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This blog is dedicated to reviews of VNs I own a physical copy of.

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I have now read through Princess Evangile W Happiness and of course that means that I have to do a review of it (which is hopefully at least somewhat good).


Princess Evangile W Happiness is a fandisc to the original Princess Evangile and has an extra story of 2 chapters for each of the heroines as well as a 4 chapter long route for each of the 5 sub heroines. Other than that it includes the 13 first chapters of the main route in the original which means it can be played as a standalone VN, though I wouldn't recommend it since the extra stories for the main heroines won't make sense and you should just read the original first anyways. Also I would like to mention that you probably should read my review of Princess Evangile before reading this one.

The extra stories to each of the main heroines I found to be really nice, I am not going to review each of them, but if you liked them during the main VN you probably aren't going to be disappointed. 


Ruriko's route was really nice. I must say I just love Ruriko's personallity, she manages to be quite funny with her absurd jokes and she just has some really fun character quircks that I find really adorable. As for her route, well I didn't find it to take any interesting direction, but it just had lots of good moments with her and that was generally the focus of her route, just her and the main character being together.


Konomi's route was also really good in my opinion. There are some really great comedic moments due to her personallity and I would say that this route was probably the most funny out of all of the character routes in Princess Evangile W Happiness. Other than that the relationship between her and the main character was built up really nicely in a way that really fit Konami. 


Mitsuki's route was something I didn't really have high expectations for, I generally found her to be quite annoying in the common route as well as the other character routes, however I was quite pleasantly surprised. Her route did a really good job in terms of rommance and there were some good romantic lines between her and the main characters, something which I felt the other routes didn't do quite as well. I remember really liking it when I played through her route, though in the end she is not quite up there with Rise (who she constantly compares herself to). While it did do a good job with the rommance it didn't really have that much else going on though, at least after the first part, so ye it felt quite uneventful.


Marika's route was a route that I would say is okay. It was a pleasant read though I didn't feel like it did anything especially well. One of my main problems with her route is that I just found her personality to be really boring, in her route the best comedic moments came from other characters and those were quite rare. Her route also just felt like it was lacking in terms of the story. So it was pretty much like Mitsuki's route just without the well done rommance and with a character who is quite boring. While I am sounding quite harsh at the moment I need to repeat that I still felt that it was a somewhat pleasant read even though it felt lacking compared to the other routes.


Lastly there is Tamie's route. While not as funny in my opinion as Konomi's route it is a good second. Tamie is really wonderful and her jokes and teasing is quite endearing. What I think stands out the most about this route is how energetic it feels since Tamie just filled to the brim with energy. Her route started in a rather surprising way though it lead to some really nice sweet and funny moments. After the first part they did a really cliche thing to move the story forward, this specific cliche is something that I generally don't like, though I felt like they did a good job using it and in the end I don't really feel like I can view it as a negative that they used it. As for the later parts of it, well Tamie kind of mellows a bit out, though not to the point where she feels boring or lacking in her usual energy, just that it is a bit dialed down.


As for my opinion of this fandisc as a whole I would like to start by saying that I think that if you liked the original Princess Evangile you should definitly pick it up. Each of the original heroines had nice extra chapters which both provided more nice moments with them as well as just being nice conclusions to their stories. The other heroines all had nice routes, with the exeption of Marika which felt kind of lack luster compared to the rest of the VN. A disadvantage the fandisc has compared to the main VN is that the routes are rather short, 4 chapters compared to the 10 chapers the heroines in the main VN have. While this does mean that each route has less of an impact on the person reading it, I still felt that they did a really good job using those 4 chapters. The routes in the fandisc manages to build the relationships really well through pretty much focusing on the heroine of the route exclusively. A drawback this has though is that the routes can't really have larger story moments like they did at the end of the routes in the original. I would also like to comment on the sex scenes, the sex scenes both in the original and the fandisc are really sweet and quite vanilla (disregarding that some of it takes place in rather risque locations) and I feel like it really works well with the sweet rommances that are built with each heroine, a problem with the scenes though is that they are just too long. It feels like the sex scenes in general should be shortened by quite a lot, preferably by replacing some of the lines that can be found in pretty much all vanilla sex scenes in VNs. Well I would like to end the review by mentioning that it also has some nice referances to Imouto Paradise (a VN I will do a review of in the future, once I have revisited parts of it), personally I found this to be really fun.


