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  1. While the truth to this statement is generally questionable(seriously the level of quality of certain fan translations is laughable). , I will say this is not the case for the translators of Dies Irae. You are implying that the translators did not genuinely love the work, put passion into it, and worked their butts off on the Dies Irae project. I talked to the translators numerous times, and they have told me that despite being underpaid they took on this crazy project. You have no idea how hard it was to translate Dies Irae at all. Masada's script is complicated, the kanji he uses can range from archaich to straight up requiring specialized knowledge to tackle on (ie: knowledge of Buddhism suntras and such). The translators spent over 800 hours on transalting Dies Irae, and it was a challenge. Yes, there are typos and errors, but in a game that is 50+ hours long, mistakes are bound to happen. The translation team is actively working on fixing the mistakes and it isn't like they don't give a fuck.
  2. https://vnrw.wordpress.com/2016/01/22/most-desired-visual-novel-translation/ So, I feel like this tournament is worthwhile to vote for because of this particular paragraph : " I picked 46 most highly regarded titles that I could think of (mostly with the help of erogamescape) that have yet to receive a translation. To make matters more interesting, both my secret project, and the game that I might be working on next ended up on this list, so we can see how those fare (maybe I can get away with more hints through this xD). Anyway, I wouldn’t mind translating most of these games, so show me which ones wouldyou rather want me to push for (your vote might count for more than you think)."
  3. Similar VNs

    Well if you've read Fate, then Tsukihime's a good place to go to since they are set in the same multiverse and written by the same author. Shikoku no Sharnoth Sieken no Iganock Higurashi Umineko Rose Gun Days Steins;Gate are other reccomendations.
  4. Fuwa Skype Group

    Add me, skype name is farispie
  5. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    Here, I'll provide you lot with an embarrassing video of me imitating Okabe from Steins;Gate : https://www.dropbox.com/s/c21u4seq67x9lxs/20150307_230059.mp4?dl=0
  6. So, we all have an idea about a visual novel at somepoint in time, I thought it would be interesting to share. Here's mine for a short 2-4 hour visual novel : So you know in visual novels, when the MC starts narrating, the character sprites may just stand there while he's narrating? I figured, well what if they didn't move, and why? So, here's my idea : The VN would involve a MC who tends to go on long tangents during their narration. A sample would something along the sides of this : MC enters school, describing it, and greets his two friends The MC would then for example narrate about his friends in great detail, but there is a conversation in the background (ie : sprites moving) that you, the reader may only hear snippets of. For example the guy friend may say something like "Man, I miss her". The MC may then say "oh, man your girlfriend, huh?", and then he'd ramble on about guy's friend ex girlfriend. Anyways, at the end of the visual novel, you then get to replay the game, except get to actually hear the conversations that you , the reader missed out. The twist would be that, the MC is actually female, and that she's dead. There will be hints of this throughout the snippets of conversation you hear. So in the example above, the girlfriend is actually the MC, and the reason the MC knows so much about what she and the guy did has a couple, was welll....because she's the girlfriend! So what are your ideas?
  7. Oh hai Fuwanovel

    I have read Kara no Shoujo and I am actually currently reading Ayakashibito !
  8. VN Player Mentors Wanted (for Science!)

    I would love to join the program. I have spent many days nerding over many vns that in another forum (a anime forum) people call me the vn guy over there. Also I hope I get a cute little kouhai that I can corrupt guide to greatness. I think I can take on around two people at a time. Also if someone's looking for Chuuni and mystery, you know where to look.
  9. Oh hai Fuwanovel

    I go with the classics I suppose. My absolute favourite would have to be the Umineko franchise, but other notable favourites include : MLA , Saya no Uta, Rewrite, Higurashi, Fate/Stay Night, and G Senjo no Maou. As you can tell from my vndb I generally enjoy Chuuni and Mystery vns.
  10. Oh hai Fuwanovel

    So, I realized I haven't made a introduction thread, despite posting around before. I just wanted to say that I think fuwanovel is a rad VN community and I do enjoy the antics that go around here. A bit about myself : I ventured into the vn world when I was around a 16 year old lad who only watched anime like the ignorant plebian he was. I was looking for action anime at the time (I do like me some chuuni), and fate/stay night was brought up. I looked at the wikipedia and apparently it was based on a visual novel. I decided, what the heck, I'll read the visual novel. From there on in, my fate was sealed. Anyhoo, I guess this is where I say "Oh hai guys!"
  11. In search of novel's

    I know I know, but I want to shamelessly promote it. Tis a noble task methinks.
  12. In search of novel's

    Umineko is technically a romance story. I'll just let this opening do the talking for me (the opening is from the ps3 version of it, but there is currently a pc version of it with ps3 assets): Umineko is effectively a unique mystery story that has an interesting meta narrative, very human characters, god-tier music, and pretty good voice acting to boot.
  13. Sieken no Iganock is translated.
  14. Mystery Visual Novels

    I also reccomend Umineko. Hell the entire novel explores mystery as a genre amongst other things.
  15. 1) Witch on the Holy Night 2) Muramasa 3) Dies Irae and much more.