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VN of the Month September 2022 - BLACK SHEEP TOWN



For the time being, I prefer stories without romance at all, and BLACK SHEEP TOWN is a safe bet for me, as for others, time will show
The setting of this work is "District Y".
It is a cosmopolitan downtown area where immigrants from all over the world live, and it is full of energy of visitors who enjoy its unique atmosphere, but the other side of the city is a dangerous area where gangs rule and the police have no power. 
A decent Renya Setoguchi sound novel story in the setting resembling old Hong Kong. Gangs attack each other, serial maniac with transformation ability terrorizes community, and protagonist alongside officials gets involved in the center of conflict. Story zaps from one party to another.
2. 2045, Tsuki Yori. 2045、月より。 [220930] MELLOW
——Will humans still have “hearts” in 2045?
2045. Androids help people and undergo experiments to get more and more human-like.
A boy who hates androids, Ieiri Sou, in a local city meets a woman who is a cutting-edge android born on the moon. Longing for the human world, she escaped from the research institute and disguised herself as a human to run a coffee shop.
A boy who has met a strange person gradually learns about the strangeness of the city.
A student net idol, a nun Sister with superhuman physical abilities and a hidden face, two detectives from organization Public Safety Section Zero, gang leader with overwhelming charisma - they all get involved with human boy and android girl.
First two works of MELLOW were rather weird and of low price segment, this one is first full price. Nice cheerful setting, and the whole runaway android problem gets solved easily and early, so it's less about the story and more about the chosen girl. It all depends on implementation. 
3. Hana wa Mijikashi, Odoreyo Otome  華は短し、踊れよ乙女 [220930] ensemble 
It was about 100 years ago, in the 10th year of the Taishou era.
In the midst of a glorious and turbulent time.
The protagonist, Yamashina Rin, a kabuki actor who mostly playing onnagata roles, suffered a major setback in one of his performances. However, he found hope in the words of a blond girl he met by chance. In order to improve himself and return to the stage one day, he decided to transfer to an all-girls school oversees by a principal who is an admirer of his, and changed his name to "Fujinami Rin".
What awaited him at the school was his first exposure to the glamorous world. The students are the daughters of the prestigious families and foreign students from the West.
Arranged by the school's principal, Rin was accepted as a member of the "Eikakai", a group of five maidens who represent the students. In addition, he was assigned to live under the same roof with the Eikakai's girls. There, he also found Chris, the blonde girl who saved him.
An election to decide the top maiden, "Nadeshiko no Kimi", will soon be held.
Eventually, the purpose of the Eikakai was revealed to Rin, who knew nothing of the situation. The school is currently in the midst of a conflict between the Japanese and the foreigners. In order to solve it, an election will soon be held to decide the top maiden, "Nadeshiko no Kimi".
The candidates in the election are the five members of the Eikakai, including Rin. While Chris is the lead candidate for the Western side, Rin has been nominated by the principal as the lead candidate for the Japanese side. Although he was caught up in the principal's scheme, Rin gladly accepted it, as he saw this as an opportunity to improve himself.
Thus, with the future of the school and all the girls who attend at stake;
The dazzling days of the maidens begin.
Trap protagonist story is the last thing I would check out, so let's wait for first impressions
4. Homemaid Sweet Pea  ホームメイドスイートピー [220930] Silky's Connect
["Homemade" family made by a maid]
"It may have been temporary at first, but it can be a real family."
Verbena Manor is an unusual share house run by a maid.
There, the residents of Verbena Manor, including the main character, do not know the feeling of a happy family that everyone normally has.
This work is a story about them "living as a true family even though they were born differently and have different relations."
New Silky's subsidiary, so it may be anything in the range from moege to Nanairo Reincarnation, although trial has worrying signs as starts too conveniently  
5. Houkago Cinderella 2 放課後シンデレラ2 [220930] HOOKSOFT
Spring. The protagonist, Kuzumi Arata, has moved to a new town because of his mother's job transfer.
Up to this point, he always has regrets about his student life.
"What have I been doing with my youth?"
He had a part-time job that warmed his pockets. Still, he felt left out, surrounded by people who do their best in club activities and enjoy their love lives.
Because of this, he decided to say farewell to his old student life and have a fresh start.
Fortunately, he was blessed with new encounters in his new student life.
A good male friend.
Friendly classmates.
An attractive, quiet, and cool classmate.
A cheeky kouhai who gets tangled up with him.
An enigmatic beauty he met on the train.
However, he still has trouble with how he should spend his student life.
Inspired by the words of Oze Hazuki, the daughter of the landlord who lives next door, he decided to enjoy his time at his new school leisurely.
Then he realizes his inner desire and makes a decision.
"I want to have an ideal student life where I can go home after school with my girlfriend!"
As Hooksoft game and moreover a sequel, no one should have any illusions left by now
6. Role player: Tororo Shimai no Nenmaku Portrait - Gurigucha LIVE! Role player:とろろ姉妹の粘膜ポトレ ぐりぐちゃLIVE! [220930] AKABEiSOFT2
One day, I lost something precious.
I went to several cosplay events, and took some pictures to satisfy my lust. However, the camera that contained all the pictures was destroyed in an unfortunate accident.
Perhaps they didn't want to see my cry anymore, the Yamakake sisters, Sana and Yua, who were involved in the accident, said to me;
"Would you like us to cosplay for you instead?"
I accepted their offer.
Their bodies look lewder than anything that I have ever seen in any erotic manga, and they were willing to be my very own cosplayers!!
I put the skills I learned as a fashion student and my hobby of making costumes for dolls to good use, creating costumes for the sisters, and as luck would have it, I was given tickets to the cosplay resort "Costaria", located on a remote island.
This was an opportunity for me to get the best portraits in Costaria. However, what awaited me on that island was so much more than I could imagine!
"Let's have a different kind of cosplay today."
"Erotic role-playing. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
The sisters whispered those words to me.
With my very own cosplayers, I'm going to make extreme and intimate portraits that cannot be shown to anyone.
I wonder if it's okay to make them──
AKABEiSOFT2 continues to issue otaku nukige which often have better humor and buildup than normal charage  
7. Tonari ni Kanojo no Iru Shiawase ~I Fight with Summer となりに彼女のいる幸せ~i fight with summer~ [220930] Prekano
"Then a camp! Let's have a training camp in the summer, instead of a reward!"
The final exam is over and the summer vacation is about to begin.
The club is on the verge of disbanding, but a new member and kouhai, Serizawa Chisa, requested me to hold a training camp at the sea. With the club's small budget, we managed to plan a one-day camp in the club room and at the sea.
However, there is no way that a camp with a self-indulgent and mischievous girl like her is going to end without a hitch......
The sea, swimsuit, battles!?
In the end, what is my relationship with this girl next to me!?
A different summer from "that time" (if) is coming!
Not fan of single heroine romance low price stories, but since they're issued at consoles, can't ignore them either
8. Tsui no Stella 終のステラ [220930] Key
If I make it to the other side of the sky, I can become human...
Earth has been taken over by a group of machines that created a "singularity."
Humanity is forced to live hidden in the shadows.
One day a transporter receives an odd request.
Their cargo this time will be a girl android developed as a family member substitute.
She is unaffected by the Singularity Machines.
Despite being put off by the girl's naive behavior, the transporter sets out on the journey.
Sometimes it's human bandits they must evade, other times it's the machines they run from.
Undeterred by such dangerous situations, they press on to make the delivery.
The girl often talks about wanting to become human.
Their destination is a space elevator, so tall it appears to pierce the sky.
The rumor is that androids who make it to the top can be made human, but is it true?
I feel like Key is lost in self-repeats of not so good but sold well and low effort planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ in a constant chase for a fast buck. I'd be happy if I'm proved otherwise 

