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  1. Japanese Help Thread

    Can I get some help on a few lines? MC is helping a girl with her homework, which is fill-in-the-blank kanji phrases. Goes like this: 「む~……次は穴埋め問題……。ざくろに教えてもらったんだけど……」 『○肉○食』 「……ざくろは、何て?」 「『ふにくあくじき』だって。身体に悪いものばかり食べてることだって言ってた」 解答欄の横に『腐肉悪食』といちごが書き込む。 気付かないか……当て字もいいところだ。 「でも、一応意味は通ってるのか」 「えっ、合ってるの? 焼肉定食じゃないんだ」 「いや、どっちも間違い。正解は弱肉強食。弱いものは強いものに食べられるってこと」 I've got this as a translation so far: 「Mu~......Next is the Fill the Blanks questions......Zakuro also taught me these but......」 『○肉○食』 「What did Zakuro tell you?」 「『Fu-Niku-Aku-Jiki』. Meaning something like eating only stuff that is bad for your body.」 Ichigo started writing 『腐肉悪食』in the answer column. She doesn't get it... it's a case of using ateji. 「But, at least the meaning is the same.」 「Eh, it's right? But isn't it Grilled Meat Special...」 「No, both are wrong. The correct answer is "The strong eat the weak". It is the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest.」 I get most of it but I don't understand the couple sentences in the middle where he says it's a case of using ateji and the meaning is the same. There's a wikipedia article for ateji.
  2. Good news. I was able to get a hold of Tymmur and he says he will be able to make the patch once I am done with the translating and editing. I am almost done Ichigo's route. It turned out there were way more lines to do than I thought. Once I am done that (in a few days), I will edit everything that has not been edited yet. That will take another week or two. Then tymmur will take over and make the patch, which hopefully would not be too long. Having an editor would be nice. It would save time now and in the future if I didn't need to do it.
  3. It's not only those tools. He also collaborated with artists to produce decensored images, but I can't find those on the git repository. I figure they must be on his hard drive. If he doesn't turn up, I'll have to release the patch without those images.
  4. Actually, I have some free time now and the will to work on this, so I will begin work on Ichigo's route and get the patch out relatively soon. Tymmur has made a bunch of tools for working with this game which I don't fully understand so it would be nice if he could show up, so I don't have to cobble together the patch myself.
  5. To those asking for news, I have been inactive for a while on this project. I'm taking time to properly learn Japanese. Right now, I don't know kanji very well so it takes me several times longer to work out the meaning of the sentence than just by reading it alone. Once I learn it, my speed will increase and it will not be so burdensome to do the translation. At this point, we are pretty close to a release (just have to finish Ichigo's route), but I backed out of continuing translating ~6 months ago. I don't know if I should focus on learning kanji or finishing the route first. Maybe if there is enough demand for it I can finish the route. It's about 5000 lines, I think. Which is certainly more than a little bit of work (that's why I wanted to take a break). I don't know if Tymmur is still around either.
  6. Hey, just letting you guys know I'm alive. Maybe I'll come back to this one day.
  7. Great news! Suika's route is finished editing by me, from the previous translator's work.
  8. Wow musumaker hd... this looks amazing! Right, I hope it doesn't interfere too much if we want to get both "translated"... guess that might mean a lot more work for tymmur... I have some bad news, unfortunately... I had a psychotic episode am currently on medication (will be for a while). I'm not sure how this will affect my ability to progress. Obviously, I'll keep at it the best I can, but I feel like my enjoyment factor for it has decreased... *sigh*.
  9. I finished translating common route. *Party like it's 1979*
  10. Hey, welcome aboard! After 5 years of working on this by myself, this is amazing!
  11. Wow that human-readable file looks really nice. Nice job! I agree Sons & Co. may not be such a good idea. Ok ok. I've a good one. Are you ready? Musuworks
  12. ^ Thank you ~ We should be Musumaker Translation Group Sons & Co. Ltd.!
  13. Thank you By the way, I thought up of a good name for our translation group. How about "Aonori Translations"? What do you think, tymmur?
  14. Good day, and say hello to our team: we are Mooseworks! I've been working on translating this game for several years. There was a previous translation effort that gave up, and I just took over and have been working on it since. But we'd like to move it here, since this forum fits better for a VN, and we want to get people to help out! Update 2017-8-31- All current and future work has been moved to the 2016 HD remake of the game . The old 15% patch for the original 2008 version is still linked however. Game overview VNDB: https://vndb.org/v1160 Official website: http://www.digitalcute.com/ Product link: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B00L5PAVLM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&keywords=むすめーかー&qid=1504205685&redirect=true&sr=8-1 (There is a non-horribly censored one on digital-cute's website page, here) Brief description by sanahtlig from Mangagamer: Current members RaurosFalls - project leader / translator tymmur - technical leader / programmer Progress Currently there is a 15% translation patch out, which translates from the beginning of the game to a certain date (April 1st). Meanwhile, the actual current "patch" (for the 2008 version of the game) is available for download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i3levft6xv3cs7t/musu_translation_patch_v1.0.zip [released August 9, 2015] Translation is ongoing and status updates will be posted. Recruiting So our decision to move here came about because we think no one knows about our game, and we want more translators to help out! We'll gladly take on anyone who wants to help. This is too much for one man to bear . If someone also wanted to lend a hand decensoring images, that would be amazing.