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  1. Burning down the Capitol is an old British pastime, and thus I condemn it in the strongest terms.
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  2. Burn which capitol, the capitol of Fuwanation? As a die hard patriot of these forums, I have remained loyal to Fuwastan from the beginning. Even now I refuse to step foot on enemy territory, notably r/vns. Even our colonies, the Fuwa discord, I can count on one hand all the times I've ventured over there. And while I'm on the topic, it should be said that the Fuwa discord is a renegade state. They have no true reverence for our homeland, I heard they even have their own memes! It won't be too long before the secede from us like the traitorous Americans did to Britain. Fuwanese may be my 2nd la
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  3. instead of burning it, why not make a party in capitol insted?? its a one time opportunity. but then burning it is also one time opportunity too
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  4. I think we'd get some good memes from it, so I'm guardedly positive
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  5. adamstan

    What are you playing?

    I just finished PSP version of Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o ("The promise under blue sky"). I'll try to write my impressions below, but it might get a bit chaotic - please excuse me. This VN has been written by Maruto Fumiaki (DameKoi, White Album 2) I really liked it - it's nice charage, and while no LB! or Majikoi, it's also very good at evoking that "Group of friends" trope that I love I think this CG somewhere from common route captures the overall mood pretty well: I quickly got very attached to characters. Each heroine has her own quirks and problems, there are also some
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  6. Fiddle


    Liturgical Christmas has ended, so it's time for you dopes to actually switch your avatars back this year. Otherwise you'll be inflating the value of Christmas. @Dreamysyu @Zakamutt @Dergonu @Silvz or @Sillysa I hope you saved your old avatar, because it's time to switch it back, bucko. @droganpc Change it back, nerd. @FinalChaos @MaggieROBOT @mitchhamilton @Mr Poltroon As beautiful as your Santa hat avatar is, I insist you change it back to whatever it was before. @1P1A
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