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VN of the Month July 2022 - Jewelry Hearts Academia -We will wing wonder world-




1. Digimon Survive デジモンサヴァイブ [220727] HYDE, Inc.
Takuma Momotsuka is a middle school student who attends a historical studies extracurricular activities camp during spring break.
On the second day of camp, Takuma and other camp kids visit a shrine where a festival surrounding the local “Beast Gods” will be held. While exploring the shrine, he encounters a mysterious monster named Koromon.
Immediately following, they hear a scream and find more of their friends being attacked by monsters. Upon realizing he has to save everyone, Koromon evolves into Agumon to fight.
With the help of Agumon, Takuma managed to repel the monsters, but he soon realized that the surrounding area was covered in fog and he had gotten lost in an unknown world…
Gameplay title
"The fact that you've arrived here―rather, to this save point―at this moment in your life is nothing short of a miracle. It delights me to no end. Step through the stage's curtain; rip off the mask of the wizard who pulls the strings. Close the loop. Hack into God."
The game takes place in 2037.
The story starts on February 6, 2036, when an accident involving computers going berserk destroys many large cities around the world. The massive disaster is named the "2036 Problem", but there's a prediction that there will be a similar incident in 2038. So a group of scientists use the Gaia Supercomputer to create an "Earth Simulator" to prevent it from happening, but fail because human birth potential has dropped dramatically.
The scientists then introduce the "Arecibo Message" formula to the Earth Simulator, successfully bringing mankind into another world. They are excited at first, until they realize that human beings in the Earth Simulator themselves created another Earth Simulator. The scientists begin to suspect that they are actually only the product of an Earth Simulator from creatures whose position is above them.
The story centers around Takaoka Pollon, a hacker who has the ability to "Save and Load" like in a video game. Using his Hacking Trigger System, he can intervene with the worldline around him.
Console exclusive  
3. Sentou Kanojo -Koi mo Ofuro mo Atsuatsu de- 銭湯カノジョ-恋もお風呂もアツアツで- [220728] Rosetta
This is an adventure game that depicts the slapstick mishaps of a crossdressing boy. He decided to dress up as a girl as part of running his grandma’s traditional Japanese bathhouse (Sento). Is it really possible to run the Sento without his crossdressing being exposed?
"Why do I have to dress up as a woman!?"
Asahi Kirisaki, who was just taking it easy during his summer vacation, finds out that his grandmother has been hospitalized. And his grandma's hospitalization put the Sento she ran in danger of having to close permanently.
Wanting to do something about it, he talked to his sister, Jun Kirisaki, about it. She asked him if he was really serious about it. After Asahi replied "of course I'm serious!”, Jun handed him a paper bag. Inside there was a wig and girls' clothes.
Jun explained the basic rule of Himenoyu which Asahi had totally forgotten: that it has to be a woman sitting behind the attendant’s booth. Asahi had to figure out how to wear girls’ clothes. In addition, because Asahi had accidentally walked in on the part-time worker, Chika Kirie, while she was taking a shower, he also has to dress up as a girl to hide his identity from her.
In this way, Asahi reopened his grandma’s Sento business while dressing as a girl.
What will happen to Sento in the future? Can Asahi pull off his crossdressing without being exposed?
Console exclusive    
4. Jewelry Hearts Academia -We will wing wonder world- ジュエリー・ハーツ・アカデミア -We will wing wonder world- [220729] Cabbage Soft
"Shine, our Will."
Phrygia Royal, Academy of Jewelry, is a place where mysterious gem stone called "The Will (意志 Ishi)" are researched.
The main character, Souma Jace, attempts to infiltrate "Diamond Class" as an agent to search for the "Philosopher's Gem Stone" that lies dormant in the academy. But he is assigned to a mysterious new class that called "Pegasus Class".
- Souma, a foreign agent who hides his true identity.
- Berka, a girl who is only interested in swordship.
- Veo, a solitary and loner delinquent who doesn't hang out with anyone.
- Mare, a kemonomimi beast who has a rare talent.
- Markus, a foreign prince with the worst grades and attitude.
- Arianna, the only decent conscience member in the class.
The Pegasus Class group is made up of six boys and girls with different purposes and nationalities.
They often rebel against each other, but soon find themselves facing a crisis that threatens the world.
"The Stone Eaters", a mysterious disaster that threatens to petrify the entire Nova continent. Located on the front lines, they become embroiled in a struggle against the "Medusa," the organization responsible for the disaster.
"Let's go, everyone - let's give it everything what we've got!"
Will Soma be able to accomplish his mission and able to overcome the threat of petrification that threatens to destroy the continent?
An adventure tale of The Wills and bonds that fly across the world - here it shines.
Good balanced work with a bit of everything and nice twists.  
5. Shin Koihime † Eiyuutan 4 ~Otome Enran ☆ Sangokushi Engi [Go]~ 真・恋姫†英雄譚4~乙女艶乱☆三国志演義[呉]~ [220729] BaseSon 1
――This is a "Mansion of the Stopped Time".
While you are here, The outside world――
The time in the world where everyone was originally, will Never go on.
So, You don't have to worry anything about outside.
When everyone returns, the world will start moving again.
More importantly...
Now that you came to a place like this,
I want you to take your time and relax.
You won't be able to get out of here for a while after all.
Let me tell you, This Mansion is very Mysterious!
When you thought the corridor would continue forever, a door suddenly appear,
When you take your eyes off the door for a little while, the door disappears before you know it...
Even inside the rooms, there's something strange.
There are a Lot of unusual rooms too!
Sun that is dazzling, the Winds blowing, it's just like a room outside!
...I'm sure there are many rooms I haven't entered yet.
Of course, there is an Exit!
But the current you, Won't be able to find it.
...You can't get out of here right away.
The time is stopped outside,
You don't have to rush.
That's why―― Let's all play together!
There is an English review in process

