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Foreword: Sword apprentice protagonist and two fighting heroines (short swords and bow) were all that it took to lure me to this game.

Title: Ochiba no Mau Koro

Developer: Noa

Date: 2003-10-24

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v5367

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuf4kv1b9hg&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv--j9jctcdQ0zRtWU4dw7pU


Synopsis: Amami Kouji lost his parents in an accident when he was a child. After that he was adopted by his father's friend Kusanagi Keisuke, the chief priest of the Shinto shrine of Misaka City. Since then he has lived with Keisuke and his daughters, Makoto and Minato.

In the accident he didn't lose only his parents, but his left eye as well. Now he is learning the art of swordsmanship and he's too good for someone with only an eye: even though his left eye can't see anything, it allows him to “see” impending dangers and other people's killing intent as “lines”. He calls them “death lines”.

One day he's having lunch on the rooftop of his school with Makoto, Minato and his friend Kaiji, when he notices a girl, Hirasaka Suzuka, getting bullied by three girls. After rescuing her they make friend.

Two days later he meets a girl, Haruka Lichtenbein, who recently moved from England to Misaka and got lost on her way home, and decides to help her.

As the time passes by, strange events happen in his city. Strange monsters appear and attack girls on night. And a strange blond-haired guy seems to have something to do with all these events...

Game type: School SOL with some demon extermination ancestry

Difficulty: Relatively

Character Design rating: 6/10

Protagonist rating: 5/10

Story rating: 4/10

Game quality: 6/10

Overall rating: 5/10


Rating comments: Story hardly exist here, while composition and shortness deliver finishing blow.

Protagonist: Kouji is supposed to be our great sword fighter, but we never see his face, only yellow hair in a ponytail couple times. He wants to become more powerful to protect everyone... all the usual stuff.

Characters: There are four heroines, but I only played fighter heroines routes - that is main heroine shrine maiden Makoto with a bow and mysterious half-foreigner Haruka fighting with short swords. Haruka is quiet and intelligent, so I at least could enjoy her personality. Makoto is all the usual genki osanajimi way.


Story: Synopsis actually tells the whole short story that happens in the game. There's a transfer student and just two fight scenes at school against the same opponent - not so successful at first, and the final one. That's it, game only takes some 4 hours to beat each route, so there's not enough time for anything more serious. Story is a total sham. All this fighter entourage is just to attract some chunige folks. Game is much more about SOL than action scenes. It shames the whole fight concept and has long ways to go for real representatives of the genre like Heart & Blade. It's sad to see such frauds presented as a real thing.

Technical difficulties: 

Hooking this game is a world of pain. Normal memory threads aren't found, and word-by-word threads differ at different parts of the game. It can go well for an hour with the current thread, but then there is 5-minute scene that needs searching for a different memory thread, and return to the previous one afterwards. As a result, a few scenes in the video remain without hooking.

Overall comments: Everything in this game just scratches the surface and goes on. I really detest such shallow games unable to concentrate on anything. No good story, no good drama, no good SOL, no developed characters. I'm going to rate such fraudery as low as possible.



Most of the candidates already got an English review, so I'm choosing the one with the most swordplay Ochiba no Mau Koro . I guess Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara... is the only game worthy of masterpiece status this month.

1. Chocolate Days ちょこれ~とDays [031003] Xuse
The protagonist is Mogami Takuya, your basic cliche average high school student, whose mother is passed away and father is away on business. There are five very cliche women in his life: an older friend from childhood who calls herself his sister and takes care of the household, a Kansai-ben beer-loving older cousin who lives with them, a nymphomaniac teacher, and two twin sisters who are students a grade above him. The game basically follows his life surrounding one of the heroines for the month of February, with several different text choices on each route.
First half of the game has fun in it, but there's also feeling that we saw all that somewhere. Fuka scenario and ending is the only impressive one. Everything feels half-baked, even the devil route. 


2. Tenshi no Kakera The Lost Article of Memory てんしのかけら the lost article of memory [031003] Io
Memory keeps binding people... 
Main character acquires teacher's license, but is unable to find proper job. For half a year he only reads lectures and gives tutor exercises. Finally a vacancy at a municipal girls school in a small town opens up, and protagonist jumps at the opportunity. A silent girl with a mysterious presence, a class representative and a reliable person, an inspiring fast-runner girl, a former classmate to accidentally meet here - they all resemble angels.
Various encounters await main character. The thread of memories will finally be repaired - but in which way?
Atmosphere is great, and each of four heroines has a big number of endings - 3 or 4 - ranging from very good to very bad. Teacher behaves here almost like detective investigating troublesome past memories of each girl. That makes scenario a bit heavy. There is such thing as "memory repair shop" - that basically means that we don't just investigate bad memories, we're also able to cut them off the girl. That's kinda crazy and has SF or occult feeling, but it is what it is. Game's quite nice, but it runs of flash engine with all its awkwardness and poor systems.


3. 2 x 4! -Hitotsu Yane no Shita de- 2×4!-ひとつ屋根の下で- [031010] Mu
Main character attends cooing school and lives in a boarding house. Next to him there are rooms of a prank-lover girl, loli cosplay maniac and cute owner girl who loves sweets.
Laughter sounds there all day long. Can protagonist find his love there?
Just an ero-tilt moege. There is a schedule and various systems to trigger H events including harem ones.


4. Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara...~ LOVERS~恋に落ちたら…~ [031010] Jellyfish 1
One day, Wakiya, the main character's close friend, tells him that he loves Rie. She is the main character's old friend, so he promises to support him. But Rie and the main character actually love each other... And they finally begin to date in secret...
There is an English review.


5. Folklore Jam [031024] Hermit 1
The story places the player in the shoes of one Momose Yuuichi. Our protagonist is an ordinary member of the Shotou Academy's student council that is forced to join the school's new up-and-coming Occult Study Group (Occult Kenkyuukai, or OkaKen) after he loses a bet with his childhood friend, Yaotome Itsuki. Though he is a realist, Yuuichi is easily scared when faced with the eerie and unexplained, but chooses to remain with the OkaKen in order to carry out his terms of the bet. As such, the game introduces the player to Kannagi City, its denizens, and the misadventures of the OkaKen as they face mysteries and challenges from the living and those beyond the mortal coil.
There is an English review.


6. GakuPara!! ~Gakuen Paradise!!~ がくパラ!!~GAKUEN PARADISE!!~ [031024] Studio e.go!
Inoue Seiji was experimented on by his friend Momiji, and now his bodily fluids act as a love potion. He attracts females just by sneezing or sweating. Because of the experiment, Momiji was kicked out of science club. If he wants to return to his normal self, they need to recruit five people to form another club.
Quite silly comedy that inevitably falls into harem state.


7. Hi no Tsuki 緋の月 [031024] Milksoft
End of Edo period.
Main character travels with a master of the sword searching for Kanzaki who killed protagonist's adopted father. In the middle of the trip they get caught up in a case in a small port town. In the mids of investigation the name of Kanzaki shows up, but in a new context - linked to gods, opus and castle lord. The hour of revenge draws near.
Story looks deep and serious, but in fact it's a surprisingly light scenario. The second part is darker, but still the game is more about atmosphere than the story. In different routes plot remains almost the same, but viewpoint changes, and the tempo is good, so it does not get boring. There is just one H event per heroine. For a masterpiece it lacks volume and re-readability.


8. Kimi no Omoi, Sono Negai 君の想い、その願い [031024] Tumugi
Main character moves to Tokyo to pursue medical career. 
One day he learns about his former lover death. That makes him return to home town for the first time in six years. He meets a lot of acquaintance girls there. What salvation does he seek? What salvation can he give? He does not want to lose the loved ones anymore...  
There are five heroines, plus one hidden scenario that shows up after everything else is cleared. First playthough is just 3 hours while consequent ones can be done in two hours. That's not really enough time to solve all love and death problems. And while scenario lacks behind, eroticism is on the rise.


9. Ochiba no Mau Koro 落ち葉の舞う頃 [031024] Noa
Amami Kouji lost his parents in an accident when he was a child. After that he was adopted by his father's friend Kusanagi Keisuke, the chief priest of the Shinto shrine of Misaka City. Since then he has lived with Keisuke and his daughters, Makoto and Minato.
In the accident he didn't lose only his parents, but his left eye as well. Now he is learning the art of swordsmanship and he's too good for someone with only an eye: even though his left eye can't see anything, it allows him to “see” impending dangers and other people's killing intent as “lines”. He calls them “death lines”.
One day he's having lunch on the rooftop of his school with Makoto, Minato and his friend Kaiji, when he notices a girl, Hirasaka Suzuka, getting bullied by three girls. After rescuing her they make friend.
Two days later he meets a girl, Haruka Lichtenbein, who recently moved from England to Misaka and got lost on her way home, and decides to help her.
As the time passes by, strange events happen in his city. Strange monsters appear and attack girls on night. And a strange blond-haired guy seems to have something to do with all these events...
Modern fantasy. Setting has multiple plot holes. Routes are very different from heroine to heroine.


10. Kita e. ~Diamond Dust~ 北へ。~Diamond Dust~ [031030] Hudson Soft
The story is about six different girls, each living in a different city on the island of Hokkaidou. Each girl believes in a myth of snow turning into diamond dust, and if one makes a wish on the diamond dust, the wish is 100% guaranteed to come true. Another myth about diamond dust is that if a boy and girl meet under the dust, they're guaranteed happiness and marriage later in life. Each of the six girls have some stubborn moments and awkward stages in their lives, but looking into themselves and others will help them get back on their feet. When these six girls meet, their lives will change dramatically for the better as the snow begins to fall.
As expected, game's only good for Hokkaido atmosphere and opening song. Don't expect a story or strong scenario here.


11. Amatsumiyo 天ツ澪 [031031] Soubi Kenkyuujo
Main character is a student who has a goal to become teacher. He transfers to a school with ancient roots. Some girls here inherit ancient powers of ancestors. Protagonist is curious and starts to investigate. Future holds multiple possibilities from here.
There are three heroines, and treatment of some heroines looks very odd. There are just two choices in the game - first one for deciding the branch, second one for deciding the heroine. Game emphasizes atmosphere in expense of the pace. The flow is the same for all heroines even if individual problems are different. H element is a bit too dense, but overall it's a decent atmospheric game.


12. Gaku Love ~Wagamama na Ponytail~ 学らぶ~わがままなポニーテイル~ [031031] Anim
The reunion had arrived on the day after a long time in the company that you served every day.
View your postcard while confirming that you attend as the ''let's also graduated Toriao contact!''
Although recalled the words that you promised to a fellow on the day of the graduation ceremony, not the promise to be fulfilled in the course of such, utmost to that we continue to live each day...
And ''have everyone healthy?'', try to read over the wind that was on the shelf, recall the friends who now meet after a long time has pulled the school 3 years 11 sets of graduation proceedings.
Who beat the Thailand Camp went to Colombia to fight the anti-government guerriallas.
With a bitter smile on your face, watching something that you haven't seen in a long time, also in order towards the reunion, and after the room to close the proceedings.
And the journey... but before that remember that day.....
Game moves in chapters, and heroine must be decided for each chapter. Each chapter is a story of the heroine with different than protagonist males. Game mostly is of comical nature, but there are couple villains that are responsible for the bulk of dark scenes in the game. There are four chapters, and one playthrough takes roughly four hours. H degree is high.


13. Ishika to Honori イシカとホノリ [031031] Azurite 1
You are Araka, a Dispatch Coordinator for the Paranormal Defense Force (PDF). You support PDF agents Ishika and Honori, twin priestesses with tons of shamanistic talent and an even larger penchant for trouble.
Together Ishika and Honori are as cute as they are clumsy. Ishika is far too sweet a girl to ever effectively use her stupendous skills at spell-casting. While super strong Honori jumps blindly into battle before ever knowing what she’s getting herself into.
Help Ishika and Honori regain the totem spirit creatures that fuel their psychic powers and defeat the masters of paranormal evil!
Game is localized and has review in English.


14. Kisetsu no Hanayome 季節の花嫁 [031031] CDPA 1
Osamu, the protagonist, is an orphan who lives happily with his adopted family Seppaku. His older sister Natsumi, his mother Asuka, his younger sister and his friends at school.
One day, at the traditional festival in the village, he meets a mysterious girl in the hills of the village, Maki, a girl without memories who wants nothing else but to become his bride. 
There is an English review.


15. Manatsu no Tobira ~Kimi to Tsuzuru Monogatari~ 真夏の扉~君と綴る物語~ [031031] Harbor 1
You play as a character asked by his sick sister to share with her a picture book that he made. Inevitably, this leads to romantic entanglements with a group of young girls, including Yukina Sakura, Yun Kitami, Nanami Mizuhara, Kaori Kashima, and Mayuko Hatuse. 
Although it's the story that seems familiar from somewhere, it's quite steady and has good connections between the heroines. Slice of life scenes are boring. Protagonist is no good. Overall it's a siscon cheap game with average values.


16. Natsuiro ~Hoshifuru Kohan no Natsuyasumi~ なついろ ~星降る湖畔の夏休み~ [031031] Actress
After the death of his father, Naoki, the protagonist, came back to the hometown he was born after a long time to visit his mother's grave. 
At the village owned by his father, he meets four girls, and his interaction with them will change his mind and heart little to little...
Story is slow and relaxing similar to ToHeart, but bad endings return you to senses fast. First half is comical, second one is serious one with one of four heroines. We need to overcome girl's problem. Heroines are attractive, but game lacks integrity.


17. to... [031031] Ankh
Main character visits a seaside town in search of a long-term part-time job. In such unstable state he meets various girls in the town. In interaction he starts to feel his senses awakening. And that changes people around him as well.
In the end it's an ordinary moege with a normal content. Each of five heroines has some trouble of mind, and of course we need to settle that. Story goes in a hasty manner lacking descriptions and setting the mood. Dialogues are light, but there's nothing else to praise.


18. Tsubasa no Uta つばさのうた [031031] Octave
A beautiful angel Rutiel suddenly appears before the main character. She confesses that she is expelled from Heavens for losing her wings. The search does not bear fruits, so they decide to  live together for the time being. A sick younger sister and a mischievous devil girl will keep them company.
Period is three months, but story moves in a very fast face with lots of sudden events, so is too short. Scenario is really weak. 




1. DARK MAKER [031001] A-10 no Yukue
Remorseless age of near future. Far East branch. Students need to work and still accumulate debts. Assassination and sabotage become commonplace. This is a story that unfolds in such times with two different protagonists.
Boys Love


2. Hitozuma Dorei Kissa 人妻奴隷喫茶 [031002] Black Lilith
A secret married women party that all men dream to get to.
boys hope for. Main character sneaks in to this party and witnesses carnal madness happening there.


3. Karaoke Memorial [031002] Tomo & Yuri GAMEZONE
Main heroine is a college student invited to karaoke. There are a lot of nice men in the karaoke box. Depending on her actions she can get into more serious relations than just flirt.  
Doujin otomege


4. Kon'yaku Hajimemashita 婚約はじめました [031002] ilex
Main character studies and earns his living at part-time jobs due to opposition to over-protection of parents. One day parents insist on marriage in a telephone talk. Protagonist wants to choose his bride himself. His employer encourages him to choose among the two daughters. One of the sisters is protagonist's teacher, and the other one is a classmate. Where will it take him?


5. Aru Fuyu no Monogatari ある冬の物語 [031003] Endou Kenji 1
Jun is an average student who lives with his mother. During winter holidays his childhood friend Kaede Sakurai helped him with his homework. By that time Jun realized his feelings for Kaede and due to some misunderstandings their ways separated.


6. Oitsume ~Ryoujoku no Utage~ 鬼爪 ~陵辱の宴~ [031003] Ponytail Soft
Main character as well as a number of other participants are thrown into an old abandoned school building. With traps set everywhere, nine people have to compete for food, shelter and trust on their escape survival path. What's the purpose of this madness? Who's the mastermind? What's the fate of the winner and losers?


7. Pastel Kitchen ~Blue Bell e Youkoso!~ ぱすてるキッチン ~ブルーベルへようこそっ!~ [031003] Giga
Main character is trusted to run restaurant while owner is abroad. But it turns out that master also applied to participate in the cooking competition contest, and now it's also under full protagonist's responsibility. The problem is that he's only good in washing the dishes, but not cooking. So he has to rely on his childhood friend. For that he organizes special training sessions at nights. Now that there are new part-time workers arrived protagonist extends his training sessions further.


8. Aria [031005] Lover Soul
Includes six short stories on the CAROL main story. 
Doujin Fandisc


9. 714 [031007] COLORS
Shou Kazamatsuri's dream has always been to become a professional soccer player, but he has one problem: he's not very good at the game. He was accepted to the prestigious Musashi no Mori Junior High, known for its top rate soccer team, but he was never able to rise beyond the rank of third stringer. After transferring to Sakura Jōsui Junior High, he can finally play soccer. And, with the support of his new friends and teammates, his strong determination, and lots of hard work, his soccer skills are developing rapidly and setting Shō well on his way to achieving his dream.
Boys Love


10. Kimagure Strawberry Cafe きまぐれストロベリーカフェ [031009] Vingt-et-un. Systems Corporation
A dream trip around the world!
...Is a trip the protagonist, Mizuhara Ichigo's parents are taking without her.
She's busy in her 3rd year of high school and preparing for graduation and university entrance exams.
She wants to fall in love too, what should she do?
She wants to play around, but she's too serious at her core, so she asks her friends for advice but all they can say is that she has some bad luck.
Taking a year long trip and leaving their daughter in charge of the cafe they run, how selfish of her parents.
The shop is important to her too, but what about their cute only daughters precious youth.
Now for the next year she has to take care of the cafe, still go to school, and prepare for university. 
Even more she wants to just once in her youth live like a maiden in love.
Where are those guys that should be watching over her in this town?
A love cafe simulation game with bittersweet guys.


11. Another Green World [031010] Puchi Zou
With the power of science inhabitants of the Earth planet went off to colonize other planets. Only Nihon nation had to remain on the planet because of catastrophic recession, so the star was renamed to Nihon.
New civilizations often look back to the Nihon star as source of ancient culture and traditions, so Nihon starts to export its culture in exchange of trade benefits. Among the other offerings Nihon provides specially trained prostitutes.
Main character is a young man who is entrusted to teach new prostitutes special techniques and refine their skills.


12. Futago Ecchi ふたごえっち [031010] Hotchkiss
You, as the protagonist, receive a letter from your kinsman asking you to take care of your small cousins, both of who think of you as a big brother.
The twins' names are Mii and Yuu...


13. Kagerou 華夏楼 [031010] Rateblack
Taisho era, year 12.
The Great Kanto Earthquake causes a great disaster. Main character loses his family and house acquiring huge parents debt at the same time. An unknown person starts to send him money every month. Finally, a year later the mysterious benefactor sends a letter inviting protagonist to come to the western mansion in the mountains. It turns out that his help is needed in the ugly and fierce battle over inheritance.


14. Kyoushuujo no Onee-san 教習所のおねえさん [031010] Ume Soft
Main character enters prestigious driving school to obtain a long-awaited car license. Beautiful female instructors, unique stuff and attractive women students wait for him there - a dozen of girls!
Will he be able to concentrate and get his license? Or is there something here to gain apart of license?


15. Migawari no Yakata 身代わりの館 [031010] Marine Heart
Jun is a young orphan trying to survive in the city by doing part-time jobs. One day after work, he is attacked by an unknown person, who kidnaps him and forces him to live in a house. The owner of that house had a little brother, You, who had the same face as him but he was lost in an accident. The owner and other people of the house think that Jun is "You" and are a little too glad to have him back. The other people are his cousin, doctor/lover, butler who knows the truth and few others. When Jun complains that he is not "You", they think that he just lost his memories in the accident. He feels suffocated in the house and waits for his chance to escape.....
Boys Love


16. Ryoujoku Katei Kyoushi 凌辱家庭狂師 [031010] Serene
Main character can not find a proper job after graduation. One day he happens to be at a traffic accident spot. Suddenly, victim's phone starts to ring and voice requests a tutor. However, he does not want to limit his services to daughter alone, he intends to aim at mother as well.


17. Tabegoro ~Hitotsu Yane no Shita de~ た・べ・ご・ろ ~ひとつ屋根の下で~ [031010] Matsuri Kikaku
Akito is a second year student from highschool who is living alone since his parents went live overseas. One day he meet by chance a beautiful woman having problems with her heavy shopping bags. He decides to help her to carry them.
As an expression of gratitude she invites him to her house. There he meets two girls, a senpai and a junior from his school.
These girls are not really related, but they decided to live together as a family. And they invite him to stay and live with them, too... specially because that two girls are in love with him.


18. The Guts! 5 The ガッツ!5 [031010] Authoring Heaven
One year after events of Guts 3.
This time there's large scale road construction that passes through the mountain. Multiple companies participate in this plan realization. If workers from different companies shared responsibilities, then construction would not be done in time. And this is where protagonist with his management skills shows up.


19. Yori Shiro よりしろ [031010] Hachimitsu
The battle between Athos and Khama tribes lasts for hundreds years.
Khama dominate over the area with the springs of life granted by the gods, and Athos oppose their influence.
But there is a festival village where both tribes co-exist to perform breeding ritual.
Main character is in charge of the ritual. He does his instructor job despite the brink of war situation and the rivalry between the tribes


20. Big Magnum Harimoto-sensei ビッグマグナム・張本先生 [031017] Vitamin
Main character is dispatched to investigate mysterious secret society that hides inside St. Eric's high school. The granddaughter of the director, Elina, notices that she is being targeted by a secret society. Protagonist protects her, and gradually relations start to develop. Eventually Elina gets kidnapped in order to get some "treasure" sleeping in the school. Who will be victorious?


21. Hidamari no Kage de 陽だまりの陰で [031017] TinkerBell
Main character attends school, but education is not what interests him. Instead he decides to train his childhood friend in SM manner, and seek other victims.


22. Kago no Tori: The Caged Bird カゴノトリ THE CAGED BIRD [031017] Anemone
Main character decides to be a tutor after millionaire's request "please teach my daughters-in-law love". What kind of love will protagonist teach in this secluded mansion?


23. Kegasareta Natsu -10 Bon no Te de Naburareta Shoujo- 汚された夏 -10本の手で嬲られた少女- [031017] Klein Syrop
Miho was promoted and moved to campus in asuburb from Tokyo city. There was so much urban city that she imaged. The life feeled good for her and She live with a roommate who is an upper. She thought everything goes to better. But, someday, She was about to fall a victim to temptation.


24. Minna de Nyan Nyan みんなでニャンニャン [031017] Yamikumo-Communications 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
A young man named Ibuki is a college student living on his own in an apartment complex. He is also a real cat lover who can't resist taking care of any random kittens he ever comes across of. One night he got visited by a Cat God, who wanted to reward Ibuki for his kindness towards cats. Ibuki wasted no time in his reply: "I want a cat girl!" - he said. The Cat God immediately announced that his wish will be granted and then vanished, leaving Ibuki to wonder if it was all just a dream.
Several days later, Ibuki is on his way home from work when he discovers that a cardboard box was left near his apartment. A meowing kind of sound could have been heard coming from the box which prompted Ibuki to open it up. Ibuki is shocked to see a beautiful naked cat girl sleeping inside. As she started waking up, she looked up at him and purred: "I've come to serve you, for all the kindness you've shown to my kind." The next thing he knows, his apartment is suddenly filled with all different types of animal girls, all eager to do whatever they can for him.


25. Morekabe ~Komorebi no Namikimichi Kabegami Shuu~ もれかべ ~木漏れ日の並木道壁紙集~ [031017] F&C FC01
Disc contains mini adventure:
Even though indecisive main character gets seduced by apartment residents, is it possible for him to deepen relations with Ayase Shion and take her to the altar? 


26. Nie Yami 贄・闇 [031017] Vega
Three traditional Japanese women get dedicated to main character. He needs to make them suffer physically and mentally till pain changes into pleasure. A world of darkness unfolds here.


27. Nozokimi Yuurei!! のぞきみユーレイ!! [031017] Studio Ebisu
Main character dies in an accident. However, he is not allowed to the heavens under pretext that not all ties with earthly world have been cut yet. He is given two months. He asks himself what he always desired to do most of all - to lose virginity! He is going to use all his powers as a ghost to reach his goal.


28. Shoujo Settai 娼女接待 [031017] Ignition 1 2 3 4 5 6 
I'm Yujiro, an average student at an average private school. On the surface, our school is a reputable one, with some of the smartest students in all of Tokyo. I've recently learned a secret though: the girls who win the annual Miss Twilight beauty pageant are secretly being trained as sex slaves to be sent out to service VIP members of society. The dream of every girl at our school is to be chosen as Miss Twilight: she's beautiful, charming, and liked by everyone, but the three lovely contestants for the title this year have no idea what awaits them if they should win. Now that I know the secret of the Slave Pageant, I can't just leave things well enough alone. After stripping the student council president of his authority, I decided to train the lovely girls myself...


29. Tsuukin Kairaku 2 ~Chikan de Go! Go!~ 通勤快楽2~痴漢でGO!GO!~ [031017] Haoh
Main character is an office worker who has to get to work by the second most popular train line among molesters.
One morning he gets in a packed train with his hand pressed against his colleague body. He withdraws his hand, but feels body sensation from the move. From that moment life of an ordinary salary-man starts to change.