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Hello Kivando. I see you are always putting a lot of effort into these articles and stuff, but you really gotta stop with the way you are formatting these things. The way you do it crashes my and other people's phones. For some reason the full white block you are using takes a lot of performance and loading. Just write a normal text maybe.

Also, what are the [numbers] signifying?



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Oh, I just copypaste from blogspot, so from the start I tweaked blogspot formatting till I liked how it looked on fuwa from pc. Never thought about phones, to be honest, never used them this way. Started using boxed entries background after complaints on fuwa that with dark scheme black font is not seen at all. Changing format on blogspot is not an easy thing, last time I tried to remember how to do it, I broke it all and spent a week fixing it the way it was tolerable. And when I change something, it means I need to make every single post from the start look the same way, and that's many days of edits . Every time habitual cycle broke for me (like both times youtube channels got blocked), it took around a month to get back on track without posting anything. Just tried on phone, and did not feel cpu usage on this page, but with a lot of youtube inserts (done out of laziness to pick pictures and to gather in playlists with the ability to see what exactly youtube deletes over time) it really slows down. Can't even say I put a lot of efforts into these articles, just filtering it for myself to find older references and check what I thought about them back then. Not touching visual novels again till I'm done with anime, anyway.

Numbers are just to compare quantity with other months, arrangement is usually chronological as vndb showed it in the list, no hidden meaning.

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A bit of spoilers there on 2045 Tsuki Yori. How do you know how the story goes? It JUST came out. If this is true, then what a let down. I had high hopes for the title. I thought it might be similar to dramatic stories like ATRI and Plastic Memories.

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Hana wa Mijikashi, Odoreyo Otome - ensemble newest VN with trap MC that has Taisho era setting, and honestly speaking other than era and outfit there's no much different from what they usually write. I still hope that somehow one of Nekonyan's employee interested and try to translate this, although seeing that they pick Secret Agent and said VN has non-trap male MC, it might be hard to expect Nekonyan localized Hanaoto. Also looks like ensemble realize that usually Nabatame Hitomi's role has the tendency to attract the other female characters (Especially Aida Mana/Cure Heart from DDPC), so in here her role is explicitly said that she like cute girl in sexual manner (Little did her character know that she'll date a man when she showed her interest to the MC).

2045 Tsuki Yori - Looks like Re:Lief premise (In regard of AI at the very least), although the naming here is very similar with Navel's trap MC VNs series. Other than the futuristic setting here, honestly I have no much to say other than at least the graphic here is looking good.

Homemaid Sweet Pea - The premise is resembled Family Project to a degree, although apparently it's lighter than that old VN. If anything else here, at least Silky's willing to branch out by making a light VN that didn't involved mystery like Nanairo or Kimagure.

Houkago Cinderella 2 - Other than it's too bad that the first Houkago Cinderella here was got C&D by Nekonyan because of the contract, this one is obviously not a sequel of previous Houkago Cinderella but rather it's set in the same setting as the previous VN with new set of heroines and obviously new MC. As for whether Nekonyan will localize this or not, we'll see.

Black Sheep Town - Setoguchi's newest work after Musicus, and unlike his previous work he seems to not have the characters voiced in order to save the cost. From what I see in one of the review, apparently the ending is quite controversial although I don't know how much (If anything else at least the writing seems to be quite interesting by showing multiple perspective). Oh yes there's no sex scenes in the VN seeing that it's rated as 16+, although obviously the topic here is still not fitting for the children here seeing that it involved gang and stuffs (Come to think of it, the gang premise here is almost resemble Rose Guns Days).

That's all for what I can say in regard September 2022 releases.

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