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VN of the Month January 2023



With already few titles released it might be the swan song for Giga and MAGES
1. Aoki Bara no Terrarium 蒼き薔薇のテラリウム [230101] CURARE
It's a world where magic and Three Great Wizards exist, but close-range combat with use of cavalry is the mainstream. 
Clan Tistia nurtures proud traditions of sword skill going 400 years back. In such household twin brother and sister are born, but sister starts to show signs of possessing witchcraft. One day siblings set out for adventure.
Can't afford the luxury of ignoring all doujin games, but doubt it'll ever have reviews either
2. Tristia: Restore トリスティア:リストア [230119] Kogado Studio 
Happening in parallel to Tristia:legacy, the story of Tristia:restore follows the genius inventor girl Nanoca Flanka, granddaughter of the legendary inventor and crafter Prospero Flanka, as she is working to revitalize the floundering marine city of Tristia alongside her trusty companions! But this game focuses more on running the shop: She has some major crafting projects to complete, but it all starts with smaller objects.
Gameplay title
3. Harakiri Geisha Girls ハラキリニンジャガールズ [230120] Frontier Works Inc.
The main character, who grew up in America, is determined to become the best "samurai" in the world.
He enrolls in Fujiyama High School, a prestigious school for training samurai.
And with other unique girls who aspire to become "geisha" or "kamikaze".
They will face various ordeals!
Mobile game port, so it's inevitably a simplistic dating SIM
4. Summer Time Render - Another Horizon サマータイムレンダ Another Horizon [230126] MAGES. GAME
Ajiro Shinpei returns to his hometown of Hitogashima after two years to attend the funeral of his childhood friend Kofune Ushio.
While reuniting with Ushio’s younger sister Mio and his best friend Sou, he learns about Ushio’s mysterious cause of death and the legend of the “shadow disease” passed down through the ages.
The legend of the shadows—it is said that anyone who sees a shadow with their appearance will die. Ushio was said to have seen that shadow.
The shadows of death haunt Shinpei and his friends. Eventually, the day of despair visits Hitogashima.
“How can we save our friends, protect the islanders, and avoid death?…”
Shinpei is forced to constantly think and make decisions in order to avoid despair, but every choice may only open a new door to despair.
But he cannot afford to stop thinking and making decisions. To overcome the three days of despair.
Console exclusive
5. D.C.5 ~Da Capo 5~ D.C.5 ~ダ・カーポ5~ [230127] CIRCUS
Grand cherry tree still towers over private school . 
This year students can't decide between sports and cultural festival, so they decide it in competition around cherry tree. 
With many friends main character has a noisy but fun school life. One day he walks down the lake and sees how another cherry tree that never bloomed suddenly starts to drop petals and with them a girl falls down. The fated meeting marks the beginning of a new story.
If previous iterations provided a relatively new story to get enriched with numerous fandisc content, this part is already fanservice as it uses heroines from previous parts...
6. JINKI -Unlimited- [230127] Giga 
In September 1992 Tokyo was attacked by an organization called Kyomu and it triggered what's now known as "Tokyo Lost Life Phenomenon"...
Midori Oribe who worked as a nursery teacher fled the destroyed city of Tokyo with her children.
However, during that time, she lost consciousness once, and when she woke up, children were gone.
In order to find them she embarks the mecha, but two pilots are needed to run it. A companion joins her and battle begins to regain the occupied Tokyo.
Gameplay title
7. RE:D Cherish! -Eternity Blood-  [230127] CRYSTALiA
It's been a year since main characters revived the diner having overcome many difficulties. Protagonist's twin sister arrives and demands even more attention than a girlfriend. At the same time the Holy Church of Hakuryuu starts its expansion and marks diner as one of first targets.
A rare fandisc that actually has story expansion and even battles.

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MAGES seems to be will going for a while, although as for GIGA they indeed will close their company on March end later. That said as for their Swan Song, well obviously it's not as good as Baldr Sky. As for Tristia Restore, people may be more interested to play Legacy, especially if there's no much enough difference between Restore and Legacy (I only know that Restore was focusing mainly on the item creation gameplay). I remember that Harakiri Girls got translation, although I did ignore it back when it's released. Summer Time Render game will have more story from what I see, and apparently there'll be new scenario that was only available in the VN.

For VN of the Month, it would be either Da Capo 5 or RE:D Cherish FD, although it seems the latter would be the more interesting one so may as well call RE:D Cherish FD as VN of the Month, despite that three of Da Capo 5 heroines voiced by HSPC VAs (Sekine Akira, Kakuma Ai, and Koga Aoi) lol. And that's all for what I can comment in regard of January 2023 releases.

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