The front of the physical edition


The back of the physical edition


The steamkey card, the girl there is Marika


Here is the inside of the physical edition including the disc



The reversible cover, I find it quite lovely



As for my review of the physical edition, well I would say it is just pretty okay. It is just a standard DVD case and doesn't really include anything other than the steamkey and the cover being reversible which is a standard for physical editions by Mangagamer. To my knowledge the steam edition is just a censored version of the full VN, though you can patch it. While this is a nice bonus for those who want to have it both digitally and on disc I don't feel like it is as good of a bonus as the original which has replacement scenes for the sex scenes meaning you get extra content with the steam edition.

As for the cover I find it to be quite nice with all of the 9 characters on the cover wihtout anyone of them being pushed too far into the background. The back of the case is pretty plain though it at least gives information about the VN. The reversible cover as I mentioned I think is quite lovely though it isn't really something that work that well as the cover since it is just one large drawing that would then be unnaturally split in two.


Here are pictures of all of my physical visual novels in english.

Some of these I have already done a review of while the others are planned to at some point get a review once I have read them.

There are also going to be more visual novels added here in the future. For instance have I backed physical tier of kickstarter for Island, Momoiro Closet and Newrin as well as having pre ordered the complete box for Grisaia.



My visual novels with nsfw cover



I also have a bunch of visual novels in japanese though I don't really plan on making reviews of those, if people want to see the boxes of those though just tell me and I might show them in a post under visual novel talk. Just to mention a few of the ones I have, Gin'iro Haruka, Hanasaki Work Spring, Irotoridori no Sekai World's End Complete and Henshin!!! Pantsu ni Natte Kunkun Peropero.


I recently finished Euphoria so I figured I should make a review of it.

As for the general story of Euphoria I feel like talking about anything other than the start could be a potetial spoiler so I will refrain from doing so. Euphoria starts with the main character waking up in a white room with a door. As he walks through the door he finds himself in another white room along with six girls. Of the six girls there are five students who are in the same school as the main character as well as one of his teachers. Once they are all gathered a mechanical voice tells them that to get out they need to unlock five doors, these doors are unlocked after the main character has done a sexual act with one of the girls, with him being free to choose who. One of the girls then refuses to participate, everything becomes black and when they can see again she is locked to an electric chair where she is electricuted to death. Now with the five remaining girls the main character need to complete the game to get out of there alive. So the first part here which I have given a short introduction to works pretty much like a nukige in that it contains a lot of sex scenes and that there are many fetishes involved. There are also some questions raised during this part as well as its importance in character building though all in all I would call this part of the VN a well written nukige. As for the later half, which I don't want to go into due to spoilers, well it contains way less sex scenes while doing a much better job at storytelling with giving you more hints as to what is actually going on. The recommended way to go though Euphoria is to read it in this order, Rika, Natsuki, Rinne, Nemu and Kanae, with Rika as the first route and Kanae as the last route. The reason this is the prefered way to play it is that it gives the best experience in terms of piecing together information from the different routes. As for what I think is best to categorize Euphora as I would say it is a mystery psychological horror visual novel.

Well now that my introduction to Euphoria is over I suppose I can start the actual review of it.

Firstly I want to talk a bit about what I though about each route induvidually.

I guess I should start with Rika, well her route is pretty bad. The first part of her route was to me the worst part of Euphoria. The main character came of as an irredeemable evil person and Rika is just really annyoing. This caused me to not really enjoy the sex scenes or any of the other scenes where you interacted with Rika. As for the later half I found it to be much better. I would say this part is pretty decent and the story here is pretty interesting, Rika also becomes much more tolerable and the main character comes of as a much better person than he did in the first part of her route.

The next route is Natsuki (the teacher), I found her early route to be much much better than the early route of Rika. The back and forth between her and the main character was quite interesting and she is a really likable as a character. Due to her being very good at pushing back against the main character he also became a lot more interesting as his internal strugle became quite clear. As for the later half I liked it quite a lot, her later half I would say is a bit like a horror action story.

Next up is Rinne, as for her first half I though it was quite good, her sex scenes really did a good job at showcasing her personality and there were also some really interesting conversations with her during the first part. As for the secound part of her route, well I found it absolutely amazing, it was just such a good twisted physological horror story and it had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. I remember just being in awe at how interesting this route was. I also think this route is the one that did the best job at implemeting sex scenes, it worked really well with the story and with the atmosphere of the route. Due to this route I got completely hooked on Euphoria and marathoned the rest of it.

