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VN of the Month October 2022



Don't feel like nominating any game at all.
1. Aquarium. あくありうむ。 [221027] Entergram, Inc.
A visual novel starring VTuber Minato Aqua.
Player plays the role of Aqua's employer and falls in love with his maid. Set in a world that resembles western Europe.
The heroine is a new maid hiding a secret in service of the heir of the noble Francois family, who has lost his memories and has nightmares every night in which an unknown girl who says she hates him.
One summer day the protagonist is told by his sisters that he needs to practice leadership for when he’ll have to take over the reins of the family. To do so, he needs to give guidance to his clumsy maid and give her advice from time to time.
While the hero is attracted to Aqua, she is unable to fully open up to him about her secret and they’re divided by the insurmountable status wall that they cannot overcome despite their feelings for each other.
What is the shadow that looms upon them as they face opposition from everyone around them? The is a pure love story of a summer despite social differences.
Console exclusive
2. Criminal Border クリミナルボーダー [221028] Purple software
It doesn't change whether you're an otaku or not―――
Ninomae Itsuki, a boy who doesn't really have any particular skills, enjoys making clichéd MAD videos.
One day, after a series of coincidences, he ended up creating an "electronic drug video" which gives strong sexual arousal just by looking at it.
"I wonder what would happen if I showed this to that girl who looks down on me."
A dark desire stirred up in him.
In the end, he succeeded in showing the video to his childhood friend, Akinashi Rin, and also discovered her secret hidden behind the mask of an honors student.
"Let's do business using this electronic drug"
Rin proposed this "business" to him.
Papakatsu, yakuza, criminal gangs――
In the underworld that he shouldn't be a part of, Itsuki found himself swept away.
Why, Purple software? Why making an ugly partial release nukige?
3. DraPri Guu-ta-life 3 竜姫ぐーたらいふ3 [221028] Whirlpool
Some more time passes, and a new threat arises in the form of enemy faction princess Mei.
As the third part in the series, no illusions should remain
4. Kiss kara Hajimeru Egoism キスからはじめるエゴイズム [221028] Satsuki
Android girl acknowledges her existence as something more than just a bug. Is egoism that bad?
Vanilla nukige with a bit of usual Key-like android self-awareness
5. Study § Steady 2 スタディ§ステディ2 [221028] Marmalade
Meeting with you.
That is the beginning of her "love" study. Encounter turns into friendship, showing various sides of each other, and eventually, friendship turns into affection.
By chance, she might start to call you by your nickname.
Just by that alone, the relationship between you two will begin to change in a big way. Under the summer sky, on the beach, watching the fireworks together... will surely make you feel closer to her.
By chance, she might wear an attire that is different than usual. Instinctively, you may be thrilled to see her in a different feel than at the school.
As you two spend your days together, you will eventually become true lovers.
A new love study that begins in the summer. Sparkling days like hot sunshine. Just for you and her, an irreplaceable story is surely out there.
If you liked prequel

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Admittedly October releases are mostly quite small, so I understand if you can't nominate the VN. That said though, let me try to comment on October 2022 releases here.

Aquarium - Once again compared to previous VN that featured VTuber (Sakurairo Dreamer), Aquarium here featured an extensive storyline along with setting. By the way when I see the thread about this, I thought that Minato Soft decided to expand their new brand called Minato Aqua, only to find out that Minato Aqua is the name of VTuber.

Drapri 3 - Other than new dragon girl and most likely it'll be another license by Sekai, no much that I can say in regard of this. At least they keep the good design of the heroines if anything else, although it should be obvious that the male MC here is not exactly the good example of proactive MC because he's quite lazy.

Criminal Border - It's still the first part out of possible four parts, so it's still too early to judge this. Also since both of writer and director of Nine worked on this, I'm going to assume that the next parts would be better. That said, Purple Software here just release one part of it and will release another part sometimes in the future, and actually the difference from Nine is that Criminal Border here is more or less kinetic VN with Nine is route based VN. Other notable feature is that Purple Software decided to use the new artist, and let's just say that I need to get used to the new art. Oh yes the heroines in this VNs are mostly criminal with Meryl is still unknown for now.

Study Steady 2 - I would name this as VN of the Month, simply because it has relatively high production value on top being completed lengthy VNs (Both Aquarium and Drapri 3 are shorter, and Criminal Border is incomplete even with potentially interesting scenario). Like you say it's still the same with first Study Steady VN, only that the default name for the MC is no longer Marma Lade. Study Steady 2 also suffer several delays so much it became meme, although seeing that the first game is known for being buggy perhaps the delays are necessary. Lastly I'll say that I like the sexy school uniform here lol, and more seriously hope that Shiravune (Or perhaps Nekonyan if they're interested with this) will localize this in the future.

That's all for what I can comment in regard of October 2022 releases.

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