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  1. edit: sorry, apparently i posted this while drunk.:amane:
  2. Yahallo! welcome and enjoy your stay with our weird fuwans
  3. divi dead. damn so nostalgic. those times when i haven't even know about walkthrough, and trying to get into a certain girls route and failed miserably for god knows how many times.
  4. Because people just don't give a fuck about others. Most people will sympathize with you, but few will actually help. Using the example you're stating over there, in a class consists of 26 person, not all actually 25 person just want to run a living hell for that one person. the person who's really behind the curtain is usually just one person, or even nobody at all, starts by just a rumor made worse. If you say a lie many times enough, it'd become a truth, at least from another person's eyes. It's even worse in Japan where suicide is tolerable culture (at least long time ago). where people just hold everything inside. (出る杭は打たれる) the nail that sticks out gets hammered proverb is a perfect words to describe it. what's different is the 'standard' line where the hammer stops hitting, which in Japan is simply lower than another country, i guess. heard even worse in korea from a korean friend.
  5. add grated ginger, chicken, a few slice of scallop, soy sauce, chilli pepper, black pepper and a few slice of green onion. damn, tommorow's menu gonna be porridge. next person has eaten that 'aromatic' blue cheese.
  6. yes yes and yes. next person uses something unorthodox
  7. it feels good, until i saw what is waiting under me, because there's....
  8. picks me up, and then i realized that the loli was only a titan. and I...
  9. true, i did like it on one point, but knowing the condition of my house back then where my parent constantly yelling me to do something abnormally stupid from drinking the last day's fruit juice on the refrigerator till telling me to massage them, i just kind of meh to the genre. and games like dota too, it always ended up on me being the burden because i had to do something every 7 minutes. that's why i pick VNs and i'm happy with it. ninja comes when the last expected. give me sweets and i'll eat it to the last drops. next person ate something bad this week.
  10. i realized that there's kim jong un in the crowd of the boys. so I grab my feet and...
  11. how am i supposed to live? next person ate mushroom recently.
  12. i wouldn't say i hate them. i have a friend that had a 'coke addiction' where he'd feel unusually agitated and anxious if he didn't drink coke. to the point where his hands were shaking. said that he drunk 20 cans a day. and what started it, was a bet with another friend that who could drink more coke is the winner. couldn't help but facepalm. next person likes eggplants.
  13. the otoge my mom played. and i realized that my mom was standing behind me, and I...
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