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  1. House in Fata doesn't look like my cup of tea. Waiting for Tsukihime revamp. Never escape looks interesting, but doesn't include any romance. I may pick up the infinity series only holding off because outdated graphics. I'm very interested in comyu, how would I obtain an english version? I bought toyko Babel, good reccommendation sadly there's no "mature" scenes but I enjoy the setting enough. I watched the majikoi Anime. I'm curious if it's worth playing after I know everything. I don't mind more reccommendations, I'll just stockpile the games.
  2. I've read 4 VNs so far. I do like an over-arching narrative but it must include romance. I've read -Grisaia (10/10) -G-senjou (The ending was great, the plot twist reduced it to 8/10) -Fate(all the routes, 9/10) -Katawa Shoujo (it was alright, I liked a bit of it, a lot of repetition. 7/10) A bit of a newbie, but I generally like the addition of "Mature scenes". I also like less time spent at school if possible(no school at all would be fine too) About to read Chrono Clock and Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki
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