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  1. yeah, it seems like it... I personally think we need to corrupt convert more girls to the dark side VN side
  2. i'll hold a seance to summon maggaret robotoru~ just gimme a sec~ there we go!
  3. just wondering how many straight girls play bishoujo games too! Thanks y'all! EDIT: And are there actually any straight girls that read nukige, do u think????
  4. please guys??? i really wanna play this game... :(((
  5. thanks for the answers you two!!! i did apply the english patch, and yeah, i have.
  6. whenever i try to open hatsukoi via the launcher, it says this: --------------------------- Hatsukoi 1/1 --------------------------- [2018/01/09 14:32:11.0967] セーブデータのバージョンが古いです。 セーブデータを削除してから再度ゲームを起動して下さい。 [Support Info] You can copy this message by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- and closes. but, ive deleted the save data and it still says this? japanese locale, windows 10,... anything else i should put? Thank you to anyone who answers!!
  7. I LIKE THIS ONE!! some people are complaining about the length tho, sorry...
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