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  1. That error message means that there's something wrong with your signature. Creating a patch2.xp3 works perfectly fine (created a patch with KrkrExtract and it worked ingame) - if that is not working, then the archive itself might be broken or it isn't replacing the right files. Just try creating a patch using KrkrExtract and name it patch2.xp3, that should work. Edit: Detailed instructions, as you mentioned you didn't know how to use KrkrExtract: Download the current master branch, extract the archive, and copy the contents of KrkrExtract-master/KrkrExtract/Release (or just the .exe and .dll files) into the game's directory. Then, drag the game's executable and drop it on KrkrExtract.exe to start it (alternatively, start it with the executable as the only argument) to start KrkrExtract. Once KrkrExtract is started, you can drop .xp3 archives from the game onto the KrkrExtract window to extract them into KrkrExtract_Output. To repack, go to Pack Setting on the right, put the folder containing your patch into Folder (all files should be in that folder directory, no subdirectories such as scenario/, etc.), fill the location of the original data.xp3 into Original Pack (if it isn't there already) and the location for your patch2.xp3 (e.g. in the game's directory) into Output Pack, then hit Make Package.
  2. As there seems to be some confusion about this: cookie4 is my personal website and while many of the projects on it came under the name of Luna (which doesn't exist anymore) at one point, it doesn't represent, and has never represented, any group or anyone else. The Tototo project on cookie4 used to be for this project, however it is now for a different project translating the same game. That new project is not related to this (mitch's) project and doesn't reuse any parts of it either, hence the current difference in progress. For current lack of a thread and information about the new project and more information for tracking, the new project is led by TBAC, who has previously done translation for Maki Fes! and MajoKoi, and mainly targets the Premium Motion Plus release of the game.
  3. Was going to do that initially, but after double-checking the contact pages, this seemed to be the designated place for such reports and posted here instead. Concerning responsible disclosure: I feel like anyone who's able to pull off a MITM attack will already have recognized that all connections to Fuwanovel are unencrypted just by looking at their browser's address bar or more likely have a program that filters all unencrypted connections automatically, so me stating that the connections are insecure doesn't really change the risk of an attack.
  4. It's been bothering me that Fuwanovel uses HTTP for the main website and all subdomains (including these forums) and immediately downgrades all secure connections to HTTP via a redirect (301). This is concerning because all requests such as logins, sending session cookies etc. are transmitted in plaintext, making it trivial for a man-in-the-middle attack to steal user credentials (and users tend to re-use those on multiple sites even though they should know better) or hijack sessions, they can read all messages and intercept or modify them at will, including sending the user to their own site while making it appear as fuwa (there are also many other good reasons to switch everything to HTTPS , but these are currently the most pressing issues). To prevent this, HTTPS should be enabled everywhere and should be enforced by enabling HSTS to avoid attacks such as those of sslstrip. (ignore the next paragraph if you already how to fix this issue and just haven't come around to do so yet - though at least the first part shouldn't take very long at all and the second isn't too bad either) One possible solution: Since Fuwanovel already uses Cloudflare, you can fix part of the connection very easily: Go to Cloudflare -> Crypto, set SSL to Flexible (should already be that way, really we want Full (strict), but that might involve more steps on your part, see below), and enable HSTS on all subdomains (hard to go back on, but you shouldn't ever want to go back on it anyways), you also might want to redirect everything to HTTPS one way or another. This fixes the issue for the connection between users and Cloudflare, however the connection between Cloudflare and your servers is still insecure, so make sure your web servers support HTTPS (might involve some tweaking of configurations or proxying in the worst case if your web server doesn't support it) and you have a valid certificate set up (certificates from Let's Encrypt are free and easily automatable, don't see a reason not to use them), then set the Cloudflare SSL setting to Full (strict). Now the connections between Cloudflare and your servers are secure as well. (You could optionally set up Authenticated Origin Pulls to make sure you're only responding to traffic coming through Cloudflare.)
  5. Use arcconv mod warcscan to get the key (execute this after starting the game): arc_conv --mod warcscan key.txt That should give you the key for most games - if that doesn't work, you'll have to get the key from the executable or make custom tools if the archive format is different for that game.
  6. Yes there is, at least for the game he is using: /* チェックするファイル */ var fn = [ System.exeName.substr( System.exePath.length ), // エンジン名 'data.xp3', 'patch.xp3' ]; So if patch.xp3 exists, its signature will be verified with patch.xp3.sig (displaying an error message should patch.xp3.sig not exist), making the above solutions to the problem necessary for distribution of a patch.xp3, this could potentially be circumvented by naming the patch archive patch2.xp3 (or 3 and so on).