As for the nemu route, well I think she has the best first part. Her sex scenes were quite extreeme, but you don't feel bad for her at all since it is Nemu. Other than being quite extreeme her first part also raises some questions about her as a character showing that there may be more under her surface than what can be seen. As for the secound part of her route I found it really interesting though not quite as good as the secound half of the Rinne route. The route was really cruel, but also had quite an interesting story. 

Then lastly is the Kanae route. Her sex scenes during the early part is okay, not really that good or that bad. Though the early part does a pretty good job at forshadowing some things.

As for the secound half of her route I suppose I should split it into two parts since there are two ways her route can play out.

One is a route that has the main character doing really horrible things and seem to be there mainly for people who really want to see messed up sex scenes. This is a rather short route and doesn't really feel that important.

The other route is the true ending route. This route was to me the best part of Euphoria. This route start of as a complete mindfuck that I just found extreemly interesting. After that the route then start to explain in details what has actually happened and it becomes a really emotional story that had me almost crying at times. The last part of it was just wonderful to experience and it was just such an emotional roller coaster which at the end left me really satisfied. While this route answered most of the things in the story I was still left with some questions about certain things, though I think those are meant to be left as mysteries. 


As for my final thoughts, well I absolutely love Euphoria. It started of pretty bad with the Rika route and at that point my expectations were a bit low, though as I played through more routes it really sucked me in. I think it did a really good job at mixing the sex scenes with the story and I liked to play it all in its entirety. Even though it has a lot of sex scenes I would still recommend it even if you have no interest in the sex scenes. The story on its own is extreemly good and is definitely the highlight of the VN. While I said the first part of it can be considered a nukige the same can not be said for Euphoria as a whole, the story part take center stage once the first part of the route is done and the later halfs of each route is just so much better than the first part. Most of the time the sex scenes aren't really important to read and it is enough just to generally know what happend which means they can be skipped. As for which sex scenes I think would be most important to read if you are fine with reading them but want to skip most of them, well I think the sex scenes in the Rinne route as well as early Nemu route is the most important ones to read as these actually feel like they add to the characters and story, though I would still say their routes are very good even without going through these scenes.


Here is the cover of the physical edition


Here is the back of the physical edition


Here is the disc of the physical edition







The other side of the reversible cover



Limited time bonus BGM collection.


As for my review of the physical edition, well this is a pretty standard hardcopy. There really isn't anything extra other than the BGM collection, which I don't know if still follows with the hardcopy since it is a limited time bonus (I got it when I bought mine in November last year). Since the physical edition is quite standard I would only recommend getting it for people who just want to have a physical edition of their VNs. One thing that I think was quite nice is that the cover doesn't show any nudity, this is nice since it is then less likely for there to be problems in customs when importing it. Also if you want the nudity on the cover you can just turn the cover around and display it that way since it has a reversible cover.


I have now played through all of the 18+ version of Princess Evangile and figured I would make a review of it.

As for an introduction to Princess Evangile I think the description on vndb does a good job at this so I will just use that rather than try to explain it myself. 

Burdened by the incredible debt his father left behind, Okonogi Masaya is now destitute and alone. However, through a strange collection of events, he finds himself living at the prestigious Vincennes Academy, an all-girls charm school! His purpose is to mingle amongst the Filles De La Vincennes ("Maidens of Vincennes") as the single male "sample" to promote gender integration. How will these young, innocent, and otherwise pure maidens react to his presence?! 


Princess Evangile consist of a common route and 4 heroine routes. The common route is 16 chapters long while the heroine routes are 10 chapters long. The four heroines are Rise, Ritsuko, Ayaka and Chiho, who can all be seen on the back of the game case.


The common route is really nice in my opinion. It does a good job introducing the different characters and there are a lot of great moments that I can look back at. The common route also has a really nice ballance of comedy and drama something that made it really enjoyable to read. I would say this part of Princess Evangile is where the comedy shines the strongest.


The Rise route was my favorite of all the routes. Rise is just such a lovable character. She is very strong willed, but she is also just so god damn adorable, some scenes in particular with her just had me grinning from ear to ear. As for the sex scenes well they were really nice and sweet, seeing Rise embaresed was just so fun. As for the drama during this route well I really liked it, you get to learn a lot more about Rise and why she is trying to reform the school and there are some great emotional moments wrapped around a rather sad story.