30. Elevator of Horrors [031018] Jewel Box
A 10-minute story with two endings about simulated experience of horror in an elevator-type theater installed in the amusement park. 


31. Kochuuten 壺中天 [031020] Sumisumi-Dou
Maid is trained with the help of tentacles.


32. Twinkle Little Star [031023] Project Lips
Main character goes to the southern island and meets mermaids there. Where will it lead to?


33. Akibakei Kanojo アキバ系彼女 [031024] G.J? 1 2 3
Nikita Shindou loves the world of animation more than anything; he puts his life into it. He has never fallen for a real, living girl, until the day he meets Ren Aoi. What can he do to make her notice him, even fall in love with him? "I know, I will make her an Akiba Girl!" Now the question is, how will he make her an Akiba Girl? Let the games begin!


34. Ayumi-chan Labo あゆみちゃんLABO [031024] Tenshindou
Main character receives a request to find out a demon among girl students of a private school. That is best done by defeating a girl possessed with demon in a card game. Girls include all stars from previous games.


35. Ippai Shimasho いっぱいしましょ [031024] M de Pink
Main character is asked to replace his younger sister in a girl university. It's embarrassing, but it is also such a chance! Now he can freely enter skinship relations with girls and maybe learn their weaknesses to get to know them closer.


36. Itaike na Kanojo いたいけな彼女 [031024] Zero 1
As part of punishment for a losing a bet, Takumi Akiyoshi is told to confess to the class bully victim as a joke and become a couple with her. He thinks of it as annoying but she ends up responding to it very seriously and clings to him with desperate determination.


37. Love Love H-Maid ラブラブHメイド [031024] Lilith Soft 1 2
A cute and ecchi story depicting the sweet everyday life of a boy and his maid. Enjoy their lewd and loving daily existence!


38. Mama-san Volley ((Chichi Yuremansee)) ママさんバレー((乳ゆれまんせー)) [031024] Lucha!
Main character gets to coach a small weak volley team consisting of adult women. For two weeks he's going to supervise three lagging behind members in private training sessions. Is it even possible to win with such team?


39. Oshiri Princess ~Koujoku ni Chiru Setsuki Reiki~ お尻ぷりんセス~肛辱に散る拙き隷姫~ [031024] Xai
Poor girl becomes bride candidate for the prince. However, she can't enjoy samurai wife life just yet. Prince makes her undergo a harsh bride training involving tentacles every day.


40. Ryoujoku Tonari no Onee-san 凌辱隣のお姉さん [031024] Fukurou
Main character is a university student who lives alone. In the room next to him there lives an office lady from a trade company. One day protagonist abducts her on the way home from work to release her worries, but he can not restrain the whirlpool of desires awakened.


41. Sister Mermaid シスターマーメイド [031024] Lazycrew
Main character is suddenly told to transfer to girls school without explaining reason. He becomes swimming club advisor even though club captain hates him. How will his new life fare?


42. Tanoshii Choukyou ~Mikan to Sugosu Natsuyasumi~ たのしいちょうきょ~♪~ミカンと過ごす夏休み~ [031024] Triangle-τ
Main character is forced to spend summer at his relatives place in the countryside. But he changes his mind when he sees cute girl to live with him under one roof. Their relations reach physical intimacy fast enough, but it turns out that girl has same curious and easygoing friends...


43. Akai Yoru, Hoshi no Sasayaki o Kike 紅い夜、星の囁きを聴け [031025] Moon Parrot
Akito's mother left when he was young and went to Europe. She left because his father only focused on work.
Not wanting to be separated, Akito left his home to enter a university. The only condition his father made was that Yahiko go with him.
He began living alone for the first time for several months, until that day, when he happened to notice a leaflet for a foreign language school in town.
With a vague purpose Akito decided to go to that school for the sake of being with his mother.When Akito went out that night he found an old Japanese house at the edge of the town. He paused in the garden.
An unbalanced young foreigner in that house greeted Akito's eyes.
When he met Akito's glance, the man smiled gracefully, sweetly.
Confused by his fascination, Akito panicked and turned on his heels.
He couldn't forget that scene with the strange man for some reason---.
And on the first day of the foreign language school, a man calling himself Noel Sydow arrived in class.
He thought the scene from that night must have been false when Noel was bright, funny, and everyone in the class liked him.
But Noel---
was a vampire.
Boys Love


44. Anata ga Hoshii... あなたが欲しい・・・ [031025] Soft Circle Astarte
A sweet heartbreaking love story between girls.


45. Nestle Close II [031025] Haikara Kissa
The summer fades away and the leaves begin to change, but his way of living hasn't got any better. One day, he finds a live-in part time job to take care of his childhood friend's house. 


46. Iku mono e no Komoriuta いくものへの子守唄 [031026] Flat
A small island in the South Sea a few hours away from Honshu by boat on a good weather.
Population has deteriorated greatly in recent years, so the last school on the island is about to be closed.
Main character returns to this dying island to fulfill his promise given to the loved one...


47. Cosmamania こすままにあ [031031] Discovery Mars
Shuya Yamazaki, the protagonist, is a highschool student. His mother died when he was a kid so his father, a famous archeologist and adventurer, remarried the beautiful maid of the family, Midori.
Shuya has a girlfriend, Wakaba, but they never had sex. One day, he is coming back to home after school when he sees his father and his mother-in-law having sex in the living room! Shocked, he runs to his bedroom.
In the next day is Wakaba's birthday. As a gift she wants to finally have sex with Shuya. But because he was still shocked for what he saw the day before, he couldn't do it, making her mad.
Depressed, Shuya tries to talk with his father, but he traveled again in other of his adventures. Without choice, he asks Midori advice.
"Maybe you don't have confidence and experience enough with women..." - she says.
And so, Midori decides to train her son-in-law in the arts of sex an teach him how to satisfy a woman...


48. Mainichi Suki Shite まいにち好きして [031031] Sirius
An accident put Mutsumi into a coma. One year later, he miraculously awakened, but he had lost his memory. He was released from the hospital immediately since he had fully recovered in the meantime.
Two girls came forward and claimed that they were responsible for the accident that he got hurt in. These girls - sisters, he learnt later - promised to take care of him until he recovered his memory. He decided to go back to school right away but since it was the summer vacation he had nothing to do, so he decided to allow the girls to do as they want. 
But is it OK to spend the summer vacation with these two girls not seeing anyone else?


49. Ryoujoku Costume Play 凌辱コスチュームプレイ [031031] Future
Net idols swarm the internet. Main character discovers their private information and blackmails them into indecency.


50. Seichou Nikki ~Onii-chan to Yobasetai!~ 性徴日記~お兄ちゃんと呼ばせたい!~ [031031] Euros
Main character needs to foster and grow customizable heroines throughout the year.


51. Slot Shite kara ne スロットしてからね [031031] Fukurou
School slot club is on the brink of survival after getting in debt. School director organizes a competition between slot clubs of two schools. The winner gets both finances and ability to treat loses in any way desired.


52. Classic [0310] LaplusCube
Main character wakes up on the bed of a strange clinic...
He gets visited by assistant detective who investigates a case and needs protagonist's cooperation. 

Foreword: I only picked this game because it has no reviews and scenario writer is Kanno Hiroyuki. Just can't believe he can write some total crap.

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v2028

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lXxwzu3BJc&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8rKP5oDa1nzt0KevjFrmhw&index=26


Synopsis: Naomi Yuiki, 21 years old single, college student. Though her parents died, because of the inheritance she and her brother, Kouta Yuiki age 18, can live without much trouble.

Even though she is 21 she is still a virgin because secretly in love with her younger brother. Even her attempt to get over him by sleeping with Takuya Yoshizawa, a genius surgeon and once a subordinate of her fathers didn't work and that depressed her even further.

At that time she met with an accident. A traffic accident so severe that her whole body except her brain is ruined beyond salvation. Just as doctors were about to give up on her an another patient at the same hospital, Akane Kitahara suffers brain death. Taking this chance, Yoshizawa who was working on advancing the research on the brain transplantation decides to transfer Naomi's brain to Akane.

Naomi's new life as Akane Kitahara stats. This time Naomi is not restricted by morality of a brother and sister relationship, but things don't go as easy as she hopes because being Akane brings her own relationship problems. Chaos ensues...

Game type: Brain transplant sibling love story

Character Design rating: 3/10

Protagonist rating: 3/10

Story rating: 3/10

Game quality: 6/10

Overall rating: 4/10


Rating comments: I do not see anything appealing in this game, really. Ero-tilt outweighs any attempts to sustain the believable story.

Protagonist: Yuki Naomi is supposedly our main heroine. I say supposedly, because protagonist position shifts frequently, and we sometimes even see Naomi from someone else's point of view. At the very beginning of the game Naomi is already head-over-hills over her younger brother. Then she gets into an accident and her brain gets transplanted into Kitahara Akane body. And there starts the madness, actually. Akane had a very degenerate and brute sex-addict boyfriend... and Naomi just can't say a definite "NO" to him. That was a total BS and I lost that little faith in character that was left.


Characters: There are three male characters, three female characters and 18 endings. So you can guess that pretty much everyone gets to hook up with everyone from the other gender. Add to that some yuri and some 3P. And there is no time for any sort of romance, so H events happen pretty much spontaneously, absolutely disgusting. What was only a bit relieving for me is that that brute ugly sex-addict boyfriend Kobayakawa is not really that bad guy in the main flow of the game. He basically helps Naomi with her embarrassing requests and even kind of protects her. Apart of that everyone behaves like animals. Younger brother Kouta is the most disappointing in this regard, because he gets to hook up with all the heroines of the game despite having childish look and still attending school. His voice defect is absolutely irritating. Well, game is irreparable at this point, anyway.

Story: So all the problems arise from the fact that Naomi inherits Akane sexy body and ugly brute boyfriend. She also has to pretend Akane and live at Akane family while seeing her beloved brother only at school. At school she's always several steps late, so her brother gets to hang out with all the other female cast beforehand. She gets to do homework at her brother's place, but that's probably the only encounter in the game that does not lead to sensual scene. And during that visit Naomi is so stupid that she continues her diary in her former room. That diary is eventually found with these recent notes, and that totally reveals her identity and brings us to confrontation in the final scene. That's the whole useless story that is presented here. It took me quite some time to figure how to trigger True end - for that you need to exit the game just after yellow lines in the closest to True route ending. The hints corner at the bad ending says that since it's the closest to True End ending no hints can be revealed. 



1) Incest motives were alien to the visual novels at this point. There was just one game that slipped through the censorship which had blood-related sibling as capturable heroine. So - as I see it - the whole point of this game is to show forbidden sibling love while inventing a scheme of brain transplant to avoid blood-related incest. From today's point of view the whole concept looks absolutely irrelevant and useless.

2) This is the weakest Kanno Hiroyuki scenario by this point. His famous zapping is abused here just for sex scenes. Characters are bleak and plot is full of irritating loopholes.

Overall comments: Nothing stays at the same place, not even Kanno Hiroyuki. It's evident that plot outline and ero-tilt are dictated by Red Label developer. So if the game looks like poo, feels like poo and smells like poo - it's indeed poo, and no brilliant text writer can fix that.



Cross†Channel is VN of the Month. Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu is among masterpieces as well. I'm choosing Thanatos no Koi ~In Ane Otouto Soukan~ for review.

1. Sacred Plume セイクリッド・プルーム [030905] Teatime 1 2
Hero Kane returned to his hometown after a long two years of wandering. I met new friends and got into the maelstrom of events. The beginning was the meeting with Rita. Kidnapping women infected with the field near the capital. Behind all this there was the ominous shadow of the city and metroplita namestgnika King Song. You come into confrontation with the organization for peace, or a completely different motives?
300 years of holy wars behind and to the world once again wanted to experience the pain ....
Game's not blocked for lolicon issues just because it's a decent enough RPG. Difficulty level is high, especially for boss, so grinding for best equipment is mandatory. Battle system is crippled, but there's high degree of freedom during battle and for distributing stats on lvl-up. From the second lap play is much easier, and some battles can be skipped.


2. Umi kara Kuru Mono 海からくるもの [030905] FlyingShine 1
It's a world of artifacts left from prehistoric sea civilization that sometimes give birth to supernatural abilities. Such humans are called "Lef" and over-watched by the state. Two people with such powers just awakened drown the school in terror.
It's depression plus insult SF game. We play from the viewpoint of one of the protagonist, but the link between them becomes hinted only in the ending. I'm still not over BM0 to get into another game like that.


3. Minato Gensou ~Venice Fantastica~ 水都幻想 ~Venice Fantastica~ [030912] Wing
The protagonist is the son of a noble family, who, unable to agree to be part of a political arranged marriage, runs away. Without a place to go, he eventually arrives at a place of a baroness who is a long associate of his father. Hearing his story, the baroness offers him room and board. In return, she requests that he take over the worldly education of three girls under her care. Two are merchant and noble daughters preparing for marriage; the third is a prostitute from a foreign country.
Text is good and forms unique worldview and atmosphere. Protagonist here is quite a normal more or less shy boy, so game does not fall into training game as synopsis wants us to believe. Volume is lacking, and simultaneous capture of three heroines is possible leaving very little time for individual ending.


4. Utau Tumbling Dice うたう♪タンブリング・ダイス [030912] Emu
In order to pay off the 1.1 billion yen debt that you accrued as you attempted to help a dying elderly man, you've decided to manage a karaoke facility that also doubles as your place of residence. You manage the facility with the three lovely granddaughters of the old man (who also live there) and attempt to increase your earnings by attracting new customers. You'll have to make advertisements and commercials and set a work schedule that doesn't push the girls too hard.
SIM of very average quality.


5. Kissing!! ~Under the Mistletoe~ Kissing!! ~Under the Mistletoe~ [030919] Valhalla 1 2
Christmas might be doomed! As chance would have it, only an unassuming Japanese student can save the winter holiday - but in order to do so he must first discover true love and receive it in turn. Yet such a task might prove impossible, for how can Koutaro find romance, when he’s always been oblivious to it?
There are English reviews.


6. Shiawase no Katachi しあわせのかたち [030919] Angel Smile 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Minamo is a pure and romantic girl who can be quite clumsy at times, and she's in love with the handsome Satoru, a boy in her class. While working at her part-time job, Minamo spies Ryo and his girlfriend Mio as they eat together, their love for each other clearly visible in their eyes. She wishes she could sit like that with Satoru, but she knows she's too shy to ever come out and confess her feelings to him.
Soon after, Minamo is killed in an accident. Filled with remorse at not seizing her chance for love while she was alive, she visits Ryo and asks for his help. If he'll lend her his own life force, she'll be able to tell her feelings to Satoru. Ryo doesn't know until it's too late that lending Minamo his life energy will turn him into a lifeless spirit!
And so the wheels of fate turn, winding the destinies of everyone together: dead Minamo and her reluctant helper Ryo; the pure Mio and her carefree twin sister Mao; the competitive Kokoro, who won't give up Satoru without a fight; the lonely spirit Izumi; and the perplexing Soul Collector. What twists and turns await this cast of characters before the final act is played?
Game is localized and has English reviews.


7. D.N. Angel TV Animation Series ~Kurenai no Tsubasa~ D・N・ANGEL TV Animation Series 〜紅の翼〜 [030925] Takara 1
In the PS2 game, players take control of Daisuke Niwa and juggle the personalities of a teenager in love, a master thief and the search for something called the Crimson Wing. As an added treat for fans, the voice actors and actresses from the television series provide their vocal talents in the PS2 video game.
Puzzle filled console release that's very difficult to get into if you have not seen the anime.


8. Cross†Channel [030926] FlyingShine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Gunjo Academy is a facility designed to gather and isolate those students who got a high score on an adaptation exam (scoring high on this exam indicates that the student is less likely to be able to be adapted to the society) mandated by the government.
After a failed summer vacation with other members of the school's broadcasting club, Kurosu Taichi and some of the other club members return to the city, only to find that the world had completely changed.
Only a small portion of reviews is included. With that all the intrigue of game of the year completely vanishes.


9. Doki-Doki Beach ~Munasawagi no Yokan~ どきどきビーチ ~胸騒ぎの予感~ [030926] Aiai
Main character attends private boys school. At summer he gets a part-time job of a guard on the beach. Summer experience awaits! And he already meets cute girl Rina Matsubara there and swears to capture her heart.
Game's mediocre and ero-tilt. Sub-heroines are relatively easy to capture, but main heroine is super difficult to reach, if possible at all. There is no walkthrough around, so we might never know.


10. Flowers フラワーズ [030926] Aaru
Main character attends high school in an old town. One day he goes to a local musician to by his first musical instrument. Just one encounter changes the color of his world completely. This is how his modest love story begins.
Game presents a variety of scenarios to cover as wide range of tastes as possible. There's sitcom, traditional Japanese nostalgia, eroticism, moe. gag, drama, nekomimi elements. It's all presented as a film from different angles. Story has no beginning and no end and is just directed shots of everyday life with various techniques involved. I can't appreciate such scenario neglecting game.


11. Heartful Days ~Hi no Ataru Basho e~ ハ~トフル・デイズ~陽のあたる場所へ~ [030926] Heroine Maker
Main character enters university and finally starts to live alone. Three girls are of special interest to him. As he gets closer with them and solves their problems, something missing in the heart starts to fill in.
Quite an ordinary moege with some comedy and obvious development. Volume is small. Some conversations are funny, but nothing of notice besides that.


12. Meguri, Hitohira. めぐり、ひとひら。 [030926] Caramel Box 1 2
Asou Tomo is an unpopular painter. He often travels to sketch. One day, he visited the Yukari Shrine in the rural town. Then, he came across a girl who called herself a goddess, his younger sister-in-law who died three years ago, his fiancee, a ghost of woman servant and a taciturn girl.
There are English reviews.


13. Princess Bride プリンセスブライド [030926] 130cm
One day protagonists father tells him that he is actually from a royal family and to be able to claim his right to the throne he must pick his future princess before he graduates.
He proposes five girls from his class but none accepts him outright. But slowly they all begin to get close to him, and when they find out about each other they even get more agressive. 
Suddenly he finds himself living together with five girls. Everyday is a battle to win him over. Now he must chose one of them to be his future wife. Who will receive the princess card and achive her dreams ?
A typical moege.


14. Ricotte ~Alpenbul no Utahime~ Ricotte ~アルペンブルの歌姫~ [030926] Rune 1 2
Quark, a once-prosperous airship building town. If people are scarce nowadays, that's because there are only a few factories still in business.
In a pub in a corner of that declining town is a pianist acting as our protagonist and because of strange circumstances, a young lady calling herself "Ricotte" has ended up living together with him.
Innocent and willful, and furthermore being ignorant of the ways of the world means Ricotte is a severe torment to our protagonist, but notice that Ricotte has an unexpected skill in song.
On just a pub's stage the two of them gain acclaim for their performances.
And then, Ricotte's confession--.
"Have you heard of the 'Songstress'? That is me, that is what they called me."
There is an English review.


15. Seikai no Senki 星界の戦旗 [030926] Gainax
Three years after their adventure, Lafiel becomes captain on the brand new assault ship Basroil and Jinto finishes his training to become a supply officer and joins Lafiel's crew. They set out to join a large fleet with the mission to defend the strategically important Aptic Gate from a force 15 times larger than their own. And to make matters worse, their new fleet commander is from the Bebous family, a family notorious for their "Spectacular Insanity".
As for me, Gainax is much better at anime than at games. Space strategy is not my thing, anyway.


16. Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu 天使のいない12月 [030926] Leaf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Tenshi is about a senior high school boy with relationship problems; he's got few friends and perhaps because of his bothersome kid sister, is averse to any steady relationship. That is, until he has a sexual encounter with Kurihara Touko. Touko, a classmate of his, is a sensitive, simple girl desperate to make an impression on others, and willingly offers herself to the protagonist. He runs away from a relationship; Touko clings to him hoping to find one. This unusual relationship soon leads them on a long soul-searching journey.
There are English reviews.


17. Thanatos no Koi ~In Ane Otouto Soukan~ タナトスの恋~淫姉弟相姦~ [030926] Red Label
Naomi Yuiki, 21 years old single, college student. Though her parents died, because of the inheritance she and her brother, Kouta Yuiki age 18, can live without much trouble.
Even though she is 21 she is still a virgin because secretly in love with her younger brother. Even her attempt to get over him by sleeping with Takuya Yoshizawa, a genius surgeon and once a subordinate of her fathers didn't work and that depressed her even further.
At that time she met with an accident. A traffic accident so severe that her whole body except her brain is ruined beyond salvation. Just as doctors were about to give up on her an another patient at the same hospital, Akane Kitahara suffers brain death. Taking this chance, Yoshizawa who was working on advancing the research on the brain transplantation decides to transfer Naomi's brain to Akane.
Naomi's new life as Akane Kitahara stats. This time Naomi is not restricted by morality of a brother and sister relationship, but things don't go as easy as she hopes because being Akane brings her own relationship problems. Chaos ensues...
Kanno Hiroyuki is back, so scenario complexity is guaranteed. But contents is rather heavy, so it's not for everyone. I'd really opt out for something else, but only this game and Umi kara Kuru Mono don't have reviews, and both are rather dark. Please, Kanno Hiroyuki, don't let me down.


18. Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni ~Operation Sanctuary~ 月は東に日は西に ~Operation Sanctuary~ [030926] August
The girl that fell out of the blue.
And the protagonist's life, which began to take a turn little by little into the realm of the extraordinary starting from that very day.
「Nao-kun, if you don't get up soon, you're going to be late.」
The new school term started today. The protagonist's childhood friend, Honami, has kept telling him that he's not a child anymore, and yet continues to come to wake him up. They proceed as they always have to 『Hasumidai Academy』, which stands atop a hill ... but this time around, as second-year students.
「Naoki, I'm going on ahead of you!」
And the protagonist's cousin, Matsuri, zips past the two of them. After having lost both parents in a terrible accident 5 years ago, the protagonist Naoki Kuzumi was taken in by Matsuri's parents. And now, Matsuri herself -- who had been so opposed to Naoki's moving in back then -- has become a freshman at Hasumidai Academy.
These ordinary, ordinary days, stretching on forever.
... but then, one day, up on the roof of school 
August starts to have its definite style - in this case it's cute characters in unusual setting. And falling from the sky definitely is unusual. There are no complaints about graphic or the first comedy part. But second part is weak, so overall impression suffers a lot. Unfortunately it can not rise above usual moege level yet.


19. Zaishuu -The SiN- 罪囚-The SiN- [030926] Tactics 1 2 3 4
Following the death of their parents, Akira made it a solemn duty to ensure his sister could live a normal existence, doing everything within his power to bring happiness into their inconstant lives. As Akira’s bond to Aya inevitably grew closer, others began to jealously whisper how the siblings were forging a relationship that went beyond the accepted conventions of brother and sister; allegations neither showed particular concern towards. Yet this idyllic innocence was not meant to last, and the devotion between Aya and Akira would be sorely tested by an incomprehensible world they never knew existed – a reality that threatens to smother both in malicious darkness.
Game is localized and has English reviews.




1. Koi no Mannaka 恋のまんなか [030904] Dennou Oroshidonya
Main character spends school days peaceful till his till arrival of a new transfer student. Their paths start to bring them closer...


2. Gyakushuu ~Seiheki no Bigaku~ 逆醜~性癖の美学~ [030905] Curious
Main character loses his parents in an accident and lives in his relatives family - uncle, aunt and their three daughters. He remains cold to the family and eventually starts to be treated as a housekeeper. The only joy for him is internet. One day he molests a weak girl in the train. With first crime remaining unpunished, he sets up insult hell for his three new sisters...


3. Hime Ichiya 秘女一夜 [030905] Aiai
Main character receives an invitation letter from an unfamiliar sender to "Secret women overnight festival" on isolated Inaba island. His sister-in-law behaves strangely after receiving the letter and soon disappears. Protagonist decides to visit this event on the island to find his sister.


4. Koyoi mo Meshimase Alicetale 今宵も召しませAlicetale [030905] Rune
Suspicious baggage arrives from the parent of main character. Inside is a small girl who claims to be a vampire. Their strange communal life begins on that day.


5. Ryoujoku Kangofu ~Jigoku Seme~ 凌辱看護婦~地獄責め~ [030905] Ryoujokudou
Main character is a former doctor who works for a medical-related foundation. He's in charge of a special medical ward where powerful people hide from the media attention or law enforcement authorities. What they need is good service, not a good doctor. So protagonist trains special medical stuff to satisfy any customer needs.


6. Angels Blue [030912] LiLiM DARKNESS
Uncle and nephew start a "game" to insult Miki and Miku sisters-in-law over the period of 10 days. Any means of winning is allowed, except for hurting opponent directly. Will protagonist choose to protect sisters, score as fast as possible or eliminate his rival?


7. Asylum [030912] Eve
Women are imprisoned here for their sins. They experience mental pain and pleasure every day. Main character is the person to deliver punishment.


8. Fake フェイク [030912] Witch 1
Main character has Nayu and Yuma childhood friends. Now he is supposed to help at the shrine where two girls live. Will he develop relations with his Nayu who he knows from elementary school or with Yuma who treats him warmly?


