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    adamstan reacted to solidbatman in Raging Loop: Kinetic Gnosia   
    I finished Raging Loop last week. I went in expecting another find the werewolf type game and came out of it realizing I never got to play the game. Yet, I never once realized it until the final credits rolled. Yes, Raging Loop is essentially a kinetic novel. While there are choices that branch, the choices always lead to bad endings that unlock keys for the true ending. There are no character endings, only the true. 

    That aside, Raging Loop was an enjoyable read, though perhaps not up there with my all time favorites. The story opens with you, a dude named Haruki riding your motorcycle. You broke up with your girlfriend (yo self insert!) and are just aimlessly riding. You come across a weird village after wrecking and meet a wonderful lady named Chemi who loves to joke about killing you. But she gives you beer and seems to really like you so lets just put that little character quirk on the back burner for the next ten hours or so yeah? Things are going nicely though the villagers do not really trust you since you had crashed in a river where they put their dead. Then, the mists show up and everyone freaks the hell out saying the wolves are coming. Some people get killed and thus begins The Feast, a trial in which the villagers must sus out the wolves and hang them. Various people will have guardians that give them specific powers to aid during the feast. For example, the Crow can check the person who was hung to see if they were human or a wolf. Its your typical fare in this genre except you really do not play the feasts. They are all on a set path that you really do not alter except to get different keys by getting yourself killed from time to time. 

    Yes, you will nearly always die. Its a loop. Hence the title. Your goal is to find a way to break the loop and to do so, you must see all of the different endings. Quickly, your goal changes from simply surviving to uncovering every mystery the village has to offer. A nifty feature that this game has is a choice tree. At any time you may jump back to previous choices from any branch you are on to use the keys you gain during routes to unlock new branches. It saves you from having to have a bunch of saves and constantly reload as you just pull up the menu and go to the choice. The choice selection will even show you which keys you need so you can quickly find out where to go with the keys you've gathered. Its nice, but again, this novel is kinetic. You will end up on the true ending simply by playing. Do not fret if you perish. It is a loop. You'll be back. 

    anyway i'm down bad for rikako and i hope she feels the same way

    hey girl
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    adamstan reacted to Nemesis in What are you playing?   
    Finished Asairo.