Ritsuko is quite lovely. She is a very sweet and timid girl and the earlier parts of her route really showcase her appeal. She can also be somewhat silly and easily gets jelous which drove a lot of the comedy in her route. Though her route had some comedy I felt like it from time to time got a bit boring. I guess it is a bit the way she talks as well as sometimes not having that much interesting to say. So while I quite enjoyed her and her early route I would say that it can get boring from time to time. As for the later part of her route, well I felt it was okay though kind of lacking compared to the later part of the other girls routes. One problem was that there was a cliche that it was building up to that could be seen a mile away, well atleast I think they executed it pretty well though so it is not really that bad.


Akaya's route I found to be pretty good. The early part of her route focused quite a bit on comedy but also built up some tension for later in her route. The middle part of her route was more emotional and drama driven than what believed her route would be based on how she acted during the common route. While I found this part to be enjoyable I did kind of wanted to have more comedic moments with her since she was pretty good at driving some of the comedy during the common route and other character routes. As for her sex scenes well they were pretty good, though they didn't really stand out. As for the later part of her route there are a lot of twist and turns that really made it an interesting read. I found the story told to be quite interesting and it definitely kept my attention.


As for Chiho's route I liked it a lot though I think it had some flaws. The first part of it had some great comedy which mostly included her and Rise though the other characters had some nice comments as well. The middle of her route focused more on Chiho herself and had some nice moments. The buildup to them having sex for the first time was rather awkward and funny something I really liked. As for the later part well the main thing that happened was quite similar to something that happened in the common route, though I still felt like it was quite fresh due to some different elements that spiced it up. To sum up what I though of her route, it was quite good in regard to comedy though it felt somewhat lacking in regard to Chiho herself. Chiho was not really as present in the early and late parts of her route as the other girls, this made it feel kind of hard to grow attatched to her.


As for my thoughs on the work as a whole, well I really liked it. The music and visuals worked really well with what was going on and I think that it helped create a good atmosphere which probably contributed in me playing it for many hours at a time. Almost all of the time I played I was invested in what was going on and I found myself smiling almost the entire time when I played it. As for the characters in Princess Evangile I found almost all of them to be really fun and just loved seeing them interact with one another. As for some negatives, one problem I have is that Ruriko didn't have a route, based on the story it really seems like she should have a route and I think she is the only one among the characters who rival Rise in how much I like her. Another thing is that while I found the sex scenes to be quite cute and atmospheric they were generally quite long and could sometime become quite boring after a while. I guess I shouldn't end this with the negatives so I will end this by saying that I recommend this to anyone that want to play through a light hearted visual novel with a bit of drama to spice things up.


The cover of the limited edition (The character models are just the same as the ones on the cover for Princess Evangile W Happiness, which I find to be a bit lazy)


The front of the game case


The game disc


The back of the game case


Steamkey card which of course has a code for the steam edition.



The front of the original soundtrack case


The original soundtrack disc


A little sample from the artbook


As for the limited edition I think it is really worth it, I find the limited edition cover to be really nice and I also like the case for the VN itself as well as the sound track. There is also the artbook which is really nice and has lots of nice illustrations as well as some information about the girls and the school. Lastly the limited edition also contains a steam code, the steam edition is the all ages version which contains some scenes right before and after sex that aren't in the original, the replacement scenes are really short and there are only 1 to 2 each route though so other than the few cgs I don't think it adds much. Still I find it really nice that they added that as a bonus. When I wrote this review the limited edition had a few remaining copies left, but it has now been sold out.


I want to start doing reviews of VNs that I have physicals of where I both review the VN itself and show of the physical edition. I figured I would start with the most recent one I have completed which is Starless.

First I guess I should mention what kind of VN Starless is. Starless is a hardcore fetish nukige, so if that doesn't sound interesting to you it probably isn't something you are going to like.

I guess I should first start of with the general plot, though I will avoid spoilers.

