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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Kaguya in Shadowverse   
    Almost there!

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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to naivesprites in A Very Important Date [GxB/G][BxB][Otome | Fantasy | Commercial] - ~3 hours left on Kickstarter   
    Hello to all of our wonderful fans!
    We’re happy to announce our updated demo is out and released on our itch.io page!  Here’s what we have added:
    Save/Load feature Choice options Quit Menu that allows you to go back to the Main Menu 3 Chapters for Gwyn and Emil for a total of 6 chapters 26,088 Words in total for about 3 hours worth of story 3 New static sprites 7 New backgrounds 1 New song by Geoff Moore Because of how long it was taking to implement some of these features, we were unable to add in the Fast Forward feature for the updated demo.
    For those that plan to play Gwyn’s and Emil’s chapters, you’ll want to save in the Prologue when Alison says "Um... I guess I’ll work with…”
    To pull up the menu bar, press ESC or P keys.
    Our mobile demos will be released in a few days.  We’re currently working on fixing a bug in our Android demo.
    We’re going to send our Kickstarter campaign information in in a little bit so it can be reviewed.  After the approval process, we’ll let everyone know about it through all of our social media pages.  We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for all you Very Important fans!  Stay tuned for that announcement! 
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from mitchhamilton in Shadowverse   
    It's the first card game of this type that I've tried and ended up liking... and I like it a lot.
    Doesn't stop me getting fucking mauled every time someone plays a Havencraft deck though
    If anyone wants to add me, I'm 453 292 927, name Archelirion
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Arcadeotic in Shadowverse   
    Yeah, it's pretty good

    Been playing it for about two weeks now, and I'm really loving it. It feels really fresh in terms of CCGs around, and I never really got into Hearthstone, its number 1 comparison. The evolution mechanic is quite amazing and really differentiates it from the other card games out there.
    You should try it if you like these sorts of things.
    Here's my profile, if you want to do something together:

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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to mitchhamilton in Shadowverse   
    im really liking it and wanna play more of it. for those who are interested, its a card battle game except you dont need to pay to win. its available right now on steam for free and as an apology for the delay on pc they gave away a ton of stuff. literally you get over 400+ new cards straight away. the developers are extremely generous with their give aways with this game.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in Pick a Pink!   
    Honestly, I can feel my blood pressure reducing as I type
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in Pick a Pink!   
    Honestly, I can feel my blood pressure reducing as I type
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in Pick a Pink!   
    Honestly, I can feel my blood pressure reducing as I type
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Eclipsed in Pick a Pink!   
    Y'all a buncha stagnated die hard traditionalists who are afraid of change 
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Fred the Barber in Pick a Pink!   
    Eclipsed is Louise. Louise is Eclipsed. So it has ever been. So it shall always be.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Fred the Barber in Pick a Pink!   
    As adorable as Nana is, Louise not being next to your name confuses me even now.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Okarin in What are your "must-play" video games?   
    It's not my favourite game, but I'd really recommend people play The Talos Principle due to its interesting take on the puzzle genre. The main puzzles themselves are difficult, but then you've got puzzles between puzzles, and puzzles to get to more puzzles... all wrapped up in a pseudo-philosophical storyline based around a robot fella that may or may not have a god. And it's really, really nice to look at.
    I'd recommend Football Manager as I've played it pathologically for years, but... I've played it pathologically for years. Don't do FM, kids.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Shurui in What are you listening to right now?   
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to WinterfuryZX in Badly describe a Visual Novel   
    Бесконечное лето by soviet games.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Palas in Forums you've been to before joining Fuwanovel.   
    Interestingly, I've been banned from literally every forum I've ever been in before Fuwanovel. That's like 10 Brazilian or international forums about Sonic, Emma Watson, kpop or football.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Shota_Victory in Badly describe a Visual Novel   
    Romeo and Juliet isn't a visual novel. 
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from mitchhamilton in 1000 Post!   
    I didn't get an emoji on my tag
    Brb, ending it all
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to mitchhamilton in 1000 Post!   
    Over two years. wow. a lot has changed in that time. torrents were still a thing and little hanako was peeking her pretty head out while grasping a heart on this page. i originally started here to thank someone for a completely forgettable vn he had posted on here and to post some vns myself. Maman Kyoushitsu ~Mirai no H na Obenkyou~ was my first. cant remember my second. mightve been the sort of expanded da capo vn with new routes and an easier way to know if youre picking the girl you want to hang out with.
    whoops, getting off topic here.
    god, does anyone remember when fuwa looked like this? or was even here when it looked like this?

