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  1. VN Recommendations based on my favorites

    Played I/O a while ago, didn't like it. Tried Chaos Head and Sharin no Kuni as well, I'll try to finish them at some point but really didn't like them either. I'll check out the others, thanks.
  2. I've been a while wanting to play new VNs but I can't quite decide which one to start next. My favorites are: Zero Escape games (except ZTD) Ever17 Remember11 G-Senjou no Maou Root Double S;G Danganronpa, if it's considered a VN around here...
  3. I was going through remember11's OST on youtube and I found this song: I thought that I didn't recognize it so I went to check the tracklist inside the game, and it's not there. I've searched a lot but I can't find it anywhere, so does anyone know where's it from?
  4. Something like that, that doesnt take a lot to read... I completely went through Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort in a day a few weeks ago and I'm in the mood for something similar. If the story is mildly interesting, then better, but you cant have everything. I've played nekopara if that's the instant thing that comes to mind...
  5. Root Double Question

    So now that Root Double is out, I've noticed that Sekai Project mentioned that the only rotues that can be streamed are A and B. A friend of mine had planned to stream the full game, but he doesn't know if it's worth to only stream those 2 routes, so are they completely necessary to the story, or just a bonus thing?
  6. Just finished G-Senjou no Maou an hour ago, and I can easily say that I was blown away and it's the most I've enjoyed a Visual Novel. I thought there would be nothing better after ever17/zero escape, but I guess I was wrong, so I'd like to know what should I try now after having completed that. I'm not looking for just a SoL VN like little busters or clannad, something with both a good story and good romance, if possible. Thanks..
  7. Need recommendations based on my likings

    Thanks, I'll definitely try it
  8. Need recommendations based on my likings

    Thanks, a while ago I watched the higurashi anime, and I really didn't like it. I assume the VN is better, do things change a lot, should I try it even if I've watched the anme? I've heard lots of good things about Umineko, so going back, do I have to read the higurashi VN in order to understand Umineko, since it's apparently its sequel?
  9. What the title says. I've really liked most of the VN I've played, and I need more. I searched enough to say that I don't know what I should try now, so I hope to get some good recommendations here. It's not been a lot, but most of the VNs I've read have been sci-fi, and I'm looking for more of them, my ratings so far have been: Ever17: 8.5 Remember11: 8 999: 8 VLR: 8.5 I/O: 7.5 Steins;Gate: 8 Danganronpa 1/2: 7 Not trying to argue with my opinions, they're just a reference for what I like. I'm not really looking for romance VNs right now as I have enough with anime and I know what to try whenever I feel like going with that.
  10. I/O explanation?

    I asked about the order of the routes, since stuff that happened in routes C and D should have also happened in the others, but didn't. I just wanted a summary of "what was going on" to see if I actually understood it or not. I searched a bit before posting this but I didn't really find anything that actually explains the main plot, and the few things I read were even more confusing that the game itself.
  11. I/O explanation?

    Hi. After around 60 hours I finally finished I/O. Throughout the entire game I was really confused, and although after finishing the game I get the main point, there are lots of things I don't understand. Even if I could, I won't post a whole list of small questions that still don't make sense to me, but I need to know how the order of the routes work, or big things that I could have missed. After reading the "History" mode, I understand everything a little better, but I'd like to read an easier explanation to follow. Thanks.
  12. Little Busters Question

    So, i watched the little busters anime around a year ago, and I really enjoyed it. I've heard lots of times that the VN is much better, so I'd like to play it, but I have a few questions. Simply, the anime has 2 seasons called diferently, so, are there 2 VN, or only one? Is there more than 1 version?, or should I know something before playing them?
  13. So yeah, I downloaded Never7 around 5 times in different sites, but every one of those had some random problem. In one I couldn't scroll the text down, another didn't have music etc, so what exactly do I need to play the game properly and where can I find everything?
  14. Mystery Visual Novels

    Okay thanks. I guess I'll try both before anything else..
  15. Mystery Visual Novels

    Do I have to play Never7 if I want to play Remember11? I've heard that never7 is pretty bad and long, but that's the only thing I've heard about it so I don't really know..