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A review of Imouto Paradise as well as pictures of the physical edition (english release)



If it is not clear by the title or by the pictures under Imouto Paradise is a nukige about an older brother and his five little sisters. If this doesn't sound like anything you want to read it probably isn't going to be something you enjoy.


Before the review I would like to mention that it has been about one and a half year since I read all of the routes of Imopara so I have probably forgotten some details. To make sure that my general feeling towards Imopara was right I did reread different parts of it though so I don't think anything I will write here would contradict with what I would have written if I had read it more recently.


First a quick summary of Imopara. Imopara is about a perverted older brother and his 5 little sisters Aya, Michika, Rio and the twins Hiyori and Koharu. Summer vacation just started and their parents are on an overseas trip due to work. This leaves the siblings alone and opens up the chances for them to express their feelings for each other. As for how it plays out there is first an introduction and then you get an option to spend time with one of the sisters. Spending time means a sexual scenes will happen and as you continue picking the same sister you end up with actual sex scenes and enter her route. You can also chose to just relax and stay at your room, after doing this for all the choices the little sisters become worried and it leads to the harem route.


Here is a bit about each of the little sisters


Aya is the little sister who takes charge of most things in the house like cooking and laundry and pretty much acts like their mother while their parents are away. Her route is pretty much the only one that actually focuses on the fact that what they are doing is incest and she is the only one to be a bit bothered by it. As for her sex scenes I think the vibe they go with is pretty similar to a wife wanting to make her husband happy.

Michika is pretty quiet doesn't show a lot of emotions and generally spends her time reading books. She is also open about being a sadist who want her brother to be her masochism dog and often recommend him books about masochism. While she is a sadist most of her scenes don't really go that far with it, it is mostly about how she is in control during the sex scenes and how she talks down to him and try to excite him with dirty talk. One thing I also want  to mention is that I found her voice during the sex scenes to be really good and quite a turn on.

Rio is a pretty obvious tsundere who is also a closet pervert. Her being a tsundere and her brother being a pervert causes lots of comedic moments. Generally he says something perverted and she gets mad and if he continues she use one of her ultimate moves which is either elbowing or kneeing him. As for her sex scenes they mostly revolve around different non penetrative acts such as hairjob, elbowjob, footjob, etc. though she does also have some actual penetrative sex scenes as well.

Hiyori is the loli sister, she is small cute childish and doesn't really know anything about sex. The first scenes focus on the main character teaching her different things about sex and having her do sexual things in front of him and to him. Most of her sex scenes focuses on embarising suituations and I think she and her twin Koharu are the ones who does the most risky stuff (doing sexual stuff in public or at home when there is a risk of other sisters finding out).

Koharu is a tomboy who excels at everything related to physical activity has endless stamina and a bottomless stomach. She is also an open pervert who kind of has a rivalry with her brother of who can be most of a perv. During the sex scenes she is very direct and uses a lot of dirty talk to turn her brother on. While she does have lots of risky scenes they feel quite different from Hiyori's risky scenes since she really isn't embarrassed and isn't nearly as worried about being found out.


Now for the actual review. I think Imouto Paradise does an excelent job at what it sets out to be. Since they are siblings they generally don't hold back when talking to each other which causes some great comedic moments. Due to their differents personalities there are so many fun scenes and I would say the general comedy is just great. As for the sex scenes I would say that they work really nice, each of the distinct personality work really well within the sex scenes and the main character being a pervert also helps since he can do things like tease them or have funny perverted thoughts while having sex causing the scenes to not become boring (at least in my opinion). One thing that seem to be quite prevelent in all of the routes regarding the sex scenes though is having sex in risky places, while I mentioned that the twins has most of this, the other sisters also have a substantial amount of it. So in general I would say sex in places where others could find out is probably the main fetish of Imopara. Also each route feels distinct due to how different the dynamic is between the brother and the little sister as well as how they each route focus on different sexual things. As for the story don't expect much, mainly the routes has some small internal conflict for the little sister to deal with but it keeps itself light hearted since the aim of it is to be a good upbeat nukige with lots of fun character moments rather than tell a complex story. As for the art I would say it is pretty good though it is a bit stiff in my opinion, also for some reason the eyes look a bit grainy. As for genetalia artwork, well it is pretty bad and range from meh to just horrible. Each route feature one sex scene where it is animated after penetration, the animated part is kind of grainy and it is annoying that it isn't possible to turn of while reading it or in the CG gallery. As for the music I found it to be good and pleasing to listen to and just work well with the mood of the VN.


