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VN of the Month February 2023



One normal title per month is all we deserve these days
1. Red List Girls. [230223] 7th;MINT 1
The world has changed dramatically since the war. Humanity, once the supreme power on earth, was swallowed up by the power of the weapons it had created.
As a result, the number of human beings has been greatly reduced.
Scientific development ceased, but humans continued to kill animals. 
However, there were a few humans who were concerned about the danger to animals.
They created organization "Agape", the Organization for the Assistance and Protection of Endangered Animals. Organization started to transform the strongest of animals into the same form as Human.                            
Girls who are a cross between animals and people.
This is the story of the battle waged by animal girls with weapons in their hands to protect their endangered brethren.
Partial release
2. FLIP * FLOP ~RAMBLING OVERRUN~  [230224] DiGination
Ran Tsukigaoka is a genius girl, but no one truly understands her - even herself. She knows who she is, but she never experienced love.
I admit skipping the sequel, but it was vanilla nukige with an AI girl - a super boring service game. This time heroine is a genius creator of AI, so it's at least more or less natural, though still a totally fetish little game. 
CRIME has reigned supreme in SCUM CITY since the day the SUPERVILLAINS showed up—
However, at the heart of this evil nest lies a sanctuary known as JUSTOPIAN WARD.
As a deterrent to the evildoers, the SUPERHEROES constructed this self-sufficient stronghold, which thrives despite the surrounding CHAOS.
JUSTOPIA, the ultimate hero and bane of countless villains, is its FOUNDER, MAYOR, and CHAMPION.
Justopia also founded the HERO SOCIETY and serves as its chairman, giving orders to the other heroes as they fight crime and bring peace to the city and the world.
Yet, the crafty VILLAINS are growing stronger, and the HEROES are struggling to keep up... some of them have even betrayed the cause by swearing allegiance to the dark side in the most heinous way!
If not the ASYLUM, to whom should Justopia seek assistance? This facility reforms criminals, and who could be more qualified to lead it than YOU?
Capturing and reforming S-level villains must be done rapidly and efficiently.
It's in your hands to rehabilitate these scumbags and put their power to use for JUSTICE again!
Tried to find at least some gameplay elements in it, and no, it's just a pure nukige, and I would not include it unless it got translation at some point.
4. Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita o Ayumu- サクラノ刻-櫻の森の下を歩む- [230224] Makura 1
Even disappear into the inexhaustible world.
Still, the sounds overlap and resonate.
The time flows – one day, it will become poetry.
A two story about geniuses, geniuses and mediocrities. Weak God and strong God.
A story beyond happiness.
That is the second act of the cherry blossom story.
A genius chosen by God, a genius abandoned by God, and a mediocre man who resists God.
What is the charism that dwells in beauty? Why is the fruit given only to the chosen one?
"Where did we come from, who are we, where are we going?"
A world united by the light of causal exchange.
Can artists answer that question through beauty?
A story told around Kusanagi Naoya after "Sakura no Uta".
From that slope, Naoya and Ai went down while looking at the city of Yumihari.
There were many untold stories leading up to it.
About two geniuses.
The true story of Natsume Kei and Kusanagi Naoya.
Why do they continue to fascinate people even after Natsume Kei's death or when they break their brushes?
A true painter, Misakura Rin, who is the embodiment of beauty itself.
Why does she want to go beyond where they stopped?
What about Hikawa Rina? What about Kawachino Yuumi? What about Toritani Makoto? And Natsume Ai?
All human thoughts intersect.
There is at least one English review already.

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Well the most obvious VN of the Month for February 2023 here is Sakura no Toki in that it has overwhelming positive response, although perhaps it might be overrated for some person, and from what I see some did mention that Sakura no Toki here is not as good as the prequel. Other than that, as you can see it's the sequel of equally well received Sakura no Uta with the focus on the new heroines, and it has more than one MC. By the way, I don't know if SCA-DI here has some focus on GL romance or not just like in the prequel.

Sacrifice Villains is like Boku no Hero Academia, with 'Hero' changed into 'Villain' along with ramped up the number of the sex scenes. Shiravune did manage to get the license of this, although they still withhold the exact release date for now.

Flip Flop is obviously serial VN with each name of the part did resemble the main heroine name, in which this time we have Rambling Overun with the heroine name Ran. For the info, the first part name is Innocence Overclock which can be shortened as IO who is the name of the first part heroine. I would assume that the developer will release two more parts based on the remaining two main heroines, Alice Riko and Izumi Maaya, with the parts name related to the heroines name.

At least we have the first part of Red List Girls also available in English, and looking from the synopsis alone it looks like Tokyo Mew Mew except that the writer did write that there's an experiment that turned the endangered animal into human girl, which to say is par per course if we look at works that turned horse (Uma Musume) or train (Maitetsu) into cute girls.

That's all for what I can write in regard of February 2023 releases.

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