9. Giin Oyako Celeb ~Kegareyuku Soukyuu no Bara~ 犠淫母娘セレブ~穢れゆく双宮の薔薇~ [030912] Studio Jikkenshitsu
Main character wins government post, but lawmaker assassination investigation can put him in dangerous position. He develops a plan - to insult the women of the family.


10. Ikenai Shutter Chance! いけない☆シャッターチャンス! [030912] Black Package
Main character has nothing particular to do all days long. His life changes when he finds adult magazine. He applies for a job of photographer to perform discipline and training in a semi-forceful way. Somehow he's asked to do photos of landscapes instead. But protagonist does not give up. He only needs one chance...


11. Kagami no Naka no Orgel - Mittsume no Monogatari [Haensel und Gretel] 鏡の中のオルゴール みっつめの物語 [Haensel und Gretel] [030912] Fairytale
Handel and Gretel are abandoned by their mothers due to food starvation. After several days of travelling in the forest they find a funny house to rest inside. As Haensel wakes up, he sees Gretel captured by the witch. What if Haensel was not able to save Gretel as in original? Here is how it might look if both got captured...


12. More & More (Moremore) MORE&MORE(漏々) [030912] Berries
A formerly prestigious theater club is in danger of dissolving now. Main character becomes club's adviser and organizes recruiting, but in the end club is left with only two members. The dreams of setting Shakespeare play become impossible, so they have to settle with Red Hat imitation. However, both member girls are so bad in acting. Protagonist needs to give them individual training sessions to attain relaxed scene behavior.


13. Sex Partner セックスパートナー [030912] Lipstick
Main character gets a job in the "Island" family restaurant on the beach. During this summer he will need to form relations with the owner and the waitresses.


14. Maid Sangekikan ~Mesuinu Rinkan~ メイド惨劇館 ~メス犬輪姦~ [030917] Black Lilith
Kyle is one of a couple of servants to an eccentric aristocrat. Being new to the whole servant thing, there was a gentle and dainty housemaid that showed him the ropes. Over time he came to look upon her in a very honorific light. However, one evening he witnesses the seemingly willing violation of his idol by several men. Completely shocked by the event, he does nothing but watch. With his vision of her purity shattered, what will he do now?


15. Chijoku Yuugi 乳辱遊戯 [030919] West Vision
Main character barely escapes rape charges by hiding in the lodge that stays abandoned at this season. One day owners of the lodge come by. They are two girls. They want to call police, but get captured by protagonist before they succeed at that. He can fulfill all his desires now. 


16. Keibiin 2 警備員2 [030919] Interheart
Main character gets a security guard job at a huge mall. Security system is fully electronic, so only two guards are enough to maintain it. Protagonist's partner can not handle computers, so protagonist gets full authority of using this system in his malicious intents.


17. Kin'iro no Corda 金色のコルダ [030919] Koei 
Kahoko Hino is a student at a Seisou Academy, one with an ordinary life. One day, Lili - the mischievous musical fairy who had blessed the original founder of the school - finds Kahoko running late to class. Delighted that she is able to see him, Lili grants Kahoko a magical violin, and a place in the school's annual musical competition, which many students in the music department vie to partake in.
Kahoko refuses, only to be pressed on by the fairy, who constantly nags her until she finally gives way to his pleads. She reluctantly accepts the instrument. As she practices her pieces, Kahoko is amazed that she can play any piece on the violin as long as she knows the tune and plays it with her heart.


18. Miboujin ~Numeriau Nikuyoku to Midara ni Nureru Mitsu Tsubo~ 未亡人 ~ぬめり合う肉欲と淫らに濡れる蜜壺~ [030919] MBS Truth
Now here’s something a little dark; it involves getting it on with a widow, her daughter, and/or the daughter’s tutor. You can also play as two different protagonists too: the brother of the recently deceased, or the college student who is a classmate/childhood-friend of the tutor. Both of these men would be stand-up guys and would have been supportive in other ways than blindly lusting. However, upon the death of the husband, both soon came upon a mysterious video of a woman bound and with face obscured; getting violated and loving it. They couldn’t recognize the face, but they certainly could recognize the voice--it was of our recent widow. Spurred on by the footage the two men came up with separate plans to reach the same lustful goal.


19. Milk Junkie MILK・ジャンキー [030919] Blue Gale ON DEMAND
Yuusuke has a problem that any guy would want and most guys wish for. A girl named Rena wants him to be her supposed "private tutor". Rena's an extremely well endowed girl, which is probably what drives Yuusuke into agreeing to be her "private tutor". This is where his problem begins. It's obvious that tutoring is one thing that they will surely not be doing. When Yuusuke comes over for Renas lesson he runs into her mom. Wow is one word to describe her breasts. Renas mom is blessed with a Triple-F Cup, even bigger than Renas. She really lays it out there and climbs all over Yuusuke. Here's the big problem. The fight over Yuusuke is now going to begin as mother and daughter get ready to show off their sexual skill in order to win. 


20. Ohime-sama o Otose! お姫様を落とせ! [030919] Sekilala
Prestigious girl academy is in the middle of student council and presidential elections. Three factions compete over the seats. As things heat up, administration gets afraid of losing other faction
parents donations, so mediator is hired. Main character is the guy who can solve any problem as long as he is given full authority over the means. He will handle these three faction leader girls as he thinks fit.


21. Onii-chan Yamete 2 お兄ちゃんやめて2 [030919] Gaia
Main character gets a job to sit with children and answer phone calls. He can play in doctor examination, but decides to set up athletic competition to look at girls in bloomers.


22. Shiosai no Himei しおさいの悲鳴 [030919] Riddle Soft
The protagonist finds himself as a lowly janitor on a luxury liner when the company he works for after graduating from college goes bankrupt and a friend's betrayal leaves him with 20 Mil yen debt. When he hears that a class of girls from a rich private school charters the liner he schemes to lock some of them up, have sex with them and extort money from them to pay his debts.


23. Zoku Maid Sangekikan ~Semen Kichiku Choukyou~ 続・メイド惨劇館 ~ザーメン鬼畜調教~ [030922] Black Lilith
Kyle works at the residence of the noble. One day he witnesses maids attacked by men. He just stands and watches in a shocked state. This cruel night destroys those pale love feelings he was holding in his heart.


24. Towa mo Nakaba o Sugite 永遠も半ばを過ぎて [030924] I-Raf-You
By taking a pygmy medicine, the boy's height is reduced to only 3cm. He is teased in sexual ways by childhood friend and his juniors, dives between the breasts of a girl, and so on.


25. Cox-Bax [030925] Gizmo
The main character came back to his hometown a while ago, but he makes a living by street performance because he has no relatives there. He is back to his hometown just to meet that man..., his "first" man.... He met the man at the park several years ago. He spoke to him, but he didn't say anything. However, the man suddenly tore off his clothes and entered his finger into the anus.... When he regained his consciousness, the man wasn't there.... He can't forget it.... He just wants to meet the man again.... He just keeps looking for the man....
Boys Love


26. Amaori no Ningyouhime ~Tozasareta Tobira, Mesu Ningyou no Shikyuu~ 雨檻の人形姫~閉ざされた扉、牝人形の子宮~ [030926] Optim
One day she quietly appeared in front of me. 
What I am only allowed to do is to repeat sexual intercourse over and over every day.
I do not know why I am locked up... I am not allowed to ask...
And the next day will come again.


27. Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hanasaku Fandisk 薔薇ノ木ニ薔薇ノ花咲ク ファンディスク  [030926] Cyc Rosé
Short Story Collection delivering 20 extra episodes featuring heroes of original game. 
Boys Love Fandisc


28. Erocon ~Erotic Controller 4U~ えろコン ~Erotic Controller 4U~ [030926] Zero
Main character is a university student who lives alone, but at the request of uncle his cousin Yumi gets to live with him. Somehow she gets in the "Electronic Psychology Research Group". One day they are invited to dance, but Yumi suddenly starts to do something sexual while dancing. It turns out that it was due to controller that controls human desires, an experimental invention developed in her club. Main character starts to use this controller to manipulate Yumi lust.


29. F&C Fandisc in 2003 nen Natsumatsuri えふあんどしいファンディスクin2003年夏祭り [030926] F&C
Among other goodies there is mini AVG "Summer Return".
Main character returns to the home town and participates in the summer festival with a girl. The girl knows him, but he has no recollections of her. Is he able to remember the past and solve the mystery of the spirits festival?


30. Futarijime ~Osananajimi to Natsu to Gimai~ ふたりじめ~幼なじみと夏と義妹~ [030926] Marine
Last summer the hero of this game went on summer vacation and got to know a beautiful classmate of his better. Whether or not the attraction was mutual; within the short time they spent together he confessed his love to her. Now the hero is in his senior year in high school when his parent (don’t know which one) remarries and lo and behold; his new step-sister is the same girl he confessed to just a year ago--awkward. Now summer vacation has come again and our hero is considering his feelings not just for this girl, but her sister as well--despite the taboo.


31. Inukko Punipuni ~Hatsujou Keihou Hatsurei Chuu~ 犬っ娘ぷにぷに~発情警報発令中~ [030926] Cronus
One day a volcano erupts on the island where demi-humans live. Female cousin is allowed to stay at the relatives place in the mainland till danger passes. Demi-humans constitution changes depending on climate. Female cousin in particular starts to get horny periodically. 


32. Melty Märchen メルティ・メルヘン [030926] Panda House
Remake of Mel Mel Melty Märchen with improved graphics and extended dialogue. The original version required solving "guesstures"-type puzzles in order to continue reading the tales, but in this port they have been replaced by "Simon"-type puzzles.
The main story is about a horny nerd who gets all his porn collection stolen by a goddess, and she won't return it to him until he saves the fantasy kingdom. The goddess requires him to help a fairy to retrieve all chapters from classic fairy tales, which seem to have been affected by a computer virus.


33. Mode MODE~モード~ [030926] Error
Main character works in a promotion company, but due to recession each division starts to act separately and finance itself from the revenues. He gets a task to supervise mobile site. Wait, but it's an adult site! He has three months to attract 10,000 paid members or he gets broke.


34. Momikucha ~Kemono ga Hisomu Rush Hour~ 揉みくちゃ~獣が潜むラッシュアワー~ [030926] Zero
Takuya is on a business travel and standing in a full train. His sexual desire arouses and he touches a woman's bottom. He can not stop his sexual desire any more and he is getting bold. Can he go back to the office safe and sound from a business travel or is he going to be put in a jail?


35. Natural Another One [030926] F&C Co., Ltd.
The protagonist (default name Kazehaya Souhei) is a teacher. One day his student Minao Kogawa confesses that she's in love with him but he already has a fiancée Haruka Makise. Realizing she's desperate he gives her a proposal to become his property. In her desperation she agrees ...

Foreword: It looked like a semi-historical plot-centered game, so why not sample it, really.

Title: Salem no Majo-tachi

Developer: Daiginjou

Date: 2003-08-08

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v3679

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P53wX3hGx64&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-sUBbx3VBtkjZ8QS4wiJk4


Synopsis: Year 1699. A young priest, named Kevin, sailed to the peaceful town in the British colony in the New World. This town's name was Salem. He is yet to know all of the horrors of the Salem's witch-hunt.

Game type: Semi-historical drama

Difficulty: Easy, very few choices

Character Design rating: 7/10

Protagonist rating: 7/10

Story rating: 5/10

Game quality: 6/10

Overall rating: 6/10

Rating comments: Story became a major disappointment for me dragging it all down.


Protagonist: Kevin is actually really nice. His identity is complex - English pastor of indian origin fighting with knuckles. He is always shown with face. He does not really move the plot, but he's still a cool guy looking naturally in this environment.

Characters: There are four heroines - naive main heroine Meg, free-spirit Julia, pretentious Emily and genius Sophie. I played only the routes of the first two - main heroine and gun-wielding girl. And these are two dead-serious boring heroines. All the comedy relief is created by the other two heroines. The problem with characters is that routes are pretty much the same - first some incident happens which is resolved by particular heroine special skill - love blooms - then it moves to the actual witch-hunt.


Story: Such pseudo-historical setting is quite disadvantageous, as for me. It is overcrowded with all kinds of one-sided grotesque characters. Even prior to playing the game reader already has a very good image of what's going to happen - there's going to be a witch trial and a happy end. So the only thing that should surprise to create an impact is process and plot shifts. Game introduces two humorous heroines to lighten up the mood, but it still remains overextended historical SOL with just two notable events. Main heroine Meg route tries to tell a more involving story, but too little too late.



Somehow much older Dorei Ichiba produced a better impression on me. That were easy to grasp single heroine stories with interesting individual lines and plot shifts. Much shorter as well. Salem no Majo-tachi is a much more complex game containing dozens of characters, but heroines fail to charm, and lots of filler scenes both distract and irritate.

Overall comments: Game is of very high quality and made with much effort and skill, but neither story, nor heroines manage to grasp attention, and without it any game is worthless for me.



It's the month of summer Comiket, so let's try to make it through piles of Doujins together. I consider Natsuyume Yawa the masterpiece and winner by default. I'm reviewing Salem no Majo-tachi , but I've yet to develop my opinion on it. 

1. Boku to Kanojo to Kokoro no Kakera 僕と彼女とココロの欠片 [030808] Milky Kiss
Father gets an urgent work appointment leaving main character in charge of his imouto and niece.
He has a lover, but something misses in his heart. He starts to see strange dreams more and more frequent. As summer vacations draw close he hears in his dream "The day of the appointment is about to come ..."
Development and characters are good enough, but story is basically one road scenario and player will is ignored. Lack of depiction is often encountered, and endings are quite disappointing, as for me.


2. Love Split ~5 Banme no Kisetsu~ Love Split ~5番目の季節~ [030808] Rouge
Main character has crush on two very different girls since school. Pass a psychology test and start your way to happy college life with one of them.
Story itself is serious and last for a year with all the complimentary year holidays, but quite ero-centered.


3. Salem no Majo-tachi セイレムの魔女たち [030808] Daiginjou
Year 1699. A young priest, named Kevin, sailed to the peaceful town in the British colony in the New World. This town's name was Salem. He is yet to know all of the horrors of the Salem's witch-hunt.
Game resembles Slave market the most, especially that additional chapter of Slave market that was added in remake version. Creators are virtually the same. There is more solid history foundation here and overall more interesting development, but you probably won't like this game unless you liked Slave market.


4. Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers ギャラクシーエンジェル Moonlit Lovers [030822] Broccoli 1 2
Moonlit Lovers, revolves around the battles with remnants of Eonia's forces led by General Rezum and later a mysterious woman named Nefyuuria who claimed to be a member of a race called the Val-Fasq. A new member of the Angel-tai, Karasuma Chitose, is also introduced.
There are English reviews.


5. Natsuyume Yawa 夏夢夜話 [030828] KID 1 2 3
The story centers around a young boy by the name of Reiji Oumi. When his sister suddenly dies, Reiji, along with Kotori and Ryouko each withdraw, not wanting to accept the fact. Years have passed, and the three of them reunite back in their hometown and reminisce on the past events.
There is an English review.


6. Himawari no Natsu ~Boku ga Eranda Ashita~ ひまわりの夏 ~僕が選んだ明日~ [030829] Melonpan
Main character confesses to his classmate Mayu, and they start dating.
Three months later protagonist meets another girl Mayu who can't find her parents. For the time being hero shelters her at his place. As he starts to ask around, his girlfriend Mayu changes appearance somehow. What's the connection between these two Mayu girls?
Raising SIM with horrible system and girl customization. Very poor work.


7. Kattobi! 家飛-カットビ!- [030829] TerraLunar
Main character leads a normal life until one day he gets confessed to by his greatest enemy - cousin Kotetsu. Is this a mockery? Then suddenly a big earthquake starts and house gets lifted in the air. And that's only the beginning of a joyful and absurd play that protagonist and his cheerful friends set up.
It's difficult to evaluate the game ... because it's pretty much impossible to understand what's going on. Development is rapid, aggressive and totally beyond laws of logic. 


8. Kitsune Iro no Komoriuta きつね色の子守唄 [030829] Actress
Yushihiro is a university student. During his vacation, his old fashioned parents decide to send him to their home city in order to find a fiancee. 
He goes to spend some days in the house of his mother's cousin in order to meet some girls to decide wich one will he marry. 
Visiting an old xinto shrine of the city, he met Rie, a strange girl who is actually a childhood friend. And she wants to become his fiancee too, even thought she is not even human!
Scenario is very short - it only lasts for 6 days. Each of five heroines has a big number of H events - from three to five. Very inarticulate game.


9. Magistr Temple [030829] light
Main character lives alone and leads a normal school life till he meets girl Haruka at the school gate.
Suddenly Haruka becomes assaulted and insulted. A huge robot and glasses girl oppose Haruka and get defeated by her. Haruka turns out to be a magical girl who fights for justice, and she forces protagonist to cooperate. 
The next day main character awakens and sees Haruka cooking in the kitchen in an apron. She has been kicked out of the house in order to start independent magician life. Protagonist's peaceful house suddenly gets crowded with a lot of girls - either relatives or acquaintances - and all of them decide to live here.
There are 10 episodes - 7 for common route and the rest for individual heroine. True route opens up after all heroines are cleared. Scenario resembles TV show - it tries more just to entertain than to tell a story. It's that case when funny game is not necessarily interesting.


10. Majokko a la Mode 魔女っ娘ア・ラ・モード [030829] F&C FC01
In the Mint Kingdom, there's a magic school called "Twinkle Academy". There, an exam is held in the summer that the students take to test their magical abilities. However, this year the exam will be taken in pairs... and you need a partner! You need to pursue one of the six heroines so you can do the exam... and maybe something else!
As F&C likes it, there are SIM elements in the form of repeating everyday activities to raise favorability. And it's all for the sake of picture - it's indeed of superb quality rivaling even modern visual novel graphics.


11. Night Demon -Yume Oni- ナイトデーモン-夢鬼- [030829] Alice Soft
One day, suddenly a phenomenon called "Tsuzuki" appeared all over the world.
The phenomenon came without warning.
It looked like a bridge of pastel light ran across the sky, with a mixture of pink, green and yellow.There seemed to be something lurking behind the bridge...
After the first sudden appearance, "Tsuzuki" started to show up over the sky without any forewarning sign. And it could be anywhere in world, never stayed in the same place.
At the same time, mysterious creatures started to show up. They had the same appearance as human, could talk and even had human emotion. However, they still apparently felt very different from human. Gradually, these creatures were called "Yumegami" and being feared by everyone.
Amidst all this, the protagonist Shuka was working as a bartender at "69" (Six nine) bar...
It's a regular visual novel without gameplay elements, but this time even Carnelian could not save the game alone. There is a lot of movement, so pace suffers. There is ridiculous number or ridiculous meaningless endings that have to be cleared in order to reach True route. Occult flavor legend that makes core of the work does not really impress. Individual heroines apart of main heroine are given really little time rendering all of them some side-characters. Without the charm of characters all the dialogues feel dry. Carnelian can't really do it all for you...


12. Please teach! My Angel [030829] Petit Pajamas
Main character witnesses an angel coming down from the sky in a nearby park. She turns out to be a new teacher appointed from the heavens in order to qualify for heavens teacher in future. She proposes to live with protagonist in order to prevent her identity leak. With such angel older sister and pretty and obedient imouto their crazy life begins.
There are only two routes, but each lasts for 2 months, so volume is sufficient. H element is quite high and dark, but nothing extreme. Light enjoyable game, but not for those looking for a decent scenario.


13. Shiki to Hitsuji to Warau Tsuki ~Cry for the Moon~ 屍姫と羊と嗤う月~cry for the moon~ [030829] BaseSon
Atsushi is an ordinary high school student, spending his time with his friends and living peacefully. But triggered by meeting with four girls, his life starts to change gradually.... It is supposed to be a good change but a rape case happens at school, a classmate suddenly goes mad and a student dies mysteriously.... They are all led by a cursed stone....
There are four heroines and routes differ from each other a lot - one may be funny and the other one absolutely depressing. Just as with One2 a great variety is presented, so everyone will find something to like and something to hate here.


14. Shiritsu Akihabara Gakuen 私立アキハバラ学園 [030829] Frontwing 1
The player takes the role of Touma Souichirou, a high school student that transfers into an academy that his younger sister currently attends. Much to his surprise, this academy is actually located in Akihabara, and caters to every possible type of otaku around. Even the teachers themselves are some type of otaku (the principal dresses like a Noface, made famous in Miyazaki movies, while one of the teachers crossplays and talks like Lum from Urusei Yatsura). In a weird twist, our protagonist is a bit of a closet otaku and has a hard time fitting in at first, mostly due to his inability to open up about his tastes in anime and games. Thus, the story focuses on Souichirou's day-to-day life in AkiGaku, while learning about a variety of subjects, interacting with his fellow classmates, and also attempting to woo one of five available heroines.
There is an English review.




1. Chikansha Thomas 痴漢者トーマス [030801] Xuse 1
Tohyama Masuo, who was called Thomas, was dull guy and out of work. When he was going to look for the job, he met Tachibana Ayane, a woman of his type, in a crowded train. Her refreshing smell made him so excited that he found himself touching her on her hip. This was the beginning of his pervert activities. With his technique, he gave sexual pleasure to women all over the place.


2. Matsuyoigusa 待宵草 [030801] Patisserie
The protagonist returns to home town after three years. He finds a strange "Red Rose" girl in the form of a girl when organizing the giant warehouse. The doll suddenly starts to move and invites to visit her in the middle of the night. When he comes at night, he is told that with doll's power protagonist can interfere in other girls' dreams. He starts spending nights doing mischief to girls, but one day he notices that girls have marks describing date and cause of death. If he investigates this mark, he may be able to save them...


3. Parallel no Koibito パラレルの恋人 [030801] D-Power
Main character is an ordinary student who gets an ability to move between the worlds one day. He finds a lover in both worlds. With frequent shifts between the worlds he starts to confuse the two realities and his role in each of it.


4. Seireiko ~Mireille no Namida~ 精霊湖~ミレーユの泪~ [030801] Fukurou
Main character majors in fantasy university at a university in France. His research brings him to a forest lake where he meets beautiful girl Mireille who visited him in his dreams. When he kissed the girl he had no idea he was kissing spirit of the lake. The fairies of the lake dragged him to the bottom of the lake to a new unexplored world.


5. Tonari no Oyako Pudding となりの親子プリン [030807] Studio-74
Main character returns to home town to find old acquaintances and love interests waiting for him all this time.


6. Anagan Oyako 穴玩母娘 [030808] Merlot
Main character's mother died as a result of traffic accident. But soon he gets to know that seven women of one powerful family are the ones to cause his mother's death. Protagonist takes the path of revenge.


7. Shin Aniyome 真・兄嫁 [030808] Selen
When I woke up, Miwa whom I was yearning for was smiling at me. However, Miwa was the wife of my brother, Tomoshi. That is to day, she was my sister-in-law.
My name is Kagura Takashi. After my parents had died, my brother got into the fast track at a big trading company, and he’s been taking care of me. Thanks to him, I can go to school as other students do. However, I have an envy rather than gratitude for him. The figures, study, and sports, in all aspects, he is superior to me. The most painful thing is his wife, “Miwa”. She lived in another building of the same apartment complex, and she greeted me with a smile every morning. Although I loved her, he deprived me of Miwa.


8. Shoujo no Michikusa ~Akiba Hen~ しょうじょのみちくさ~あきばへん~ [030809] Sage
Akiba girls are horny and inventive in setting up erotic situations.


9. Shoujo no Michikusa ~Comiket Hen~ しょうじょのみちくさ~コミケへん~ [030809] Sage
Cute innocent young girls are lost in the maze of Comiket. How exactly will you help them?


10. Tokidomi ~Rikashitsu de Mattete~ ときドミ〜理科室で待ってて〜 [030809] Mechanical Eden
Main character has a crush with a boy. He enters the same high school and joins the same science lab to get closer. What kind of science will they develop? 
Boys Love Doujin


11. Apricot Tei Monogatari ~Egao o Wasureta Koneko~ アプリコット邸物語~笑顔を忘れた仔猫~ [030814] Lilith Soft
The protagonist's grandfather leaves him to care a mansion where a certain maid serves...


12. Lamb Lamb-ラム- [030815] Orbit-Cactus
Sari is a notorious magic user who conducts forbidden experiments in the castle surrounded by deep forest. One day local lord, Mordi visits this castle with his daughter, Charlotte, who is of fairy tribe, but raised as own daughter. The reason for visit is to transform Charlotte into ultimate sex slave... 
The training begins even though Charlotte resits it.


13. Natsuiro Toiro -Yuuigi na Kyuuka no Sugoshikata- 夏色十色 有意義な休暇の過ごし方 [030815] Hanerom
Sakurai Richi's parents have left on a trip overseas and won't be back 2 months. Along with picking up a "pink" cat, goofing around with friends from school and being nagged by his cool uncle, he spends his summer days in bliss....