Here is the front of the hardcopy



The back of the hardcopy



The inside including the disc



The reversible cover (think it works best on the inside)



The physical copy is pretty standard and has nothing special, it is just a normal dvd case with a reversible cover. As for importing it well it does feature sexual artwork though it doesn't show the loli twins in any sexual position so that should potentially help against problems with importation related to anti loli laws.


Recommended Comments

On 31.10.2018 at 3:04 PM, ittaku said:

Uh no, that would be incest.

Actually I don't feel like incest work that much as a main fetish in Imopara. Only one of the routes actually focus on feeling that what they are doing is wrong in the eyes of society and that it is a forbidden love. Other than that it is pretty much just that they call him older brother (each with a different way to say it) and that he has some internal monologue about how he loves all of his little sisters. While of course incest is a bit of the draw since it is in the title and it is the setting of it I just don't think they actually try to use it that much as a fetish rather it seem to mostly be used as a way to have all of them be in love with him already so there isn't any need to wait for the girls to fall in love. Them having spent time with him their whole life just makes it easy to explain that they have fallen for him and as such they can just jump to the sex scenes after a short introduction which is pretty convenient for a nukige. Also it works well with the dialoge since the different girls are very familiar with each other and then don't really hold back when they say anything infront of each other. This is something I think drives most of the comedy.


Also changed the line you quoted since what I originally meant was sex in places where others could find out, which also means not only public but also within their house in suituations where other sisters could find out.

Edited by bakauchuujin

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I did write about the fetishes, because it's the main focus on each route as nukige here lol. In any case, Aya is the only route that talk about incest, Michika route did have MC did some of dumb thing, Hiyori is more reserved, and Koharu is more outgoing (I did forget a lot of detail in regard of the twin lol). Oh and Rio is the best route seeing that Souichiiro (MC's default name) did his best for the sibling (At the cost of his moments with Rio), and managed to have her called Souichiiro voiced - which is a big deal more than it sounds because the siblings usually call the MC as big brother. As for the fetishes, you'd right that Aya is more normal, Rio focused on XXXjob (Substitute XXX with whatever body part that woman have), and Michika is more femdom. Although in regard of twin I think Koharu is the one who like to have outdoor sex instead of Hiyori, but I may remember it wrong. For one last thing here, all of the sisters did have masturbation as their first scenes lol.

Anyway, good review on Imopara there, although since I'd already finished it I'm probably wouldn't replay this here even with harem route thing here. Also forget to say that it alo did reuse some of Evangile BG (Make sense considering that both of Evangile and Imopara here is from the same developer), and the background in question is the park with tennis court.

Edited by littleshogun

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5 hours ago, littleshogun said:

Although in regard of twin I think Koharu is the one who like to have outdoor sex instrad of Hiyori, but I may remember it wrong. For one last thing here, all of the sisters did have masturbation as their first scenes lol.

Having just taken a quick look at the CGs it seems like the twins have roughly as much focus on outdoor sex as each other. Will fix this. As for why I wrote Hiyori had more I guess it is based on the scenes leaving more of an impression. In Koharu's route Koharu is the one who starts these scenes and don't really seem worried about being caught, while in Hiyori's route it is the older brother who thinks of the suituations and Hiyori is quite embarresed about it, as such I think Hiyori managed to pull of the outdoor scenes better as it did a better job at making you feel that they could be found out simply by Hiyori actually being worried about it, which is likely why I mainly thought of Hiyori when thinking of the outdoor sex scenes.


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