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If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. ~Pearl Buck

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VN of the Month December 2023

December is still the most lively month for visual novels.   1. Murder Mystery Paradox - Kono Hitonatsu no Juugonen マーダーミステリーパラドクス このひと夏の十五年 [231202] 213℉U August, 2004. Shikinejima — a secluded island that only a few hundred people call home. Fifteen-year-old Itsuki Amazawa ha

VN of the Month October 2023

Not that many titles, but with good variation.   1. Hayasaki no Kuroyuri 早咲きのくろゆり [231024] 1000-REKA It may have been the curse of the black lilies that bloomed early in the winter--. It has been 18 years since the new and threatening virus "CLII," which killed more than 50% of minors, was completely contained.

VN of the Month September 2023

Main titles are releasing only today, so there aren't any impressions yet, maybe will add some impressions later.  Edited 02/10/23 for Koibana Ren'ai and Koishi Irodoru Seigiranman   1. Uso Kara Hajimaru 嘘からはじまる [230906] Mamekujira The story revolves around a conversation between the main character Kanata and the main heroine Nozomi on a train. The stor


kivandopulus in VN of the Month 2023

VN of the Month August 2023

Big companies seldom release titles in August as there's big competition from Comiket, so let's try to overview some of the prominent doujin games.   1. Purukura Aruma プルクラアルマ [230811] Seiran Soft Theo has escaped to the human world from the war between the Land of Dreams and the Land of Illusions. While searching for a girl who can save the land of dreams

VN of the Month July 2023

Actual competition again, so can briefly forget about including all the minor fandiscs   1. Sentimental Death Loop センチメンタルデスループ [230706] qureate It’s Noa’s birthday, and her good friend and schoolmate Nemu throws a party to celebrate. Once in Nemu’s room, Noa is pleased to receive a black diary as a gift. Nemu, how

VN of the Month June 2023

Might as well rename the whole thing into Fandisc of the Month   1. Mashiro-iro Symphony: Sana Edition ましろ色シンフォニー SANA EDITION [230623] Palette The girl who can't be true to her feelings, Inui Sana. The Private Yuihime Girls Academy is supposed to be the place where she could have fun with her favorite senpai as we

VN of the Month May 2023

Had serious doubts about including Vtuber games, but let's do it for volume. It's hard to call any visual novel a normal one this month.   1. Kyouhin-chan 狂信ちゃん [230508] Ultinet It is a multiple ending game depicting the offline meeting of a VTuber with a fan and the aftermath of the meeting. Vtuber nonsense wit

VN of the Month April 2023

I bet remaining companies coordinate release windows to issue exactly one conventional visual novel each month without any competition   1. Yahari Game demo Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Kan やはりゲームでも俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。完 [230427] MAGES. GAME In the game, you can enjoy new stories of each of the six heroines, different from both the an

VN of the Month March 2023

Another empty month   1. Sainan Tantei Saiga - Meijou Dekinai Kaijiken 災難探偵サイガ 名状できない怪事件 [230303] Yu Production Co., Ltd. 1 Saina is calamities town!? The worst disaster tale and adventure game ever! In "Saina Town" where unique residents gather, there is one unlucky detective.

VN of the Month February 2023

One normal title per month is all we deserve these days   1. Red List Girls. [230223] 7th;MINT 1 The world has changed dramatically since the war. Humanity, once the supreme power on earth, was swallowed up by the power of the weapons it had created. As a result, the number of human beings has been greatly redu

VN of the Month January 2023

With already few titles released it might be the swan song for Giga and MAGES   1. Aoki Bara no Terrarium 蒼き薔薇のテラリウム [230101] CURARE It's a world where magic and Three Great Wizards exist, but close-range combat with use of cavalry is the mainstream.  Clan Tistia nurtures proud traditions of sword skill going 4
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