14. Perfect Hole パーフェクトホール [030816] Autobahn
Certain special police department everyday work that's presented by two activities:
- special interrogation of a captured student boy
- lust patrol to gather the most semen


15. Promised Land [030816] TEARS.
Main character is an artificial creature who wakes up at a research facility. He has to live with four researchers during one week without knowing anything about himself. 
Boys Love Doujin


16. Tears -contact- [030816] Team D.T.R. 
People talk to each other. If you look closely, they only only talking about themselves without trying to hear what the other person is saying. People get desperate to be heard. But sometimes people can understand the other person. Listen to us speak, we'll show you.
Non-JP doujin


17. Utakata うたかた [030816] TEARS.
Main character loses his sibling and memory in an accident. He drives housekeepers crazy. But this 47th housekeeper is a man who is not afraid of difficulties.
Boys Love Doujin


18. Akuma-ouji Kisoukyoku 悪魔王子綺想曲 [030817] Black Joke Freak
On the night of the Demon King's death, Prince Zale leaves the castle to the pure demon Belphegor, who has been designated as the Soul Contractor. As Soul Contractor, he needs to get his hands on a "White Soul" of a human, which must be sought out and brought back. Thus, Prince Zale and his Watch Servant Haruka set out on a journey to the human world to search for this person. But, he didn't know that the magic of true "love" would be so overwhelming...
Boys Love Doujin


19. Chou no Miru Yume 蝶の見る夢 [030817] Selenium
Find the blue butterfly.... The lead character Hirano Kazuya meets a beautiful girl at a belvedere. In the big city Tokyo, his journey to find the True World has just begun.


20. Fuyu wa Maboroshi no Kagami 冬は幻の鏡 [030817] Hanpamania-Soft 1
The story is a paranormal mystery with lots of Watanabe brand humor thrown in.
It starts out very strong but pretty quickly loses all sense of pacing and decides to do a bit of club SoL. You're then suddenly prompted to pick one of three protagonist.


21. Grape Candy [030817] Tange Kentou Kurabu
In order to protect his sister from witch's sacrifice, main character takes place of the sister and challenges the witch. However, he gets transformed in a half-human half-cat with very sensual body reacting to witch's punishment.
Doujin nukige


22. Kaiki Suru Seisou 回帰する星霜 [030817] Yokare to Omotte Yattanoni
One Summer day I had a strange visitor. A girl who lost sight of her lover and a married woman waiting for the return of her husband. I listen to their love stories and notice that voices get broken. Hey, are you laughing right now? 


23. Kaze to Hikari ga Anata ni Megumimasu Youni 風と光があなたに恵みますように [030817] nuko
Main character returns home after a long time and is greeted by his two younger sisters. But he is interested in the myths of this place. The railway tracks that extend beyond terminal station, the village where population disappeared 80 years ago, the mourning spirit...


24. Kinou no Yume o Yoru ni Kaeshi 昨日ノ夢ヲ夜ニ帰シ [030817] Ritz software
Hiro is a grade school teacher and lover of Kurou, the son of a company president. One day, Kurou brings the news that to save his father's company, he has to break up with Hiro and agree to get married to a rival company's president's daughter. Hiro wishes him luck in his future marriage. It's been months later. Hiro thinks about Kurou sometimes but he has other people he can depend on.....
Boys Love


25. Knock Out -Taisengata Datsui Mahjong- Knock Out-対戦型脱衣麻雀- [030817] Splush Wave
Train yourself by playing mahjong with teachers and move on to defeat girls in strip mahjong.
Doujin Card Game


26. Madogoshi no Heya 2 窓ごしの部屋2 [030817] Soft Circle Courreges
The window of the next house is seen from protagonist's room. Girls live there, but they shut the curtains at every attempt of dialogue. One day main character receives a message from that room "Don't you want to come to my place?"
Doujin Nukige


27. Nestle Close [030817] Haikara Kissa
Your parents pass away and you move in with older brother who is married and is a workaholic leaving you and your sister-in-law with a lot of time together. Eventually hormones win and you start having sex and soon it becomes cosplay time to increase the enjoyment.


28. One ~Sekai de Tada Hitori Boku no Kimi wa Hitori Dake~ one ~世界でただひとり ぼくのきみはひとりだけ~ [030817] Ritz software
Main character has a habit of oversleeping, so it's difficult for him to find a work for a long time. He is invited to work as a host. The problem is that there is no star host in the enterprise, and main character is pushed to take this position... 
Doujin Boys Love


29. Orange Marmalade [030817] Tange Kentou Kurabu
Space Sheriff Leona avenges evil organization "Flumers" who destroyed her homeland star. After that days start to pass peacefully. One day she receives a request to find a disappeared girl. Mysterious videotape is sent to sheriff office where girl is insulted by a space monster. Leona takes her laser gun and gets back in action.


30. Ore no Natsuyasumi 2 おれのなつやすみ2 [030817] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
During your summer vacation your mother has asked that you take care of the two daughters of a friend Marina and Rie. She tells you they're 1st and 2nd grade students so you get very excited expecting two first and second grade high school girls.
When you meet them at the station you discover that they are in fact 2 grade school girls!
After their first day at your home Rie asks what a pussy is then asks you what sex is. She and her sister discovered your erotic manga. They now demand that you teach them about sex and how to feel good!
How will your summer vacation end?


31. Ore no Natsuyasumi Bangai Hen おれのなつやすみ番外編 [030817] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
A year after the events in Oreno Natsuyasumi, the protagonist come back to his aunt house where are waiting his little cousins the 6th grade Arisu and the 3rd grade Karin
Another hot summer is waiting


32. puncTure [030817] Dopamine Software
People enjoy eternal life and die only when they wish to. That changes with the birth of a girl that has a power to bring death to the loved ones. She is sealed in the ancient ruin because of her dangerous gift.
Some time later a crazy nobleman finds her and orders main character to train her and nurture hate feelings in her instead of love.


33. Shiokaze no Machi 潮風の街 [030817] studio WALK
In the near future, a dispute erupts over underwater resources in the East China Sea. The protagonist, a fighter pilot, was traumatized in battle and sent back home. While working at his uncle's cafe, he gets to know three girls. However, these restful days will soon end, and the shadow of war will envelop them once more.


34. sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Otanoshimi CD sol-fa-soft真夏のお楽しみCD [030817] Sol-fa-soft
Sol-fa-soft Fan Disk is here.
The contents are as follows:
■ Self-flipping
This is an undressing memory card game.
Please flip all cards within the time limit.
■ Abunai Kaisuiyoku
Short story.
The main character (♂) who came to the paternal countryside can play with Takatsuki Miho this year just like last year, but seems to be mischievous this year.
■ Ningyou no Yume to Mezame Demo
New work announced, It features a young love story between Satomi Akira and Shigaraki Kasumi. You can play the prologue.
■ H na Oisha-san Demo
The main character (♂), is a doctor who came to a school for medical examination. H scene which has nothing to do with the main story.
■ Nana Chan Smile
It is a game (?) Playing withNana chan on the menu screen.
As usual, she will go on going out naked as well.


35. Sweet Apricot [030817] Sniff Dogs
Six school girls doing naughty things secretly.


36. Pretty Idol プリティアイドル [030821] ThunderSonia
Main heroine is a former cabaret entertainer. She is invited to the best clubs, but she chooses to work at school. Why does she choose to work here?
Doujin Otomege


37. Angel Knight [030822] Ferret
Kirk and Asel are childhood friends trying to become knights. Kirk has a natural healing ability that was a secret between the two of them, until he uses it during training and attracts attention from the knights right away. Naturally Asel becomes envious, but Kirk keeps deepening his relationships with the people around him, and gradually Asel's feelings are turning from friendship to something more.
Boys Love


38. Dakkan Kikou Luvnatier 奪還機構 ラヴネイティア [030822] Arkham Products
Main character is a master of the coffee shop. But his true occupation is the leader of combat maid unit using nano-technology to transform and defeat evil. Two waitresses and childhood make the rest of the team.


39. Ingoku Seijo Gakuen 淫獄聖女学園 [030822] Girl's Software
Main character is a physician who is invited to head school's health department. He is unwilling to take the job, but when he sees that it's a missionary school for girls, a wide smile covers his face.


40. Mahou Tenshi Misaki 魔法天使ミサキ [030822] Rasen
There was a girl who fought despair of this world. At the moment when she tried to seal the seed of despair, she got a blow from the enemy. The seed and enemies pierced the night city. But the girl stood up to fight through pain and humiliation to stop despair. 


41. Sweet Devil すい~とでびる [030823] Hanerom
Mao-kun has become lost in the demon world. The ones who came to help me, as puzzled as I was, were none other than 2 demons! "Sweet Devil" is a shota dice adventure game.


42. Hoshi no Oujo 星の王女 [030825] Mirai 1
In the spring when the protagonist is 19 years old she passes her entrance exams and manages to start going to her favored university.
Both her parents have to go overseas because of work, so she ends up living with just her older brother Kazuki.
She spends her days happily being watched over by her older brother who thinks highly of his little sister.
Than one day she receives terrible news, her parents have suddenly died in a tragic accident.
Losing her precious parents the protagonist sinks into sadness.
But she is supported by her older brother and her childhood friend Kouhei and becomes a little happier.
But suddenly the strain of their parents deaths gets to her older brother and he suddenly collapses.
The protagonist is at a loss, 
"Please... Save my brother..."
Her hearts prayer goes answered and her brother regains consciousness for a time.
However, their house full of the memories of their parents is about to get seized by the Yakuza, and the protagonist gets involved in other various incidents.
But she tries to live on strongly with various people supporting her.
In the season of whirling cherry petals a sorrowful and heartrending but also beloved story is starting.


43. Kuro no Toshokan 黒の図書館 [030828] Fortune♪
Main character does not remember his identity. He is doing librarian job in some sort of library. There are few visitors, so he has a lot of time to read books. He has colleague girl who is good at making tea. Various girls with problems visit library in search of a way to treat their intimate problems. Protagonist helps them by using a special book that makes dreams come true. 


44. Sagara-sanchi no Etsuraku Life ♪ 相楽さん家の悦楽ライフ♪ [030828] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5 6
You are Yusuke, a Japanese youth about to enter college in Tokyo. When your father suggested that you live with the family of a friend of his while you attend school, you didn't really have an opinion one way or the other. Until, that is, you found out that the Sagara Family is comprised of nothing but women: four beautiful daughters and their sexy widowed mother!
Of course you don't mind the prospect of living in a house full of beautiful women -- you are a man, after all. The trouble is, they're not used to having men around, so they don't know how to act around one. This will no doubt cause any number of interesting situations to pop up as you get used to living with these beautiful women. 


45. Aishite Nightingale 愛してナイチンゲール [030829] Cherry Soft
Main character gets his body replaced with his sister with the power of magical medicine. A large amount of "pure virgin libido power" is needed to return to the original state, as family doctor says.


46. Ame ~The Rain~ 雨~The Rain~ [030829] Digi Anime
Main character is at a loss under the rain when he meets a girl with a healing smile. She invites him to live at her place till it stops to rain, e.g. under the same roof with three cute girls. The weather forecast shows that it's going to rain for at least a week more.


47. Chakku! Tsuiteru!! ちゃっく!ついてる!! [030829] LiLiM
Youichi finds an abandoned loli in a cardboard box on the road and...
Sound familiar? Maybe, but the male protagonist doesn't suspect he's merely the pawn in a mysterious conspiracy where NOTHING is what it seems.


48. Fragrance ~Ryoujoku no Choukou~ フレグランス~凌辱の調香~ [030829] Serene
Main character's sister-in-law has become a doll-like being after some event. Protagonist tries to investigate it and finds a note with three sister names on it. His revenge is going to be remorseless.


49. Hisui no Hitomi 翡翠ノ眸 [030829] Alice Noir
Thousands people get missing each year in Japan. 4% of them are those who devote their body and mind to Yema demon who returned to modern Japan as of late.
Main character is an exorcist who banishes Yema back to nothingness. He is on his way to next Yema location when he receives a call asking for help to rescue girls trapped in a Western-style building together with demons.


50. Lime Iro Jankitan ~Meiji Nippon, Otome Sakidumosu.~ らいむいろ雀奇譚 ~明治日本、乙女先ヅモス。~ [030829] Elf
A mahjong-game side-story of the series.
Fandisc card game


51. Puni Fugo ぷに☆ふご~ [030829] Piichigumi
Main character's parents go bankrupt leaving him a lot of debts. He decides to become a student of millionaire school and learn to gamble in order to cover his debts. Revenge for the enemy who pushed parents to such den of despair starts with a card game.
Card game


52. Punitsuma ~Oku-san wa Anatairo~ ぷにつま ~奥さんはあなた色~ [030829] Petit Pajamas
Main character can not satisfy his newly wed wife. But when her sister comes by there's no problem with protagonist in bed. Sister-in-law taught him how to satisfy his wife, but the affair did not stop there...


53. Ryoujoku Seifuku Jogakuen ~Chimitsu ni Nureta Seifuku~ 凌辱制服女学園~恥蜜に濡れた制服~ [030829] SQUEEZ
Main character is art teacher in a girls academy. He develops pervert habits of voyeurism, intimidation and rape there...


54. Take Off! ~Kore ga Bokura no Erabu Michi~ Take off!~これが僕らの選ぶ道~ [030829] B-wings
School based yaoi game. Takes place over a full school term.
Boys Love

Foreword: Apocalypse angel story is enough to bait me as long as there aren't more intriguing candidates, but in July 2003 there weren't any.

Title: Kono Sora ga Tsuieru Toki ni

Developer: Digital Monkey

Date: 2003-07-25

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v4269

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_A5pJN26duNo4X_aEnGCZ-


Synopsis: Main character lives happily with his lover and friends around him. But one day the world comes to an end. Protagonist's brother is looking for a leader in this crumbling post-apocalypse world and he finds the leader in protagonist's lover Sena who undergoes transformation suitable to call her God's child... The two people keep on living happily. However, the fate is not smiling at them.

Game type: Eschatological human experiments drama

Difficulty: Easy

Character Design rating: 5/10

Protagonist rating: 6/10

Story rating: 5/10

Game quality: 5/10

Overall rating: 5/10


Rating comments: Game itself is of mediocre quality, but plot loopholes do not leave it any chance to be treated like a proper game.

Protagonist: Itsuki has a face and he's quite a decent protagonist who does not chase after each skirt. But for that we have his older brother Reiji who insults every girl in the game.

Characters: There are two routes reserved for other heroines than Sena, but Sena is the main heroine, so I needed to see her route first. And after seeing it there was no room for going on with this game, ever again. All heroines in this game are pretty much alike - they behave normally in presence of Itsuki and have even some emotional moment before H-event - that in-between of the multiple insult scenes with Reiji. 


Story: Story is divided into three structural elements. Common route prologue prior to the disaster, main part at the time of disaster and epilogue after the disaster. Prologue is just about funny school life and birth of love with Sena, quite nicely done, actually. But main part messes everything. First, we get to choose one of two protagonists at least 10 times in the game. And selection Reiji scenes shows us insult scenes with his lab worker or one of three female test subjects each time. Selecting Reiji scenes also forbids us from reaching True ending rendering friendship ending instead. As for the main story...  nothing is really known. The facts are that Itsuki awakens after a month of coma and finds the world totally changed - almost all the buildings are damaged, people starve and live outdoors. At the same time some mysterious organization appears that concentrates power in its hands and develops a weapon to oppose some external forces. We're not told anything about those external forces, and autocratic organization calls everyone to join forces to protect their homeland. As just one incident, organization sends 120 air crafts to bomb the mainland. At the same time organization makes experiments over girls to grow them wings and - surprise - use them to kill pilots in the pilot cabins of air fighters. And what kind of experiments are used? I think you know yourself - it's an eroge, after all. No answers are really given - how demilitarized Japan managed to afford and build 120 air-crafts in one month, how organization managed to usurp power, what kind of disaster happened - nothing at all. There's no use to describe main part any further, since there's no sense in this half-baked setting. We're not even explained how it ends - something happens, be happy about it. We get some explanation, but it's just usual deus ex machina thing.



This game is what happens when story is neglected at all. We're basically told that what you read holds no sense. How is it possible to try and read other heroines routes after that? I reached both normal and True end for main heroine Sena. But these are absolutely the same stories save for just several different scenes and endings. Game's a shame, really.

Overall comments: What we get is ero-centered end-of-the-world adventure about nothing, not even about knowing other heroines better, so there is no repeat-ability. Let's just treat it like an experience an move on.




There aren't masterpieces this month. And I'm so desperate that I'm choosing lolige Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe as VN of the Month. I'll review a cool angel game Kono Sora ga Tsuieru Toki ni

1. 6 Gatsu no Tenshi 6月の天使 [030704] LaLa
Main character who is approaching graduation goes on a journey of self-search. He meets a unique girl who has a secret about her. Right emotions will help her to convey her heart.
Game features emotions in addition to speech variants. Such system was used twice already in visual games, and each time with a pretty poor result. As expected, we get abused by unfriendly systems and lazy bad tempo. We get to live in this village for a year (wait, what about graduation?), and very few events happen over this time.


2. Monograph ~Tooi Yakusoku~ モノグラフ~遠い約束~ [030704] Discovery
Half-humans live in this world alongside humans. Main character has a lineage of both half-humans and famous exorcists. His older brother initially inherits family business, so protagonist moves to his relatives place to start his happy and slightly strange school life.
Game is very much alike most pure love games starting with ToHeart. We go to school and choose girl icons on the school map. Content is normal, without any surprises or emotion moments. All this half-human stuff is just to bring nekomimi girls in.


3. Sayonara Mayumi-chan ~Fujinomori Byouin Monogatari~ さよならまゆみちゃん~藤ノ森病院物語~ [030704] Globe
Main character is a just assigned doctor at a countryside small hospital. In this hospital wheelchair girl Mayumi is being treated for four years from the heart disease of unknown nature. Girl is always in cheerful mood despite her state, so there's the urge to do something for her...
Just great - we get to know from the title that Mayumi is going to die anyway, so let's just squeeze some tears. Just guess what's called by treatment in this game - sex. H element is above average rate here. There are several heroines, but Mayumi makes the main one. In the happy ending of the True route she even does not die. Just guess thanks to what - right again, miracle that never gets explained.


4. Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe こもれびに揺れる魂のこえ [030711] Unison Shift 1
Father Asamiya has devoted his life to serving the less fortunate, following the merciful tenants of the Catholic faith to bring compassion and kindness to those who need it most. Yet in spite of his deep dedication and strong convictions, there remains an empty feeling that the Lord has something else in store for him: another role that he should be serving. Thus when a peculiar letter is delivered to him, christening the young pastor as custodian of a small orphanage, Asamiya seizes upon the chance. For who needs hope and guidance more, than children who have little hope and guidance at all?
There is an English review.


5. Ama no Miko Hime 天巫女姫 [030718] Grooming
Main character loses parents in childhood and lives with to his grandfather. After grandfather death he decides to move back to home town where aunt and three shrine maidens wait for his return.
Game is actually a nakige with first half being quite humorous. Text is relatively good and each route is quite long - about seven hours. H events are darker than usual, but not enough to block game as a nukige.


6. Nanaha no Ken Kunoichi In no Shou 七巴の剣 くのいち 淫の章 [030718] FlyingShine
Main character needs to perform a ritual to have sex with a woman in sacred mountains. This ritual is held each 100 years, and the time for it approaches. He goes in the trip with a small company of people, but they get attacked and obstructed on their way by female kunoichi band. What awaits him?
I won't block this game, but it should be pretty obvious by this point that it's another FlyingShine nukige. Story is one road with wrong choice (always 2 choices given) leads to an instant game over. System same old, battles not fun. Story is very boring more suiting some RPG than a visual novel. H events are dense, as usual. Game is just a waste for an artist to work on.


7. The Ren'ai Horror Adventure Ryouryuu Shoujo THE 恋愛ホラーアドベンチャー 漂流少女 [030724] Siesta
You've been trapped in the school basement with 5 girls. While picking a partner from among them, you'll also have the chance to strengthen your relationship, even in such scary circumstances.
Quite a generic escape adventure with items and very little variation of actions. There are also battles that need to be prepared for each time. Finale is pretty light.


8. True Love Story Summer Days, and yet... [030724] Game Club
Morisaki Yuuta moved into the city after his mother's death with his older sister; Ruri and attended the same highschool. In the school corridor, he bumped into a student in the name of Kusunose Hina who participates in the Tennis Club. From that moment onward, Yuuta remembered his childhood promise he made to the girl whom he used to play with when his mother was still alive.
Fourth bullet in this dating SIM series. Stats, schedule and the whole complex system for conversation - not my stuff.


9. Apocalypse ~Deus Ex Machina~ [030725] Tactics 1
A basement colony "Agnoshia". People living there are controlled by the machine "Arcon". Rishe's father is a scientist and his will says there is something sleeping in "Taltaros". She heads for it and finds Ash, being cold slept, and resuscitates him. "Arcon" attacks Ash but he beats it easily.... From its debris, an image appears. It says her name is Sakura and tells them to come to the top floor of "Agnoshia". Ash and Rishe decide to go there....
There is an English review.


10. AQUAS [030725] Mercurius 1 2
Long, long ago, the Human race disappeared entirely from existence, for obscure and forgotten reasons. Only a few managed to survive, fleeing into the oceans and beginning a new life amid the waves.
Over the passing of aeons, their descendants fully adjusted themselves to their marine habitat, evolving into a slightly different (but totally Human-like) new race, the Mermen.
Only recently the Merman race has begun the re-colonization of the coastlands, but although the game story takes place in a typical Merman town on a little island, one of the locals, Eiji (the young protagonist), is not Merman at all but a true member of the supposedly extinct Human race...
There is an English review.


11. Fall in Love ふぉ~りんLOVE [030725] Hayashigumi
It is the season of summer.
The protagonist has failed to clear his college entrance exams for the 2nd time. His parents forced him to enroll at a live-in prepatory school in countryside. Run by his elder female cousin, the protagonist visited the school "Shooting Star Garden".
However, it was a girls-only dormitory.
A brave girl who aims to get into university while fighting a disease,
A girl who was hurt from failing to appear for her exams, 
An old fashioned girl who swings a sword,
A sexy elder cousin and a friendly younger cousin.
What will become of his life, living with these various heroines?
Just a moege full of erotic encounters. 


12. Hazama no Tsuki 狭間の月 [030725] Dark Side 1
Atop a forbidding hill surrounded by mysterious forests and decrepit paths lies a lonely residence. It is to this very estate that a young man has been summoned by its beautiful owner, asking him to fulfill an altruistic desire. Yet the circumstances of his visit are far from normal, and the three occupants who he encounters are more than what they seem. Evil broods strongly where he is traveling, and its hunger will only grow with his presence, stealing everything he treasures from the past, and forever corrupting his future.
There is an English review.


13. Kono Sora ga Tsuieru Toki ni この空がついえる瞬間に [030725] Digital Monkey
Main character lives happily with his lover and friends around him. But one day the world comes to an end. Protagonist's brother is looking for a leader in this crumbling post-apocalypse world and he finds the leader in protagonist's lover Sena who undergoes transformation suitable to call her God's child... The two people keep on living happily. However, the fate is not smiling at them.
A dark story primarily about death. One heroine playthrough is about 4 hours, but common route takes the bulk of it. Story starts pretty solid, but the end of the world is depicted vaguely, as a gimmick. The development feels rushed, and the ending leaves reader puzzled.


14. Mahoromatic ☆ Adventure まほろまてぃっく☆あどべんちゃー [030725] Gainax
Vesper is a secret agency fighting an army of alien invaders by using super-powerful battle androids. Mahoro is Vesper's most powerful battle android and has won many battles, but she has little operating time left and soon will cease to function. However, if she lays down her arms and conserves her remaining power, the time she has left can be prolonged to just over a year. Mahoro is given an opportunity to live the remaining time she has as a normal human. She chooses to live as a maid for Suguru, a phenomenally messy middle school student who lives by himself after his family passed away.
Basically original synopsis is taken in its entirety from the original. The focus is on everyday scenes and some original events. Without knowing the original game is really bad. So it's just another Gainax fan-oriented stuff.


15. Maple Colors [030725] Apricot 1
Saku Yoshijirou has just transferred to Kouka Academy, which is famous for its theatrical activities. On his first day at school, he started a fight with Aoi Mirai. To make the matter worse, the fight was seen by Aizen Yukihito, the head of the Drama Club. All of Yoshijirou's classmates are problem students, and he thought he could use the fight to rid himself of them. Then, Yoshijirou is assigned to direct his class in a drama competition against the Drama Club. If they lose the competition, they will be suspended. However, because they are problem students, he has difficulties directing them.
Game has excellent production values and funny characters. It boasts a lot of crunchy and difficult mini-games to enjoy. But there is absolutely nothing special about the scenario here. Just raise favorability in encounters and mini-games. If you treasure scenario like I do, game has nothing to offer. So it's good if characters along are enough for you.


16. Negai no Mahou. ねがいの魔法。 [030725] Tarte
Main character used to make up rules in his childhood and awaited rewards from the fate for remaining true to those small rules. In the corner of his heart he still believes in those small miracles. Between the cute transfer student and the childhood friend seeking for romance, it's time for magic of wishes.
Game's more about the process. There is Runner system that helps to prioritize targets and determine progress and there's also Feelings system attached. After getting through all this complexity H events happen quite suddenly, without setting the right mood. Game's too short and overall disappointing.