    Just like how trees lose their leaves to survive, we shed tears to be able to move forward.
    Everything written by Shumon Yuu is overflowing with Wa(和). I'm glad to have experienced this piece of art that represents Fall and 紅葉. It lacks the analytical thinking of Scaji, but it's pretty much saying the same thing in a more poetic point of view. Pain comes with happiness and kindness. Pain is needed for us to be able to distinguish happiness from everything else. I think I've said too much already, this is best experienced for yourself.
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    adamstan got a reaction from ittaku in What are you playing?   
    Yeah, when looking from that POV, it's good to have it out of the way Luckily while weakest, it was still decent enough to keep me reading.
    For the first few scenes in the common route I found Izumi rather annoying, but later she grew on me, and I'm really looking forward to her route
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    adamstan reacted to ittaku in What are you playing?   
    The H/H route is the weakest and adds little to the story, which is why it goes first. Izumi and Anzu score the most plot in their routes, arguably Anzu's the most, but I just prefer Izumi as a heroine which is why I leave it for last.
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    adamstan got a reaction from ittaku in What are you playing?   
    Okay, so yesterday I finished my third route in Clover Day's - it was Anzu.
    So far the VN was very uneven for me. Common route was brilliant - like I said in my previous post. All heroines are lovely, and I really liked both the humor and the more serious bits. But then the first two routes I read - Hekiru/Hikaru and Anri - were slightly disappointing. Maybe my expectations were too high?
    As for the Hekiru's route, I was really looking forward to it after what I've seen in common route. But
    Anri's route was better - perhaps partially thanks to the side characters having bigger role. I really liked school election plot and the friendship with Mizuho. Gave me some Koichoco and Princess Evangile flashbacks What I didn't like about Anri's route was that it was relying too heavily on many Imouto x Oniichan tropes But all in all, it was decent - although I expected more.
    And then Anzu's route hit - whoah, that was amazing 😮 It's hard to believe, that it was written by the same author as Anri's route.
    Although I'm not sure, if it was right move to put this route in the middle, instead of the end - it had strong "true route" vibes, with it being more "Takakura family route" than "Anzu route". Nevertheless it was amazing nakigey story - no complaints here. And that plot twist with
    Now, that's some KEY-worthy stuff ❤️
    Now let's see what Tsubame's and Izumi's routes have in store for me
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    adamstan reacted to Nemesis in Giga is shutting down their operations on the 31st of March 2023   
    Nope. If you go to Giga's official site:
    「戯画」ブランド商品の販売終了 2023年3月31日(金) ※パッケージ商品およびダウンロード販売商品も全て同日終了となります。 最後にお手元に残したいお客様におかれましては、販売終了日までにご購入いただけますと幸いです。
    They stop selling everything at March 31, 2023.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Templarseeker in Giga is shutting down their operations on the 31st of March 2023   
    Giga's parent company - Entergram/TGL stays in business, so there should be no problem with older titles. It just means no new games under GIGA brand I guess.
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    adamstan reacted to Clephas in Giga is shutting down their operations on the 31st of March 2023   
    I played the Baldr series up to the point where they for some reason decided to make the last game a piece of crap (both battle system and story).  I still don't get why they destroyed the traditions of the series to create a mindless game obviously designed for mobile phones rather than pc or consoles.  
    Giga has been showing signs of collapse for a while now.  The over-production of the 'kiss' series, which was never that popular even amongst romance VN lovers, was another sign of this.  In addition, Giga's development costs were always excessive for the genre, which probably made it worse due to the borderline nature of sales of VNs.
    Harvest Overray was decent, but after that I came to the conclusion that Giga was incapable of producing anything truly superlative outside of the Baldr series.  This was confirmed by my first attempt to play a game from the 'kiss' series, which was a total kusoge.
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    adamstan reacted to HataVNI in Giga is shutting down their operations on the 31st of March 2023   
    Giga was very popular and a staple of the Japanese visual novel/eroge industry, but the west barely got any of their first-party titles. We might onlym know them through Baldr Sky actually. Any other giga titles you have played? Which have you looked forward to to eventually get localized?
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    adamstan got a reaction from Zakamutt in The Fuwanovel List of Cool EVNs   
    Yeah, actually I read this VN thanks to @Plk_Lesiak's recommendation
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    adamstan reacted to Zakamutt in The Fuwanovel List of Cool EVNs   
    Added. We actually have a fuwa team review of this, so I stuck a link to it in there as well.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Pleyco in Should I read Yukizakura?   
    I've read it and I loved it. How should I say it... it creates very comfy mood.
    If you like it, I'd also highly recommend getting the FD/side story 沙紀のらぶらぶはねむーん. 
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    adamstan reacted to Nemesis in What are you playing?   
    I finished Kisaragi Gold Star and Rance 01 this week. I also started Asairo, but still at the beginning so not much to say yet.

    Prose-wise it's fairly simple, but character dialogue is decently written. It is far from Niijima's best work though as the story itself is fairly plain. The writing gets fairly bad in the specific parts though, by that I mean lack of detail in the girl's talents. When writing about Kendou, art, piano, or singing, it shows the writer's lack of knowledge, avoiding writing any details. It's fairly bad in Tsubasa's part.
    Saya route started ok, but the drama is very cringe. And the True route is well not that good. It was rather incomplete and just kind of ended. Overall, it's a a slightly above average moege.

    ランス01 光をもとめて
    I've started my journey in Rance by starting at the beginning. Technically, I played Sengoku before, but I want to start from the beginning.
    This game gives me a good start for what the Rance world is like. Rance World is pretty fucked up, lol. I can now kinda see where he's coming from, because everyone else is really fucked up and you can't help but be influenced growing in that kind of environment. It still doesn't make Rance any less of an asshole, but it is what keeps it entertaining. Rance is a very extreme version of the badass macho guy of 80's and 90's tropes.
    Music is meh, but art is pretty good. Gameplay is rather simple and mediocre, but entertaining enough considering it's a remake of a 1989 game.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Nashi881 in Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased   
    Arrived yesterday - another 3 physical console editions of JVNs - Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, Strawberry Nauts and Hatsuyuki Sakura

    (As for HoshiOri - I'm actually reading Vita edition, but for "owning a legit copy" purpose I bought PS4 one because it was cheaper )
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    adamstan got a reaction from Nashi881 in Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased   
    Another bunch of console editions of VNs. In this batch, there are:
    Damekoi (PSP) Princess Evangile (PSP) StarTRain (PS2) Akaneiro ni somaru saka (PS2)
    Also, a little before that I got PS3 Limited Edition of '&' - Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni -, with drama CD and some mysterious trinket included in the box:

