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    Writing, drawing and video games.
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    The Pain They Cause; Devil Gods lead developer

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  1. The Pain They Cause; Devil Gods -Free Edition- Released! Link Summary The Highly Anticipated Visual Novel/RPG -3 Years- In the Making is Finally Here! Set in the UCT (United Countries of Terra). The Pain They Cause; Devil Gods is a visual novel with an enriched story, developed with the help of RPG Maker VX Ace, about three life long friends who come into conflict after a strange phenomenon tears them apart at the seams (literally). -Inspired by popular Visual Novels such as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Steins;Gate- In this indie game we ask the question: “Why do creators force their characters to suffer? And how can they really love them?” In a story about trust, betrayal, conflicts of morality and hope vs. reality. Made for Windows PC. *Some images from beta build -Key Features- -Comprehensive Story -Intuitive Keyboard and Mouse Control -RPG Elements -Story Rich -Team- Lead/Sole Developer Art/Music Tekaji/Project C. (Christian Sword) -RPG Maker VX Ace & RTP- Enterbrain -Super Simple Mouse Script 1.10- Script by: Near Fantastica SephirothSpawn Amaranth Games Shaz -Ace Message System v1.05- Script by: Yanfly -Galge Conversation Script- Saba Kan of Petit Rare Official Site: https://projectcdev.wordpress.com/ Download: https://projectcdev.itch.io/the-pain-they-cause-devil-gods Social Media |Twitter|DeviantArt|Wattpad| Developers Note: Thank you for taking interest in my project. I know you all have a lot of questions! Please take this time to view the project's project page here if you have the time and are seeking immediate answers as they may have been answered already by yours truly. I never would have thought this project could grow so big. It was one part experimentation and one part dedication and heart. It was very explosive and if given the opportunity. I would very well like to do it all again. Here I present to you the free copy of this game (donations optional). The game itself is completed and the overall development is done. However, I hope to add more content over time along with other improvements and renditions. Let's just see how this one goes. Shall we? All in all. Thank you for this moment of your time and I look forward to sharing it all with you. My enjoyment I mean as you play the game and test the story for yourselves! Please share your experience!
  2. I'd play it for an animated variant of that **Suzuha** route alone. Add some more breaks in between the animation and it could be good (in my opinion). Nostalgic. Like one of those semi-animated VN's from the 90/00's.
  3. That would be quite nice, wouldn't it? I sure hope don't mind if I have some of yours.
  4. This is actually pretty alright. It's written fairly well, and the music and art isn't too bad either. I would think my only problem is, a few nitpicks, with some fairly few inconsistencies. Like, how if you wait before beginning the search. Gada shows up late and your friend is dead. However, if you do the search right away Gada shows up much earlier to help you search. Then there's the whole thing where you need to have your words translated for the old man to understand. But you can understand what he's saying just fine. Other than that, I would say its just fine. I like the multiple choices, and story is interesting enough. Not much of a fan of the "endings" though. Anyhow. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work!
  5. Thank you all! You are all so very kind! And I'm glad at least one person has seen/knows the movie I'm talking about! I am beginning to like it here already!! Thanks again, everyone.
  6. Two words, made famous in so many fan-bases thanks to Penis-- Peter Parker. Said during his first (possibly most iconic) appearance during Captain America: Civil War. Stealing Cap's shield and handing it back to him like a true friend. I have a ton of doubt everyone has seen that movie, and I'm probably wasting so much time by extending this reference any longer. But the point is, I would like to recreate that moment with all of you. (Minus the part where we choose sides, because I'm pretty sure it'll end up looking like BvS with how many participants we'll probably get out of it.) Anyway... Without further ado. Hey everyone... I'm Tekaji and I like to write. (And I should have probably went with a Naruto reference. And just said, "Believe it!")
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