17. Onee-chan no Cube お姉ちゃんの3乗(きゅーぶ) [030725] Marron
One day, the mysterious distortion space-time continuum divides man character's older sister into three girls with different personalities who all retain part of older sister. Fairy comes from a different world to investigate this distortion, and thus this strange co-habitation with four girls begins.
Game is a bakage with lots of gags. But second half with serious development does not stand up even remotely to the powerful comedy start in the first part. Still no voicing, and scenario-wise Cosmos no Sora ni was better.


18. For Symphony ~With All One's Heart~ [030731] Takuyo 1
Playing as a high school student, you experience your senior year of high school with your fellow students. This includes a trip to the beach during the summer and lots of conversation on the whole. Unlike most love simulations, this one gives you a choice over the sex of the main character. You can play the game as either a girl or a boy.
Generic dating SIMs for both boys and girls at the same time never ended good. This is no exception.


19. Sakura ~Setsugekka~ SAKURA~雪月華~ [030731] Princess Soft
Only four students, plus teacher remain in the school dormitory during spring break for their own reasons.
At one such day mysterious transfer student Asuka appears in the dormitory and gives main character a book without author's name. She wants to set a play after this book. Without anyone expecting, this play will lead actors to a mysterious destiny. 
Reincarnation stuff is in the center of attention here. So basically whoever you choose is your ancient legendary bride, of course, while you are Shogun relative. A lot of absurdity rises from this relation. Routes are paired and are generally of modest volume, so cost/performance is lacking.




1. Inda Super 淫打SUPER [030702] Vega
Game gets more naughty and technically sophisticated! Whenever you hit a wrong key, system tells you which direction is correct key.


2. Mechiku - Ikenie SC 女畜・聖贄(めちく・いけにえ)SC [030703] Dennou Club
The inter-office sexual politics begin when Ono, a college graduate and recent recruit, is assigned to the "busiest" section in the company. While Ono's not afraid of a little hard work, he is not about to let it interfere with his sex life. Ono is still confident that he can handle the toughest job and his girlfriend at the same time. While Rie, his frisky girlfriend from the administration department, remains supportive of his new promotion, it's only a matter of time before jealousy rears its ugly head. Ono's new female manager, Sugiyama, is respected and admired for her management skills and her voluptuous body. Ono assures Rei that he has no interest in his middle-aged workaholic boss. However, when the work piles up tensions explode.


3. Natsu no Arashi 夏の嵐 [030703] Soft Circle Astarte
A social studies teacher Takakura Saki goes after Aoi Hazuki, one of her students, as Aoi enters in an empty classroom... As soon as she reached the classroom, Hazuki heard a quarrel of a boy and a girl from the classroom...
A visual novel about a futanari girl and a female teacher.
Nukige Doujin


4. Invisible ~Toumei Ningen ni Naru Kusuri. Invisible ~透明人間になる薬。 [030704] Invisible
Main character's father is a self-proclaimed genius scientist who invents powder of invisibility one day. Protagonist knows how to use it right to have some fun.


5. Kakoi ~Zetsubou no Shojo Kangokujima~ かこい ~絶望の処女監獄島~ [30704] Error
The protagonist witnessed his girlfriend gangbanged before him. She committed suicide and he given up his life doing bad things.
One day he got cheated and came to an island. This island was possessed by an syndicate, with rules of their own.
3 virgins were brought to the site without knowing what the place is for. He was ordered to take extremely horny pictures of themselves.


6. Kurenai ga Saita 紅が咲いた [030704] Gaia
One day a body of a recently transferred girl is discovered in one of classrooms.
Main character starts his own investigation and finds out that teachers and chiefs actually abuse girl students... 


7. Oshikake Harem おしかけ☆はーれむ [030704] Sekilala
After healing people from a faraway country, the protagonist is back home.
But several girls from a harem follow him to try to make him their lover, and the ex-girlfriend of the protagonist get caught in everything.
How and with who will it end?


8. Izayoi no Hanayome 十六夜の花嫁 [030711] Mink
Two people on the full night perform a "ritual". None of them knows how to do it. Boy suddenly has an urge to suck girl's blood, and she gets unconscious. Her heartbeat weakens, skin becomes pale, and she stops to respond anymore.
Main character who comes from the family of vampires needs to find a new, more suitable bride candidate. 


9. Oyako Donburi 3 ~Ore ga Aitsu de Aitsu ga Ore~ 母娘どんぶり3~オレがアイツでアイツがオレで~ [030711] Beenyan
Nothing happened during summer vacation. But at the end of summer vacation, there was a happening that Akira's body and mind changed off with Shintaro's! Now Akira lives with Shintaro's mother and sister... and new semester starts...


10. Popotan Fan Disc Issho ni A-SO-BO ぽぽたんファンディスク いっしょにA・SO・BO [030711] Petit Ferret
Among the other goodies disc includes two mini-scenarios:
1. Leave it to Nono「ののにおまかせ」
Main character Chris is predicted death with 1000% accuracy unless he has sex with a girl in glasses over this time.
2. Mii witch girl battle「みいの魔女っ子大作戦」
Mii-chan is a magical girl of love and justice. Store manager gets missing, so Chris has nothing better to do than accompany Mii-chan in her adventures.


11. Erumani えるまに [030712] Shinjita Baka ga Ore Datta
People from different worlds and races are summoned to a certain world, and now they are searching for a way back.


12. Honton Tange 紅瞳譚歌~ホントンタンゲ~ [030717] Hanjuku Nora
As main character returns from a part-time job, he is greeted by a girl lying in the bed in a seducing pose.
Doujin nukige


13. Akiba de Ocha Shiyo! アキバでお茶しよっ! [030718] Angel smile
Main character's father leaves him after death a coffee shop, debt and four young bride candidates. Together with the girls they need to work at the coffee shop to repay the debt.


14. Eden V [030718] Forst
Glenn escaped into space and found shelter at another abandoned spacecraft. He notices Shizuka Green among the research team and vows to revenge her.


15. Hitozuma Kasumi-san ~Oyako to Kyoudou Seikatsu~ 人妻♪かすみさん~母娘と共同性活~ [030718] Tinkerbell
Ryoji is a college student living on his own. One day he recieves a call from his Uncle's wife asking him to come over because her house has been burgled while she was shopping. Because his uncle is frequently gone on business it is agreed to have Ryoji stay in the house to help protect his aunt and her daughter. Gradually Ryoji becomes aware that his aunt is starved for sex. What will happen depends on choices made in the game.


16. Ikenai Hokenshitsu い・け・な・い保健室 [030718] West Vision
Main character is a student who frequents health room as of late. The reason is the rumor he overhears about health room nurse giving secret love consultations.


17. Maid Youbi wa H ga Ippai メイド曜日はHがいっぱい [030718] Studio Air
Main character saves money to buy the cheapest android maid. But for this price it's a maid with little practical use. Now he needs to spend summer vacations teaching maid basic things - and hopefully get into advanced stuff with time.


18. Sarasa☆Radical サラサ☆ラディカル [030718] Mireille
Main character spends school days peacefully till witch Sarasa appears before him. Her purpose is to recover forbidden item that turns virgins into impure beings while making males possessed with evil spirit. Protagonist is forced to cooperate, but story does not end with recovery of just one item...


19. KaruHota カルほた [030724] Tako
8-question quiz about Hotaruka with vulgar content as prize.


20. Dokidoki Onee-san ドキドキお姉さん [030725] Atelier Kaguya
Tomohiro lives alone. But one day, Michiru, his older brother's wife, and Hitomi, his older sister, come to his place and start living there. Hazuki, his PE teacher, and Reiko, a daughter of a caretaker of his apartment, also join them and his life suddenly turns into a paradise...!


21. Jouka no Monshou 浄火の紋章 [030725] Eerged 1
This is an Equilibrium fanfic by Urobuchi Gen, the author of Saya no Uta. No, really.
The story of a duo of Grammaton Clerics, once a mentor and pupil, now partners.


22. Kagami no Naka no Orgel - Futatsume no Monogatari [Snow White] 鏡の中のオルゴール ふたつめの物語 [SNOW WHITE] [030725] Fairytale
Fantasy on Snow White fairy-tale. Imagine that Snow White is not expelled from the castle, but confined inside it for improper practices.


23. Koi Suru Imouto wa Setsunakute Onii-chan o Omou to Sugu H Shichau no 恋する妹はせつなくてお兄ちゃんを想うとすぐHしちゃうの [030725] Rune
Main character though that brother and sister relationship would never change... until that night... Faint pants of his sister leaked from the next room. 


24. Love Song o Kimi ni... Love Songを君に・・・ [030725] Ferret
When Akira injures his leg, his dreams of playing soccer are crushed, but a song by the band EDEN helps give him hope again. He gets involved in the band's fan club and starts falling for the fan site administrator, Eve... only to discover that Eve's actually a man!
Boys Love


25. Mune Kyun! Heart de Koi Shi-te-ru ~Onii-chan Motto Daisuki~ 胸キュン!はぁとde恋シ・テ・ル~お兄ちゃんもっと大好き~ [030725] Unison Shift
One day, a letter with just one world "marriage" from comes from Yuta's father. Upon returning to home town Yuta does not find his father in the shrine. Instead, there are three childhood friend girls. It turns out that father's new wife is mother of these three girls. Now Yuta is stuck in the shrine with three new cute sisters while parents are on marriage voyage...


26. NekoNeko Soft Okaeshi CD 5 ねこねこソフト おかえしCD5 [030725] NekoNeko Soft
A collection of short stories:


27. Re-Laive Moe Moe Fandisk り・れいぶもえもえふぁんでぃすく [030725] Klein
There is a short story for each of the heroines of the original game.


28. Sci Fi Mahjong さいふぁい麻雀 [030725] Voice
Year 5032. After lots of battles humanity is divided into four space nations.
Main character is dispatched to a frontier city with his five female team to have spaceship repaired. Protagonist needs to recover his lost memory and search for the cause of the runaway that happened recently.
Card game


29. Suika ~Oo 157 Shou~ 水夏 ~SUIKAおー・157章~ [030725] Circus
It was released simultaneously with the all ages version of the original Suika and features chibi versions of the game's characters in an ADV/Quiz game consisting of four different chapters, each one with it's own individual story including tasks like finding a way to cure an infection or to master the art of cooking.


30. Sukumizu ~Fetish☆ ni Narumon!~ すくみず~フェチ☆になるもんっ!~ [030725] Circus Fetish
Released under the Circus brand division 'Circus Fetish', this game focuses on school swimsuits.
The protagonist, Shimano Kanata, is a well-known swimmer in the prefecture with a fetish for water in general, and women's swim-wear in particular.
Somehow he ends up in a private girls school in a well-known beautiful mountain region. There he meets the various girls from the swimming club and the story unfolds...


31. Thunder Claps! サンダークラップス! [030725] Colors
One day main heroine wakes up with supernatural abilities. An evil sidekick attacks a peaceful supermarket, and heroine decides to fight evil on regular basis starting with this day. She is inexperienced and prone to make mistakes when facing stronger enemies, but please support her to your best!


32. Yuri-iro no Shoujo ユリ色の少女 [030725] Serene
Main character gets a teacher job at a girls academy. Among the students he discovers his favorite student he was tutoring. A lot of her friends and teachers desire to deprive her of purity. Will protagonist be able to protect his student from these temptations?


33. Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! +White Flower+ 好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! +White Flower+ [030731] Platinum Label
Taking place a couple of years after "Rain", many changes have been made to the school. Not only is it no longer an all boys school, several of the former students are now working as teachers while others move onto other jobs. Sora, as one of the teachers, has been living a fairly normal life as he takes Minato's place as teacher. However, he realizes that it won't stay normal for long when he sees that Sunao, who he has not seen since the events in "Rain", reappears in one of the halls. This game finally wraps up the story between Sora and Sunao and ends their conflict with Professor Aizawa.
Boys Love


34. Yuuwaku na Otoshigoro ゆーわくなお年頃 [030731] Sol-fa-soft
The two Lolita girls hold a boy and a service battle!
The temptation becomes increasingly extreme, such as pants showdown, bust showdown, cheat showdown, bath confrontation etc, and at the end it will be H in various places.
Please enjoy the pleasure of the barbecue.
Doujin nukige


35. Sin [0307] Blue Forest
The protagonist, Kai Kishou, has moved home many times since he was a child.
Because of all these goodbyes he has become indifferent to people, but when making arrangements at a new school he suddenly encounters a girl being attacked by strange men. 
These strange attackers are not normal humans. 
The targeted girl, and the beautiful swordswoman who protects her. 
The world he has been thrust into will completely change Kishou's destiny.

Foreword: Girl with a huge sword was a decisive factor for me, but game is quite mysterious and curious looking. It's created for the 10th anniversary of Cat's Pro/Panda House. So, is it as enjoyable as D.U.O.?

Title: Sayonara.

Developer: Panda House

Date: 2003-06-27

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v6045

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bNX6mIBR6E&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8rKP5oDa1nzt0KevjFrmhw&index=25


Synopsis: People always die in this world upon getting 20 years old. Only 19-year old people are left in this world as new children stopped being born. Main character lives among this last generation of humans, has his part of joy and sorrow and accepts fate peacefully. Can you say your farewells with a smile?

Structure: Four seasons = four episodes ; plus extra episode

Length: About 10 hours.

Game type: Melancholy eschatological human drama

Difficulty: Easy

Character Design rating: 7/10

Protagonist rating: 6/10

Story rating: 8/10

Game quality: 6/10

Overall rating: 7/10


Rating comments: Protagonist and game quality were really disappointing, but some of heroines and the story itself were surprisingly decent.

Protagonist: Touji is pretty normal and kind, but he constantly has delusions where his shadow urges him to insult each girl he meets. I just don't feel any sympathy towards him.


Characters: There are five heroines - four regular ones and one additional. Did not see Nagano twins in the main story, they probably participate in one of branches leading to bad endings. Each of four main heroines are met in a different season. Game starts with pretty normal romantic story of feminine Ouka in spring - just normal. Then there is a story of Mishio with her huge greatsword. She's the total opposite of Ouka as she becomes a reliable strong person that's difficult to approach. Her personality is pretty difficult, but overall story is nice. Third story with Koharu in Autumn is pretty shocking as it deals with the pretty negative character traits. It was pretty shocking overall. And finally Fuyu story in winter is the real masterpiece. Great genki heroine, great action scenes. And Fuyu story naturally flows into the final one with a special heroine Chitose that is featured throughout all the game.


Story: Story is surprisingly the most interesting feature of the game. First of all, there are no routes in the game. There is just one linear story with bad ending branches upon being seduced by Touji shadow. Secondly, and it's featured in the title, all heroines are bound to die. In the beginning of the game all Touji childhood friends die and he turns 19 which leaves him one year till his death. He lives alone, but from time to time he meets girls that are just weeks or months from their 20th birthday. There's little point living alone, so Touji tries to invite each girl to live together - and in some time each girl passes away under more or less emotional circumstances. But game also has a good ending, so it's not all about nakige or utsuge. I won't reveal the contents of the good ending, naturally. 



1) Each girl advances her own main theme with own though. Each girl has her own thoughts on approaching death. And that's depicted really well - each story actually remains memorable. One girl wants to die while seeing beautiful scenery, the other wants to have her revenge. Third one wishes to commit double suicide the most. Fourth one wants to fulfill her destiny.

2) Despite all the sadness, game still remains optimistic. Touji as well as most heroines are determined to "live to the very last day allowed". And it's really great that there is one good ending that more or less mends things.


Technical difficulties: Game does not have auto-reading mode. HOW? That's unheard of in 2003. The second problem is BGM. My tablet constantly triggered noise in BGM, and by the end of the game totally lost BGM despite it being turned on all the time. Last minutes of the game and ending in dead silence were pretty weird.

Overall comments: Game is a masterpiece, because it managed to turn a nostalgic charage into a very interesting concept with short emotional stories and epic ending.



Lolicon becomes the main trend of 2003, so there are less and less unblocked games. Sayonara is VN of the month, but whether it's a masterpiece or not will get clear from review.

1. Icon アイコン [030606] BellyBell
The age when of sword fights. 
Two countries enjoy a brief moment of peace. Two swordsmen have appeared in the smallest country at such time. The turbulent times approach, so they need to protect their motherland and learn about the true nature of conflict... 
This is what's called epic fantasy. There are six rival states, and through a lot of wars and card battles we get to conquer them all and imprison all the girls from the palace. There aren't enough events, but there is an abundance of card battles. Card battles aren't really difficult and can all be one with 2nd-3rd try, but still they get boring. H events with prisoners are well done, but they make me think that game is kind of ero-tilt. The last kingdom yields without fight for very vague reasons, so can't really praise scenario here.


2. Kawarazaki-ke no Ichizoku 2 河原崎家の一族 2 [030606] Elf 1 2 3
Kawarazaki Manor was a mansion located deep in the mountains, as splendid as it was foreboding. Kazuma was dragged there by his girlfriend Anna to celebrate the birthday of the master Nawatsuma and visit with her cousins Maki and Tomoki. Experience Kazuma's nightmare as he lives and re-lives the next two days over and over in the distorted reality of Kawarazaki Manor. Can Kazuma and Anna escape with their sanity? Or will they succumb to the Manor's madness?
There are English reviews.


3. Orange Pocket Orange Pocket -オレンジポケット- [030613] Hooksoft 1
Orange Pocket's story takes place in a rural area in Japan near a large mountain and river. The protagonist, Hideaki Eda, is attending East Tsukuda Academy and is experiencing an enjoyable life. One day, Hideaki's childhood friend Nazuna Ayase returns from the city and starts attending his school. She adapts to a rural life quickly and soon things start to become noisier as Hideaki begins to hang out with more girls from his school.
All routes are different, but quite ordinary in development. There are relatively many H events per character with the number of 3. There's nothing particularly bad with the story, but nothing prominent either.


4. Natsu Kagura 夏神楽 [030620] Studio e.go!
Main character is an apprentice who specializes in killing youkai. With the members of the shrine he hunts for youkai at night and trains during daytime.
Gameplay and H oriented title. No real story to interest me.


5. Senryaku Musume 2 戦略娘II [030620] Piyopiyo-Gumi
In the world of total female dominance one male gets to the top of army career. The world enters an era of unprecedented turbulence.
Never understood sequels that repeat original game almost completely. Game is primarily for H purpose


6. Daikuuji Kiki Ippatsu! 大空寺危機一髪! [030621] Age
"If" story with Ayu and Mayu from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.
Main character works at a shop when walls start to be destructed by a strange bunch of people who want to create a new world. Protagonist falls in love with their leader Ayu from the first sight. He swears to protect her from whatever crazy enemies she might have.
Meet crazy predecessor of Muv-Luv Alternative. The graphics, the style, costumes and even characters are the same. Muv-Luv characters make an appearance here, but Kimi ga Nozomu Eien heroines save the galaxy this time. Story is described as destructive absurdist development with great tilt into H events. Meaningless parody makes the bulk of the game. 


7. Kino no Tabi -The Beautiful World- キノの旅 -the Beautiful World- [030626] 1
Based on the light novels of the same name.
The protagonist, Kino, accompanied by a talking motorcycle, a Brough Superior motorcycle named Hermes, travels through a mystical world of many different countries and forests, each unique in its customs and people. Kino only spends three days and two nights in every town, without exception, on the principle that three days is enough time to learn almost everything important about a place, while leaving time to explore new lands.
Those who watched the anime know the contents. Game is full of puzzles and mini-games.


8. 3LDK [030627] Deep Blue 1
The game tells the story of protagonist Masato Asakawa, a second-year high school student. Following his parents' sudden transfer to positions abroad, Masato ends up living alone with his childhood friend Chinogi Senou in the Asakawa family 3LDK apartment. With the university entrance exams coming up next year and without the supervision of his parents, Masato is expecting a careless life. However his parents have installed Chinogi's elder sister, a straight-laced miko as caretaker in their place. To make the entire setting more chaotic, the popular idol Ayase Miyashita, who is constantly pursued by the media, moves into the apartment after asking Masato a place to stay. Joining this interesting bunch of residents is the misterious runaway girl Noemi Yukimura. Sharing three rooms with three girls, Masato's situation now indeed can be referred to as curious.
First half is not so funny comedy, second is ordinary and fast development. Title kinda hits that we gotta see 3P and actually even 4P in here. Generic ero-tilt moege.


9. After... [030627] Ciel 1 2 3
The theme of the story is "memories". Players are introduced to a group of students who set out on a hiking trip in the Japanese Alps.
Game is divided into two chapters - first one is about encounter and incident that happens with a girl. The second part is about impossibility to come back to normal life after events of first chapter, and thus the "After" title. Ciel finally gets rid of battles and mini-games in this title and brings charm of Tony's work for graphics. Scenario is without rough edges and is famous for the shocking development.


10. Kokoro Navi こころナビ [030627] Q-X
Main character is a nerd and Internet addict. But one day he receives a love email. He opens the letter for some reason and finds instructions how to launch mysterious browser "Kokoro Navi"...
Game was a big talk because blood-related sister was main heroine available for capture. Somehow this fact came unnoticed by regulators. Apart of that there are a lot of heroines, each with more that one H-event. Each route development is without surprises or drama. As for me, it's just H-centered work.


11. Les Chairs Cruelles ~Aishiau Touhi no Naka de~ シェル・クレイル~愛しあう逃避の中で~ [030627] Alice Soft
This bitter sweet drama begins on the solemn note of a nobleman’s daughter falling ill. You play as the young doctor who had to treat her for the next three years. During those years the daughter had grown to a young woman and ripe for marriage. While the lady had her heart set on the doctor who saved her life, her father sees things differently. He has already lined up a suitor perfect for his political gains. With the hero’s affections spurned, he’s gotten a few additional distractions on his mind--fending off the advances of another lady and a maid.
Game with a good atmosphere and a definite H tilt.


12. Restore れすとあ [030627] D.O.
Main character used to live with his father and after his death is taken care of by father's aunt. He now has cousins to call him "Onii-chan", but he's not used to warm human relations. His childhood friend calls protagonist to join mechanic repair club, but he only agrees to join with motivation to repair old bike left to him by his father. As he repairs bike, gets a driving license and a part-time job, his heart gradually starts to melt, and spring of his life begins.
Don't get this game mistaken for a nakige, it's kind of reverse - rejuvenating youth romance. Work does not have voicing at all, so it's difficult to empathize with the heroines. Perhaps the only outstanding feature of this work is death of a close person.


13. Sayonara. さよなら。 [030627] Panda House
People always die in this world upon getting 20 years old. Only 19-year old people are left in this world as new children stopped being born. Main character lives among this last generation of humans, has his part of joy and sorrow and accepts fate peacefully. Can you say your farewells with a smile?
O-ok, I had my doubles about this game from the same creators who made DUO. But after seeing this sword I'm 100% sold.


14. Tama-cue たまきゅう [030627] Fairytale
Players team up with Cupid Mel and try go get couples to hook up with each other -- or get the player a girlfriend in the course of it all.
DC version is the only thing that keeps this game unblocked due to Lolicon reasons. Level of difficulty is too high. To make those three couples thorough reading of manual is required. Too bothersome.




1. D.C. ~Da Capo~ Onsen Hen D.C.~ダ・カーポ~温泉編 [030601] Circus
Da Capo Onsen-hen is a fan disc hot-springs sidestory of D.C. ~Da Capo~.


2. Bias {biAs+} Azakeru Koe ga Kikoeru バイアス {biAs+}嗤笑ける幻音が聴こえる [030606] Studio Jikkenshitsu
Main character suffers from nightmares of unknown cause about insults. He stays awake to avoid them and becomes paranoid because of that. As time goes girls in contact with him start to see these devilish nightmares as well...


3. Bosei ~Mama Club~ 母性~ママクラブ~ [030606] Complet's
Main character has dreams about his mother-in-law. One day he forgets his homework and school and comes later to pick it up. Inside school building he sees secret act of a school boy committing a woman that suits to be his mother. Next day he is invited to school infirmary and given offer to join "Mama club" that connects young male students and mature women.


4. Candy Toys キャンディートイズ [030606] Ivory
Main character is a programmer, but his job is nothing more than hacker imitation. With new fancy program adopted by the company, he starts to get a lot of money. He buys a house, but can't think of anything else to spend money on. Maybe women? He targets a woman with a huge debt and books her for two months.


5. Saimin Gakuen 催眠学園 [030606] Black Rainbow 1 2
Shinta Murakoshi is an extraordinary student at an ordinary high school. Every student hates him, also teachers and parents hate him. His life is in despair.... One day, he receives a gift from his internet friend Mr.K. It is a hypnotic machine....


6. Sore ga Bokura no Ren'ai Seikatsu それが僕等の恋愛生活 [030606] Alice Blue
Sore ga Bokura no Renai Seikatsu follows the social struggles of 2nd grade high school student Shingo Yamauchi and subsequent ensuing complicated relationships with his classmates.
Boys Love


7. Ripple no Tamago ~Apprentice Magician~ リプルのたまご ~Apprentice magician~ [030612] HuneX
This is the Avenchurin Kingdom.
One day a great accident befell the kingdom.
The beautiful prince Legrand fell into a deep sleep because of the curse of a forbidden magic book.
The day of the prince's succession test is in one hundred days, somehow the curse has to be dispelled before then.
It is written in a legend that in order to dispel the curse you need a special 'magic stone' with great power.
That stone is a troublesome thing that chooses the ones who can use it and also needs to be charged up by people it chooses.
The one who is chosen by the stone is a one of the 'Ripple' Court Magician apprentices Crim.
She also has a rival apprentice Richil.
The ones chosen to power up the stone are the princes of the six countries of Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Flowers, and Snow.
From now on Crim and the six princes have to work together to power up the magic stone and dispel Legrand's curse before the succession test.