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    adamstan got a reaction from Silvz in Which VNs have you read more than once?   
    So far there are two:
    1. I've read Princess Evangile three times. First time +18 English version (it was one of my first VNs), then All-ages English version, and finally, last year, All-ages Japanese version (PSP). And it's very possible, that there will be fourth time There's something in that VN that pulls me back - it was a lovely feeling to revisit it, and meet old friends again. It become my "comfort VN" - together with the next one...
    2. Konosora (If My Heart Had Wings) - this one I read two times - once in English (with retranslation patch), and then later I read PS3 version - Cruise Sign in Japanese (I even actually bought physical copy of it). I think I will revisit this one too some time.
    I guess we could also count MashiroIro Symphony (2 times) - but this was slightly different case, since those two reads were back-to-back - I read PC version, and then PSP one in one go.
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    adamstan reacted to Seraphim in Nekonyan Announcements on AWA 2022   
    I'm a little torn over Koichoco. On one hand, it'd be nice to get another previously untranslated work rather than one with an already decent fan translation, but then there's the fact that Sprite getting some more exposure and income improves the chances of them doing new stuff. I'd very much like to see a new VN from them that isn't related to Aokana, which I definitely enjoyed, but not to the point of wanting even more content for it instead of a new IP. (But hey, I'll take anything I can get.)
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    adamstan reacted to Nemesis in What are you playing?   
    Started Kisaragai Gold Star as a fall season game. Maybe I'll also start a halloween themed game.
    It's a rather lighthearted charage with some mystery surrounding their past with everyone possessing a mysterious glowing bracelet. The music is pretty good. So far it's a fairly funny and relaxing game. The story is a normal protagonist surrounded by talented childhood friends, and their shenanigenans together. So all the heroines are all osananajimi charas with exception of his sister. We'll see where it goes from here.
    I went for Ichika route first, because I liked her voice actor the most. Then, I went for Mikoto route after.
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    adamstan reacted to littleshogun in Future Radio Future Release by Nekonyan   
    Yeah the thread title here is definitely rhymed all right. Anyway the tweet in regard of it below.
    Initially Steam did list it as October release, although right now it already change into Q4 2022, so it mean that at the latest we'll get the VN in December's end. That aside, as we know this is Laplacian VN which we know was released Aojashin back on February with one tiny fault that caused one tiny controversy that still enough to annoy me here (At least it won't happen with Mirai Radio here), so if possible I prefer to less talk about it for now. Anyway it's good that we finally have the long wait for it is finally almost over, especially if one already waited for it ever since Sol Press announced it (When they still have enough spirit before realized that they didn't allocate enough money to pay taxes).
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    adamstan got a reaction from ittaku in What are you playing?   
    Yeah, and from what I'm seeing so far, most of it has been kept in the console port (it has +17/CERO D rating actually +15, I confused it with HoshiOri) I know that it might be considered weird, but recently I prefer most of my moege (and even moreso nakige) without H-scenes I'm fine with sex jokes like those in this VN, or off-screen sex, like in Vita version of HoshiOri, but I don't enjoy reading most of the sex scenes themselves.
    (When I'm in the mood for eroge, I tend to go for 3DOELVNs or some RPGM shovelware )
    I think I'll go with this recommenadtion then - thanks
    Currently I think I'm leaning towards Tsubame, but I'm still near the beginning, so it all might change
    So we can expect some quality TL
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    adamstan reacted to ittaku in What are you playing?   
    Glad you're enjoying it; it's my favourite VN ever with just the right balance of moe, comedy, and a hint of naki.
    I would suggest two alternatives:
    Hekiru/Hikaru->Tsubame->Izumi->Anri->Anzu, or
    Hekiru/Hikaru->Anri->Anzu->Tsubame->Izumi (my preferred)
    for plot reasons, depending on which is your favourite pair of girls (as they are paired routes) and whether you want to do them last.
    As for the sex, the game has a great deal of sexual innuendo outside the H scenes so if anything the AA version is very heavily cut; not the other way around. The game was written as an adult game to begin with and then modified for an AA version.
    Disclaimer: I'm the translator for the official localisation with NekoNyan.
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    adamstan reacted to Nemesis in What are you playing?   
    紫影のソナーニル ~What a beautiful memories~
    I put this on pause for a while as I read through some other games, and now I finally got back to it.
    This game is inspired by Nietzsche. They hammer this stanza every chapter:
    Yes, everything
    All things hold no meaning
    Memories hold no meaning, they are nothing but fragments of the past. Something that will eventually be forgotten. While Lily holds the opposite view: memories have meaning. They are the proof of people's lives and existence. As long as you remembers them, people can still live inside you. Your world is made up of your own memories. What a beautiful memories.
    It's good, but it has too much otome wish fulfillment dragging it down. Plus, steampunk genre is not really my taste. I can only read so much 「わたしの、背の高い、足の長いあなた」 - "My tall darling with long legs" before getting annoyed, lol. It's a good game, but I'm obviously not the target audience.
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    adamstan reacted to Nemesis in What are you playing?   
    The setting is in a post-apocalyptic world where large singularity machines roam around and pose a threat to anyone who comes near them. The MC, Jude, is a Transporter who gets a request to transport an android to a certain place for the revival of humanity.
    Jude finds the android in an old ruin, and names her Philia. Philia wants to be a human, and Jude promises to take her to the professor who might be able to make her human. So the two travels together while trying to figure out how to be human.
    Philia has a child-like innocence lacking knowledge of most things with her being a complete blank state. You watch her slowly learn about the world. She doesn't want to eat deer as she feels sorry for it, but she's fine with eating fish. I guess it shows the hypocrisy of humans as mammals are closer to us, so we can relate it to it more. She often reminds Jude of his daughter.
    Her lack of sense of danger with Jude's realistic outlook makes for a good contrast. They both experience both the beautiful and ugly side of human nature through their travel.
    This works seems to be about finding the boundary between machine and human. What does it mean to be human? Does having a human body make someone human even if their mind is an AI? Or is the mind what matters, if an AI passes the turing test, does that mean they are indistinguishable from humans?
    It explores what is necessary for an AI to gain an ego. The professor says that for an AI to gain an ego, it is necessary to have instinct and fear. An AI stuck in a CPU case cannot gain a mind, because they cannot experience instinct and fear without a body. They need a body that can be stimulated by the outside world. I wonder what does /u/gambs think as this seems close to his field of study?
    It talks about the uncanny valley: a robot that looks too close to human becomes creepy. A simple robot with a ribbon looks cuter. But the uncanny valley can be conquered by making them indistinguishable from humans.
    As usual, Tanaka Romeo's prose is amazing. I have zero complaints. The background art looks great with the scenery.
    Tanaka Romeo explores the relationship between parent and child well. How a child is seeking the attention of their parent to prevent from being abandoned. Why are parents willing to die for their kids? Jude's answer is because it's their instict to preserve their genes. Sounds like something Setoguchi would say, hahaha. But he adds later on, that it can develop past instinct into true love after spending time with them.
    What the professor wanted was as I expected a 人柱 ending: sacrifice the few for the many. While it might be good for society, if it doesn't prove beneficial for the people being sacrificed it's a conflict of interest. So Jude ends up risking his life to save Philia.
    At its core, it's an adventure of two people who learn more about the world:its beauty and ugliness, what it means to be human, and about family love. Tanaka Romeo has created another great piece.
    For those who also just want to read a moege, not to worry, Philia is moe as hell. You can ignore all the complicated story and just focus on how moe Philia is.

