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Short opinion on Saya no Uta as well as pictures of the physical edition (english release)

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For a general introduction to what Saya no Uta is you can just read it on the back of the hardcopy (picture of it is bellow) I can't really go into it much without spoiling anything so I will only mention my general feelings about Saya no Uta 

Saya no Uta is quite an interesting psychological horror visual novel and a thing I really like about it is how it shows a lot of unique perspectives and how dvelve into the psychology of the different characters. While it is a rather short visual novel I think that it does a really good job of using the time it has to cover a great story and it never felt to me like it went to fast. While I do think it was generally really interesting I did at times feel a bit bored during a few parts of the VN, this didn't happen often, but it was somewhat noticable. The art of Saya no Uta I found to be quite good, it manages quite well both to display the horrors the main characters see and the beauty of Saya, though it being 800x600 resolution does hurt it a bit (some time after my review they added a free patch that makes the resolution 1600x1200). The sound in Saya no Uta I really loved, it does a really good job at setting the tones of the scenes and is really essensial to the enjoyment of the VN, I especially liked the one with the same name a the VN Saya no Uta. As for the endings 2 of the 3 are quite interesting, but I wouldn't say they are that amazing, though the true ending was absolutely stunning.


Front of hardcopy


Back of hardcover


The disc



The physical edition is quite standard, though I do like how reverse cover is just white and pure with Saya in the middle. 

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