8. 1/2 Blood [030613] For
The protagonist, Kamiyama Shouma, was born of a human father and a vampire mother. He lives in a small strange town where humans and demons coexist.


9. Ai Gangu 愛玩具 [030613] Haoh
Popular girl is sold for her father's debt. Main character receives the girl as a birthday present and trains her as slave. 


10. Aka 朱-Aka- [030613] NekoNeko Soft
Desert states in ancient times... 
■ Chapter 1 Aramis 
The power of Aramis is  power to erase memories. Main character “Kadan” protects her. 
They flee to the desert and reflect on their actions and goals.
■ Chapter 2 Thasa 
Main character Thasa is a thief. She travels from city to the city across the desert with the orphan girl Tutu. They search for their place in life.
■ Chapter 3 Fau 
Main character Wez is a traveler from the west. One day he is saved from dying by doctor Fau. They start to live together, but soon Wez notices "amber gem" that Fau is wearing .... 
■ Chapter 4 Luta
Main character Luta comes from a normal family, but fate introduces him to Latta girl who comes from a wealthy family.


12. Angel Crown [030613] Rateblack
Odd disease turns people into trees. The only know cure is send brain impulse by having sex with women. Main character agrees to be hospitalized to a special ward and starts his way to be cured.


13. Kanojo wa Maid Rot ~Yuukyuu no Sayokyoku~ 彼女はメイドRot ~悠久の小夜曲~ [030613] Bell-Da
Main character moves to an old castle after receiving a mysterious letter. From here starts his story about relations with three maids of the castle.


14. ERO Ragnarok Offline 3 [030615] PERCEPTRON
Secret popular character Chris gets her benefit performance!


15. Nijuu Jinkaku 二重人格 [030619] Haikara Kissa
The amazing story of two mysterious girls met at a rural clinic ...


16. Tales of Lemma 1 [030619] Lemma Soft
Tales of Lemma 1 is the first game in a series of visual ren'ai short stories. The star is a cute young 19-year-old woman named Miko, with whom the player gets lost in the wilderness. Being more of a practice game, ToL 1 is pretty short, but it should give you a nice smile and a chuckle or two!


17. Angel Gather エンジェル・ギャザー [030620] Gipsy
WWC gathers top warriors of Angel Gather sport. Superhuman girl international card battle unfolds at school! 
Card game


18. Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku Fan's Disc ぼくらの恋愛心理学 fan's disc [030620] Ein
Among other goodies there are 20 short scenarios with mini-games centering on each character.
There are story pieces not included in the main game. These are past story, coupling story and afterstory.


19. Kinyoubi no Koneko 金曜日の仔猫 [030620] Emu
After the nuclear World  War III new race of demihumans is born. They become foundation for labor jobs with the human population greatly diminished.
Main character picks up a cute demihuman girl on the street. She starts to accompany protagonist everywhere - at school, at part-time jobs and during leisure time. 


20. Kokan Hunter 4 ~OL Manji Katame~ 股間ハンター4 ~OL卍固め~ [030620] Usagi Software
The first crotch hunter in history becomes a salaryman. He is anxious to improve the management of the company and hunt for office lady crotches at the same time.


21. Little Little Election [030620] Liar-soft
School calls out for president election with 300 million yen as first prize.
There are three main candidates, so protagonist decides to help one of them get to the top.
Fierce election campaign begins.


22. Prisoner [030620] Sage
Future with electronic core and idyllic facade. Artificial life named "Metafima" is created. They start to help humans with various home duties. Main character does not trust metafima at first, but seeing their cuteness and obedience, he starts to value them. It gradually grows into master-slave relationship.


23. Towazuki no Miko 永遠月の巫女 [030620] West Vision
Main character belongs to one of three prominent families of the village. According to ancient tradition on his 20th birthday he must choose himself a bride from one of remaining two prominent families. When protagonist's parents go on a trip, he starts to live together with both girls...


24. Last Memory [030624] DUEE
"Last Memory" is a visual novel for Japanese. Hero who has attached habit of taking a challenging attitude. He meets the girl. And He changes little by little.


25. My Pet Munak マイペットムナック [030625] MOON GODDESS
Become swordsman Zak and experience sex life with his pet girl Munak.


26. Fantastic Fortune 2 ファンタスティックフォーチュン2 [030626]
This love simulation title features three female main characters: Marine, Aqua and Aoi. You select one of these girls and play as her through a seven month training period as you work to become the "Star Maiden." During weekdays, you attend classes, building up your character's parameters. When the weekend comes around, you're off on the town, hunting for men. The game features lots of interactive conversation sequences as you choose to fall in love with a guy, make friends with a girl or work towards your stardom.


27. Baiyakuzumi ~Reijou Shimai~ 売約済~隷嬢姉妹~ [030627] Tryset
Four sister pass through a traffic incident and are sent to an island to recover by their father. Girls have good welcoming dinner and doze off... only to find themselves drugged in the basement with the biggest nightmare of their life approaching.


28. Kagami no Naka no Orgel - Hitotsume no Monogatari [Thumbelina] 鏡の中のオルゴール ひとつめの物語 [THUMBELINA] [030627] Fairytale
What if fairy-tale Thumbelina was of normal size?
In the corner of a certain kingdom there was a woman who desperately wanted a child. But she did not know how to make a child, and her prayers to heavens were in vain. She came to a witch and received magic seed. A girl appeared from the grown flower. At first girl was only of thumb size, but she gradually increased to the height of an ordinary girl and started exploring the world.


29. Korashime 2 ~Kyouikuteki Depaga Shidou~ 懲らしめ2 ~狂育的デパガ指導~ [030627] Blue Gale
Main character is a deputy manager in a good store. One day female employee gets into an incident, and bad rumors start to spread around protagonist. As time passes, he learns the female employee that started those rumors and decides to have his revenge on her.


30. Mushitsukai 蟲使い [030627] Black Cyc 1
Main character is a descendant of samurai clan. He does research on insects at school. One day he receives a request from club deputy chairman to bring mysterious newcomer Mika in. Protagonist accepts, because he feels this mission has distinctive links to his past ancestry. Mika is surrounded by elite invincible female squad all the time. In order to defeat them and approach Mika protagonist develops insects that act like pheromones on women. His sexual assault begins.


31. Nee, Chanto Shiyou Yo! 姉、ちゃんとしようよっ! [030627] Candy Soft
My name is Kuya Hiiragi. Actually, I have six elder sisters. The eldest sister is Hinano Ne-san although she looks quite young. She is always worrying about that, so if she is treated like a child, she gets angry. The second sister is Kaname Onee-sama. She is a popular lawyer and is known as the "Icy Lawyer". In fact, she is my first love. The third is Serori Ne-Ne. She is half Japanese and half North European. She has the most voluptuous body of all the sisters, but her behavior is very childish. The fourth is Tomoe Ne. Although she looks quite stern, she is actually quite gentle and gets teased by the other sisters. The fifth is Takane Aneki. She is highhanded, and treats me like a servant. She often beats me. The youngest sister is Umi Oneechan. She takes care of me a lot, and devotes much love to me.
When I was a child, I was adopted by the Hiiragi family. But because the father was afraid that the sisters would spoil me, I was sent to a relative to train myself. It is the first time I've gone home since then. I was very excited to see them again, especially Kaname, my first love.
They welcomed me home, but late at night, Kaname Onee-sama raped me, and treated me like a toy. I felt very ashamed and I made up my mind to train my sex technique to put her to shame...with the help of the other sisters.


32. Tsurupeta つるぺた [030627] Witch
You are a teacher, who lives with his younger sister/daughter/girl (depends) and teaches at school.
Involves a lot of stuff between you and VERY young girls.
And I don't mean playing hide and seek~


33. Usaneko ~Mimikko Meido no Ongaeshi~ うさねこ ~みみっ娘メイドの恩返し~ [030627] Luchs 1
Yuuya, your classic Japanese Student Living Alone, assists a cat and a rabbit in their moment of need, and two days later he receives a visit from two beautiful maids sporting cat and rabbit ears and offering their free services for two months.
Admit it, you already know the rest...


34. Da! Tenkore ~Tenpouzan Collection~ 打! TENKORE ~天峰山コレクション~ [030629] Fusyro Mini
Main character is a shady detective specializing in finding people.
Boys Love Doujin.


35. Hyoutei Musou 氷帝夢想 [030629] ONE'S BRAND
Main character moves to a new town after his father's transfer. He enters the only bourgeois school of the area and tries to reach the top social position with his skill of tennis play.
Boys Love Doujin


36. Sayonara, Kami-sama. さよなら、かみさま。 [0306] Nightmare Syndrome
The world abandoned by Gods. There is a feeling in the air that this unjust world is going to be wiped out to prepare space for a new world.
Main character is a crippled orphan on the ruins of a town. He meets strange people and remnants of civilization.  

Foreword: May had zero interesting releases without review for me, so I chose one with the English review already (1). My hope in nakige is crippled, so I wonder if it can be restored with this game, just as it affected this review's author.

Title: Ashita Deatta Shoujo

Developer: Moonstone

Date: 2003-05-30

VNDB link: https://vndb.org/v464

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSo0XrcBv54&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_DLXni9hleM4mOM7gpQmjf


Synopsis: "It's summer. The place is a crater lake near the naturally ambient, rural village "Takachiho". The protagonist is standing still, blankly looking at the far-away sky.


His memories of the past have been lost.

It's a strange thought, but to him on that day, the sky seems tailored to both dusk and sunrise, a mysterious color..."

The protagonist, Tachibana Takashi was a freeloader in a house, living there with four beautiful sisters. Until suddenly, one day, a sad incident occurred...

Game type: Rural crime mystery with memory loss

Character Design rating: 6/10

Protagonist rating: 6/10

Story rating: 9/10

Game quality: 9/10

Overall rating: 8/10


Rating comments: Wow, it's a very good score from me to a nakige/utsuge. Basically only relatively weak characters and two lolis downgraded the overall impression. There is also lack of CG, and many important scenes conveyed by text alone.

Protagonist: Ryuu is our typical guy, representation of reader. Game shifts from present to past very frequently, but protagonist does not have memory in any of periods. Typical good-for-nothing lad.


Characters: I played just two routes, as usual. Both Sanae and Fuyuka are our older sisters. But if they wore the same clothes it would be impossible to distinguish between them - the only difference is that one has straight hair and the other one wavy one. The same, actually, may be told for younger sisters Rin and Misato - only hair and clothes makes them look different. The biggest flaw with the heroines is that they hardly really communicate with each other, it's just so wrong for blood-related sisters living together for all their lives. And it's pretty weird how side-character girls are better fleshed out.


Story: Reader is hooked right from the start with time shifts and mysterious diary reading. Whenever I thought that game finally entered SOL state with eating tarts and such, I was corrected over and over as there were always dialogue lines with ambiguous context or sudden change of atmosphere and music. I don't think this game has filler scenes, it really punishes for the lack of attention. There are different mysteries hinted all the time. 

The directorship is really cool as time shifts are presented in really confusing manner, like in present they go home, then time shifts to past and they also just arrive home. 

The biggest problem is the ending. There is that a-ha moment when suspense cover yields, but the shift between the main game flow and the revelation is huge which can easily alienate some readers.


Overall comments: Game resembles Kizuato from Leaf in many ways, but deliberately takes a turn towards ambiguity and suspense over action. I liked both approaches. Ashita Deatta Shoujo demands more attention and imagination from the reader and gives less in the field of visuals and characters. But curious mind will find a lot to like in this metaphysical approach to the mystery.

Oh, come on, just go read this other review (1), it's so much better.



True Remembrance , Ashita Deatta Shoujo and Uchi no Imouto no Baai (Heart) can be called masterpieces. I'm inclined to name Ashita Deatta Shoujo the winner. My review of it follows next.

1. Konohana 3 ~Itsuwari no Kage no Mukou ni~ 此花3 ~偽りの影の向こうに~ [030501] Vridge Inc. 1
The story picks up lightly with Meguru and Miako bickering about. After some computer chatting, Miako arranged to go with Meguru and Shinobu to a Water Island amusement park. There, they would also meet up with some other friends and acquaintances. Time went by as they were checking all kinds of interesting places at the amusement park, until they entered the house of horror attraction. One of the people among them was found killed in a haunted house and everyone's a suspect. It is up to Meguru and Miako to once again put their minds to the task of solving the murder mystery and finding the culprit.
The third bullet in cheap price youth detective series. There are many endings, so cost/performance ratio is high, but overall it's not particularly fascinating.


2. ALMA ~Zutto Soba ni...~ ALMA ~ずっとそばに…~ [030502] Bonbee!
After Takumi and his sister Yui lost both of their parents in an accident 3 years ago, life is steadily going on for them and a close circle of friends.
One day, a new student transfers to their school.
This is the starting point for a subtle but actual change in their frozen time. Who am I?, What has happened in the past?
The beginning of summer holds the key to unveil these questions...
Game resembles AIR perhaps too much. First half is mediocre everyday life flow while second half is sudden and intensive development. Game appeals to emotions rather than actual thinking. I really can't stand such nakige.


3. Anemone アネもネ [030502]  BOM
Main character witnesses a catastrophe on the way home - an alien dies on his hands telling of evil alien conspiracy. Protagonist receives radar to track aliens locations, and it points to his own house where his six sisters live. One of his elder sisters is an evil alien... he needs to find the culprit and have his justice.
A foolish bakage with absolutely useless scenario and tilt on ero. Basically, just an older sister game.


4. Stage [030502] Foster
Drama club works hard to complete a play for the "STAGE" school festival. Through everyday activities main character grows bonds with the participant girls. 
This is the longest Foster work so far. The amount of text is indeed so big that it's really easy to get tired. At the same time non-HCG are rare which makes it even worse. There is just ONE H-scene for each of four heroines, and that's unprecedented for Foster. The result is mediocre from all sides.


5. Wataridori ni Yadorigi o 渡り鳥に宿り木を [030502] Studio B-Room
19th century European island country. 
Main character comes from a small and aims for a bit city. He meets two girls in the train and gets in good terms with them. After arriving to the city protagonist gets an offer to become a tutor of one of the girls. 
Game is sometimes called Hinadori no Saezuri #3, and the spirit of the work is really close. SIM part is terrible, and game is morally old.


6. Ame Nochi Hare Nochi Comic Island 雨のち晴れのちこみっくアイランド [030509] Girl's Software
Main character comes to a town and gets a job at manga cafe. His days are colored with fun and friends warmth.
Crappy game, but amount of eroticism is not much more than in ordinary pure love game, so it would be unfair to block it just because of the cover.


7. Yajuu Sentai Schwarkan 野獸戰隊シバルカン [030509] Shao Shao Kappa
In 2004 aliens are rescued on space station "Kibo". They tell about crisis that approaches the Earth and die. Japan government together with UN create International Extraordinary Rescue Team to fight aliens invasion with the help of huge humanoid robots.
In 2009 runaways from inter-galactic prison showed up at the Earth to establish criminal foothold here.
Not really a visual novel, so no point discussing.


8. True Remembrance [030511] Shiba Satomi 1 2 3 4 5 6
True Remembrance is an ordinary tale of the ordinary days spent in an ordinary town by an ordinary girl who learns that everything in this world is extraordinary - or that nothing is. For in this world, there is a young man named Blackiris; a Mnemonicide par excellence. And there is a young girl named La; sweet and warm and gentle in all the ways that count. This is their story.
Game is localized and has many English reviews.


9. Chobits ~Chii Dake no Hito~ ちょびっツ ~ちぃだけのヒト~ [030515] Broccoli 1
Story centers on a 17 year old guy by the name of Hideki Motosuwa, he resides in an alternate universe of sorts thats filled with things known as Persocom's, a Persocom simply put is a Personal Computer. Unfortunately though, Hideki could never afford a Persocom of his own, and the story begins with him finding an unattended, tied up persocom in a pile of trash, he takes the Persocom home and later discovers as the story progresses that there is a possiblilty that his Persocom is something known as a Chobit. The Story then develops entertainingly around the idea of Chi (Thats what Hideki named her) being a Chobit.
There is an English review.


10. Mind Reaper [030516] Ivory
The world with sudden mass riots are a usual thing. Mind Reapers are people who are presumed to be the cause of sudden mass riots.
Main character is a student who gets attacked by a group of trained men one day. His classmate girl  comes out to help protagonist with words "it's not a fight for ordinary fumans" and defeats opponents one by one. What's the reason for attack? What is the true nature of the girl? The girl promises to protect protagonist, but it's only the first in the chain of events.
World must have gone mad. First Foster and now Ivory start to make games that aren't nukige. Protagonist revals super-hero powers inside himself and fights mysterious organization together with his fellow mates. Atmosphere is actually close to Nitro+ games. Battles are done in SRPG manner with around 20 battles for each playthrough. H scenes are mostly insult ones, but it's Ivory, so it should be no news.


11. Shinseiki Evangelion Koutetsu no Girlfriend 2nd 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン鋼鉄のガールフレンド 2nd [030516] Gainax 1 2 3 4
Do you remember the last episode in the Evangelion TV series? Where the anime staff presented you with a new world? An environment more like that of a romantic comedy where Shinji plays the clueless hero, Misato as his sisterly caretaker, Asuka as his childhood friend, Rei as the new girl in school and Kaworu as the resident bishounen?
Now you can live this lighter Evangelion adventure through your PSP in Koutetsu no Girlfriend 2. Find out how different Shinji's life could be in this brighter world.
Game is localized and has English reviews.


12. Yakiniku Kuripuupi やきにくくりぷうぴ [030516] Tablet
Numerous crises hit well-established yakiniku restaurant "Kuripuupi"! Most of waitresses and one male employee leave the establishment. Can you get your customers back with just four waitress girls in uniforms? 
Graphics is so bad here that it made consumers furious. One play can be over in just 5 minutes. Rare kusoge.


13. Love Hina Gorgeous ~Chiratto Happening!!~ ラブひな ごーじゃす ~チラっとハプニング!!~ [030522] Konami 1 2 3
Love Hina Gorgeous is an adventure which puts you in the shoes of the only male protagonist in the series, Keitaro Urashima, who is trying to get into college while at the same time performing his duties as the dorm manager. He need to improve his grade if he's ever going to get a chance to get into a college of his choice, a University of Tokyo. Taking care of a girls only dormitory won't help him achieve his goal, quite the contrary, it may lead him into many troubled situations and misadventures. Adventure mode plays in a sort-of visual novel fashion with limited time for certain choices while exploration mode lets you explore the locations in third person using the cursor to interact with items and characters around you. There are also various action event sequences which comprise of various mini-games as well as studying portion of the game which requires you to answer questions correctly and level up your character skills.
There is enough English information for an impression.


14. Kurenai Senki ~Kunoichi Shinobi Ai~ 紅戦記 ~くノ一忍び愛~ [030523] Serene
Main character is a genius programmer who gets to know from his dying grandfather that their lineage is protected by Shinobu ninja. Moreover, his sweetheart and childhood friend Mizuho turns out to be his bodyguard. Protagonist is anxious to invite the beauty president of the rival company for a dinner, but Mizuho fiercely blocks the attempt. What secrets still remain hidden?
Serene has semi-nukige games, but with just enough curiosity to leave them unblocked. Nuki part here outweighs whatever other content it has. Drawing is horrible and all the heroines are same looking melon-boobs and skirts so short that pants are seen even while standing still. System is pretty bad as well. Story is very short for each heroine. I wanted to review this game, but it turned out to be a kusoge. 


15. Miko Miko Nurse 巫女みこナース [030523] Psycho 1
The story takes place in the Paradise Hospital, the forefront of elderly treatment. As a result of the founder's retirement, the two heirs cannot agree on which uniform the nurses should wear — one having a miko style, the other having a nun style. Amidst the fierce debate is Tatsuya Makishima, a doctor-in-training....
There is an English review.


16. Piyo Piyo ~Love Love Hobo-san~ ぴよピヨ~らぶらぶ保母さん~ [030523] Easy Mode
Main character is busy helping out with his father's pet shop. One day shop is visited by school director who intends to lend pets for children emotional education. Protagonist starts to bring pets to students with emotional problems. Can he find love among them?
Easy Mode works are all ero-centered, and this time it's not an exception. But H level here is rather moderate, so I'd keep it not blocked. Just another crappy pure love game.


17. Aoi Namida 青い涙 [030530]  Artlim Media 1
The story takes place in a several different worlds, each set in a single volume of a story. Initially, the game starts in the Fantasy Volume of the story. It then shifts to Reminiscence Volume, and finally ends with the Modern Volume. The main heroines are introduced individually throughout the story during the Fantasy Volume where player can chose to pursue a romantic affection with one of the heroines. Based on player's interest in a specific heroine, the Reminiscence Volume will reflect a different story of the past, ultimately concluding the story in the Modern Volume showing the present-day of the story. New characters appear in different volumes of the story.
Scenario is by Korean author, so Confucian values are strong in here - especially family value. Japanese language feels artificial or mechanically translated here at times. Different editions change frequently, so it can be difficult to keep in touch with what's going on. Evaluation differs greatly with different people.


18. Ashita Deatta Shoujo あした出逢った少女 [030530] Moonstone 1
"It's summer. The place is a crater lake near the naturally ambient, rural village "Takachiho". The protagonist is standing still, blankly looking at the far-away sky.
His memories of the past have been lost.
It's a strange thought, but to him on that day, the sky seems tailored to both dusk and sunrise, a mysterious color..."
The protagonist, Tachibana Takashi was a freeloader in a house, living there with four beautiful sisters. Until suddenly, one day, a sad incident occurred...
There is an English review.


19. Eclipse -Zettai Reido Keikaku Soushitsu Shoujo- ECLIPSE-絶対隷奴計画・喪失少女- [030530] Clock Up 1
Somewhere on the Darkside of the Moon, Second Lieutenant Fernandez and his all-female pilot squad are fighting for their lives against overwhelming forces. The XEN-TRIX mobile suit is technologically superior, but even cutting edge technology doesn't count for too much if you are outnumbered twenty to one.
Inevitably, a well placed shot inflicts critical damage, and Fernandez falls into a dark oblivion of wild memories...
There is an English review.


20. Kimi ni Okuru Tsubasa きみにおくる翼 [030530] Milky Kiss
There was a boy in a rural town. The boy had a very sick sister-in-law who spent most of the day in bed. Girl desired to fly more than anything else in life. Boy though what he could do to make her happy and started inventing wings for her. But as time passed he was running out of time. It's either now or never.
Donkan protagonist, inarticulate depictions and poor font make poor impression of the game. Text feels childish. There is lack of events. Scenario poses the most questions.


21. Mugen no Meikyuu 3 Type S 夢幻の迷宮3 Type S [030530] Software House Parsley 1
Two years have passed since the mysterious Phantom Labyrinth emerged in the desert. One day, a young adventurer seeking for excitement and riches met a mysterious traveler. He did not remember his own name and, before disappearing, told the astonished youth to go and seek out the Desert City. There the adventurer encountered the unique civilization of Ge-Pang and ventured into the depths of its dungeons.
Third bullet in RPG series that can be of interest only to those who like JRPG.


22. Natsu Shoujo 夏少女 [030530] Pulltop
Masato visited his friend's hometown during last year's summer holiday and met three girls, Aki, Miyako and Ayami. He enjoyed his time there, and promised with them he would come back again when he left. One year later, he returns there, and meets them again, who have grown up a little bit...
There are only three heroine routes. Finishing one route is fresh and impressive, but the other routes are too alike and thus boring. Each route deals with the problem heroine has, and each story feels short. Atmosphere and text are good.


23. Seijaku wa Yami no Shirabe 静寂は闇の調べ [030530] Remain
Few years after the World War II, the protagonist receives a letter naming him as heir to the inheritance by his sick biological father - the fact that he has no memory of, yet which his current parents reluctantly admits as true.
He returns to his hometown with intention of rejecting the offer, and meets a relative who still remembers him from her childhood. As the stay unintentionally grows longer, sequence of strange events begins to take place against him...
Orthodox suspense drama, and depiction of horror post-war world with immoral women treatment is far from reality. Only few heroines have some relation to the story, others are just redundant for the story purpose. The last story brings all the revelation, but playing other routes feels just useless.


24. Shinobitic☆Heart 忍ちっく☆はぁと [030530] Kiss next team BOTTOMLESS
Main character's parents move, and his new school turns out to be a school for ninja. At the same time protagonist becomes targeted by mysterious ninja. What's their aim?
Bakage. Main character is useless for fighting, so he desperately to counter attacks with words. Scenario is lame, so game only for those who like ninja bakage and can stand lolicon scenes.


