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  1. I thought Kotori's route was the saddest, probably my second favorite route. She's also my favorite heroine.
  2. What's your favorite route, and why? Mine's Chihaya's route (Although Chihaya is my least favorite heroine), this route is more shounen-esque, and Sakuya is my favorite character. Also why couldn't Yoshino be the protagonist instead of Fatarou!
  3. Anonalypse


    Hello! Welcome to fuwa. What're you currently playing?
  4. I'm popular? Hmm... I'm okay with that. dfbreezy - A nobody Kurisu-chan - A slightly more popular nobody, Snailmusk - My Best friend, and lover. He hates me though. Anonalypse - Apparently popular. The best of the best.
  5. The writing, and sound were pretty good, I couldn't get used to the art though (...I haven't experienced any indie VN's, besides this. So of course I can't really compare the art to anything).
  6. *Throws Breezy out the window* So who's joining our uprising? #MakeFuwaGreatAgain #Anonalypse4Admin
  7. I would be much better suited at taking over fuwanovel.
  8. A very generalized question which has been asked countless times. What's your most favorite video game, what is that game that you cherish so much? My favorite game is The Last of Us. Survival Horror is my second favorite genre (Next to RPG's), and TLoU was just perfect.
  9. Emilia! One of my least favorite characters in Re:Zero... Rem is best girl
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome, I personally don't like to look at a walkthrough unless I am stuck, or have done everything I can think of (Then I would use a walkthrough, to get anything I've missed to 100% it). Of course I'm not experienced with Visual Novels at all, but I don't think that will change later on. What kind of Visual Novels differentiate from Fate/stay night (In terms of how you should play them, and why)?
  11. I'm new to this site, and new to visual novels in general. So... hello! I've completed Fate/stay night Fate, and Unlimited Blade Works routes, playing the Heavens Feel route, and beginning Rewrite. I still don't know the 'best' way to play visual novels, and would like your opinions. I have been saving every time a new choice appears, and choose the option I think would be best. Afterwards (When presented with another choice), I would load back to the previous choice to read the optional dialogue. Unless my original choice was a dead end I wouldn't use the second choice I made as my 'main' playthrough. Is this a good idea, or not?
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