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  1. Because I like reading, I like the Japanese style of storytelling, and I like the first-person sense of immersion VNs provide. Plus the music, art, and cute girls.
  2. So the Hikari route isn't translated yet right? Also, I heard that that route is locked until the 3 mains are completed. Is it possible to reload a previous save once that's done? I'm just planning my roadmap for later.
  3. At what point do more Service actions show up? I'm already several months in with other Study and Work actions, but in Service there's still only one
  4. The game's working great aside from the loading issue. I have no issues with the translation. Willpower decreases too quickly over the course of the week. What's the best way to boost it?
  5. Because anime romance has to be dragged out as long as possible across several seasons before any progress is made. And many of them are based off of light novels, which usually do have some kind of conclusion after a long story.
  6. I seriously need to find a decent Japanese program. The one at my uni is pretty bad and from what I've heard from my classmates that have studied abroad, that program wasn't very good either. I quickly realized on day one that I made more progress with a few months of self-study than they did in 4 years in a classroom. Also, the speaking experience was virtually nonexistent. When I get the chance to apply abroad, I'll try and pick your university if possible.
  7. How decent was your Japanese before you went, and how well would you say that initial half-year did to improve it? Also, what do most abroad students do for food?
  8. I'm looking forward to anything Lose and Favorite myself
  9. According to the latest update, the Hoshimemo re-edit is still in progress and Eternal Heart likely won't be released before it. It's unlikely that they'll be out this year.
  10. That's the one I was missing. Before you get onto her route you have to complete the Macra Puaba quest, which unlocks after completing the Almocorn quest. I don't think the quest appears before the reverse confession event, so you'll be forced to confess near the end of the common route
  11. Figured it out. I had to complete a certain quest before getting into the routes. The one that was hinted in the tutorial section.
  12. I'm missing a CG (probably H-scene) even after completing a route and going through it again using the flower. Is there something I'm missing?
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