25. Uchi no Imouto no Baai (Heart) うちの妹のばあい(はあと) [030530] 1
When Tatsuya was a child, his biological father abandoned him and his mother because she was always ill and had to stay in the hospital for a long time. Then she married to another patient at the hospital who was Yuuka's father. A few year later, they passed away and Tatsuya had to take care of Yuuka. They had been very close as children but when they grew older, their relationship gradually changed. Yuuka began to call Tatsuya "aniki" instead of "onii-chan" and she treated him coldly. Tatsuya even gave up his dream to become a professional baseball player to be always by her side before. Now what can he do to return to their "good" old days?
There is an English review.




1. Calling [030502] Nigred
Girl is interested in self-exposure. She sees a kindred soul in main character and confesses to him about her habits, but she is mistaken and gets into sexual slavery instead. With her help, her sister becomes a sex slave as well. Main character is to train two girls in exposure and various techniques.


2. Kokuhaku no Amai Wana 告白の甘い罠 [030502] D-Angel
Main character is a student writing dissertation on psychology of crime and brainwashing. He decides to conduct an experiment and brainwash a woman through internet video chat.


3. Moeben ~Itoko wa Fusumagoshi~ もえべん ~いとこ(妹)はふすまごし~ [030502] Stereo Purin
Main character comes to work at a bento shop. He stays at a residence where shop workers live together with his cousin and several cute girls. Young people repeat naughty act every night and enjoy their youth.


4. Happy Breeding Imasara Fandisc はぴぶり いまさら ふぁんでぃすく [030503] Purple Software
As the name indicates, this is a fandisc to Happy Breeding.


5. Yasoukyoku ~Nemurenu Yoru no Tame no Nocturne~ 夜想曲 ~眠れぬ夜のためのノクターン~ [030504] Ritz software
Makoto is the conductor of his school band. Along with his 4 band members and a college senpai who is acting as the advisor, they stay over at a summer house to practice before a big performance. One stormy night, while they were resting in the living room, lightning knocks out the electricity, including the light. Suddenly, Makoto feels himself being forcibly kissed by someone whom he can't see and then let go. When the light comes on, Makoto feels shocked and is asked by everyone what's wrong. Strangely, everyone has a guilty look on their face. Makoto wonders which one of them might be the culprit. But soon, he tries to forget about this incidence and start preparing for the performance. Except, strange things keep happening that make his heart unsettled....
Boys Love


6. Mushikago 蟲籠 [030506] Arkham Products
Main character is bullied by three classmates. One day protagonist's friend is also bullied by the trio, so protagonist decides to have revenge on them. 


7. Anata no Osanazuma あなたの幼妻 [030509] Trabulance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
I always knew my father wanted me to have a good life, but I never thought he would go this far! It seems that behind my back, he and three of my female friends have decided I need a wife! So they have concocted this plan: the three women will live with me and compete to become my wife. They are going to clean for me, cook for me, and who knows what else??? And I must choose which of them I like the best to be my wife.
Life is definitely going to get interesting…


8. Gangan Namauchi! Onii-chan, boku xx shichau!! ガンガン生射ち!お兄ちゃん、ボク、××しちゃうっ!! [030509] Acme X
The protagonist, Toshio Maekawa, is an unconventional third grader student who is in science major anywhere, and it is a virgin kun.
Such he was to work as a tutor during the summer vacation.
The other party to teach is the curious girl "Mami" who goes to a famous private school,
Somehow live in the neighborhood of Shun man's house, a cheerful girl called Sanae who calls him an older brother.
The place to teach is a resort apartment in midsummer owned by the father of "Mami". Besides, it is a study camp in the night.
At first, Toshio also seriously taught them to study,
If a man and a woman live under the same roof, it will be decided naturally.
The innocent girls at first were played with mere curiosity, but the act of the Shun was gradually escalated.
"I will do my best to beat you! ! "
Toshio who is attached to madness tries all sorts of sex and will do the best of fornication 


9. M x S エムM×Sエス [030509] Abogado Powers
You're the manager of a small S&M club, with a dependency on paid members. But the chief is displeased with you, and your staff. So you have until Christmas to turn the club around, which is less than one month in the game world. In this time, you must promote the club, run the business and train five new female employees. You also have to keep up relations with the girls in order to lower their stress levels. If their stress level gets too high, customers don't like them. You need to get repeat customers in order to make your business succeed. You have to advertise as well, and keep the girls' hitpoints up. 


10. Tokineiro 刻音色 [030509] Mink
The main character Setsuya woke up in a mansion with an injury on his head and he had lost all of his memory. Then he met his aunt Aoi and the four maids Kasumi, Rika, Miki and Sayaka. Through their story, he learnt that he is the head of the wealthy Shijou family. 
And the story began, Setsuya took on a quest to find his forgotten past and reveal the mystery of the mansion as well as the secret of Shijou family ...


11. Moon Shade [030511] Fusyro
The story is about bad teachers and third grade students in a boarding school told from student point of view. 
Boys Love


12. Yuen no Ito 悠遠ノ絲 [030511] ibis
A thousand souls sealed the god of death for a thousand years. Now it's time for the god to awaken.
Main character is an ordinary boy who meets girl Iris who is beyond his understanding. He decides to just stay beside her and get to understand her circumstances little by little.


13. Gibo Shimai SLG 犠母姉妹SLG [030516] Selen
Story is the same as in original. Main character does not get a ryoukan from a widow and demands her body as a jerk-off. Widow's daughter gets involved in time as well. Now game is a SIM with focus on training.


14. Hiyoko no Kimochi ひよこのキモチ [030516] Studio Jikkenshitsu
Main character Fumiya is a boy in the girls school. He is only interested in football until the day he encounters a lonely girl. He starts to worry about her. One day he encounters mysterious creatures dressed up as angel and devil. They promise to help Fumiya get around girls.


15. Shin Himera 真・姫裸 [030516] Soubi Kenkyuujo
Remake of Himera with additional characters, some additional scenes for and characters and a new True end.


16. Sunburn ~Idol to Sirvival Mujintou to Iu Misshitsu~ サンバーン ~アイドルとサバイバル無人島という密室~ [030516] Studio Tako
On the way from Sydney to Hong Kong, the plane carrying main character crashes. He finds himself on an inhabited island with idols and just cute girls. They need to survive together till help arrives. Protagonist gets to know a secret about one of the girls, and she's ready for anything to keep it secret.


17. Tsukushite Jan 尽くして雀 [030516] Trabulance
Mahjon with Tsukushite series All stars.
Plus, there a harem story that can be accessed upon meeting certain conditions.
Nukige card game


18. Natsu☆Kanon 夏☆Kanon [030517] Light Gamer
Main character lives with aunt and childhood friend, but he leaves his home town to search a place for self-realization. One short summer seven years later he returns to his old friends. 


19. Chupa Chupa Drink ちゅぱちゅぱDrink [030523] KIT
Main character's neighboring residences are robbed each night. Landlord comes to him and urges to get night guards to observer the situation and possibly catch the criminal. Three young girls agree to become night guards.


20. Kiss Nante Atomawashi キスなんてあとまわし [030523] Pochette
A group of girls form a school club to explore sensual pleasures. They get a teacher counselor, and relations turn to master-slaves ones. However, with time they start to feel love and affection fore each other...


21. Mahou Senshi Princess Tear 魔法戦士プリンセスティア [030523] Triangle
While Metzer and the Sweet Knights are fighting on the surface of Earth, the war on Roa has reached a critical point. Seeking safety from the monsters of the evil syndicate Zerou, Tearna, the Princess Tear and the only daughter of Queen Gloria, comes to the surface world to help (and join forces with) the Sweet Knights, but tragically she's too late. Metzer has already won and, to Tearna's chagrin, has been forewarned by Zerou of her coming, too.
But even if the protagonist still follows the order of the syndicate, it's becoming manifestly clear that Metzer is plotting something, and a captive and brainwashed Tearna could give him the means to finally grasp absolute power...


22. Manin Densha 満淫電車 [030523] Bishop 1
Main character uses special medicine to seduce women in trains. One day all his team gets arrested all at once. When he runs away from police, he gets to know about an information store to leak that information. He develops a revenge plan.


23. Savior SAVIOR ~セイバー~ [030523] Forst 1
In the future, scientists mastered the technique of cloning, succeeding in creating fully functional artificial life forms. However, a powerful corporation took control over creation of such beings, using them for their own purposes. One of those artificial humans, a girl named Emma, managed to escape, holding some important information that supposedly incriminates the corporation. You control another artificial girl, Nel. You were just created, and the assignment you receive from your boss Elena is to find where Emma is hiding, and to prevent her from leaving the corporation building.


24. Shikan ~Anata Dake ni Miraretai~ 視感 ~ あなただけに見られたい ~ [030523] Fetish
Main character is a university student who does real estate agent job as part-time work. He lends and sells apartments with peeping devices to cute girls and then blackmails them.


25. The Darkness Again [030523] Ringerbell
A collection of four scenarios to progress simultaneously with choice in one scenario affecting others.
Shacklen and horny beast from the other world can not suffice with just one girl. It reaches its tentacles to the ground is search for a new victim...


26. Tounosawa Majutsu Kenkyuukai 塔ノ沢魔術研究会 [030523] Noa
Kyosuke is an ordinary uni student. He really wants to get a girlfriend, but he is wimpy.... One day, he receives a letter from Natsumi, his classmate. He goes to a classroom at night as indicated in her letter. Soon after he arrives there, he is forced to be served as a ritual sacrifice. He is surprised to know that Natsumi is a member of an occult magic club. But their ritual fails, and his sexual energy disappears.... On the next day, he doesn't get erection as expected. Natsumi and other members promise to help him get his sexual energy back. And their summer holiday starts....


27. Yoridori ~Miwaku no Katarogu Yuugi~ ヨリドリ ~魅惑の型禄遊戯~ [030523] EXtry
Main character enters the prestigious girls academy that starts to accept males from this year. He hopes that he finally escapes the world of bullying, but he's noticed by bully girls from the first day. He manages to find a book with hidden lewd magic. This will definitely help change his position.


28. Silver Chaos Fan Box -Eternal Fantasia- [030525] Vivid Color
It is 8 + alpha inclusion about the story after ED which it was not able to finish telling in a previous work. Of course, 40 or more events CG are new work. Part nine kinds for nine characters of newly recorded system sounds are recorded. Much beautiful wallpaper containing the wallpaper written by Mr. Takatsuki is recorded. Characters set the quiz about a work. When it clears, it is a wallpaper addition new to the collection of wallpaper! Quiz is all and is four stages. The character which appears on a stage reads out a problem.
Boys Love Fandisc


29. Yamai Tsuki ~Ryouki Kansen Virus~ 病憑き~猟奇感染ウィルス~ [030525] Virgin Cream
Small injury at the shrine affects main character's body in unexpected way. His mental state becomes unstable - impulsive behavior, strong paranoid delusions and desire to have sexual intercourse.


30. Oshiete Teacher - Kazami Mi**ho Hen おしえてティーチャー 風見み●ほ編 [030527] Digital Aniki
A fan-fiction VN featuring Mi**ho Kazami from One**i Teacher.
Nukige doujin


31. Takuhai Maid Shiiko-san 宅配メイド椎子さん [030528] Terios
Shiiko from Ikinari Happy Bell is dispatched for a week to the protagonist's house as special award from Terios fan club. She is perfect with home chores and is able to provide authentic maid experience.


32. Hana Dorei 華・奴隷 [030529] Dennou Club
An art pupil sees how his teacher uses his wife for bizarre sex games.
After his teacher is killed, the pupil decides to take his teacher's place when it comes to sex games with the hot and now widowed wife.
However, this sort of act won't lead to anything good.


33. Ai-chan for Me Alpha ~Ai to Reijuu no Maid~ あいちゃん for Me α ~アイと隷従のメイド~ [030530] Ume Soft
The hero receives an invitation to the house of an old school friend. When he arrives, he is given his choice of four girls (named Ai, Ai, Ai, and Eileen) to be his maid! Will he fall in love with her, or simply use her as a slave?


34. Ana Ningyou 穴人形 [030530] Zero
Main character's father adopts a female child. When father is away, protagonist insults his new sister-in-law and orders servants to train her as hole doll. 


35. Chijoku no Kankei 2 恥辱のカンケイ 2 [030530] Interheart
A few years after the previous work, main character comes to the former school as art teacher. His habits have not changed, so, a new episode of shame is about to begins.


36. Clione no Kimochi -Oshiete, Sensei Osanazuma- クリオネの気持ち-おしえて、先生 おさな妻- [030530] Mithra
Somewhere on the Darkside of the Moon, Second Lieutenant Fernandez and his all-female pilot squad are fighting for their lives against overwhelming forces. The XEN-TRIX mobile suit is technologically superior, but even cutting edge technology doesn't count for too much if you are outnumbered twenty to one.
Inevitably, a well placed shot inflicts critical damage, and Fernandez falls into a dark oblivion of wild memories...


37. Hitozuma Cosplay Kissa 人妻コスプレ喫茶 [030530] Atelier Kaguya
Tomoya Asahina taken over as the acting manager of Noël, a coffee shop, while the owner recovers from the injuries he sustained while saving Tomoya's life. To regain the business lost due to his inexperience, Tomoya has converted the restaurant to a cosplay café—the waitresses, who are all married women, now wear sexy costumes. The women of Noël admire the young, handsome, and kind Tomoya, and each takes her turn at sampling what he has to offer.


38. Kijoku Princess Double Kari 姫辱-きじょく-プリンセスダブル狩り [030530] Nel
Eight years after his mother's death, Distol learns that his sister, Princess Qoona, has been chosen as the holy maiden. The holy maiden sacrifices her own life to give power to the seal that binds the demon king. As Distol curses himself for not being able to protect the people he loves, a witch appears and makes him an offer that he can't refuse. She'll give him the power he's always wanted but only if he invades Bastarauge, kidnaps the princess Elena, and corrupts her from within.


39. Mama Shibori ママしぼり [030530] Authoring Heaven
Main character is a small boy who likes to squeeze his mom till she moans.


40. Naked Edge [030530] Aaru
Main character's parents were forced to commit suicide in his childhood. Now he learns identity of that horrible person - former co-owner of father's company. Protagonist undertakes steps to become his enemy daughter's tutor. Now all the family is in his reach for revenge.


41. Nie Gari no Ato 贄狩ノ痕 [030530] Ankh
A young man and a striking beauty arrive to the island. The man is invited as a tutor, but the true aim is to participate in the revenge ritual where the girl is the victim.


42. Pretty Candead! ぷりてぃCANDEAD! [030530] Uma
Main character runs apartment after his parents. One day three girls dressed as devils come over to gim. He involuntary signs a contract with them in exchange for three wishes. In addition, he gets to live with these lusty beings for a month together.


43. Tenohira o, Taiyou ni AB てのひらを、たいようにAB [030530] Clear
Calm and careless everyday passing by with friends and fun. There is sadness in the past, but hope in the future. 
Main character comes to a certain village where he feels that "something" awaits him. 
This is the story that precedes the story of original game Tenohira o, Taiyou ni.


44. Yuuguu Settai ~Kotou no Gokuraku e Youkoso~ 優遇接待~孤島の極楽へようこそ~ [030530]
In an isolated island far away from the main land, there was a training facility owned by a high school. Because the janitor had died suddenly, Ohmi Riku took over the job, for a period limited time of two weeks. His life was supposed to be calm surrounded by cute girls of swimming club and the teacher. His life changed when he found a lot of video tapes sneakily recorded. In the video tapes, there was a scene a man, who was probably a predecessor, was molesting a girl in swimsuit. Then Riku found that the predecessor was always taking sneak pictures. At first, he looked down on him and sealed the video tape. However, he began to sympathize with the predecessor's evil spirit...


45. Fushigi na Daisan Wakusei 不思議な第三惑星 [0305] D.E.JUNK
It's a peaceful night, when suddenly a spaceship crashes outside Hino's window.
The jellyfish-like aliens need human bodily fluids to fuel their ship... semen, to be exact.
If Hino can answer their questions about kanji, they might leave him alone. If not, they'll take his semen by force...
Boys Love


46. Senma Rentarou no Jikenbo - Shisha o Yobu Honoo 千間廉太郎の事件簿 死者を呼ぶ炎 [0305] Katokichi
Main character leaves a company for freelancing. He is invited to his brother's Tokyo detective company. However, his brother is away for a week and leaves business to protagonist and the assistant. The two of them successfully solve several minor incidents and now are about to take up a serious case.
Boys Love


Foreword: I know game is a nakige, but it has universally high scores. KID visual novels made for PlayStation look very generic and boring to me. Is this the one that finally puts me to shame? 

Title: My Merry Maybe

Developer: KID

Date: 2003-04-26

VNDB link: https://vndb.org/v3697

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1dosiu-Aik&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-y-sVOTfqsn9Im4pzlumQe


Synopsis: A university student, Kishimori Hiroto enrolls in an education internship as a teacher in a middle school of a countryside harbor town, Seitenchou. On the way to his temporary residence, a replis - an artificial being constructed to help humans -with the name of "Reu" appears lying in the middle of the road. After a variety of circumstances, Reu is put under the care of Kishimori until her master is found. That is, until a mysterious organization appears...

Structure: Did no notice any

Length: Some 50 hours.

Game type: Android research love adventure

Difficulty: Again, followed walkthrough, but looks pretty difficult

Character Design rating: 7/10

Protagonist rating: 6/10

Story rating: 6/10

Game quality: 7/10

Overall rating: 7/10


Rating comments: I'm utterly disappointed with this game and I'll try to present my reasoning. Still it might be just me since so many Japanese rate this game highly. I'll leave it a girigiri masterpiece status just for that. Maybe I just chose the wrong heroines.

Protagonist: Hiroto comes to this forgotten town for a teaching practice. He's very passive, indecisive and overall just invisible. He's one of the sources for my bashing of the game.

Characters: I played just two routes, as usual, so I do not feel worthy to present other heroines. 

Reu is our main heroine robot. She's the main heroine of the first game My Merry May as well. She's a very early prototype, so she is both superior to modern robots and totally obscure by her structure. We find her as we hit her one-handed by car. As she awakens, she's looking for her master onii-chan Watarase, protagonist of first game. Her condition grows worse with each day despite her positive attitude. It's fun to look at the remote duel of two protagonists - Hiroto and Watarase - over Reu. 

Kyou is chosen by me for her cynic attitude and drinking habit. I expected a grown-up route to be more serious and cool. But as a result the whole route we only see research of Reu-Lease interaction  as robots. It has virtually zero romance or events. The ending is very disappointing for me as I get to consider Kyou a bad person. Nothing but disgust remains.


Story: In the both routes that I played (took me over 13 hours for each route!) absolutely nothing happens. We speak with pretty much the same people at times triggering semi-romantic events with the girl of choice. Then situation starts deteriorating. For roughly half of the game it keeps on deteriorating. There's some weak resemblance of culmination followed by teary resolution. The end.


1)  First of all, I really hate nakige qualities of the game. Let's take Reu as her story is the most straightforward. The whole game situation gets worse and worse. Reu can spend less and less time awake. She says her farewells with a weakening voice every day. Noone knows how to cure her. Robot association members want to take her away to the headquarters, but Reu refuses to go and just fades. And such situation repeats for many-many days with increasingly teary situation. As situation reaches lowest point, researchers undertake crisis hacking measures. Hiroto finds Reu somewhere and makes a SINGLE decision in his totally worthless indecisive life. Everyone cries. The end. Nakige is very cheap here and is produced by showing over and over deteriorating condition. Ending scene effect is achieved not by some actions, but just by showing everyone crying. Apply just a bit of criticism to the whole route concept and there's nothing left but a fluke.

2) In both routes that I played player gets to make a SINGLE decision in the final part of the game. The matters of decisions are different, but the approach is very similar. No one does nothing during the course of the game just observing how things go. Then for some absolutely unknown reason all the researchers start to treat Hiroto specially and eventually allow him to make the ultimate decision determining the fates of everyone involved. For what reason worthless green teacher is given that attitude and responsibility? Utter nonsense.


3) Unlike My Merry May, My Merry Maybe is not a comedy. The 13-hour long route gets really boring without any fun moments. So developers introduce "One-Tsu-Don!!!" TV show to fill in humor part. It's short TV show that Reu watches, and the content  of the show is absolutely absurdist variety with the quality of humor akin to Japanese stupid variety shows. It's not even humor, just some posing, weird sounds and some violence. It can only look funny on the background of very boring everyday that we're shown.

Overall comments: What do we have in the dry outcome? 25 hours of life wasted with no good heroines shown, no good story told. Hell, there are even no decent CG! Game is as plain as dozens of KID PlayStation galge. But what's described as game's main advantage by players who liked it? This game made them all cry! But is it a good thing? If this effect is reached not by the beauty of the story or the depth of the characters, but by the false manipulative repeating mechanisms of creating deteriorating conditions, then I don't need such nakige.




Zanmataisei Demonbane is still VN of the month for me even though I see zero point in the game, it's pure entertainment with predetermined ending and no story in-between. The reason is that other masterpieces of the month - My Merry Maybe and Yumeria - are even weaker. I'll give my stance on My Merry Maybe in review.

1. Summer Radish Vacation!! Summerラディッシュ・バケーション!! [030401] 0verflow
Hazama Shun is all fed up with his mother, Hatsuka and her suitor Tomaru. He decided to get away from home and work at a restaurant of an old friend of his mother (Kagura). On the way, he has a fateful encounter with Inou Youko. There, he met Kagura's daughters, Mai, Rina and Rio. However, Tomaru soon arrives at Summer Radish too, causing much trouble for everyone.
Will Shun succeed in protecting everyone and finding his destiny?
One playthrough is just two hours. Kind of parody to Pia Carrot, can't see anything of interest here apart of speculations which girl gave birth to which heroine of next games.


2. Chocolat ~Maid Cafe "Curio"~ ショコラ ~maid cafe ”curio”~ [030404] Giga 1
The main character's father suddenly gets remarried without noticing him, and he starts a new life with his father, a new mother and a younger sister, Suzu. But his new parents go on honeymoon for three months, and he is forced to work at his father's coffee shop until they come back. He is totally confused with his new life at first. But he meets various girls, falls in love and gradually starts to enjoy his life....
Giga family restaurant SIM? No, thank you.


3. Blaze of Destiny [030411] Talisman
The protagonist Dean is a novice knight who just graduated from the Royal Knight Training Academy.
One day, he encounters a woman. 
She is Rena, the leader of the rebel forces rising against the kingdom. 
Because of his meeting with her, the gears of fate slowly begin to turn.
With sorcerers acting in secret throughout the kingdom, the rebel forces risk death in their fight to save the populace. 
In the midst of the intensifying battle between the rebel forces and the royal army, Dean is uncertain about which path he should follow.
Then, when he gets arrested under false charges, he sees the current state of the kingdom with his own eyes. 
Once he realizes that the royal army is his true enemy, he stands up on the center stage of history as a lone knight.
As a part of the rebel forces, Dean will nurture friendship and love with his comrades during a fierce battle with the royal army, and through many meetings and partings, he will grow.
--Gradually the kingdom enters the age of unrest--
What does Dean see in the midst of war, and what is left behind?
And then, when his destiny shines, the curtain will rise on the true battle...
Scenario is a one road with 53 battles. Difficulty is really low. Tactical part is good, but story and galge aren't.


4. Cherry Boy ni Kubittake チェリーボーイにくびったけ [030411] Actress
Tsubasa Haneda has always been teased by his sisters for his girl-like appereance. Once he becomes older, he decides to transfer to another school to try to escape from such a family, but finds himself in Taihou Academy, where his sisters study too. Trying to make the best out of this situation, his days start being full of fun and slapstick.
Easygoing + naughty is the only concept here.


5. Nemurenu Mono-tachi e 眠れぬ者達へ [030411] Glastonbury
Matsubara medical company gathers talented humans, educates them and then gives them jobs. However, strange incidents start to happen one by one in its study facility. Some stable patients died suddenly and some others got incurable diseases and rotted to death. An investigation is launched, and protagonist infiltrates this school. The leads take to the mysterious death of a girl many years ago.
Main character is rather cool. The whole horror mystery is good, but packed close to the ending, same as route branches. Game is built around suspense which I can't stand.


6. Porte no Majokko Lesson ポルテの魔女っ子レッスン [030418] Aqua House
Main character is mistakenly taken to the magical world after being mistaken for a twin sister by witch Porte. There is also another apprentice there. Due to magic outburst protagonist manages to return to the real world, but the two witches happen to come together with him!
First half is about magic training, second half is in the real world. Development is sudden and connection between events is loose. Game with a wild taste.


7. My Merry Maybe [030424] KID 1 2
A university student, Kishimori Hiroto enrolls in an education internship as a teacher in a middle school of a countryside harbor town, Seitenchou. On the way to his temporary residence, a replis - an artificial being constructed to help humans -with the name of "Reu" appears lying in the middle of the road. After a variety of circumstances, Reu is put under the care of Kishimori until her master is found. That is, until a mysterious organization appears...
Ok, ladies and genlemen. I'm taking up this game for review myself.


