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  1. Well i didn't read what was written previously but seeing Yukizome in the episode 1 of Despair arc made me dubious ! But like you say it sound too obvious to be the case, well i'm still pretty surprised that he murdered her, i think i'm going to watch some episodes before posting here !
  2. I carelessly read you post without advancing further in the anime (just watched the episode 1)
  3. Ok thanks, i have already started to do that but it's like i got a huge spoiler at Despair side episode 1 And Monokuma's new voice is un-bear-able , i kind of liked the old one !
  4. Hello everyone, i just finished DR2 (found it great btw) and i am wondering if i must watch Despair Arc first or Future arc first or both arcs at the same time ! I didn't take the time to read all the posts because i was afraid of unwanted spoilers
  5. I'm also playing it in widescreen, as for the audio levels, the configuration part where you can adjust the BGM and the voices are fine . But sometimes voices are indeed lower than music
  6. Same here, i really hate the new art, i would have surely bought the game to support the editor but i can't stand the drawings, it's such a lame
  7. I have a question about the episode 2 : So i wonder if you can explain me that way of reasoning
  8. Sorry for the spoiler tag, i wiil be more careful in the future.
  9. Well i was joking , but don't you find her at least annoying ? PS: How do I use spoiler tag ?
  10. Well for now, i believe in magic and in Beatrice's power Anyway i have followed your instructions and i didn't skip those parts !
  11. Well in fact, i read FSN when i was 15, so as you all say, age isn't an issue here
  12. I would glady accept recommendation even though it will probably take all my summer holidays to finish Umineko and Steins gate !
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