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VN of the Month September 2023



Main titles are releasing only today, so there aren't any impressions yet, maybe will add some impressions later. 
Edited 02/10/23 for Koibana Ren'ai and Koishi Irodoru Seigiranman
1. Uso Kara Hajimaru 嘘からはじまる [230906] Mamekujira
The story revolves around a conversation between the main character Kanata and the main heroine Nozomi on a train. The story branches into three different routes (junior high school, high school and university) by following Nozomi's past. The heroine and protagonist differ depending on the chapter.
Game is localized and will have English reviews.
2. Go-toubun no Hanayome ~Kanojo to Kawasu Itsutsu no Yakusoku~ 五等分の花嫁 ~彼女と交わす五つの約束~ [230907] MAGES. GAME
The third series of "Gotoubun Consumer Series" which serves as an alternative story to the plot of original manga series.
The third game told the story of Fuutarou and his girlfriend, one of the Nakano quintuplets whom he confessed his love to in the high school. Fuutarou, now a 4th year university student in Tokyo, started reminiscing about his first year as university student, as he started his new life alone at Tokyo and his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend. Player is be able to decide whether Fuutarou's proposal to his girlfriend succedeed through choices selection that affects the parameter status..
Sequel of anime spin-off
3. Haishin 2 廃深2  [230921] qureate
A group of live-streamers, Himari Aitsuki, Miyabi Himemiya, and Aina Hiiragi enter the abandoned shopping mall "Togaezuka Happy Place", famous for being haunted, in order to shoot a video.
When they arrive at the ruins and nothing happens, the girls, already not feeling excited about the shoot, are disappointed but get attacked by a mascot monkey that appears out of nowhere.
When Himari comes to, Miyabi and Aina are nowhere to be seen...
Himari and the others are trapped in the abandoned shopping mall and each begins to search for a way to escape.
As if to make sure they can't escape, a mysterious mascot appears before them and attacks!
Just what is this strange mascot?
Will the three be able to meet up again and manage to safely escape?
The new streamers' live-threatening stream begins now.
4. Koibana Ren'ai コイバナ恋愛 [230929] ASa Project
Due to the declining birthrate and various problems of the adults, the school where the boys attends no longer exists, and starting from this year, the protagonist Kanata, and his friends, are transferred to a famous school located nearby, where many ojousama attend, but is now a co-educational school, Ouka Academy.
"Since I'm going there, I want to have a girlfriend!!!"
With such common wishes, the boys are excited about their new lives with the prim and proper ojousama whom they have yet to meet.
Then comes the long-awaited first day of their co-educational lives. To the Flower Garden! The boys take a step forward────.
"This is different from what I was expecting!!!"
They cannot comprehend the girls' way of life which is far off from what they have imagined. But, another unexpected thing is that the girls also feel the same as them.
"My prince...... Is different from what I was expecting."
The wishes that the both sides have wished for, they do not seem to come true. Still, they want to fall in love! They want to talk about love!!
The amateurs huddling together, using love story as a weapon──── Such youthful lovestruck rascals, this is the effort of a silly, but adorable romance.
Rather plain synopsis for ASa Project, but it surprised in the past many times, so it should be able to squeeze enough comedy. There's a lot of nostalgic silliness. It's hardly anything groundbreaking, but it's easy to read and relatively funny which should be enough in most cases to enjoy it.
5. Koishi Irodoru Seigiranman 恋し彩る正義爛漫 [230929] CUBE
――When he was a child, he wanted to be a Hero of Justice. To protect everyone's peace and defeat the evil. Kourenji Hayato had always admired such strong and gallant heroes. But after all, it was just a child's daydream...... Before he knew it, as he grew older, that kind of dream had faded away――
Time passes, at the time to enroll at a high school, Hayato moves from the countryside to the city where his relatives run a boarding house. A bustling and brightly sight that is quite different from the countryside, while he is walking in the street in bewilderment―― He runs into a bus being hijacked by a very suspicious group wearing masks.
Hayato is trembling and unable to escape. Then, dressed in a pure white outfit, a heroine comes rushing in gallantly.
"The darkness that is spreading in this world, shall be slashed away with white light!
The Emissary of Justice "Marron Branche", here I come!"
The disguised heroine disperses the masked group with her spectacular moves―― Unconsciously captivated by the scene, Hayato gets caught up in the midst of her fight. At this time, he accidentally sees the identity of the girl, and to his surprise, she is his cousin whom he has known since he was young, Shirakawa Mikuri.
"Everyone has things they wish to keep as a secret for themselves.
So, I wish for this to stay as a secret from everyone."
Hayato makes such an agreement with Mikuri.
The Heroine of Justice, the evil organization, and finding out the secret of his cousin...... Hayato's life at his new school and the boarding house, what is to become of him――
Looks rather unserious, and most heroines have some secret disguise life. Content is more about gags that trying to give a satisfying story. Even fights are different gradations of farce. There's a twist in the main heroine route, but it hardly justifies anything.
6. Koi to H Shika Shiteinai! 恋とHしかしていない! [230929] Unison Shift
I, Kyuujin Shidou, was discovered to be related to the leader of the Mauki Group, the largest corporation in Japan. In order to succeed the leader, my grandfather who did not have much time left to live, I would need a spouse...... In other words, to have a wife, that was the necessary requirement. But even so, all my life, let alone a wife, I never had a girlfriend!
After much consideration, I decided to consult with my two female childhood friends. The deadline for choosing the successor, in other words, I would need to have a wife in three months. So only until that time, I wanted them to pretend to be my wives!
――The once in a lifetime request, but after that, falling in love, living together, and eventually developed into doing ecchi things everyday, I never thought at the time that it would turn out this way.
Two childhood friends―― An extremely shy ojousama・Kuranozono Iwai.
And a pure-hearted gyaru in love・Kousaki Ririka.
Which one of them, is going to become my wife――!?
It looks to be ecchi-focused, judging from the title, synopsis, opening and the sample CGs.
7. Natsuzora Asterism 夏空あすてりずむ [230929] Natsukon
I wanted to feel yet more closely, The shine of those stars that seem within arm's reach. Beneath this sky unfolds an ordinary girls' summer. An ordinary summer spent by ordinary girls,
who live in an ordinary town and attend an ordinary school, walking there down the usual road, at the usual pace, surrounded by the usual smiles. A single, unchanging summer woven together by these girls. This is the story of their love that you'll surely want to reach for.
Girls love only, so rather niche.
8. Neko-nin exHeart SPIN! 猫忍えくすはーとSPIN! [230929] Whirlpool
Our hero, Makibishi Kikumaru, has spent his mostly plain days in the company of his tanuki-faced family members (younger sister and grandfather), but his grandfather’s sudden death causes a major shift in his daily life. A cat-earred woman in battle dress storms in on the funeral vigil and lets loose with a machine gun. His younger sister turns into a tanuki-earred ninja.
What the heck is going on? The one that comes to our hero’s rescue is a mysterious and beautiful cat-earred woman.
“My name is Touka. I am here to protect you, Lord Makibishi, no… Lord Saiga Kikumaru.”
These are the words that Touka speaks to a bewildered Kikumaru.
1) There are people that exist in this country known as “demi-humans”, as well as people of other origins, unbeknownst to the rest of the population
2) These beings served as ninja during the Sengoku period, and still exist here and there across Japan today
3) You were born into the Saiga family, who act as intermediaries between this “underworld” and mainstream society.
4) And so you are already involved in the struggle. If you don’t get serious about it, you’ll end up dead. (This part is vital.)
…So it seems.
Things seem to be a little on the serious (?) side this time, as the curtains rise again on a new NEKO-NIN chapter.
With our brand new outfits, we’re going meow meow our way into your heart.
9. Sore wa Maichiru Sakura no You ni -Re:BIRTH- それは舞い散る桜のように-Re:BIRTH- [230929] Navel
When he was a child, Sakurai Maito moved to the north far away from his hometown due to family circumstances. However, a few years later, he returns and chooses to attend a school in his birthplace.
"Just, somehow."
When asking for the reason, he simply replies.
In a town where the undulating full bloom Yoshino cherry trees decorating the streets, Sakurazaka. Barely any memory of his childhood remains in a place where everything looks brand new. And yet there is one thing, a place that makes him feel nostalgic.
A small hill with two cherry trees lining up together.
However, his extremely vague nostalgic feeling is mixed with anxiety, frustration, and fear...... He feels something connects him to this place even though he cannot open the door to his memory.
"But, somehow."
It is not because Maito has a solid reason for returning, but because he is subconsciously called back to Sakurazaka.
Despite this, he turns away form the fact and continues living an ordinary life. But there is no doubt that he has a certain memory buried deep within him. Will he be able to regain it?

