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Short opinion on Magical Marriage Lunatics!! and pictures of the physical edition (english release)

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The general story of Magical Marriage Lunatics!! is that the main character in his childhood accidentally entered different worlds and in each of them ended up becoming friends with the princess of that world and they made a pact to get married with him forgetting everything because returning to the normal world wipes his memories of everything that happened in the other world. The absurd premise I figured would lead to a lot of comedic moments, however the common route doesn't really seem to take advantage of this and instead have the characters often act too rational for the good of the comedic scenes and I feel as if the writers just didn't embrace the weirdness of the setting. In my opinion the common route has some good points, but generally was rather disappointing and didn't live up to my expectations which were based on other Moonstone VNs and the setting. The heroine routes however worked much better in my opinion, the characters seems to generally work better on their own than together and I think it did a good job in terms of the romance as well as the stories of the heroines. 2 that really stood out to me are Luluna (blue haired witch loli) and Luci (the red haired vampire) and I think their routes and personalities were really fun.


My overall thoughts is that it is a good VN due to the heroine routes, though it does suffer from a long and lackluster common route and overall I would give it a 7.5/10 which means I enjoyed it a lot but didn't feel like it is very good or a must read title. Overall I would recommend the title, though also mention that there are lots of better titles out there that you could probably read before going for this.

The front of the physical edition



The back of the physical edition


The disc and the inside of the physical edition


The Luci wallscroll




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Recommended Comments

Well I'm gonna admit that the premise is quite questionable to me, but in the end it might be the most lighthearted work that Kure did write here after Evangile FD (I don't know though if it's really true or not, but looking from the review it might be really the case).

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The heroine routes has a decent amount of drama, while it is not a drama heavy VN I think it is probably less lighthearted than you imagine, but I can understand based on the premise that you would think it is really lighthearted.

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Well after scanning some video and VNDB tags, I still say it is. Especially if we know that Kure is the one who wrote Suika's first chapter, Evangile, and Sakuramori. Granted that Evangile did ended happily, but there's some heavier stuffs that happen in there and I'm guessing that there's no Evangile drama here (At least the parents is looking nice compared to the Evangile one (Especislly MC's parents here)). I know there's some different race drama and the life and death drama, but in the end I still say that it's one of lighter Kure's work if not the lightest here. Oh and I know that Imopara is also Kure's work here (Sort of), but it didn't count here because it's a nukige.

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