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  1. Yeah, maybe I should've phrased it as "music or lack thereof". In any case, it adds more weight to the route and feels like a suitable representation of Nice find! Never noticed that one myself.
  2. (Wow, that's a lot of spoiler tags.) It is. Or at the very least, it was for me.
  3. I finished Musicus last night and I figure I should write something about it. First off, for any of you who want to know, I can give a clear answer regarding that spoiler you were discussing earlier on in the thread. The story as a whole is kind of what you're expecting, with a band starting from nothing and gradually moving forward to bigger venues, and while that part didn't really interest me that much since it's been done several times before, I realize it's a mandatory part of a VN such as this and it works out well thanks to a great cast of characters. They (along with the a
  4. Honestly, I think this is the first song in Japanese that I've genuinely liked to the point where I could see myself listening to it outside of the game. In case anyone wants to know what it sounds like, here it is:
  5. Yeah, you can easily avoid it if you want to. The final choice in the game puts you on either Mikazuki's route or this one, and I'd say it's pretty obvious which one you should pick to enter Mikazuki's. The majority of the game is pretty lighthearted. There are obviously bits of drama and some serious topics brought up in other routes as well, but not nearly on the same scale, unless there's some heavy stuff going on in the latter parts of Mikazuki's route. (I'm guessing I'm about halfway through it at the moment.)
  6. Yeah, and that's mostly what it is, but the route I mentioned stands out from the rest. I've read all of Overdrive's other VNs, and this route is quite possibly the darkest thing they've written, even compared to Bokuten. If anyone here wants to know what happens in the route without having to read it themselves, I can try doing a summary. There will be heavy spoilers, obviously. I doubt this summary alone does it justice, since the writing and music are what truly gives this route its dark ambience. In any case, despite how depressing this part of the game may be, I still don't
  7. There's one route that's pretty damn depressing due to a bunch of bad stuff happening, but I still wouldn't really say it warrants the game being marked as "adult". That said, I have yet to finish Mikazuki's route, which I assume is supposed to be the main one, so there might still be more to come.
  8. Honestly, as long as the main story takes up maybe 80%-or-so of the total playtime, I'd be fine with those games being marked as VNs.
  9. Determining what a visual novel is based on how the story is presented has always seemed a bit odd to me, and I don't think it should affect whether it should be considered one or not. If you ask me, story/gameplay ratio is the only thing that should matter, and going solely by that would probably make things easier, since you wouldn't have to take all these others factors into account and do in-depth analyses on every borderline title.
  10. Any word about if this is supposed to conclude the story or if there will be more parts coming? I'm intrigued by this VN, but I'm not about to torment myself by reading something unfinished with no end in sight.
  11. There's one at seiya-saiga, but it's in Japanese. If you can't read it, you might be able to make out which choices to pick by using Google Translate on the page, like so.
  12. The soundtrack doesn't really interest me, since it's already available on streaming platforms and I don't even own a CD player anymore, but this is definitely an attractive collector's edition. The VN itself is one of my favorites, so I might end up buying this for that reason alone rather than with the intent of playing it.
  13. Reading the English Steam version is definitely a safer bet then. If you want to delve into the console arcs later, all you need to play them on PC is a copy of Chapter 4.
  14. That might work, yeah. I haven't actually gotten started on the console arcs myself yet, since I want to read them all in one go. Most of them are available in English on PC by now, but there are a few still in the pipeline.
  15. Too bad you don't own a Switch, or you could've picked up that version for a measly ¥3960. It's, to my knowledge, the only release that includes the story in its (current) entirety ("all 19 console arcs, the drama cd arc, Hajisarashi-hen, plus the three Hou exclusive arcs", to quote VNDb). That's some serious bang for the buck. (Dunno if you're at the point where you can read Japanese without a text hooker though, so maybe it wouldn't help you even if you had the console.) EDIT: I just noticed that the Switch version was apparently later ported to PS4, so maybe that's an option for you.
  16. I think you'd be fine with Higurashi then, so give it a whirl!
  17. Yeah, that's what I figured as well. It'd be pretty weird to implement such a limit otherwise, when most of the other characters have names that are longer than that. Hard to say since I don't know quite how sensitive you are or what type of content affects you most. I found Higurashi a lot less disturbing than SubaHibi, but it's definitely a few shades darker and more impactful than World End Syndrome. In any case, I highly recommend you give it a try, because it's quite a ride if you're up for it! Just remember to grab the 07th-Mod.
  18. Hands down one of my top 5 VN experiences last year, so I highly recommend it! You can rest easy. There are a lot of major plot points to unveil, and what you mentioned in your spoiler isn't entirely accurate anyway.
  19. Finished World End Syndrome a few moments ago. I'm a big mystery fan, but I ruined the experience for myself here to some extent by unintentionally spoiling myself. Anyway, despite this and the cliffhanger-ish ending, I found the VN quite enjoyable as a whole, and I'm looking forward to see what they do with the sequel.
  20. I honestly don't even remember any specific details. I guess that in itself is proof that it impacted me far less than that other scene, which I can clearly recall to this day despite the fact that this happened several years ago. I've been intending to reread MLA at some point, and I'll make sure to use the 18+ patch this time around to see what it's like then.
  21. I've heard many people say that that particular scene is so traumatizing and horrible, but it honestly didn't have nearly that big an impact on me. Is it a lot worse in the 18+ version of the game? Back when I read the VN, the 18+ patch didn't exist yet (it wasn't released until almost a year after the game), so all I know is the censored version. "That other scene" earlier in the VN affected me to a much greater degree, to the point where it actually triggered a panic attack. (I assume that's the kind of effect they were hoping for when they wrote it.) MLA is the only piece of media ever th
  22. Rather than just the "being called a pervert" part, I'd say any form of unfair treatment tends to be annoying to some extent. Some occasional playful teasing is just fine, but when it gets to the point where a heroine is making some sort of derogatory statement towards the protagonist at any given opportunity, it's too much and I usually find it hard to like those characters even if they start acting all cutesy later on. (Yeah, I'm generally not a big fan of tsunderes.)
  23. Kinda expected that to happen. Given Valve's track record, I'm more surprised they actually let Alicesoft sell the original game completely uncensored on Steam.
  24. I managed to get it eventually, but I unfortunately can't remember how, since it's been so long now. Sorry.
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