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  1. Also if anyone wants a copy of the current translation repo or translated/decensored images repo to add to it with work in the future, feel free to ask me. The translation repo contains all the current translation, a translation interface/editor, and Tymmur's translation checker. I assume providing these will be okay. Unfortunately, I was only added as a guest to the development of these repos so I can't give anyone else access on GitLab...
  2. Hey, I havne't been on this forum for a year lol. Yes, actually I haven't worked on this for a over a year now and I don't plan to continue. I've come to realize that my translation abilities are too inefficient, making it not worth the hassle. Asian writing system is a morass.
  3. @Alistoru Usually, the name being "Mikan,A01634" indicates the game is not being run in Japanese locale. If that's not the problem, then I don't know... @Philly Okay, this looks great! I will implement these images and apply them to the patch when I get a chance (probably tomorrow). Also, for everyone, sorry but I have been slacking. I will have to get to starting Hikari's route at some point.
  4. Tbh I do not see much of a difference between the 2 pictures. Perhaps the one on the left is a bit darker, but neither has a transparent icon. Edit: Oh I see. The left one has a whitish area cropped around the border. Yeah, I never noticed that. If you'd like to provide the cleaned images, I could replace them.
  5. There shouldn't be a reason that applying an updated patch would break your save game. It's possible that the format of the lines would change later though, so to be safe you should save on the schedule screen.
  6. Updated the patch. Now every dialogue line has 「」wrapping. Also, will add a note on the first post that saveload is still broken for dialogues longer than 1 line.
  7. Hmm, I realized there's still a couple issues with the current patch: 1. For lines with that are split (i.e., have multiple lines for one text dialog), the saveload function is still broken. 2. I have not added 「」wrapping to all the scripts -- only about half of them. I have someone working on adding it to all of them.
  8. @darkmage2015 and @Raum You're playing the non-fixed karin_qa script. You have to reapply the updated patch. @Bokun Thanks, you found the reason why the game won't save. I'm working on making a patch now that has a Japanese character at the start of every line. Edit: Okay, I've updated the patch so that saveload works now. For dialog, it has 「」wrapping and for narration, there is a space/indent. I should've known this would be an issue. There was the same limitation in the 2008 version of the game.
  9. Alright, I'll include a note on the first page about the save issue. You're looking at the real originals. It's just that the translated scripts contain @ on narration lines too, with nothing after it. This is what's mucking up the line numbers.
  10. Okay, well there's a couple options: 1. Leave the patch as is and just rely on saving at schedule or decisions. 2. Revert back to scripts without line breaks or @ character for narration. This will keep the scripts closer to their original, but will make the quality of the text box worse. It will A) introduce an indent to all narrated text and B) make new lines in between words in the game.
  11. Oh okay that's good, I guess I must have just broken something in my install. I didn't get voices even after starting a new game.
  12. You can download the tool to extract the .bin files from here. Usage: in cmd, type: exdxa <inputfile.bin> _taskforce_
  13. No, it's not supposed to be like that. I got that bug too. Sorry, but I am not a game modder. I don't know how to fix these now 2 bugs: 1. Inability to load save from a scene. 2. No voiced dialogue after loading from schedule screen. I may have to retract the patch if someone can't fix it soon. This is really unfortunate.
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