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Digimon Survive - Let me try to comment on this even though I did say I treat it as games. As for the battle, while one can say it's one of the flaw because it's being too easy, if anything else at least it arguably quite easy to have Self-Imposed Challenge in the game (It may not as difficult as usual challenge run in the other game though). For the story it's easy to say that it's resembled Digimon Adventure 2000 one, which to say might be nostalgic for any old fans of Digimon. That said there's a bit difference in Survive here, namely that some of the contents are just a little tiny bit more darker than usual Digimon which I won't spoil it here even though Youtube playthrough obviously inevitably spoil it. Once again I can say that this should be good games for Digimon fans if you didn't mind the text heavy gameplay, although the number of the Digimon are reduced though so not many Digimon that can be collected.

Jewelry Heart Academia - Another VN from Cabbage Soft that would be nice to localize instead of Amairo Chocolata duology, and apparently it has some usual fantasy school setting along with some hidden plot.

Sentou Kanojo - There'll be PC version of this on September 1st later, and in case you want to play it as soon as possible on PC there's unofficial port of this. Anyway it's good to see that we finally have the VN with trap MC after Otoboku (As far as I recall it's the only notable VN with trap MC that was translated), even though this time we only have one heroine in here. It's too bad that apparently it has no sex scenes despite both VAs using the alias that they usually used when voicing eroge, but then again maybe the official PC version will have sex scenes through the 18+ patch.

Anonymous Code - Well I guess I can say that the staffs may not confident if Anonymous Code can stand on it's own so that the director decided to announce that it's set in the same universe as Steins Gate, although whether it'll be good promotion or not is another matter (If anything else at least the staffs not adding Steins Gate character as blatant fanservice like Daru at Robotic Note DaSH). It's also interesting to note that apparently it goes through six times of rewrite, which perhaps it's the result of trying to connect the story with Steins Gate settings. Oh yes we got this announced back at AX, and we will get this in English on the next year.

That's all for what I can say in regard of July 2022 VNs releases.

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