  7. The Kirikiri 2 games that give you an error message for missing .sig files use the sigcheck plugin to verify archive files with a signature. The system uses public key cryptography which means that only the public key can be found in the game's files, which can be used to check the signatures, but new signatures for the same public key can not be generated since that would require the private key. Most game I've seen use this handle the actual work in script/release.ks where you'll find the public key and code that does the actual verification, so you have the option to either Remove the signature check by uncommenting/removing the invocation of the check method to disable signature checks altogether, or Generate your own public/private key pair, replace the original public key in release.ks with yours and generate new .sig files with your private key You can then add your modified version of release.ks to to your patch.xp3 archive and if you did everything correctly, you'll be able to run the game without any error messages (and optionally with custom file signature verification).
  8. Handle: Porygon2 Positions I can fill: Hacker (I might do image editing and/or QC if I'm really interested in your project and have enough time) Types of preferred projects: Projects with at least one translator that can localize the game adequately and see things through to the end Availability: Available VN most interested in producing a FTL for: It would be interesting to work on a more gameplay-heavy VN; I'd also like to work on a NeXAS engine game sometime - but I'm fine with working on most VNs, see the conditions below for exceptions Motivation for joining in on FTL: Wanting to contribute to more localized releases of Visual Novels coming out Conditions: PC, Windows VNs only. No VNs that are already getting an official release or have an active fan translation project No BL only games, no otomege - not a huge fan of yuri, but I'm fine with it. No "extreme" themes (when in doubt whether this applies to your project, just ask me) Give me a reasonable amount of time to figure out the format of the game and develop tools, this depends on the complexity and prominence/amount of prior work done (if any) of the engine as well as the amount of free time I have Current projects: Shin Koihime † Musou ~Otome Ryouran ☆ Sangokushi Engi~ Translation project Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu. Translation Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no Translation project Pure x Connect Translation project Sen no Hatou, Tsukisome no Kouki Translation Completed projects: Maki Fes! Translation project (technical work, interface images) Tsui Yuri Translation project (official release handled by MangaGamer, not me) The Witch's Love Diary (technical work, interface images except for ending images) Inactive projects: Iegami Nyoubou Translation Witch's Garden Translation project Koiken Otome ~Revive~ Translation project Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to. Translation Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete Translation project Mitch's Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to. Translation project Erect! Translation Koikishi Purely ☆ Kiss Translation Sanoba Witch Translation project (unrelated to official release) Ichiban Janakya Dame Desu ka? Translation Imouto Senbatsu☆Sousenkyo Translation project Meri☆Chri Translation Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! Translation (unrelated to official release) Tsuki to Mori to Anata to Watashi Translation Koiseyo!! Imouto Banchou Translation project Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart Translation (unrelated to official release) Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. Translation project (unrelated to official release) (And lots of others that either didn't even get started properly and aren't worth mentioning or haven't been publicly announced yet) If you're interested in picking one of the dropped projects back up, feel free to contact me for the existing tools - this doesn't include any of the prior translation. Contact: Send me a message on Discord ( Porygon2#4747 ), contact me via PM here on the forums, or send an email to porygon-2@web.de ( alternatively, you can also send your email to two.porygon@gmail.com )
  9. A bit later than anticipated, here's the interface patch: http://koikumatranslation.github.io/permalink/patch/interface/patch2.xp3 It translates most of the interface along with adding some small improvements like an option to skip the prologue and 'uncensoring' of thumbnails, etc. It is compatible both with installations that have and those that don't have the official version 1.1 patch, however using the official patch is recommended - you can get it from one of the mirrors listed here. To use this patch, simply put it in the game's directory - let my know if you find any errors or experience issues. Also, since we unfortunately couldn't find a translator, the project will be stalled until someone is found for that position (so, realistically, the project is dead). If anyone stumbles upon this and is interested and qualified, everything's ready for to resume the project and start translation - please contact me for more details.
