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  1. Kujiragami no Tearstilla Hatsuyuki Sakura Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation HD Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1 & 2 (although this has a high chance of not getting localized at all)
  2. 1. Yes, but not on the game's release date. 2. Nope. I don't have a PS2.
  3. So Nintendo has finally revealed their latest console that was codenamed NX. So, what was your thoughts after seeing the Switch? If you haven't seen it yet, here's the video: Honestly, I think the gimmick of the Joy-Cons (the controller's name) are really cool, but I will only buy this console IF there will be great games for the system.
  4. Wow! These soundtracks are great! I'm checking out the Epic/Battle section so far. Nice work!
  5. Well, this was already 1 week late, but nobody had posted this, so... Alolan Exeggutor.
  6. The one on Atari 2600?! Anyway, I like Pokemon Emerald the most.
  7. Oh boy! Steam Sale! Time to buy the games on my list! *opens wallet* $2.00 *cries in a corner*
  8. Just checked the alpha video of the game. The CG are really great! And the music is great as well. It seems that you still have many things to add at the GUI, since I noticed the text frame is still bland, but not bad. Looking forward to the next preview.
  9. And here are the Starter Pokemon for Sun and Moon! From left to right: Rowlet (Grass/Flying), Litten (Fire) and Popplio (Water)
  10. Oh, I see. I hope we can get enough people to create a party with so I can play with others during raid bosses. BTW, I'm in Ursus.
  11. Let's go and make a party!!! Yay! Kill the Heartless!!! Umm... Can we be on the same party if we're from different Legions?
  12. The sketches look great. I'm looking forward to see this become a game! Go for it!
  13. Currently playing Stella Glow for 3DS. The soundtrack from this game is really amazing, especially Sakuya's Cherry Blossom song. I'm in Chapter 10 and the battles are getting challenging now.
  14. There will be a Super Smash Bros special broadcast next month. Maybe they'll announce when Cloud will be downloadable and for how much. I hope they will reveal other playable characters like Isaac or Professor Layton! If they announce it, I might ride the hype train!
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