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  1. Hiho people... I'm back, somehow and so i thought i could visit this beloved thread again I've no ambitions for the current Kotori... WIll just scout a bit on Friday See you~
  2. I'm just writing to show that I'm still alive ... WIll go T1 for Umi but i think I'll do the most of that on the last day ...
  3. Thanks for your warm fuzzies Rose and of course all the others too... Maybe someday I'll have enough freetime to contribute more again ..
  4. Hello y’all! Ezeefreak from the Recognition Team is here this time. Today we’ll highlight another one of our precious members. If you’re able to read a VN in Japanese or even in ordinary English, then the probability is really high (near 100 %) that the member, we are introducing to you, already read that one you’re reading now or plan to read. Maybe you even found it on his suggestion, in one of his fabulous reviews or on a list he made. Well, I think y’all figured it already out that we talking about Clephas. Clephas is real pro and expert when it comes to VN’s. He has read more than 500
  5. www.otonokizaka.org

  6. I admit, I may be the worst Admin and Webmaster ever... Due a few problems with my hoster at the beginning I messed up the Domain Name for the Site... it schould not be otonokizaki.org , the right one is of course http://www.otonokizaka.org I registered that one also and now redirected everything to it (the old one still works though)... Sorry for my incompetence
  7. I was to busy with creating http://www.otonokizaki.org somehow ... So I dropped to #5000. But its still early in the event so everything should work out for T2.
  8. Thats only for LL! and SIF though. I'll not stop to bother you here.
  9. Hi Guys and Girls from the Fuwa LL! School Idol Festival Thread, today I'll announce my newest creation to you... It's an entire forum just for LoveLive! ... Feel free to join us there also. Hope to see you there
  10. I just started a little while before the Nico Event I think with saving up them. Before that I just needed every single Normal I can get to LVL up my cards. Now I've 17855 Friend Points.
  11. Well, you two are obviously completely wrong. Everybody knows that Honoka is the best grill forever... No discussions allowed about that anymore FIGHTO Merc & Kuroba!
  12. Hi Shaca, have fun here and don't get disturbed by these ridiculous lucky people here, most of us are normal
  13. Sadly I can't challenge you on being first to get Kotori ... But best luck for you! Try as hard as you can!
  14. Collect tokens like a maniac and then play the Hard or EX version of the event song till all of your tokens are gone. You should play the one where you can get an S Score and S combo easily (Because you earn more event points with that) . If you can't do it on the EX it's also okay to do it on the Hard. generally you should play a few times on Hard to get the highest possible Song score for the Even Song Score ranking.
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