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VN of the Month October 2023



Not that many titles, but with good variation.
1. Hayasaki no Kuroyuri 早咲きのくろゆり [231024] 1000-REKA
It may have been the curse of the black lilies that bloomed early in the winter--.
It has been 18 years since the new and threatening virus "CLII," which killed more than 50% of minors, was completely contained.
People have completely regained their normal lives, but it has left a huge mark and problem in the society....
A girl who has yet to realize its impact, Sasamori Hana, is a third-year student at Naeshiro High School in Sapporo.
She is a quiet girl, but inside she always feels anxious.
With only a few days left until graduation, Hana finds herself repeating the same day over and over again.
"Ah... that's right. I like Itsuki-chan..."
Hana strongly wishes for the happiness of "Itsuki-chan" who saved her in the past.
She's not even exaggerating it, she would do anything to make it happen.
But she thought the second time, "no, my feelings won't make her happy..."
She thought it was something she shouldn't admit, and it would just ended as "a whim of puberty."
However, that realization led to a deep, deep "curse"....
This is a story of love that weaves between two people in order to persist through such "love" and "curse."
The obligatory girls love of the month.
2. GINKA  [231026] Frontwing
"Ginka, a childhood friend, on the night of the summer festival, was "spirited away" and disappeared."
5 years have passed since then.
Now a high school student, Aoba Ryuusei boards a ferry returning to Himejima. He wants to make sure. Since then, what happened to Ginka? Maybe, she returns home like nothing has happened, living a normal life and attending school on the island, perhaps......
Such small expectation turns into disappointment. Ever since that night, Ginka remains missing. Sinking into despair, when Ryuusei is about to leave the island again, he has a mysterious reunion.
What appears before him is a girl who looks the same like she was back then―― Ginka.
"Welcome back."
Forgotten even her own name, all Ginka remembers are the name "Ryuusei" and the feelings she has for him.
Where has she been?
Why does she still look so young?
On a small island where time flows leisurely, days with a childhood friend who has been "spirited away" and returned, in a summer vacation like a fairy tale.
A decent nakige that only starts as SOL with mystery, but continues as gritty battle, but not a too dark one. 
3. Kanata no Ningyo Hime 彼方の人魚姫  [231027] Wonder Fool
Tatsumiya Village is located in the southernmost region of Japan. Time flows leisurely in a place where its residents have a strong affection for their hometown. In this village which has been with the sea for a long time, the villagers believe in mermaids, and the only shrine of the village is dedicated to them.
With just a few days away from summer vacation, in the peaceful, yet lively daily life of Namishima Itsuki.
The eldest daughter from Tatsumiya Shrine, giving an impression of a devout and dignified girl, Utsumi Hinowa.
A friend who is the kindest of them all, despite being shy, aspiring to become a picture book author, Ogirihata Aoi.
The three of them meet a sudden transfer student, a girl who becomes a new villager, Tachibana Aina.
Since she comes from overseas, she is thrilled to see the village's scenery and customs for the first time. Her cheerfulness and positivity remind them of a girl they once knew, someone they had lost. One by one, the emotions that colored this brief moment are heated up like the sunshine of midsummer.
Holding secrets and slight misunderstandings.
Hoping and giving up, emotions and indifference.
Spinning a tale of their summer memories.
"What if", the assumption of it is meaningless, "It did not happen" is the only reality.
In this short summer that passes by hastily, there is a story which gives a meaning to the past.
It's mostly about friendship from different viewpoints, plus all the references to the deceased only make things worse. Light nice work about one summer.
4. Sennagi - Kegareta Chigiri to Kami Koromo - 戦巫〈センナギ〉―穢れた契りと神ころも― [231027] Escu:de
Fusemori Souma departs from his long-time residence deep in the mountains and sets foot in Ouma—one of Japan's major cities.
In this urban setting, there is a religious group called the "Mayoi" (Exorcist) clan, whose purpose is to worship the gods and eliminate the "Yama" (Night Demons) that disrupt the harmony of the world. Due to an age-old pact between this clan—specifically, the Mikosono family—and the Fusemori family, Souma encounters a young girl about his age. Her name is Mikosono Himeka, a girl burdened with an extraordinary destiny.
Draped in a sacred garb and wielding a divine sword, Himeka protects the town as "Sennagi" (warrior priestess), the vanquisher of Night Demons. However, recent times have seen an increase in Night Demon-related incidents around Ouma, and rumors circulate of particularly powerful Night Demons on the loose.
Thus, following the ancient pact between the Mikosono and Fusemori families, they decided to conduct a particular "divine ritual" to enhance the power of the Sennagi.
The ritual to be performed is unorthodox and heretical, in which the maiden is subjected to various forms of humiliation to channel divine power into her. What is offered up is the pure heart of a virgin.
—Himeka is defiled, and by offering her heart, her Sennagi powers awaken.
For the protection of humankind and for her to become stronger as a Sennagi, Himeka sacrifices her body and heart. The role given to Souma is to support Himeka in various ways and to serve as the vessel for the god during the "divine ritual," thereby defiling her as the executor of the sinful practices.
—All of this, to defeat the Night Demons.
—Her body, for the peace of all.
Souma and Himeka consistently engage in this lustful ritual and devote themselves to the ongoing fight against the Night Demons.

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Sennagi looks similar to Alicesoft Beat series in which you need to have sex in order to powered up the main heroine, Gnka is very popular with the same writer as Atri, Hayasaki no Kuroyuri is all age GL VN that has Steam release and yet is not available in English, and Ningyo Hime is another VN with same artist and writer as Aonatsu Line after Yukiiro Sign (Still too bad that Shiravune already decided to not have Yukiiro Sign in English). Out of all four VNs, it's pretty obvious that VN of the Month for October 2023 here is Ginka even though Ningyou Hime is longer.

That's all for what I can comment in regard of October 2023 release.

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