decided to use her as incentive to get people to buy the fandisc instead. I imagine there are quite a few people who like her character and would be willing to buy W Happiness just to access her route.
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