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Any games like HuniePop?

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I've never really played anything like this, so I don't know how many games like this exist, or if the others are of any where near the same quality, but I just finished HuniePop and it was rather entertaining. Are there any other games like it? I assume that the whole puzzle thing isn't going to be in any of the others.

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Definitely no.

Those conversation annoyed me to death.

Just can't stand girls talking that way.

I guess you're talking about the conversation between Audrey & Kyanna? That's the only conversation in the game where they swear that much. Actually, Audrey is - if I remember correctly - the only girl in the game that swears anyway. I got addicted to that game after about 30 minutes... Only one CG left.

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if you wanna play a vn that has real gameplay elements then sengoku rance is the way to go, come to think of it, they kinda match in terms of perversion and of the wall craziness but i only played like 1h of that game


also i started playing little busters and that has some gameplay elements <tho i feel the absence of my loli h-scenes since there's no EX translation>


also... agarest generation of war, but i have problems calling that game a VN at that point it's as much a visual novel as it is a srpg, even so i still recomend it <happy waifu hunting>

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