In the VN you play as Sawatari a young man who is looking for a summer job. After finding a sketchy looking adverticement he ends up applying for a two week long job as a servant in a mansion belonging to a rich family consisting of a mother her two daugthers and one son. During the interview Sawatari finds out that the job is more like that of a sex slave rather than that of a normal servant, though due to the high wage and not wanting to back down after all the things they had done to him during the interview he decides to stay. The next day a woman named Mitarai who is in desperate need of money also applies for the job and reluctantly accepts it due to her suituation. After this you follow Sawatari's daily life as a servants of the family for two weeks. During these two weeks you and the other servants of the mansion act out the messed up desire of the family as you try to keep your sanity. Throughout your stay you learn pieces of information about all the shady and messed up things that the family is doing behind the scenes and ultimately your aim is to get yourself and Mitarai out of the mansion alive and with your sanity intact.


Some things that I liked

The art of this VN is really good, I suppose rather than me telling you about it you can look at the pictures bellow or you can look at the screenshots at vndb.

As for the music I liked it quite a lot. I found it to always work with the mood of the scene.

The main character is actually able to think and I found his inner monologue to be interesting.

I really liked how they built up the different mysteries in the mansion, it was quite fun not really knowing what secrets were hidden in the basement and the shady things the family did behind the scenes.

The characters were well writen, their distinctive personality really showed.

After the first few days they start having sexual lectures and I found it interesting not knowing what type of lecture the next day would bring. I felt that this was quite good for building up anticipation for what would happen next and keep you playing.

The VN has a rediculous amount of sexual content since it is a long nukige, I would estimate that the VN is about 40 hours long and most of it is just sex scenes.

The genitalia is really well drawn.

It covers pretty much every fetish you can think of, excluding fetishes found only in fantasy VNs, you know like monsters.


Some things that I didn't like

While the music is good there are few tracks compared to the length of the VN, this makes it feel somewhat repetative.

During one part of the VN there are a lot of scat scenes, the high amount of scat scenes was something I really didn't like that much.

Towards the end of the common route and during most of the endings I found the content to be too extreeme for my liking. During the last parts of the VN I honestly just wanted to get it over with. This is of course based on taste, but if you don't feel up for a lot of really messed up things I would advice avoiding the title.

Too many bad endings in my opinion.

I really hated the secound daugther of the family, though since the family are the villains of this VN I can't really call that a bad thing. Also while I despiced her I do remember being at the edge of my seat everytime she was involved with something just waiting for her to do something horrible. Guess this is more of a neutral point.

Some of the content is censored due to legal reasons, things like scat and beastiality. This can be restored easily by using an unofficial patch, which to my knowledge is pretty much actually an official patch that they had someone else publish to avoid legal problems. While it is easy to fix I think it is somewhat annoying not to have all of the VN on the disc.


In conclusion

 This is a high quality long nukige with good writing, art and music, but it is not for everyone. This title is only for those who really want a completely messed up nukige with a ton of fetishes ranging from slightly messed up to absolutely horrifyingly messed up. Personally I really enjoyed the first part, but as I got towards the end of it I found it to be way too extreeme for my liking. As for whether or not I would like to pick up any other VNs from Empress after this my answer is no, the reason being that I hated the later part of it. While I wouldn't pick up another similar title I am glad to have experienced this title since it was quite a unique experience that I haven't really had before.



As for the translation I found the translation itself to be really good, the lines had a good flow and captured the different characters personality quite well.

However one thing I found annoying about the translation was that there were a lot of typos.

It seemed to me like the one translating did a really good job, but that they then just didn't do proper quality control afterwards.


Pictures of the limited edition

In advance I would like to appologize about the pictures bellow not being that good, I am not really good at taking pictures and my iphone's camera isn't the best either.

I don't really know how to tag something as NSFW so I just put spoiler on the pictures

Outside of the limited edition box




The inside of the limited edition box. The artbook is to the left and the DVD case for the game is to the right.



The game itself as well as a user manual and a card with a code for starless that can be used through Jast USA. Of course the DVD works for the game so the code is just an extra.



User manual that contains the setup and different features.

If you look at the text under "Gallery Room" you can see that there is an obvious typo, a bit sad that typos made it into the physical copy itself.


Here is a sample from the artbook that shows of one of the servants of the mansion.



Here is another sample from the artbook, the mother of the family to the left and her oldest daugther to the right



As for my review of the limited edition I would say that it is really worth it, the box looks really good and the artbook is really nice to take a look in. If you think of picking up the title I would really recommend going for the limited edition. When I wrote this post the limited edition was available, but it has now been sold out and been replaced by a regular edition.

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