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  1. Hope sure dies last, but i fear the project atm has to be considered to be dead. Tymmur and RauroFalls (afaik the 2 (only members?) Projectleads) were both last active in this Forum around October/December 2019. I'm hoping for a long time that this project will be completed at some point, but the reality seams to be sadly that this project is abandoned.
  2. I can't thank you and Tymmur enough for this. I nearly gave up on this Project and now you suprise me with this I don't want to stress you or look ungratefull, but i'm curious if you have plans on translating the Training H-Scenes in the future? Because if you plan on translating all scenes i think i would hold out a little bit longer until we have a route and the training scenes translated
  3. It depends on the Game and how it is done i think. Eden* PLUS+ Mosaic is still on my List, but Chrono Clock as exemple was the same and it suited the Game well imo.
  4. Hi guys first of all i want to say a very big "Thank You!" for all the work you have done so far. Im in general more the kind of a "silent reader" on most Forums i visit. But i think you can need some type of "positive feedback" or "encouragement" from a guy that is very very gratefull that you take on the task to translate this wonderfull game I played Musumaker a few years ago for the first time an found it quite appealing even without understanding just one word about the story. To be honest i just clicked random to get the cgis... But with your translation patch and able to understand the plot a little im now total in Love with the game and hoping that you will be able to translate it complete in the future. Your work changed the way i see the game completely i even fell a little bad about "using" the girls in the past to get just the cgis...^^ Unfortunately these words are the only thing i can give to you because i have no skills in translating, scripting, etc. i hope you can cary on with the project and find some people that are able tu support you with their skills. I just wanted to let you know that there are people out there that really appreciate your work and are very gratefull about it. I wish you the best for the future and hope that my moral support helps you a little bit P.S.: Im very sorry for my bad english...
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