    for some reason this is the image saved on my tabs in firefox. XD i dont know why but i love that it is. <3 Hanako. <3
    you know, i dont know why i stayed after torrents were gone. i think i started to get in a discussion on the princess evangile thread and it just kept going. met some friends along the way, got to know people. it was fun. im glad i did though. i care deeply about this community despite my inactivity here.
    i dont really know what else to add so ill get started with the mentioning.
    @Funyarinpa the very first person to message me to ask about a vn. 
    @Dergonu my absolute best friend here who i cherish dearly.
    @DarkZedge someone who i will always care deeply about, no matter what. <3
    @TexasDice who i chatted nonstop on the princess evangile thread. i know we havent talked much lately but i still havent forgotten about you.
    @Eclipsed same with eclipsed. man those were some fun times.
    @CeruleanGamer who invited me into her secret cult. i mean...
    @VirginSmasher who accepted me into his secret cult. i mean... ... im really bad at this.
    @Deep Blue a pretty great guy. best of luck to you in uni deepy.
    @Forgetful Frank i miss you so much man. please come back soon.
    @Kawasumi my partner in crime in traps. TRAPS FOR LIFE!
    @Flutterz the lovable moe lover... who also likes traps. TRAPS FOR LIFE!
    @Kaguya a reasonable and kind hearted moderator. keep up the great work kaguya!
    @Asonn the lovable loli lover. you keep living that dream buddy.
    @AaronIsCrunchy who ive known recently and is a pretty great guy.
    @Ashbell the centaur addict.
    @Aizen-Sama for giving me a chance and starting a really great team. lotsa love man. no gay stuff... well, i mean, unless you...
    @Kiriririri youre something else kiririririririri. keep it up.
    @Hanako the great yuri lover. YES! THERE ARE OTHERS BESIDE DERGY! NO ONE IS SAFE!
    @Tay for helping fuwa be the way it is. thank you very much.
    and of course, last and certainly not least, my goshuin-sama who i can never say his name now. thank you for accepting me and my weirdness.
    i think thats everyone. if i missed someone, i apologize.
    welp, ask me anything, derp out, i dont care. just have fun. love ya. <3
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Nier in OELVNs: Their Past, Present and Future   
    Oh right I agree, the most famous OELVN uses anime art, the most sucessfull OELVN kickstarter campaigns used anime art, including the most famous one Katawa Shoujo, which released quite a bit of Art Books throughout the years:

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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Dergonu in What Anime are you watching now?   
    Finished New Game, and I loved it. So cute, so funny and the art... so pretty. The ending was really nice too. Such a nice little slice of life show. Going to have to watch that again sometime.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Kurisu-Chan in FuwaCom : Ecchi Unknown. [shitty fanfiction]   
    Ok, guys, since now i've tasted ultimate despair.
    The only thing i can do, is to continue this shitty fanfiction...i'll try to publish the sequel today or tomorrow. 
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Dergonu in What Anime are you watching now?   
    Might slightly have fallen in love with New Game. Really is just excellent cute-girls-doing-cute-things SoL, and if there's one thing that's gonna make me binge watch a series, it's excellent cute-girls-doing-cute-things SoL. Being pretty damn funny helps too.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Kaguya in Chat room full?   
    Last time this happened, IPB had used up all our pennies wrong, or something like that.
    No need to panic. I'll try to contact Tay, but he probably knows about it already. 
    Thanks for the report!
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Limerence_ in Learning a new musical instrument   
    Well, it was a half-size one for a start, plus I got it from a catalogue (it was my 6th birthday, so I think my parents wanted to just get me something to see if I'd stick it).
    Still, you should probably, if you don't wanna pay for a Yamaha (which aren't too bad but I don't know your financial situation), be able to pick one up for ~$70-80 that'll be fit enough for purpose, I'd have thought