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September has some nice title, although out of all title the most obvious VN of the Month candidate is Koibana Ren'ai in which it's the most popular VN if we based it on number of votes at VNDB. Still may as well try to comment on some other releases here.

Sore wa Maichiru - Looks like the story has no much change from the older VN, although Navel changed most of the VAs here. No idea if we will see this in English, especially after Mangagamer discontinued Shuffle and Soul Link, although then again we may see Shiravune pulled something from Navel in the future which could be this one.

Nekonin Spin - The only single announcement that Sekai has for this year, and Whirlpool did make three heroines in here. Initially I think this might be interesting title especially with good graphic, although seeing that apparently it's quite short I may as well just skip it.

Natsuzora Asterism - Apparently a lengthy GL VN with routes and sex scenes in which it's quite rare to see, although there's no much info in regard of it other than it's apparently already released in September.

Koishi Irodoru Seigiranman - The VN about the setting where the villain and superhero live in one city with the MC is basically Tuxedo Mask with he will ready to help the heroine if she's in pinch. That said, obviously you better expect this as normal charage seeing that most of the focus are slice of life, and that looks like the superhero aspect here won't get much focus like in Dengeki Stryker. All in all, I can say this is the second most interesting release in September 2023.

Koibana Ren'ai - The most interesting release in September 2023, and that it's another VN from ASa Project. As you can see they're like to experimenting with the formula, in which this time they put some focus on several side couple (Non MC male with non heroine female), although whether it work or not is up to each of their own (One of the con is the writing weakening the development of the MC and the heroines). That aside, it would be interesting to see it translated, and perhaps Nekonyan can localize this in the future alongside Futamata.

That's all for what I can comment in regard of September 2023 releases.

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