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VN of the Month August 2022 - Natsu no Owari



From two summer works that qualify for the race, my choice is Natsu no Owari
1. beat refle [220801] qureate 1
Atsushi Yubihara meets the talking cat Momiji while cleaning the massage parlor formerly run by his late grandfather.
Moments after he attempts to uncover her true identity in spite of his confusion, a loan collector appears to reclaim what his grandfather owes. Fed unreasonable repayment terms, he starts to shrink into himself until Momiji shares with him a most mysterious power...
He has but a single month to make enough money to return what was loaned, marking the start of his troubled everyday life as a masseuse!
There's no time to question his power, or why there's a talking cat, or anything else!
Atsushi must focus on his somewhat to very quirky customers and relieving the stress that ails them, all in time for the impending loan repayment!
Gameplay title
2. Apathy: Narugami Gakuen Nana Fushigi アパシー 鳴神学園七不思議 [220804] Mebius
Shuichi Sakagami, a first-year student and member of the newspaper club, decides to listen to scary stories told by seven storytellers assembled by his upperclassmen to produce a feature on the school’s seven wonders for the school paper.
However, when he opened the door to the club room, there were only six people.
He went ahead and started the meeting on the school’s seven wonders without waiting on the seventh, unseen person, but a disturbing atmosphere filled the room.
The thought that he shouldn’t hold this meeting crossed his mind, but it was too late to turn back.
What kinds of stories will the six people share? And what awaits him at the end…?
A massive-scale story and Takiya Iijima’s largest yet.
Console exclusive  
3. Mayonaka Gakuen Sanpo 真夜中学園さんぽ [220811] Hautecouture Inc. 1
In the summer of third year of high school the movie club is in danger of shutting down! Make a movie with girls as actors till Cultural festival so that it could survive.
All age just for some cuteness 
4. HAPPY SAIN† SHEOL -HAPPY SAIN† SHEOL- ハッピーセイント・シェオル [220813] Hankei 122px no Meido, Seiniku Jousai
This is a story about a group of very ordinary girls.
Two thousand years ago, the Pestis Disaster swept through the land, corrupting all living things and making it to difficult to live on the land. For those that still wish to live on this dead land, a temple was established. It was known as Saint Sheol of the Underworld.
With the help of a distant relative, I moved to the capital that I had longed to live in, and began work as a trainee priest at Saint Sheol.
Every day I endured pain and suffering in this unfamiliar land. On one particular day, when I was in truly dire straits, an angel appeared before me in my dreams. “Don’t worry,” she gently whispered. It was truly a vision that seemed impossible. I knew the face of that angel.
Before the looming disaster stood 6 girls. Within the deepest corner of the temple was fear, miracles, love… and lust.
Having touched the darkest darkness the world has seen, one must now face the dazzling light.
Thus I pose this question.
Whose wings did I see that day?
Amateur group as developer, but it's picked for localization, so will probably get better coverage in a year
5. Amanatsu アマナツ [220826] Azarashi Soft
Surrounded by the blue sea and green mountains, the protagonist moved there.
For him, who has been struggling with the competitive society of the city, this is not a place to retreat, but a new battlefield.
――It was supposed to be.
But, there was no such thing.
From the first day at his new school, he is taken out by his classmates, enjoying what they do, and being inspired by them.
Meanwhile, the three girls that the protagonist met also changed him again: a bright and lively kouhai who has a shocking encounter, Amahara Kogane; a shrine maiden senpai who looks out of this world but is surprisingly mischievous, Kaminashi Yashiro; a tsundere girl and daughter of the landlord who takes care of the protagonist, Ainokura Kazuha.
In the vividness of summer, the love that is born between them will eventually turns into a deep love.
Friendship and love are interwoven.
A love story that only students can tell begins.
Hayase Yuu is a quite known writer by SMEE games. No masterpiece for sure, but at least fun enough. 
6. Natsu no Owari 夏ノ終熄 [220826] CUBE
Summer in the countryside, rich in nature. The end of the world for two people.
After graduating from college, Yuuji found a job, but had to retired after less than a year due to physical problems he got from his workplace.
After much consideration, he decided to move to his grandparents' house in the countryside, which was vacant.
During his recuperation, he spent his days making videos of his rural life and uploading them on video websites.
The videos he uploaded gained a lot of attention, and when he was finally able to make a living from the income he earned from his videos, a global pandemic broke out.
People all over the world were dying. Fortunately, Yuuji was not infected.
One by one, people in his village fell ill, and after he saw the last person in his village off;
"I wonder if I will die someday, too."
Yuuji thought to himself, and lived in apathy.
Then he meets a girl named Mio, who casually comes to his village, and he remembers the joy of living once again.
Single heroine usually means more emphasis, more complex story and better atmosphere overall. Execution is good enough to live up to expectations.
7. Muyuu Senkyou Romanesque: Chronicles of Refugia 夢游仙境ロマネスク:Chronicles of Refugia [220729] medium 1
In the year 23XX, the world as we know it has come to an end.
Global warming has caused the sea levels to rise, submerging coastal cities in every nation—a mass extinction event that forever changed life on what remains of the surface.
This extreme climate change sparked violent conflicts in which android soldiers and drone strikes destroyed even more of the land. Now that the last dregs of humanity live within the confines of designated shelters, for the first time, they are forced to accept outsiders in order to secure their own safety.
You see, not everyone who looks normal on the outside is human on the inside. And while the rest of the world sleeps, these non-humans are slowly taking over…
Game is localized and has English reviews

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Chronicles of Refugia - Okay I admit that the graphic is quite good and having three Alices looks interesting, although too bad that it's just the first episode so obviously we need to wait for the full version of it. In any case, I just hope that it won't end up like Daresora.

Beat Refle - I thought that it'll be another VN with sex scenes, but after I see Tanaka Rie as one of the VA I find out that it's indeed all age VN which is not too farfetched seeing that we have massage minigame in Mary Skelter 2 (It's more like rubbing minigame though, but it should be close enough).

Sheol - Apparently it has some disturbing contents, although no much that I can see seeing that it's just developed. Well at least it's short enough so that Sekai can work on this quickly, although to be frank I prefer them to work on both of Madosoft VNs (ie Hamidashi and Raspberry Cube).

Amanatsu - Seeing that it has Hayase Yuu who as we know wrote Smee VNs that has a lot of comedy, it should be obvious that he probably write a lot of comedy in Amanatsu. Other than that, as per usual Azarashi Soft VNs the arts itself are pretty good looking.

Natsu no Owari - Cube VN with single heroine, and the writer definitely took some reference from the current pandemic seeing that it almost resemble the current real life event. In any case seeing that the art is quite nice to see I can say that I hope Shiravune will localize this sometimes in the future if possible.

That's all for what I can write in regard of August 2022 VNs releases.

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