  10. Main menu: When hovering over a menu item, the hieroglyphics' aligment jumps - looks pretty odd, should fix the offsets on the images. Help item does nothing (WIP I guess, so nothing really wrong here). General menu navigation: I'm used to being able to right-click to return to the previous menu rather than always having to click on return/etc., would be nice to have. Load screen: Doesn't seem like enough slots for saves at all, but I couldn't find an option to save in the first place, so I guess it's still being worked on. Navigation at the bottom is weird, as it's different from all the other screens and isn't super practical either. Options menu (Settings): The labels on the left aren't sticking out enough, didn't notice them at first - maybe cast the entire background in shadow except for the labels to highlight them more. I'd like to be able to click on the bars with sliders and have the slider jump to the position I clicked on, rather than only being able to drag the slider. "Skip Settings ON/OFF" isn't very intuitive, maye have Skip all / Skip read only or something similar Fullscreen radio button inactive/active alignment is slightly off. The radio buttons aren't aligned properly >.> - looks very off-putting. I'd like a lot more features in the options menu, like individual audio sliders for every character, Stopping/not stopping voice on click, wait for voice in auto mode, changing text window transparancy, maybe even color, option to keep game running when the window is inactive, font config, rebindable keys, ... Optional, nice to have, but not really necessary: Only a few items actually indicate visually that they're being hovered over, would be nice to have that indication for all items (just putting a glow on them would be enough) Transitions radio buttons don't actually work. New game: This takes way too long to load, considering the power of my system - you've gotta be able to optimize that, and even if you're not able to, at least give me some sort of moving loading screen, so that I know that the game's still alive and just loading rather than having no indication whether the game's just died on me. Ingame: Lots of features are missing here: Hide text box, Backlog, Replay voice, Start skipping, Skip to next/previous choice, Quicksave/load, Pinning/unpinning menu bar, save bar, ... I'd like rebindable hotkeys for things like loading, starting automode, skip, quicksave, load, etc. Also want to be able to return to title from ingame whenever I want
  11. Sekai project has announced an official release, so this project is dead -- Old post -- Hello everyone, we are currently looking for someone who could be the main translator for the translation project translating SMILE's Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. (It's a nukige, so if you don't like translating H-scenes, this is probably not for you.) In this position you'll be translating the game's scenario, which in it's entirety spans around 40,000 lines (Common route: 9,000 lines - Average main heroine route: ~5,000 lines), from japanese to english. You will need to be able to translate the japanese lines correctly into proper english (we'll still have editors going over your translation, but it should already be readable without too many mistakes). You should also have a good amount of time to invest into the project for a longer period, so the entire game can be translated at a decent speed. Editors: If you're interested in an editing position, feel free to contact me, but we won't actually decide who we'll take as editors until we've found a main translator. To assist you with translation, a tool has been created that allows you to easily see the original script and add your translation with room for some notes (there'll be something similar for editors aswell), here's a preview of it in action: If you're missing some features you want, they should be easy to add in there. More detailed information about the project can also be found here and I'll be happy to answer any other questions you might have if you contact me.
  12. There hasn't been any public activity on this for the past ~2 weeks because I wasn't able to log into my fuwanovel account due to technical issues, those seem to be resolved now though. Update of what happened in the meantime: Project now has a website: http://koikumatranslation.github.io I've been working on an interface patch and am more than halfway done - interface patch should be released in march, likely around the middle of the month. Translation won't start until we've decided who will be the main translator for the project, the website has line counts for individual scripts and a total if you're interested (can be found here).
  13. That's not entirely true, the engine is KirikiriZ and the scripts are in a packed format that is absolutely not human readable (and doesn't have a great design, but oh well). The editor is not really needed, could have used plain text files, but I felt like it was a convenient enough improvement for other project members to create. Thank you very much!
  14. The encrypting methods for the tpm of the game can be found here: https://github.com/Porygon2/KoikumaTools/blob/master/src/main/java/me/porygon2/koikumatools/xp3/KoikumaTPM.java The source for extracting the script format is pretty messy, I didn't write it to publish it (if you really want I can PM it to you), but there are already tools to extract those scripts, one can be found here: https://github.com/number201724/krkrpsb (Doesn't include all the features my scenarios have, but they can easily be added by exploring the tree structure if you know what you're doing.) I might publish the source for the actual tool for translation after I've added features and prettied it up, but it doesn't include anything that decodes script formats (just reads autogenerated scenarios and gives a way to edit them).
  15. Sekai project announced an official release, so this project is dead. -- Old post -- Hello everyone, welcome to the thread of the translation project for SMILE's visual novel "Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma." or Koikuma for short. Project Info Project website: http://koikumatranslation.github.io/ Current status: Trying to find main translator, everything related to actual scenario translation and editing will begin after we've found someone. Progress: Working on interface patch, already done with the translation of more than half of the interface, interface patch should be released sometime in march. Game Info The game is a nukige with pretty art by Sayori. More ingame preview images in spoiler below: VNDB: https://vndb.org/v17515 Official Website: http://s-mi-le.com/ponkotsu/ Description: Team Info I (Porygon2) do all the technical work for the project (hacking, image editing, patching, etc.), we are currently looking for someone who could be the main translator and also still looking for editors, which brings us to: Recruitment -Translator: We are looking for someone who could be the main translator for this project -Editor: We are looking for editors for this project (If no one can be found, I could do that myself aswell, though I'd definitely prefer to have another team member for editing.) For anyone interested in being a translator/editor: I have already created tools to simplify the process and autogenerate status updates, see the spoiler for a preview.
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