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  1. Project Cookies n Cream

    A young girl, Claire is the daughter of a wealthy and influential family. First post updated with her information! :3
  2. Project Cookies n Cream

    Yay! Thank you!! I hope you like the character background! :3
  3. Project Cookies n Cream

    Meet Lizbeth, assassin for hire! Check out the first post for your first glimpse of her background!
  4. Project Cookies n Cream

    #Drawing my visual novel's character concepts in 15mins from now on twitch.tv/rachtalin! ? #visualnovel #VN #characterdesign #characterconcept #rachtalin #twitch #livestream #creative
  5. Project Cookies n Cream

    Maybe Orange! >.> just kidding
  6. Project Cookies n Cream

    Oh? How come? Do you like the color teal?
  7. Project Cookies n Cream

    Yay! This is our first VN project too, so it's especially important and special! :3
  8. Project Cookies n Cream

    Wow DarkZedge! All these confidence from the community! Thank you so much! Means a lot to us! ♥ Woohooo! Thank you MasterTreecko!
  9. Project Cookies n Cream

    Oh! Ours will be pretty different from that XD
  10. Project Cookies n Cream

    Wow!!! What's your favorite artwork by her and how did you stumble upon her work? Yea cookiesss! ♥ ♥ ♥ We have high hopes for the VN! The story's grippin too! What's a NOBY? o.o'
  11. Project Cookies n Cream

    Wow that's a wide variety! That's great! Hope you'll enjoy our VN when it comes out
  12. Project Cookies n Cream

    Thank you so much Mugi! We are looking forward to the updates ourselves, and can't wait to share more! ♥ Thank you so much Rose! If you do like our artist's works, do check out her fanpage at www.facebook.com/rachtalin =) Thank you so much Dark_blade64 for the advice! We do intend to have a gripping story - coupled with an awesome production team to bring the story and experience to the next level. Our lead artist would probably be using a combination of art styles to create a fresh new approach with the creative direction. What kind of artwork do you like?
  13. Project Cookies n Cream

    Project Cookies n' Cream We spent so much of our lives playing them, replaying them and trying to unlock every single CG. So much so that producing our very own Visual Novel has always been something we wanted to do for a long time now. The Team has always wanted to recreate the splendour; the excitement of uncovering new plots lines and artistic wonders for you, the Visual Novel community. We are looking to create a world that you can immerse yourself in, and we hope that you'll enjoy the process together with us. We are finally ready to start production on the title, codenamed "Project Cookies n' Cream", and we are glad to share with you the first glimpse, via a sketch, of one of the characters in the world. Do let us know what you feel by replying to this post, and do join us on our journey! Lizbeth, Assassin for Hire Meet Lizbeth, one of the protagonists in my video game. She is an 19 year old assassin for hire. Will Liz be able to escape the grasp of the underworld, or will she ascend above her oppressors? You decide her fate in my visual novel. Claire, Heiress A young girl, Claire is the daughter of a wealthy and influential family. Her doe-eyed innocent look hides the fact that she is genetically enhanced to be extremely intelligent. Does this come at a cost?
  14. Hello! We are a team!

    omg i love you <3 <3 <3
  15. Hello! We are a team!

    Thank you so much for the moe! :3 I will definitely enjoy the stay, and happy meeting you ^^