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Short opinion on Grisaia Trilogy and pictures of the complete box (english release)

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I figured that it is a bit of a waste to write full reviews of VNs where there are a lot of reviews already by people who are better at writing them than I am, because of this I will now only write a short opinion about a VN I have finished and show the physical edition for titles that has lots of reviews. For VNs where there seem to be a lack of reviews, such as many japanese titles that has never been translated I plan to do longer reviews as well as of course show the pictures of the physical edition.


The main thing Grisaia complete box comes with is the Grisaia trilogy and Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru so I will focus on those.


The first part of Grisaia is the fruit of Grisaia, this in built up by a common route which focuses on building up the characters and has lots of comedic scenes and then a route for each of the heroines which goes into their backstories and build their relationship with the main character. Fruit of Grisaia is in my opinion the best part of the series, it features a lot of great comedy a fantastic cast of characters and a lot of really good stories and is the only VN I have so far given a 10/10. 


Labyrinth of Grisaia is split into multiple parts with the main part focusing on the backstory of the main character then there are afterstories for each of the girls routes in Fruit of Grisaia as well as what if sex scenarios and sidestories (random comedic scenes that are non cannonical). The main story is really good, though in my opinion not quite as good as most parts of fruit of Grisaia. The afterstories were really nice as it allowed you to see the relationship with the girls after everything that happened in their route is dealt with and just added something I felt the first VN lacked. The what if sex scenarios and the side stories were generally quite good though not as good as the other parts, I don't feel like they subtracted anything from my opinion of the VN though and instead just made me like it more as it was just some nice additional fanservice.


Eden of Grisaia which is the last of the trilogy. The main story here is the harem route which deals with events from the main characters past catching up with him then there is the prologue which tells some events before the start of Fruit of Grisaia and there are also more what if scenarios sex scenes. The main story is a very action packed story with lots of good comedic moments and I think the characters generally shine, while I think it is really good it isn't quite as good as Fruit of Grisaia or Labyrinth of Grisaia in my opinion because of things such as elements of how the story got to this point doesn't make much sence (combining things from routes that wouldn't really be compatible), some retcons and a rather stupid plot twitst close to the end. As for the prologue it is a nice prequal that shows the different girls slightly before they meet the main character.


Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru is a spin-off where one of the main girls (Michiru) becomes a magical girl. All of the character have some of their main traits though they are kind of just shoved into different roles. The consept of Michiru becoming a magical girl is really funny and they manage to do fairly well with the comedy, though overall considering the cast of Grisaia it felt rather underwhelming and I think they could have made it a lot more funny and used the cast better.


The front of the box


The back of the box


The sides of the box




Outside of the Story collection where the game discs are and the music collection which contains music from the different parts of Grisaia


The discs for the VNs and the discs for the music


The artbook


Inside of the artbook


The extra things in the box


Size comparison with the complete box, one of them is a regular size did case and the other is a typical japanese physcial edition


Grisaia Trilogy on Switch


Grisaia trilogy cartridge


As for the Switch release I haven't read through it all to see whether there are any issues, though I did skip through everything to unlock scenes and CGs and while skipping I didn't notice any problems. Also the visuals looked great and from a few random scenes I went through I didn't find any problems with the sound. So unless there are any glearing problems that won't be noticed by skipping it is likely the best non 18+ release of Grisaia. There is also a rewind button which is just a reverse skip button which I think is really cool and is something I think other VNs should include as well.

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As for Meikyuu, I would say that it's still good to see that basically we have Yuuji's past being revealed. While for Rakuen, it have a lot of fan services would be one way to put it because to fulfill that the writer need to retcon a lot of elements from the character routes in order to compile what the fans want to see, so yeah I'll just treat Rakuen as fandisc here (It also help that the main route was not the continuation of any Kajitsu's route). I also like to mention that basically Rakuen here is already destroyed by Amane's route, seeing that her route is very conclusive and thus it didn't really need a certain character to reappear here. So in the end I guess Rakuen is good enough to be called as the sequel, providing that you just watch Kajitsu's anime and then jump straight to play Meikyuu instead of playing Kajitsu's VN. Also if you thought that the anime is very rush and that Yuuji solve the girls problem quickly, it's because FW want to properly shown on how Yuuji's solve the girls problems in single continuity and that they only have a season to do it.

There's one more reason on why the continuity for the VN is really bad, in that it's simply because Kajitsu is a charage despite the girls have very big problems. While granted that there's a ladder structure in VNDB, in the end it's still not work because we can even see the last route (Yumiko) get a good conclusion so much that it didn't really need the sequel. I understand though why FW write like that (They about to face the closure back then), so they need to conclude Kajitsu as tight as possible. I'm still mind though, and I think it's been like that since back when they announced the sequel/FD ever since back at 2012.

PS - By fan service of course I didn't mean the girls expose their skin or something like that (It's already given situations in eroge), but rather some things that the fans want to see such as action, girls interacting and show how they capable without Yuuji, and a reunion with a certain character (Yes I count it as fan service because we already know from Amane's route that they didn't ever need to meet to fully conclude her route).

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