    美少女万華鏡 -神が造りたもうた少女たち-
    I can see why some people can like Biman 3 so much. It has lots of meme, and lots of it is based on Steins; Gate. But the story is rather meh. It's decent enough for a sci-fi, but there are plenty of better ones. What I would praise it for though is I guess the threesomes scenes which the previous Biman games did not have.
    It explores the relationship between religion, science, and the masses. How religion is used as a tool by those in power to keep themselves at the top, and the masses use it to mentally support themselves in hard times. It is amazing how self-aware Japanese are of religion, while accepting it themselves: 「苦しい時の神頼み。」 But honestly, compared to Tsui no Stella, it is rather shallow. Still, It is a decent game with a rather strong ending.
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    adamstan reacted to Clephas in Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi No Translation Project (Completed)   
    Keep in mind that Kamishino had over a decade to get translated, and yet it was only finished recently as a passion project.  Moreover, though the initial translation was done some time ago, it was only recently that it was actually released.  I imagine if a potential translator plays the translated version and wants the two remaining paths, it might be a possibility.  However, keep in mind that most fan-translations fall apart for a reason, and those two paths are a prime candidate for manufacturing such a reason (they are unnecessarily long for the actual content contained within the path, as well as having a more H focus than the other four paths).
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    adamstan reacted to ittaku in Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi No Translation Project (Completed)   
    It seems people have misunderstood my reasons for leaving 2 routes out of the translation. It wasn't just because I couldn't find another translator, it's because those routes are really average compared to the wonderful routes that I was happy to translate. If they were good, I would have just translated them myself. In my opinion, the game is better without them.
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