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  1. having an issue where its showing what I think are suppose to effects? in the text box, and it cuts of into something like this |otifyOfFunctionName "erace" or something like "|otifyOfFunctionName bustshot4" are my settings messed or what?
  2. I downloaded atlas 14 from here - https://mega.nz/#F!3kUx2ZDR!3iX6DoEVV-BokbeF9FobYg and im pretty sure i used the installer because even when I did turn my date back to 2008 I still received a message saying the trial has expired, even when its all the way back to 2008. So im not sure why its not installing anymore, i got it to work last month, maybe something happened.
  3. So I was getting ready to read COCORO@function on the VNR, but the text was different and all engrish like So i checked and it seems ATLAS 14 doesnt wanna work anymore. I tried re installing the software and setting my date back when doing so, but no matter how far i set the date back i would get "30 day trial has expired" so without atlas v14 now, how am i suppose to read untranslated VNs with even moderately decent machine translations.
  4. Hello fuwa, I don't post much anymore on here, ever since I've been able to find my own novels to read and do my own thing. I've read many visual novels now, and have become quite well read, but I've hit a point where I don't know what else to read, and would like some suggestions. here is my list - https://vndb.org/u87991/votes It covers most of the VN's I've read, some aren't on there though. One of my favorites was hoshizora no memoria, and I'd like a VN similar to it, if possible. my other tops were grisaia no kajitsu, and g-senjou. VN's similar to those would be nice, I really like the high high quality stuff like them, also VNs that are casual but still good, like dracu riot, are welcome.
  5. So the idol magical girl michiru is on steam now, I'm just wondering if they cut any content. Or is everything on the steam version? or should i wait for a non steam version?
  6. I just started the game not too long ago, and I was wondering if there is any voice acting.
  7. So I managed to install the game properly and I can open the game just fine, however I'm unsure as to how i apply the patch. I downloaded 6 rar files in the form of parts. I would appreciate any help.
  8. I see, thank you for the clarification.
  9. So, I'm playing this now and I am wondering. Do the routes differ much? I've heard that only the epilogues really show much of anything different as the main chapters cover everything, is this true?
  10. do you know where I could buy the game?
  11. sharin no kuni it is then, thanks guys
  12. I just finished G-senjou no Maou, and really I'm not sure where to start next. That was utterly beautiful. I was reluctant to start this VN but damn now I'm regretting not reading it sooner. I was hoping I could find another VN of this caliber, or perhaps one you guys think is better. I would love to find another VN so very well done such as G-senjou.
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