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there are many people on fuwa: a word game


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There are many people on Fuwa

Who have tried to be like thelewa

Alas, all have failed

But even this tale.

is fiction and cannot be truwa


panties are love, panties are life

I'd pick panties over a wife

But what's inside

Is for a bride.

'tis time to make a yuri gif


what the hell it's not said like gif

Are there more words that rhyme with "strife"?

I couldn't tell ya

But here in Fuwa

we talk with a gun and a knife.



while bathing in your kitchen sinku

and although its weird

do not shave your beard

while giving tiag a nice winku


I have two catgirls and they're amazing

Not just for looks and not just for gazing

Time to undress

I know they'll say yes

Their cute eyes are now dang'rously blazing

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Maybe we should put a number before our sentence so people know when a new poem has begun. There seems to be some confusion about which part of the poem we're currently at.


Like person 1 puts 1. before their part and it continues until person 5 who puts 5. before finishing.

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