8. Yumeria ゆめりあ [030424] Bandai Namco Entertainment 1 2
Tomokazu Mikuri turns 16 years old and has led a dull life without girls. On the night of his birthday, he dreams of a strange world in which he sees a young girl in a blue outfit fighting against an unknown enemy. Tomokazu has a strange, unknown power which seems to "power up" this girl, who has fallen into his arms. She uses this "power" to repel enemies, the alien race known as the Feydooms, who are attempting to break through the dream world and take over the real world.
Waking up, Tomokazu is amazed at his dream's realism, thinking of his strange power and the mysterious girl who fought off her enemies. Rolling over, he sees the girl from his dream, Mone, in bed next to him. Soon Tomokazu, his classmate Mizuki Agatsuma, Mone, Neneko, Nanase, and her sister Kuyou enter the dream world Moera to destroy the Feydooms and save the world.
There is an English review.


9. Ao to Ao no Shizuku -A Calling from Tears- 青と蒼のしずく-a calling from tears- [030425] Lass
The world was drowning because of unprecedented sea level rise. Thanks to science discoveries it has become possible to combat nature, and the world starts to recover.
12 years have passed. This is a story of young people born in such time. Their original village is destroyed by the sea, but they remain among those who have not fled the island. They try to live normally, play normally, fall in love normally before the sight of the ugly sea.
Game with many interesting features. Moving background we have already seen in PS games, dynamic emotion change is somewhat new, but simultaneous dialogue lines is something totally new. It's school love story, but face emotions are often weird, so it's impossible to talk about heroines as cute. Even though game is a nakige, one heroine is given most of attention. Story is basically one way road and without real importance of featured sea level. Side-characters are given way too much time, especially in the first half of the game. Game is definitely above average level, but it's difficult to call it a masterpiece.


10. Izayoi Renka 十六夜れんか [030425] Chise 1
Izayoi Renka takes place in a small mountain village during the early days of the Showa period (1926-1989). The game's protagonist, who posses a special ability to forsee miracles, decides to return to his home town in the mountains. There he promptly meets the game's six heroines and gradually gets caught up in a lot of mysterious incidents. The heroines include Saekino Matori, a childhood friend of the protagonist and sole daughter of the family in charge of the Saekino Shrine, the mysterious Aya and Sugiyama Rin, the daughter of the village's only doctor who just returned to the village from the city. Furthermore, there are also the mayor's daughter Katsuragi Hifumi, the mayor's maid Yae, as well as Vachel, a foreigner whose composure is usually pretty cool, but who is at the same very clumsy as far as her daily life in the village is concerned.
There is no special accent on the era in the work, so it could be modern setting easily. Setting is far from realism with all the reincarnation and foreseeing stuff. Difficulty is high and it's easy to bump into bad endings. Overall direction of spiritual epics and is close to Kuon no Kizuna.


11. Zanmataisei Demonbane 斬魔大聖デモンベイン [030425] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Arkham city is a bustling hub of commerce and industry, however Arkham is also a center of eldrich lore: home to Miskatonic University, an institution of higher learning with one of the most complete libraries of arcane literature in the world. In the span of two generations the town was built up to the status of prestige it now commands, an expansion helmed by the Hadou Group, an industrial complex and family dynasty currently run by the young Hadou Ruri. She pursues the peace and prosperity of Arkham diligently, against the forces of darkness threatening to plunge the city, and the world, back into a second dark age. Among the most sinister threats to Arkham City is the evil Black Lodge syndicate. Led by the charismatic Master Therion, his nihilistic outlook shapes the group's destructive goals: with a circle of powerful sorcerers at his command, the potential for sowing chaos in the city is unmatched.
Former Miskatonic University Magic Academy student Daijuuji Kurou knows little of grimoires, but what he does know terrifies him - enough that he left his university life behind, and now practices a failing detective business in the shelter of an orphanage in a quiet corner of Arkham. But just when he thought his Academy past was buried, it catches up with him and pulls him back into the dark shadows of the occult: Hadou Ruri herself appears at his door with an offer he can't refuse. The only way to combat the Black Lodge's growing magical power is to find, and retrieve, a grimoire with the power to activate the mightiest Machina of all: Demonbane. The quest to find this forbidden tome will change Kurou's destiny... forever.
This game does not suffer from lack of attention at all.


12. Omoide no Kaeru Basho 想い出の還る場所 [030428] Rengasha
Main character visits home town to meet old friends and pay respect to recently died teacher. He also hopes to meet mysterious girl that made a striking impression on him 10 years ago and disappeared. He finds that girl's diary, and its records make his heart tremble.
Solid nostalgia story. Each heroine has individual route, plus there is a true route with good impression after all cleared. The number of heroines is huge, and H events are also more frequent that normally. System is quite poor and graphics is not top notch. 


13. Zyklus [030430] F&C FC01
Fan club exclusive title with two stories. 
First is about a teacher in relations with a student with the graduation bringing uncertainty about their future.
Second one is about a girl who struggles to recruit enough members for her club and invites one of two protagonists to participate.
Both stories are very very short, and in the second one both protagonists have exactly the same lines except for the very ending.




1. Aocan de 3P!? 青CAN de 3P!? [030411] Unconnect
Main character has a lover, but he's not satisfied with everyday life. Outdoors action! Cosplay H! 
3P! There are so many things to try!.


2. Giin Oyako 犠淫母娘 [030411] Studio Jikkenshitsu
Main character who wins prefecture governor's elections decides to revenge the good-looking female candidate who caused his father death. She has a daughter - well, that's too bad for her.


3. Jewel Knights - Crusaders ジュエルナイツ・クルセイダーズ [030411] ZeroCool 1 2 3 4 5 6
You are Ginji, a Japanese youth whose two hobbies are girls and getting into fights. One night, while walking in a dark alley, he comes across three beautiful females wearing bizarre outfits battling monsters from another dimension. Against his better judgement, he gets involved in the battle, and before he knows it, he's flat on his back. Waking up in the hospital, he's surprised to see one of the girls there: she'd brought him to the hospital after he was injured.
The girl introduces herself as Yuki Meno, and tells Ginji an interesting secret: with her two friends Ruri and Hisui, she is a member of a group dedicated to defending peace and justice, called the Jewel Knights, which fights the evil organization Ragnarokkr. What a surprising turn of events!
Ginji isn't really interested in battling evil -- he'd much rather try to get into the pants of Yuki, Ruri and Hisui. The three then learn something interesting: Shinji's incessant sexual come-ons act as "power ups" for the three heroines, allowing them to increase their skills. They could use someone like him on the Jewel Knights, but he'll only join the group on one condition -- that the girls let him use their bodies for sex. Who will win out, Ginji or the Jewel Knights? Of course, while they don't want to be used like that, but they're secretly happy that Ginji is going to be fighting evil with them after all...


4. Lasting Snow [030411] Katze
Souryou Academy is a prestigious private high school for boys that starts its term in September, like American schools. Many students commute to Souryou or live on campus in the dormitories.
It is the start of a new term, and Tokita Yuuki finally passes the entrance exam to Souryou, where his childhood friend Mitsui Takumi is attending. To be able to enter the same campus life as his sought-after friend is a dream for Yuuki; until their relations take a rapid change based on a turn of events...
Nishizuka Otoya has just finished summer vacation, where he worked at a beach club house. During this time he witnessed a boy trying to commit suicide, whom he saved. Now with summer vacation behind him, he enters Souryou for another year, and finds that Serizawa Shiki, the boy he had saved, is also attending. Otoya finds himself wanting to know the reasons behind Shiki's introverted attitude...
Asou Takayasu is a transfer student to Souryou from Kansai. He also worked at the beach club house during the summer, spending his free time playing fighting games at the local arcade. Never able to beat the scores of a DJ RYU, one day Takayasu meets him and drives him out. Now Takayasu finds himself meeting DJ RYU again after entering Souryou, where he is introduced to Otoya's friend, Hamana Ryuuusuke. His feelings for Ryuusuke start to change from rivalry to friendship, to more...
Three different stories weave together in a high school love story. What choices will they make, as their feelings start to grow, unable to be stopped like the falling of snow?
Boys Love


5. Maruhi Otona no Omochaya-san ○秘大人のおもちゃ屋さん [030411] Beenyan
The main character is asked to work at his uncle's adult toy shop. He is surprised to see adult toys, piling all around the shop. "I will work hard for customers. Who is coming today? Many H customers?" He finds that many beautiful women come to the shop, sometimes boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife together. "Why don't you try this toy for your night life?"


6. Present for You ~Watashi o A-Ge-Ru~ Present for you ~わたしをあ・げ・る~ [030411] Nail
Mom: "To tell you the truth, Shun-chan, I have a present for you. That surprise present is... an "Onee-chan"! She will arrive one of these days so look forward to it."


7. Seikai Houretsuden 星海宝烈伝 [030411] Lucina
Barn is a bright and cheerful boy, but lost his memory two years ago, apparently to hide an important or painful past memory. He was found unconscious in the Karukia mountains, and was found by Blood, a half-man, half-white tiger, who took care of him. In order to try to help Barn regain his memory, Blood and Barn leave the Karukia mountains to the kingdom of Melbird, where there is a rumor that a fortune-teller lives there that may be able to tell Barn about his past.
The fortune-teller speaks of a legend of the "Star Sea" that has been told in the kingdom of Melbird since ancient times, of a hero that will open the "door" of the "Rig Veda" to save the world, and says that Barn is the person who has come to do this, and that by doing so, he will regain his memory. He then disappears before Barn and Blood without another word.
Without anywhere else to go, Barn and Blood set out on the venture of the Star Sea legend, to travel over the seas to foreign lands to regain elemental treasures and go against the Guardians that protect them, and for Barn to regain his hidden memory: a memory that will save the world.
Boys Love


8. Rabudori ラブどり [030417] Tablet
Main character and his classmate attend a technical school. They enjoy each other and wait for graduation. However, that brings them to an unexpected results... 


9. Abunai Kankei あぶない関係 [030418] TinkerBell Nanigashigumi
Main character is an ordinary student with one exception of being too curious. One day he is asked to deliver study materials to a new school building warehouse after school. There should be no students in the not yet functioning building, but there is some noise coming from the warehouse. He's curious enough to peek and what he finds is...


10. Gene ~Shikenkan no Naka no Shoujo-tachi~ ジェネ~試験管の中の少女達~ [030418] Ail
In the middle of 21st century small sun burned down everything on the planet Earth. However, humanity survives in underground shelters dreaming of reviving life on the planet. In such difficult circumstances "Artificial Genetic Girl Project" (AGGP) is launched to change humanity. Main character becomes a member of research institute to create and train artificial girls.


11. GUISARD ~Bokura wa Omoi o Mi ni Matou~ GUISARD~僕らは想いを身に纏う~ [030418] SandalDash
Guisard is a combat subdivision which consists of several young people, which dedicated themselves to daily fight with the demons, which threaten humanity.
Boys Love


12. Kyousou no Nie Ni 狂想の肉宴弐 [030418] West Vision
A small village in the mountains. Since ancient times some unique rituals have been practiced there. One of them is an event held each 10 years. It includes training girls of the village by the most powerful family. Main character is in charge of the ritual this time. 


13. Moekko Nurse 萌えッ娘ナース [030418] Zackzack
Main character is a physician who works at hospital. He is successful with nurses there, but he is only interested with pure girls. Finally he finds a suitable patient to project all his tenderness to.


14. Sefure☆Syndrome せふれ☆しんどろーむ [030418] Yamikumo-Communications
One day main character witnesses his neighbor girl masturbating in the bushes. She notices protagonist and demands protagonist show his masturbation. In such way strange sex friend relationship begins.


15. Gedou Gakuen 外道学園 [030424] Dennou Club
During an archeological expedition to a forbidden Himalayan temple, 19-year-old Masao Sera stumbled upon a bloody, sacrificial rite designed to throw open the Gates of Hell. Meanwhile, a dark force has descend upon Masao's college. Fights, gang violence and rape are the order of the day. But now, some of the gangs have started to develop supernatural powers and unholy appetites. As demonic entities battle for control of the campus, the conflict threatens to grow into armageddon when Masao mysteriously returns with the King of the Underworld bound to his mortal soul.


16. Angel's Feather [030425] Blue Impact
Shou Hamura, winner of the national kendo championship, is transferred to an only boys private school. He there thinks he meets his lost young brother Kai, who strongly denies this. Strange things happen at the school somehow referring to a magical world called Winfield. After re-encountering his best friend Naoto and while meeting many new friends, which each have specific abilities, he soon discovers his own inheritance and the difficult tasks ahead. 
Boys Love


17. Boku no Natsu Asobi ぼくのなつあそび [030425] Raptor
Just before summer vacation main character, who is illustrator's apprentice, gets a request to take care of a children for several weeks. Protagonist can not find a reason to reject the offer. So starts his summer in a villa with three little girls who call him "Onii-chan".


18. Choubatsu Yobikou Zenryousei 懲罰予備校 全凌制 [030425] Future
This school is of dark nature. It deals in sex slave training in exchange for generous donations. Main character is fired from the previous school and has trouble finding work with such background. But this school accepts his candidacy as efficiency is evaluated here the most.


19. Demons Gate でもんずげーと [030425] Deeper
There is a gate that clocks demons invasion into the human world. The gate is inside human shrine maiden body. The gate can not be opened unless girl wants to throw away virginity herself. The great demon sends a smaller demon to the human world in order to temp the maiden every night.


20. Fukushuu no Megami -Nemesis- 復讐の女神-Nemesis- [030425] Palette
The protagonist is a doctor who spends a boring life at the institute.
One day his cousin Mika, also a doctor, was carried to the emergency room. Mika, who had worked as a medic at the school there, was hospitalized due to an accident that occurred at the school. The protagonist's father ordered him to become a substitute doctor at the school.
In the infirmary at the school, it seems some vandalism happened there. Then the protagonist found an envelope hidden in the drawer of the desk, and inside a photo of a girl. Who is that girl and what really happened there?
He decides to investigate.


21. Hajimete ga Ippai ~Maidkko Alpha Beta~ はじめてがいっぱい~メイドっ娘αβ~ [030425] Black Berries
Main character gets to test two android maids during 7 days. But why are aprons, horny underwear, collars and ears prepared for the test?


22. Ikenie no Kyoushitsu 生贄の教室 [030425] FlyingShine
Main heroine helps a bullied girl and becomes a target of bullying herself. She is insulted every day from then on. The only way out boys suggest is offer someone else as sacrifice, and protagonist points to her best friend without knowing what kind of tragedy it's about to produce


23. Imouto wa Mahoutsukai いもうとは魔法使い [030425] Zero
You are a thief, about to break into a house, but you hurt yourself in the process. The two young daughters of the house bring you in and want to nurse you back to health.
It turns out that the house is inhabited by a family of witches.


24. Innai Kansen Owaranu Utage no Nurse Call 淫内感染 終わらぬ宴のナースコール [030425] ZyX
"Late-night Nurse Call" is an omnibus drama featuring the characters from ZyX's series, "The Infections at Shiromiya Polyclinic".
We're bringing you an obscene and amorous drama with animations in between that shows the events happening between Dr. Akira Sakaguchi and the nurses and patients around him at the Shiromiya Polyclinic!


25. Inniku Ranbu ~Biniku o Kurae~ 淫肉乱舞 ~美肉を喰らえ~ [030425] Merlot
Main character escapes from the earthquake and finds shelter at a strange shrine at the back of the mountain. With the way back cut by the boulders he has nothing better to do than to examine this strange shrine and its unorthodox shrine maiden


26. Kaikan Senshi Busty 快感戦士バスティー [030425] Cronus
Main heroine enters a private high school.
One day her best friend gets attacked at the school roof by some boys, so heroine stands up to protect her. At that time heroine is transformed into a busty pink warrior by space police. It turns out that members of evil organization hunt for big bust girls as their perverted energy spreads this way with the ultimate aim of creating a country of perversity. Protagonist needs to find the lair of trouble while fighting organization members.


27. Kankaku no Surudoi Kiba 感覚の鋭い牙 [030425] Winters
Main character is a freeter who is passionate about UFO. One day UFO flies into his room, and mysterious space girl descends from it. He wants to talk to her, but she has no emotions. He discovers that emotions are manifested only upon seeing human sexual activity.


28. Mugyu~tto! Pet Maid ムギュ~っと! ペットめいど [030425] Saga Planets
In a parallel world where Humans use various races of "manimals" as indentured servants (at best... ), the male protagonist is a pet maid trainer (yeah, this definitely includes sex) fresh from the university and ready for an interesting career.
Unfortunately he's also in deep trouble VERY soon, and his only way to save his ass from shame (and worse) is to train three problematic pet maids to perfection, or else...


29. Ryoujoku Onna Kyoushi ~Reijin Tenraku Hen~ 凌辱女教師 ~麗人転落篇~ [030425] Maika
Main character graduates from school, but does not know what to do afterwards. In front of him a mysterious woman appears giving instructions on the secret technique of pretending to be a woman. He decides to pass as a noble female teacher to reach the school teacher he lusts for.


30. Shimai Kyoushi ~Haruna to Asuna~ 姉妹教師 ~春菜と明日菜~ [030425] Riddle Soft
Kidnapping happens in a private high school. Two sisters - teacher Haruna and tutor Asuna - start to investigate this case separately, and the story is told from two viewpoints.


31. Shino-sensei no Yuuwaku Jugyou 詩乃先生の誘惑授業 [030425] Xuse
Sakurai Shino was a chemistry teacher who had recently transferred to Shirakumo Academy. She was a beautiful woman who looked good in glasses, and she was the envy of all the people in the school. One day, Iijima Sayaka, a female student, confessed that she was worrying about sex. Then Shino gave her a “lesson”.
That night, Shino got excited and began to play with herself. Suddenly, Kayama, a male student, broke into the room and raped her. She was thoroughly battered. However, she went to school next morning as if nothing had happened. Kayama called her to rape her again. What waiting for her was…


32. Shiroi Hebi no Yoru 白い蛇の夜 [30425] Kisu
Main character is an ordinary student, but with pervert nature. He finally decides to confess to a girl, but she is attacked by some evil spirit. Protagonist jumps ahead of her and dies. But his soul can not come up with the fact that he's going to die a virgin, so the soul rushes back to fight for control of the body. As a result, protagonist controls his body only during daytime. At night evil spirit dominates with the aim to hurt the dearest persons to main character.


33. Shiroki Tenshi-tachi no Rondo 2 白き天使達の輪舞2 [030425] Black Package Try
Main character is a doctor with a hobby of comforting nurses preparing them to satisfy rich patients' needs. This kind of business is illegal and thus impossible in large hospitals, so main character is put in charge of a small hospital almost exclusively aimed at training nurses.


34. Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! -Fan Disk- 好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! -FAN DISK- [030425] compass
Fan disc includes among other goodies original game scenes recollection, mini-quiz game and demo of future projects.


35. Tune Up!! ちゅ~んなっぷ!! [030425] Mutsu-gumi
An "android training ADV".


36. Kikaijikake no Yakata 機械仕掛けの館 [030428] Berserker Freyja
Main character finds a job at a huge mansion. The lady of the house only asks him not to enter the middle door on the second floor where her ill husband resides. She also asks to never bring out and forget everything protagonist sees in this house. Soon he discovers training room in the basement.


37. Burumania 2 ぶるまにあ2 [030429] Digital Aniki
A fan-fiction VN featuring Ichigo Morino from Onegai Teacher.
Doujin nukige


38. Carol CAROL [030429] Lover Soul
Disappearance of a huge number of children happened seven years ago.
Main character was among those children. Today he lives peacefully with sister and mother. He moves to the school where his sister studies. What kind of encounters await him there? 


39. My Sweet Home [030429] RAIN HILLS
A boy and a girl have to live at the same place regardless of their desires with father-in-law. They only watched at each other at a distance. But at some point it came down to ambiguous relationship.  The boy and the girl fell in love with each other as they grew up.

Foreword: I played Aya route six  years ago, but was left quite confused for the lack of understanding. Anime put its dots, but it deliberately changed the ending. I'm over-enjoyed to finally read all the routes in all the complexity.

Title: Interlude

Developer: Longshot

Date: 2003-03-13

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v3195

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE78kKpg5QY&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9mjQjlqFFGFu9r_-rNk861


Synopsis: For a close-knit foursome of high school friends, life is all about sleeping in class, strawberry milk, and after-class karaoke. However, our unnamed main protagonist is troubled by nightmares of death and disaster. Only when he begins to realize that his memories of people and events are different from those of Tamaki Maiko (named "Tama-chan" by her friends, "Mai-chan" by herself), Chimu and Harusa, his three female friends, does he begin to wonder. Later, when the waking dreams start.... a short moment of him seeing something that noone else sees....an attractive young lady, who stares back at him in amazement from an empty subway station, does he begin to wonder about his sanity. That evening, the four encounter and follow a shadow with no person, only to encounter a gang of stumbling zombies. And then he wakes up that morning from yet another bad dream, but the threads of reality have become a bit too frayed, and he begins to see a way in which he can travel over to the reality of his nightmares.


Length: 20 hours

Game type: Parallel universe piercing real world mystery

Difficulty: Relatively easy. Avoid Tama and get one of two heroines. Mutsuki is more tricky.

Character Design rating: 10/10

Protagonist rating: 8/10

Story rating: 10/10

Game quality: 10/10

Overall rating: 10/10

Rating comments: I love absolutely everything about this game. Well, apart of protagonist.

Protagonist: Keichiro is very kind and reliable. He manages to find the right words to support each heroine in the time of need. We get to see his face, but not his eyes. He's easy to sympathize with as any reader can feel in his shoes. We don't get to see his eyes though, so he does not feel like a fleshed out character.


Characters: There are four heroines. 

Tama is our genki childhood friend, and it's easy to get in her friendship root if she is paid a bit of attention during anyone else's route. Her love route is pretty much the same save for kisses as results of right choices helping Tama to start studying. Route is very easy-going yet ordinary. We get to see some strange things, but just ignore them. This route is quite ordinary, but it still is of masterpiece level due to great warm drawing and funny atmosphere.

Izumi is our OL here, but she's pretty cute in hiding her breast that's impossible to hide all the time. Her route starts pretty much normally as we just tag along her at pubs etc serving as her bodyguard and helping her find her prince. In this route alternative world finally pierces real world with dreadful consequences. We also get to know a lot about this parallel world since Izumi work deals with it directly. But what this route really shines for is very colorful side-characters we stumble upon. Ending is very intense here.

Aya is hands off the main heroine of the game. She is featured at the covers, and she's in the center of attention in every route but Tama. She has become everything I love in visual novels - cynical anti-social beauty with difficult fate and mysterious weapon. Of course, her route is the most powerful.

Mutsuki route branches off Aya route and repeats it almost completely. We get to know not only fate of this suicide girl, but also the creation of the parallel world, so route is pretty important for the overall structure.


Story: It starts normally, but we get to see abnormal signs with time. It's pretty much up to us and the route to decide whether we start to investigate them. 


1) Game tells us the basic things, but a lot of stuff remains unclear and subject to further theorizing. What's the role of this organization? What's their main plan and backup plan? What happens to main characters? Who is actually the Councillor?

2) I like it a lot as after each ending we only get a very short ending filled with anxiety. Only after seeing all the endings we get a full great ending.


Overall comments: Interlude was one of my first untranslated visual novels, and it determined my entire visual novel experience. My love for the moon and warrior serious beauties also originate from here. Game atmosphere is quite close to luv wave. Anime made the right steps in rationalizing the game and underlining the things that may have the biggest impact, but original remains the paragon of a great mystery game for me.



Interlude is the only masterpiece of the month. This month blocked novels surpassed normal ones over four times which is very scary considered that it's not a Comiket month.

1. Erinyes [030313] Pleiades Company
There is an island country similar to Japan. Memory of the great war that happened 50 years ago starts to wear off. But people who got hurt can never forget. There is a den where such people are gathered - underground prison. Now the time for settlement has come. Will protagonist escape from this place? What role will mysterious girl in the rain play?
A free puzzle-based adventure with the aim to escape prison through many different ways and enter one of 20 endings. Game is more about the process than the result.


2. Interlude インタールード [030313] Longshot 1
For a close-knit foursome of high school friends, life is all about sleeping in class, strawberry milk, and after-class karaoke. However, our unnamed main protagonist is troubled by nightmares of death and disaster. Only when he begins to realize that his memories of people and events are different from those of Tamaki Maiko (named "Tama-chan" by her friends, "Mai-chan" by herself), Chimu and Harusa, his three female friends, does he begin to wonder. Later, when the waking dreams start.... a short moment of him seeing something that noone else sees....an attractive young lady, who stares back at him in amazement from an empty subway station, does he begin to wonder about his sanity. That evening, the four encounter and follow a shadow with no person, only to encounter a gang of stumbling zombies. And then he wakes up that morning from yet another bad dream, but the threads of reality have become a bit too frayed, and he begins to see a way in which he can travel over to the reality of his nightmares.
There is an English review. I absolutely adore this game. Anime is an absolute must watch one. Visual novel has different, longer ending and is nice for those who liked the anime.


3. Angelium -Tokimeki Love God- ANGELIUM -ときめきLOVE GOD- [030314] Terios
Zeus was an omniscient and omnipotent god who ruled in Heaven where the gods lived. However, he was a pervert who had a wish to flirt with young angels, unbeknownst to his wife, Hera.
He came up with an idea to make use of the promotion examination which took place every three years. Three angels, Yu, Miki, and Chado-ko, came down to Earth to take the exams. When they began to work part-time jobs at the flower shop, the severe trials occurred one after anot